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Found 15 results

  1. What kind of brony are you? If other please explain
  2. Iam

    A or B

    Few notes before I start: -> No one judges anyone for their chooses, -> The choose proposals are not ideas to do actual things, if those ideas are morally doubtful, -> This thread is not intended to create hate speech. I know, that our community is very inteligent and wise and wouldn't do mentioned things above, but I had written those notes just in case. Edit #1: If multiple answers are written at once, be sure to edit the answer if you find it wrong to previous question to keep up the orderliness. Anyway, this forum game consists of giving two possible options and choosing one of them and next asking the user below for choosing one of two options, and so on. I'll start by asking myself, because why not: Iam, would you prefer shipping yourself with Fluttershy or Starlight? Of course Starlight, I answer. Dear user below, do you like more fanfics or fanarts?
  3. Hello! Everypony/Everyone! Welcome to the Would you rather! This how is goes, the user will give two choices like from would you rather and the user below of the user will choose two choices from the user above! (you can tell why did you choose that choice! ) Example: User 1 Would you rather... Eat a burger / Eat a hotdog User 2 I would rather Eat a burger! Would you rather... Punch a stone wall / Punch a bee hive And so on... Well that's how you play the game! Let's start! Would you rather... Choose color white? / Choose color Black?
  4. This is going to be a different type of fan-fic. This is going to be one where my readers are going to control the fate of none other than Daring Do herself. I will post a portion of my fan-fic and by the end of it, there will be a life of death dilemma, and you must choose what she will do, you will find out if you have just sent Daring Do to her death, or just saved her life by the skin of her teeth. You will never know unless you choose!! So... shall we begin? Are you willing to take part in this adventure? I will allow 24 hours for my readers to deliberate and decide what decision they want to choose. Once that 24 hours is up I will post with what was the total tally. I will be writing in the meantime a little bit of both outcome so that way you don't have to wait too much longer after the vote was taken. I think this is going to be FAN-tastic! and I hope that you enjoy the adventure, so without further a due. The smell of blood was in the air, hissing and scraping of claws filled her ears. I knew that things were going to be difficult, I just didn’t anticipate it being this difficult. The earth beneath her hooves began to shake, small at first then an explosion of shaking. Just what I was waiting for! She ran and spread her wings to give her just that extra lift she needed to jump over the nasty monsters who were dazed and confused at by what had just hit them. She just reached the vine that she had been aiming for. “So long suckers! Nice meeting you!” She was a bit cocky at this point. She pulled her satchel close making sure that it was secure, this was a piece she had been looking for a long time, and it was finally in her hooves. As she reached the top of her swing she spread her wings and burst through the tree tops. Finally able to see what helped her escape, looking here and there she didn’t see much, then she turned around. “Oh horse feathers…” Where there had once been a very large and very peaceful sleeping giant there was now a piping hot and angry river of lava making its way through the rain forest. It was heading straight for the ocean on every side of it, and that is where her plane was waiting for her. She flew as fast as her wings could take her, dogging large pieces of exploding magma and rock. Anything that the lava touched burst it into pieces and some of those few into the air so high that it came within inches of hitting her. “Why… why couldn’t there just be one time that I didn’t have to run for my life??” She was questioning why she even went on these silly adventures. She heard a snap almost like the snap of an old twig, but her face wrinkled seeing as there were no old twigs in the air, she looked at her satchel strap and saw that a small molten piece of rock had landed on it and started to burn through it. Snapping the threads as it melted its way through the leather. She tried to flick it off but it was too late, it made it through the leather and it fell from her body. She dove after it, tucking her wings to get more speed, she reached for it, with everything she had. Touching the latch on the pouch it popped open reveling what had been hidden inside. It gleamed in the sunlight, brighter than almost anything in the world. Covered in magnificent gems and jewels. The craftsmanship was something that hasn’t been seen in decades. It was a bust of one of the first ponies to ever set hoof in Equestria and there it was, something that could change history forever, falling, to its demise, into a pit of lava that once guarded it, was now going to be the thing that destroyed it. Daring Do was just inches out of reach, she tucked her wings and the rest of her body so tight that she rocketed past the artifact and when she was directly underneath it she twisted her body like she had trained so many times before. Spreading her body in every direction she needed, in order to slow down just enough to catch it. Once it was in her hooves yet again she twisted back around and spread her wings, she was flying so fast that she didn’t even realize that her tail had been singed as she glided just a kiss above the lava. She moved quickly, she had to beat the lava to the beach, if she didn’t get there before it then it would be a very, very long way home. She could see hope as she passed it and it’s glowing heat. She grinned as she finally reached the beach, she hovered above the cockpit as she reached for a cloth to wrap the artifact in to keep it safe. She placed it inside a secret compartment she built especially for times like this. She plopped down into the pilots seat and she looked back as she turned the key, chuckling at her close encounter with death yet again. The key turned, the dials switched on, but the propeller would not turn. She twisted the key again, dials on, everything functional, but the propeller still refused to turn. “For the love of Luna… could this day just get any worse??!” She reached into the back of the plane looking for her whip. She knew that if she could wrap it around the propeller and pull it just hard enough it would start it spinning. She felt the smooth skin of the leather wrapped handle. She pulled it out and flew to the front of the plane, all the while watching the beach and watching the lava move at what felt like a lightning fast pace. Then there was a hissing sound. A very familiar and very terrifying hissing sound, Daring Do looked at what she had pulled from her plane and by the power of all the unicorns in Equestria she let out a filly like scream that could almost be heard across the world. “SNAKES!!!!!!! Why did it have to be snakes!!!!?” She flung the snake as hard as she could into the lava that was closing in, it landed in a sizzle and she flew to the compartment once again. This time looking inside to be sure there were no more snakes. With whip in hand, she wrapped the propeller and with one smooth motion she pulled it free setting the propeller in motion. She pushed on the levers and read the gages, she was off, pulling down her goggles it was going to be easy flying all the way home. At least that is what she thought. Just before she got out of the water the landing gear was grazed with lava catching fire, she began to smell smoke, she looked back and a cloud of black smoke was trailing her. “Seriously?... Next time, I am just staying home!” She wasn’t sure how long she could fly like this, the wind was only fueling the fire and she couldn’t just fly out and try to extinguish it and risk the chance of the plane crashing into the ocean. She spotted an island not too far off, she figured she could make it at least that far to try and land and fix up the plane. But this land was not even on her maps, heaven knows what or who would be waiting for her. Either that or just try and touchdown and kiss the water hoping that it would put it out. But if she did that she might break off the rest of the landing gear. She had to think quick, risk crash landing on a remote island with whatever may be there, or risk crashing into the ocean if her plan to try and extinguish the fire fails. What should she do? Land on the island where untold creatures and inhabitance await, or tempt fate and try to cool her landing gear and risk crashing into the ocean? This is YOUR choice! Choose wisely.
  5. Joe ►Steven Kyle Liam Pokemon, Zelda, and well...pretty much the majority of games today have you pick a name for your character and / or save file. So what do you guys do? Do you use your real name, an OC name, the cannon name (Like using "link" in Zelda) or a pre-set name? For me it's usually between 3, my real name (which I'm not gonna give away) my pony OC's name, or "Axe" which has become their own kind of OC after how much I ended up using it, only in pokemon games though. What about you guys?
  6. Hello! I am trying to see what other people think of my writing, and thought that there's no better way to do that than to learn what the people like! So, what I need you guys to do is make up some quick story ideas and I'll try to write a story using all of it! I need: Main character, side characters, what they're trying to accomplish, a setting, and whatever else you'd want to see in the story. Share this around and try to get me as many suggestions as possible. When the story is finished (it may take a little while to get finished, depending on how fast you guy's reply to this post), I will post it on here so you can read the /hopefully/ masterpiece. Thanks guys! , Cerberus.
  7. Alright, which superhero weapon would you guys choose to have? Personally, I'd pick a green lantern ring. It's so versatile and looks like a lotta fun! But what about you guys? C'mon, let your inner nerds out. Ya know you wanna
  8. From G. I. Joe and Transformers vs. Hot Wheels and Barbie, to Risk and Monopoly vs. UNO, you can see the two companies' boring-or-amusing rivalry (depending on what context you are applying). So far, it appears that Hasbro seems to be the more dominant one, until somewhere recently, where Mattel seems to outrank it. What do you guys and ladies think of the whole rivalry in general? Which one would you side for?
  9. What the title says. What member of the forums do you think would make a good element of harmony? Like person #1 is honesty, person #2 is generosity, ect. All you need to do is list off the element and the member you think represents it the best. There probably won't be very many for magic huh? The only rule is You can pick anyone but yourself! Go!
  10. The three main pony races of Equestria are at war with each other. No amount of negotiating or talks of peace will sway their minds. They are bent on conquering Equestria for themselves. Let us say that you are in Equestria and are the type of pony you love the most. The type of pony you are will determine which race you will side with. Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony. Choose wisely.
