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Found 25 results

  1. What kind of brony are you? If other please explain
  2. Between bagels and donuts, which of each are your favorites? For bagels, I love a good cinnamon raisin with blueberry cream cheese. My favorite donut, though, is the vanilla long john.
  3. If you could bring an item or specific knowledge that would have been completely foreign to the ancient world to it, what would it be? Would it make people treat you like a wizard? You also have the means to maintain and fabricate more (e.g. rubber tyres). I would bring a mountain bike.
  4. I am just doing this poll because I don't know what people prefer, although MLP is on Netflix so... I know MLP may just be taken off of Netflix, but there still is a chance it just means that they will add Season Eight, isn't there?
  5. Soooooo which is it? Which one do you respect the most? Choose wisely...
  6. So I've decided to quit smoking as a whole, I've noticed that my teeth are starting to turn yellow and my breath has gone really really bad. I realize now that I should just save myself from having to breath from a tube or getting cancer and dodge a bullet with this one, yeah? So I've decided to quit smoking both cigarettes and cigars. This is going to be tough, I've never suffered from withdrawal before but I never really did smoke 24/7 but my smoking habits have been pretty occasional. The reason my teeth might be turning yellow probably is the cigars, I never used a cutter I used my mouth to bite off the ends. So I'll let you all know how this goes and I've decide to become straight from smoking. I used to smoke to soothe my pain but I've realized that they're more ways to ease pain or stress other than smoking. So I'll let you know how it goes in a couple days or if I'm experiencing withdrawal. Yours Truly, Lukas.
  7. Hey, I've been experimenting with profile drawings and this is what I ended up with. I'm actually pritty proud of it since I'm only a beginning artist and i still have a lot to learn. I also know luna's manes/hair look a bit different but I did that on perpose, I think it looks cool but let me know what you think about it. Ps. I hope that this is the right place to put it since they are humand and not ponys. But I think this is the right section
  8. We all know Rainbow Dash not only is she the most loyal pony around but also one of the most egoistical. Throughout the series we've seen a good mix of heroic and jerky behavior from her. This attitude makes me come to the conclusion that Dash is MLP's original anti hero. If your not exactly sure what a anti hero is its a protagonist with antagonist traits or tendencies. I believe that if age was not a anti hero episodes like fall weather friends , trade ya and the mysterious mare do well would've never aired. Also I notice personality traits she shares with MLP characters commonly deemed anti heroes. Trixie , Lightening Dust , Sunset Shimmer and even Discord. So if she shares a personality with these characters who's to say she's not a anti hero? So what do you think? Do you consider Rainbow Dash a anti hero? .
  9. Hello, here is my new fan fiction THE RISE OF APEP, THE GOD OF DARKNESS AND CHOAS ACT 1, The Canticle of the Shades of Everfree. It is located on Fimfiction, so you can all read it. You may be asking yourself if I'm trying to promote my work. I am but I am not. I am leaving the choice up to you as the audience to decide the fate of our characters. It will be a series of 10 questions that will be asked via Google. If you are interested please PM me and if enough are interested I will make the link public. If you also would like to get involved with this project you can message me as well. Good luck.
  10. So what's your writing tool of choice? I tried to be as inclusive and specific as possible, but this insensitive clod probably missed something. For myself, it has to be the mechanical pencil. It is such genius when you examine it next to a regular pencil. It doesn't have graphite embedded in it, it's added into a chamber for temporary storage until it's needed. You don't need to pull out a pencil sharpener and try futilely to get a sharp point while the graphite breaks each time you get close. For a mechanical pencil, you click a button, shake the pencil or it might automagically feed out for you. Convenience and simplicity. It doesn't have nearly the same amount of class as a fountain pen though, but I can't really use those anyway. They're great writing tools too, but I don't want to risk them leaking in my pocket... Since I'm so frequently on the move, that's my container for writing tools, usb dongles, etc.
  11. A portal to Equestria has been discovered by you inside your closet. It can only work once: once you (or anyone from Earth) enters it, it will be closed. Here are two questions found on a note next to each portal: If you have found one in your closet, would you tell others about it? There is a remote-like machine next to your portal. It can only be used once, and it will change the destination of all portals on Earth towards a different world. Which of these worlds will you go to?: 1. Narnia 2. Skaro 3. Canterlot High 4. Valinor, Arda
  12. What would you do if the Earth extended forever. Ignoring all concepts of physics and gravity that would otherwise make this impossible. Would you simply remain in your country, or would you go explore. This pertains to things like oil too, there is an infinite amount if you go out far enough. Me, I would go out somewhere and make a lost country. It would be the thing you would hear about in a storybook. Le magical edit: The current 'Earth' Still exists. All of the stuff we are familiar with is still there. The main problem would be deciding where the current 'Earth' ends, but I will leave that up to you. You can walk in any direction forever! Of course oceans and stuff would still appear. Oh, and you still can't punch trees. You are not Steve.
  13. I would pick pinkie pie as my friend.
  14. So here is the scenario. Your pet/family member/significant other is in mortal peril, but you can only save them by doing one thing. You must kill Fluttershy. With an ice pick. (edit: granting if she was real) What do you do?
