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Found 16 results

  1. So if you were to move somewhere else in the world, where would you move to? For me, California. Specifically, southern California,. Chicago is cool and all, but That area seems to get all the cool stuff like E3 and Comic Con, plus the atmosphere looks nice outside the light pollution. I went there once, it was kind of polluted there. If it's out of the country, I guess England. There seems to be a lot of great sites there plus I wouldn't have to worry about the language barrier.
  2. Pompeii and Chernobyl are two cities that have suffered terrible disasters. Which one do you think had the worst luck?
  3. Hi, everyone! What is your favorite place to go in your city? Please answer with images and the name of your city and the place's name, I would like to see how it looks like that is why. It can be basically anywhere, a park, a forest, a restaurant, a cafe, an arcade game place, a mall. Anywhere! Let me start with mine; My favorite place in my city (Ankara, Turkey) is named Bench. Bench is a pub, bar and a place that also serves food. I love hanging out with my friends there and drink and socialize with them. It is located near one of the most popular streets of Ankara especially in the night time that is named Tunalı Hilmi Street. Here is the image of that place; (PS: Sorry it is dark but it is the best place to have the best night time with friends.) What is your favorite place in your city? Don't forget to add your city name and your favorite place's name and image! <3
  4. Hi friends! We love mlp dolls and collectibles and want to test our fellow fan base to see if you can name these MLP Minis! The madness all takes place at the Toy City Adventures channel - Thanks for watching - brony 4 life!
  5. Here is another piece. I had done this before but haven't posted it online yet. It is one of those Ponies In Real Life pictures with them as giants in city skylines. This one is in my hometown of Madison, Wisconsin with the Mane 6 in the skyline. I do not own any pictures here, as I have not been back there for sometime. Though I wish I was back there now. I'll probably do more of these sorts of Ponies IRL pieces in the future. What do you think?
  6. I live near building city but there is forest of trees too
  7. So thought I might try some DBZ wallpaper and with my fav cannon: F. Trunks. Took a bit of a simple layout with use of smoke and city brushes with some vector effects and fire and lighting with a glows and blur effect and just trying to give it a lost hope or seeking hope feeling. I thought to try to make Trunks in color yet black and white with a simple light effect seemed to keep in a feeling. The only real color is from the flames burning the city in the skyline along with smoke filling in the air around the flames along with the sun in the background. Did a light oil effect and smudge with a bit of glow effect and neon effect in redoing the flames! Anime/Manga: Dragon Ball Cannon: M. Trunks Layers: 22 Used: Gimp Time: 10 hours Theme: Burning
  8. In the new episode Griffonstone is clearly not what it used to be, Rainbow Dash accurately described it as a "dump". It heavily implies in the episode that Griffinstone fell due to the unity of its citizens being shattered due to the Idol of Boreas being stolen and still missing after many years (though I am sure there were other factors at play as well). It said that this treason and the king who found it and passed it onto his successors was the "pride of Griffonstone." Before this it was said that the Griffons were "as greedy as the dragons" this of course in the ponies very biased opinions. In the episode we see this greed though some argue that this greed is simply the result of desperation but the question is what caused the situation which could lead to said desperation? If history is our guide Griffonstone likely experienced a bloody civil war after the theft which has very likely left Griffonstone in shambles. There could still be warfare and conflict going on between the Griffons right now. This is likely due to a case of history repeating itself, Rome united much of Europe under its empire and after the Roman Empire fell it caused a significant power vaccum which lead to centuries of violence. You had Slavic and Germanic tribes invading from the east, Muslims invading from the east and south, and the Vikings coming in from the north. We know that before the Idol of Boreas was found that the griffons were divided and is likely that they much like the ancient Greeks, Chinese and other peoples had city states that often fought with each other. So where does this bring us today? Griffonstone is in dire poverty and desperation is quite high, there is no doubt of that. We saw that with Gilda trying to sell very bad tasting griffon scones so she could "get out of this dump". But we also saw some legitimate greed that seems to go beyond just mere desperation like when Rainbow Dash injured herself and needed a rope to help herself back up. The griffon's first response was "got any bits?" And at the beginning of the episode Twilight did advise Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie to "bring plenty of bits" which implies that the griffons former unity did not completely solve the greed problem. This of course didn't mean all griffons were greedy but does mean that it was and still is endemic in their culture. What irks me about that episode is that we saw plenty of greed but not that much desperation aside from maybe a hint of it with Gilda which is a bit unrealistic even with greed being so endemic in the culture.
  9. Have any of you ponies visited a city where you felt "This is a dump. I wanna leave" or "There's nothing here, I'm bored". If so, list them and your reasons. In my opinion, Downtown Oakland because it looks like a dump and it gets unsafe at night, plus from what I've seen, lots of people riot there a lot. Also Hayward because it looks like a dump and mini version of Downtown Oakland and Daly City because it gets so foggy, it's depressing and there isn't much to do over there.
  10. SwiftDust in Manehattan I've been wanting to try drawing skyscrapers to practice on perspectives, and tidbits of details here and there for a new wallpaper for my phone's homescreen; I thought of Manehattan right away. I have an OC, named SwiftDust, who is living in the big city, so I thought of him being a great start in making a project like this. And here we have Swift in his usual early morning scene, starting up with a coffee drink, still in his black pajamas while watching the sunrise. What do you guys think?
  11. At this stage the project is in my head and a few rough sketches. Puppet rigs are being made and background and the surrounding city is going through concept. THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOCUSING ON PONIES This project instead will be focusing on the life of a cat adventuring her way around the surrounding city meeting new animals and obstacles in her journey. Voice actors and animators are free to try out for things even though it hasn't been planned yet. I'm looking for writers and screenplay. Artists also for detailed concept. Sound interesting? Good, contact me by: Email: Youtube: DeviantART: Skype: connor.bensley
  12. I’ve always been fond of Baltimore . Starting in the '90s I would take regular trips there once every year or two. Although somewhat overshadowed by larger neighbors like Washington, Philly, and New York , Baltimore is a cool city in its own right. From Fort McHenry to the Washington Monument (yes, Baltimore has one of its own) this city is packed with history. As a railfan, I enjoy riding the Light Rail, Metro Subway, and MARC trains just for the heck of it. Baltimore is also home to the B&O Railroad Museum. Since the 1970s, the Inner Harbor has been the focal point of development and tourist activity. This activity has spread westward along Pratt Street to the Orioles Park at Camden Yards. Opened in 1992, my roommate and I visited last year for my birthday to celebrate the ballpark’s 20tanniversary. This facility kicked off the trend where several cities built new ballparks and other arenas as close to the established city center area as possible. In recent years, development has started spreading eastward along the harbor with several new office and residential buildings going up. There is always something going on even in the middle of winter. While I didn’t attend them, I have seen similar events such as Otaku Con being held at the Baltimore Convention Center. You’d see a lot of young people there wearing anime T-shirts and costumes. So, no, pony shirts and costumes aren’t going to look out of place at all. But most of all, I'm excited as this will be my first MLP convention. I've been to multiple Transformers conventions as well as ComicCon in San Diego plus some smaller gatherings. So I while I have a general idea of what to expect, this is still new to me as the emphasis will be on ponies. Unfortunately, it looks like the people I talk to the most on this website aren't going, but I have time between now and August to become better acquainted with those who are.
  13. I made a remix of the song "Escape from the city" from Sonic adventure 2! Check it out down below and leave a like or comment please:
  14. Alright. It's for my own amusement, but I just need all the towns and cities that exist in Equestria. I figured it fit in Show Discussion because it's still about MLP itself. I'm asking here because I'm not convinced mlpwiki has all of them in place.
  15. Hello and happy new year to you all. I've been having good vacations but for me it's time to think about school again. Now, for the middle of January, I'm supposed to show a choreography in front of the class (or the teacher). Dancing is not my thing at all so I struggled a bit with finding an idea but I got some movements and a song. Here's the song I chose for my choreography (Do not judge me : Okay, so I planned on doing a movement for each city named in the song, but, being a canadian who never left the province of Quebec even once, I don't know what would represent most of those towns, especially those from the USA. However, I know that many of you live in the USA and could probably lend me a hoof. All I need to know is something that would illustrate those cities that I could demonstrate in a movement. All help is welcome . List of cities: -Yonkers -Kissimmee -Hollywood (Done) -Milwaukee -Hershey -San Anton -Monkey Island (Done) -Hong Kong (Done) -Timbuktu -Wagga Wagga -Honolulu (Done) -Paris (Done) -Montreal (Done, obviously ) -Buenos Aires
  16. This looks amazing! And it is made by maxis, so it will not be simcity societies all over again