  11. Let's play a little game, shall we? Some of you might recognize this from a little program on BBC Radio 4. Scenario: Imagine yourself marooned on a desert island. You are alone on this island and you have provided yourself with shelter, fresh water, and a food supply. Now that you have these things, imagine five albums to taken with you to your little island paradise. Ask yourself, what five albums do you want to listen to for the rest of your life? You are also to take one luxury item (which must be inanimate and of no use in escaping the island or allowing communication from outside) with you and one book (if it is a religious work such as the Bible and such, you are allowed another). Follow this format for each album you want to bring: These are my current Desert Island Discs (though to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if it changes in a few months): Luxury: Applebloom plush Book: The complete works of Ray Bradbury Choice #1: Album: The Colour And The Shape Artist: Foo Fighters Year: 1997 Reason: While it doesn't have all the hard rocking power of songs like "Best Of You", "Learn To Fly" or my personal favorite Foos song "Times Like These", it's a beautiful album that deals with loss, change, anger, passion and moving on. It's just a beautiful piece of work that cements Dave Grohl's place in history as one of the most amazing musicians. Choice Cut: "Everlong" Choice #2: Album: Is Artist: Hey Ocean! Year: 2011 Reason: When I first saw Hey Ocean! perform live, it was with only five other people in a dive bar in San Diego. However, the passion and power they put in their performance blew all of us away. They showed us that what they were doing was something they loved to do, whether it was in front of an audience of only a handful of listeners, in front of a packed venue, or just in the studio to record. I believe their love of music was perfectly put on this album. Choice Cut: "Big Blue Wave" Choice #3: Album: Live! In Tune And On Time Artist: DJ Shadow Year: 2004 Reason: My very first concert was when I was in 2011, when I was 20. It was DJ Shadow in an LA venue. Little did I know that my mind would be blown, watching the godfather of instrumental hip-hop mix his songs together live on stage. Simply put, when DJ Shadow does a show live, he doesn't play his songs, he fuses them into an experience. Choice Cut: "Lonely Soul" Choice #4: Album: Ágætis byrjun Artist: Sigur Rós Year: 1999 Reason: This choice shouldn't come to a surprise to anyone who knows me. Heck, my sig has a quote from the title track because it had that much of an impact on me. Jónsi has the voice of an angel, Georg plays beautiful bass lines, Kjarri is masterful on the keys, and Ágúst plays the drums fantastically. Simply put, I'm gushing about this band. Choice Cut: "Viðrar vel til loftárása" Choice #5: Album: The Joshua Tree Artist: U2 Year: 1988 Reason: This album is personal to me. It is kinda the only album that, I know for a fact, that all of my family can agree on loving. My dad is a huge fan of southern rock and just hard rock in general, my mom is more towards soft rock, and my brother was a huge grunge and punk fan during those years. This album was really the album that we all could love without having to skip a song, say something bad about the work, or anything. It was just a beautiful album. And really, this song opened my eyes to so many more genres of music and turned me into the music fan that I am today. I'm also proud to say I still have the cassette that my family had for car trips. It still gets played. Choice Cut: "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
  12. Well? Personally, I would go with the "Grey Pill"....why? Well, to me, personally, I think the ability to control machinery or electronics would be quite fun. How about you all?
  13. Welcome to choose your own Harmonic Adventure, it is just like those Choose your adventure books except those aren't cool, like this. This will span a number of parts that will all be posted here. PART ONE: A beginning __________________________- You stand up, you are in a gray room, there is a dim light coming from a lightbulb dangling in the ceiling, and there is a large metal door on the opposite end of the room. You can feel that the floor below you is some kind of padding, as are the walls. However, the ceiling is concrete. You look around further and notice an airvent, inside there appears to be a mushroom, it almost whispers your name...if your name was whilfred. Turn to page 3 if you eat the mushroom Turn to page 2 if you do not eat the mushroom ________________________- Page 2 You decide that it would be for the best if you did not eat fungus growing out of the air vent of a dimly lit room. You decide to further investigate, and notice that the door appears to be loose on it's hinges. further inspection reveals that the hinges are only aluminum. You start to work on the door as it swings open and the realization strikes you that the door is automated. You walk out, where you are immediately killed by the Giant Enemy Crab found in Japanese history. ________________________- Page 3 You pick up the brightly colored mushroom and decide that shoving it into your talking hole is the best way to escape. No differences seem to have taken effect. A knock is suddenly heard on the door. "Who is there?" you say. "It's Bilgo the Hitchhiking Ninja Giraffe" You think to yourself "far out, MAAAAAAN" He busts the door open, and signals for you to follow. You walk down a hallway, which has violet walls, the ceiling looks like it is a stream running upside down.. You eventually find a fork in the road, one fork says "Dragon's Sleeping Quarters" the other fork says "Free candy". If you chose Dragon's sleeping quarters, go to page 4 If you chose Free candy, use this doll to show me where he touched you TO BE CONTINUED
  14. Ok, I've been wanting to write a massive fan-fic for a while. Like I want it to be a very descriptive history of Equestria type thing, following one family through the years. I don't know if I should even begin to attempt it. What do you think? Has this been done before?
  15. Okay, so i have this HUGE book report thingy due sometime in December, and my teacher gave me a pretty long list (4 pages) of the books i could do it over. I've narrowed it down to these: Journey to the Center of the Earth Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Robinson Crusoe A Clockwork Orange Fahrenheit 451 Can you guys narrow it down for me? They all seem like really good books, and i just can't seem to choose one.