  15. What the title says. What member of the forums do you think would make a good element of harmony? Like person #1 is honesty, person #2 is generosity, ect. All you need to do is list off the element and the member you think represents it the best. There probably won't be very many for magic huh? The only rule is You can pick anyone but yourself! Go!
  16. MLP:FiM has been around for over 3 years now, and it has come such a long way; but it has still not yet touched one place I think it deserves to be, candidacy for the “Favorite Cartoon” Kids Choice Award in Nickelodeon’s KCAs. Yes, the KCA’s: Nickelodeon’s annual awards ceremony where the kids get to pick who will win the title for “Favorite TV Show”, “Favorite Book”, “Favorite Actress”, etc. In the past, the candidates for the KCA’s “Favorite Cartoon” have included (among others) well known and groundbreaking shows such as “Rugrats”, “Tiny Toon Adventures”, “The Simpsons”, “The Powerpuff Girls”, “Pokemon”, and “Avatar: The Last Airbender”. This year’s candidates are “Adventure Time” (yuck), “Phineas and Ferb” (a worthy candidate), Spongebob Squarepants (despite it being over milked for more than it’s worth), and Nickelodeon’s version of TMNT (I personally would rather watch other versions). Once again, there are no Ponies. But, I’m certain many of you will agree that MLP:FiM would have made a better candidate than either TMNT or even “Adventure Time”. Now even though many of us are a little too old to participate in the KCAs (I don’t vote anymore); I still think you’ll all agree that MLP:FiM deserves to participate in Nickelodeon’s KCA’s. I do sometimes wonder if Nickelodeon is afraid of the likely influx of votes from Bronies all over the world and thus believes MLP:FiM is “way too good” for the other shows to have a fair chance against it. I’m certain even Tara Strong (who just recently called herself “Queen of the Bronies” on Twitter; and I agree), who as we know also plays “Timmy Turner” at Nickelodeon in addition to Twilight Sparkle would agree that MLP:FiM should be a candidate in Nick’s KCA’s come next year. I think we should all petition Nickelodeon.
  17. Just as the title states, what's your favorite decade(s)? Well, for me, I loved the 90s, because that was when all of the great nostalgic kid shows were made. The late 60s were really great because of the growing popularity of some of today's famous cars, such as the Camaro. Don't forget the 80s for me, because that was when all of the great rock stars started to rise, such as Eddie Van Halen.
  18. If you lived in Equestria and could only be friends with one of the Mane six who would you be friends with and why?
  19. So... yeah I was wondering how many people preferred stair or elevators? Personally I'd take the stairs anyday honestly depending on how high up I am going if its beyond 6-7 stories than I'll use an elevator. But I am kinda scared of elevators for numerous reasons and confinement .... So what do you prefer? Also taking the stairs = good exercise
  20. You are in Equestria, and the ponies know and love you. One day though, you decide to take a stroll through the Everfree Forest for no reason at all. You get lost and come across an alter to a demon god, and being the curious goof that you are, you accidentally summon the god. He goes on about how he is finally free to reign death and destruction across the land, but you try to persuade him to go back to his realm. Somehow, this works, but on one condition. He makes a deal with you. You bring him one of the ponies, and he will leave quietly. So, you agree. TL;DR Version: You summon a demon god. To make him go back to his realm, you have to bring him one of the ponies. You agree to. Which pony would you bring to the demon god? Keep in mind that the pony you bring will never be seen again.
  21. Well? Personally, I would go with the "Grey Pill"....why? Well, to me, personally, I think the ability to control machinery or electronics would be quite fun. How about you all?
  22. However, all they know is that Equestria exists. They have no method of getting there, or bringing anything or anypony from there. What would you do? Would you be affected by it at all?
  23. For me personally if I had to choose an animal to come back to life as, it would have to be a falcon or a pegasus at that . The ability to fly at amazing speeds, the freedom to soar in the sky! Doesn't get much better than that for me. Being a turtle would be cool too haha... they are always so chill and relaxed. A crow since crows are (very) intelligent and they just look plain awesome. What would you choose? coming back as a human (not optional) *I would choose that answer without a doubt* :/... Only choice any animal of your liking or death.
  24. This game is simple: Post a choice you think is even somewhat difficult or hilarious, or answer a choice already given, or both. To answer a choice, simply quote the original choice. To start a new choice, simply start a new choice ((Shocking!!)) I'll start: Pepto Bismol or Kaopeptate?
  25. Hey everypony, just wanted to share something that I found to be quite an interesting watch. Iv'e always enjoyed listening to sociologist Professor Renata Salecl's theories on social behaviour. Recently, an organisation known as the Royal Society of Arts created an animation to complement one of her speeches, where she explores the paralysing anxiety and dissatisfaction surrounding limitless choice. Even if you don't particularly enjoy sociology, I'd still recommend you give it a watch, since the visual media is still pretty entertaining. Being a minimalist, I can't say I've ever encountered many of the issues highlighted in the video. Can anybody else relate to such problems? Do you believe that capitalism is partly to blame? Is self criticism and anxiety simply a component of human nature that can't be diminished nor amplified by anything but ourselves? Does the freedom to be the architects of our own lives actually hinder rather than help us? I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter.