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Found 22 results

  1. What are your views on fate/destiny? Is it prewritten by God (mean unflexible). Or is it given in our own hands (or maybe hooves) and we choose our path by ourselves. Just an idea came to my mind. My views are that:- Almighty God knows everything before it happens so He knows what a person is going to do with his life, so He writes his fate the day he born. This means actions of a person is his own choices and not bound by any prewritten destiny. Let me know your views on fate or destiny.
  2. Between bagels and donuts, which of each are your favorites? For bagels, I love a good cinnamon raisin with blueberry cream cheese. My favorite donut, though, is the vanilla long john.
  3. When making any sort of decision, which do you follow: your brain, your heart, or your instincts? There are pros and cons to each. Choices made with your brain are the most well thought out and logical but can leave you unsatisfied. With your heart you will likely feel good about what you're doing, but it won't always work out. And with your instincts you can sometimes feel extremely confident in what you're doing, but your instincts aren't always right. Personally I almost always use my head, but I trust my instincts above all else. If they give me a strong feeling about something, I never ignore it.
  4. Well? Personally, I'm going with intelligent and emotionally stable. Being good lucking is great and all, but I would rather be smart and stable enough to do certain tasks. What do you all pick?
  5. Does anyone here subscribe to one of the above ways of eating? Why/what got you into such a diet choice, or were you raised on it? Do you think you'll continue on eating the way you do for the rest of your life? Just wondering if anyone here is a vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, or any others!
  6. What would be the first thing you'd do upon getting into equestira? my would be to find main 6 / mane 6 and then prepare myself some kind of camp around there. Untill i can afford house...with some job... Probably coach or guitarist. <- "i always had this touch with guitars / agility"
  7. What are your favorite non MLP characters . I love the following Shenzi , Banzai and Ed the lion King Bloo fosters home for imaginary friends Venom spider man Shenzi banzai and Ed the lion king Agent orange Stewie griffin family guy Plankton spongebob Mung daal chowder Eddy Ed edd and eddy Finally the best for last ... Cartman from South Park What are yours ?
  8. Hey everypony as some of you may know I'm a big shipper . But most of my stories usally have a bigger plot and the romance is secondary . Well I decied I wanted to take a short break from big stuff ( like the EOD series for example ) and write a simple , comedic shipping story .( don't worry I'll be back to action stories shortly ). The only problem is I have many couplrs to choose from and I can't choose just one ! So I need your suggestions ! ( I may do more then one of these later so I won't just neglect al, the choices ). Ok let's get voting !
  9. Hey guys Megachangeling here. Well this moths been a good month for me lots of stories both here and on FIMfiction. However I have 4 new ideas a and I need to choose just one so I'm gonna ask you which of fic ideas you prefer. Idea 1. A MLP/ Green Lantern crossover where Sombra and Tirek retern with an army of black lanterns and wreak havoc upon Equstria . So the guardians of the universe decide to send rigs from each lantern corp to Equstria and a new war of light begins there. If you guys like this option tell me who you thing shoukd be in each lantern corp. idea 2 during the events of the fox and the hound 2 Todd and Dixie are caught in a magical trap and find themselves allied with Discord during his chaotic reign. Idea 3 Discord , the cmc , Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are banished from Equstria during the beginning of the first lion king mkvie and end up there but are rejected by the pridelanders so they ally themselves with Scar and the hyenas Idea 4 Lightening Dust , Rainbow Dash and Trixie are exiled from Equstria after ther arrogance gets the better of them. All 3 are sent to different places and encounter Bloo , Eddy and Cartman along the way. All 6 team up with other MLP villains and jerks to seek revenge . If you like this idea tell which pony shoukd meet each non pony first.
  10. Hey guys I've been something over for a while now who is the protagonist villain for MLP Now before answering this question you must answer this one . What is a protagonist villain? Well by definition a protagonist villain is a character that is a protagonist but also causes conflict and is a jerk . To give you a better idea here are some examples from other fandoms . Venom ( spider man ) Squidward , mr krabs and Plankton ( spongebob ) Bloo ( fosters home for imaginary friends ). Eddy ( Ed Edd and Eddy ) Gorgonzola ( chowder ) Stewie and Peter griffin ( family guy ) Cartman and Butters ( South Park ) Bender ( Futurerama ) There are other names they go by Luke anti hero and as I like to call them the douchebag / asshole in every group . So if you had to pick one or multiple protagonist villians for MLP who would they be ?
  11. Out of all the places in the world if you were given the option where would you like to live? For me I would really like to live in Charleston, SC I and I went there for my senior trip had a blast as well. As for out of the country I'd definitely move to Puerto Rico but given its crime its sad how the island has come to be in recent years. Such a beautiful place ruined by crime sadly. I'd eventually love to visit Australia too its another place that I'd like to stay at for a time. So is there any places any of you would like to live at or visit?
  12. OK, I'm going to go ahead and admit something. I don't believe in morality and I don't think it has an existence. I think that there are "Right and Wrong" Choices in the sense that you shouldn't do that if you were told not to, but not "Right and Wrong" Choices morally. I also don't think that "Good vs Evil" exist. because of everyone's different opinions and view points on life. So basically, I don't believe in Morality or Good vs Evil and I don't think it has an existence. I know this makes me sound like a heartless bastard, but I do have feelings. I just don't believe in Morality and Good vs Evil anymore. Let me know that you think down below.
  13. For me I would have loved to live either in the 60s, 70s or early 90s. Alot of awesome stuff during those time periods mostly music related for me though. What I would give to see some bands in their Hay Day like the Rolling Stones, CCR, The Who, The Doors, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden and so on. What era of time would you have wanted to be apart of?
  14. There are more and more video games coming out where you as the main character get to make certain moral choices good, bad or in some cases even neutral that determine the course of the game. Some people prefer to be the hero, some a bit in between and others just love being an evil bastard. In most cases I love being the bad guy, my favorite faction is Star Wars the Old Republic is empire and I have no qualms about taking out civilians or "turning hostages into sausages" whenever I get the opportunity. With that said though there are some other situations where I kind of prefer things a bit more gray a good example of this would be the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler stories in Star Wars The Old Republic. They both have some really hilarious lines and some of them are a bit more light side and some of them a bit more dark side. My personal favorite of course being that one Bounty Hunter story scene where you get to punch an Alderanian noble right in the face. So what do you guys prefer in video games? Do you prefer to play as a hero, villain or something a bit in between?
  15. A portal to Equestria has been discovered by you inside your closet. It can only work once: once you (or anyone from Earth) enters it, it will be closed. Here are two questions found on a note next to each portal: If you have found one in your closet, would you tell others about it? There is a remote-like machine next to your portal. It can only be used once, and it will change the destination of all portals on Earth towards a different world. Which of these worlds will you go to?: 1. Narnia 2. Skaro 3. Canterlot High 4. Valinor, Arda
  16. Should you: listen always to your fans, and let their fanons influence your work? prefer to do almost everything your way, risking their anger?
  17. An Equestrian pony visits Earth, and ends up in a horse farm. The horses freak out and run away from him. Except one or a few horses, who are curious over their more advanced visitor. Which of these scenarios is more likely? 1. Friendship - The Pony and the horses will try to establish contact with each other; when their masters are not watching! 2. Liberation - The Pony will help the horses escape to Equestria, far away from the dreaded oppression of the Humans. 3. Assimilation - The Pony will always attempt to turn the horses into Equestrian ponies, irregardless of status. If you are present in the third scenario, he/she will also attempt to assimilate you. Don't waste this chance of a lifetime! (Oh, and don't forget the "bronies": what will happen if the bronies ever got wind of all this?)
  18. So yeah I plan on getting a 3ds soon and all but I am debating on what I should get..... 3DS Love the size of it and it fits in your pocket nicely. Price is great since its been out a while. 2DS Practical yet I have not used one before. 3DS XL Bulky, nice screen, What is your favorite?
  19. Lets set up a quick scenario.You're home, in your room lying on the bed. Its a New Year, as the clock strikes Midnight. Suddenly, a small box and a note appear next to you. You open the note and read it. It says that opening this box will transport you to any location of your choice in Equestria, and you will turn into either an Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Griffon, or Zebra, whichever you choose. You will also have a wealthy sum of Bits when you get to Equestria to start a new life. The box can be opened at any time, by any person who willingly opens it. HOWEVER, it must be opened before tomorrow, or the box will break, rendering it useless. And it can only be opened once.What do you do? Would you go? How long would you like to stay? And if you went, what would you want to do there? I would like to visit Rarity's dress shop,and watch her at work. I know that her dresses won't fit me at all,I'm not a pony.Next,I want to visit the library,and read books with Twilight Sparkle.I want to visit Sugarcube Corner,and pig out on treats with Pinkie Pie.Then I'll visit AppleJack,and help her pick apples.After that,I'll pay a visit to Fluttershy,and interact with her pets.Last but not least,I will visit Zecora,and watch her mix up potions.
  20. This is a choose your own adventure for the whole community! You start off with three adventurers, and as the game progresses you can gain more or lose some by the way of mistakes and traps. The group starts in a wetland by the ocean. But I'll get to that in the story then. You follow the tour guide throughout the swamp, noting the indigenous species of mushrooms and porcine animals. The vines hang from the trees, poised almost as if to throttle passerby who dare trespass on their sacred soil...bah, you always bathe things in drama. No need to get jumpy this early on. First you actually get an assignment at the Adventurer's Guild, then your mother hears you are soon to go on a grand adventure! So she kicks you out of the house, and says "Don't come back until you bring me some grandchildren!". You never expected something like this. Your job at the desk was just fine! But now this stooped man is bringing you to a dingy looking shack by the water, with a creaky and broken dock by it. You wouldn't doubt that the boat moored to the docks has been so for at least a decade; the barnacle growth along the mooring rope supports your thoughts. Well, you reach the shack, and there are three figures beside it. One is a pirate if you'd ever seen one, with an eyepatch and a...small treasure chest on his three-cornered-hat. He has a thick beard and sideburns, and laughs as he does fancy maneuvers with his katana. He also appears to be inebriated. The second figure is a bit short to the ground. It's a small orb, maybe a gnome or a head with feet? It's obscured under it's bright mining helmet, but the glowing eyes are focusing on an ancient and giant boulder. In a flash, it whips out a pickaxe and pulverizes the rock. Maybe it's one of those new golem things? And the third appears to be a wizard of sorts. You can't see his...her...face at all, or any shape to it's body. It wears a blue robe with no decoration, and thick brown gloves of leather. A light blue scarf is wrapped around it's collar, further giving shadow to it's face. It also wears a large, conical hat with a wide brim. It's features are totally hidden, save for the glowing eyes which nervously dart back and forth. A belt is secured around the hat, above the brim, to fasten the over-sized hat to it's masters head. How do you approach your party of adventurers?
  21. This is the first signature that I have made and wanted other people's opinions on it Should I change my old one for this one? What are your thoughts? I just made this one recently... thoughts on this?
  22. This game is simple: Post a choice you think is even somewhat difficult or hilarious, or answer a choice already given, or both. To answer a choice, simply quote the original choice. To start a new choice, simply start a new choice ((Shocking!!)) I'll start: Pepto Bismol or Kaopeptate?