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Found 5 results

  1. Slice0Pie


    Are you my Clarity? Like I said, I ship so hard it hurts .3. I was listening to the song while making this. Took around 15-20 minutes. Maybe 25. And please, please, PLEASE don't ask about the eyes! It is a new style I am trying out. So ENJOY!
  2. So yep, the titles implies that I've been crying, and indeed I have. It's been a long time since I cried for a reason other than a sad fan fiction. This morning however, I woke up to some of the worse news I could hear IMO. This is difficult for me to type with only one hand seeing as my arm is broken, but it's important to me. Warning: In the following text you may come to think of me as: weak, pathetic, unrealistic, sad, etc. I don't give a fuck what any of you think of me at the moment though, heads up. So.... I'm sure the majority of you remember Clarity, our lovable AJ fangirl. This morning I woke up to the notion that I may not even get to talk to her anymore, or should I say, can no longer even be close friends with her. Now... if you didn't read my blog about my feelings for her, you should now. <<blog>> Here's where the majority of you may come to think of me as those lovely adjectives I mentioned earlier. See... I fell in love with a girl over the internet, Clarity. Now that the possibility of separation looms over my head however, I don't know what to do. I'm angry at a certain someone on the forums, I'm angry at myself, I'm angry at the internet, I'm angry at my life. For the first time in my life since my sister passed away 4 years ago, I feel emotionally distraught. I'll admit right here, when she mentioned that we may not even get to be close friends anymore, I broke down crying.... Now for her reasoning behind it. See, she was caught on Skype at her school... and her teachers didn't take too kindly to what they saw. They saw her convos with spas, and we all know spas, how he can get. They saw her convos with me when we were together, lovey dovey and what not. Now they want to monitor her Skype for any fucking imperfection because they're puritans or something. That was rage induced, Clari said it's because they care about her. And so, they told her never to trust anyone on the internet and to never get to close to anyone on the internet. I would agree with them, good advice. My only fault is....... it applied to me too.... I can't even be her boyfriend anymore... This hits me so hard emotionally because... I don't have anyone anymore... no friends in real life to support me, never a friend like her before... this may sound cliche and maybe you think I need to get over her or whatever, but she was the only thing that mattered to me anymore. Yes, a girl who I've never met IRL, lives on the other side of the world, and I likely had no chance of seriously being with, meant the world to me. Now, we can still talk, but it can't be the same as it was before, when she could call me her BF and I could call her my GF and we could talk about whatever we wanted without a care or worry in the world. That doesn't seem to be the case anymore... Don't get me wrong, I still have her in Skype and can still talk, but like I said it won't be the same. Clarity is the only person in the world that seems to have the ability to make me happy, to make me forget about my problems in reality. She's tried to calm me on Skype... but this is too important to me. Clari, I know you're still lurking, and I've told this on Skype a hundred times, but I love you. You're the only person in the world who matters to me and making you happy is my only goal. <3 Know that even if you aren't allowed to love me, I will always, ALWAYS love you. Comments and thoughts are appreciated. I'm sure many of you just think of me as this weak, pathetic teen now...
  3. Who or whom would you choose for the next MLPforums moderators? If something like the absence of several mods a few weeks ago happened again, and they need replacements, who do you think they will choose? Why? Will they be a good moderator? To mods: Not saying anything like kicking y'all out.
  4. Well, here it is. My good friend @Clarity asked me to do a vector of her OC and AJ snuggling. This is the result. I know some of the mistakes I made and flaws I've seen, but a lot of them I didn't mind. One thing that I noticed was that Clarity asked for her OC to have her mane and tail let loose, and so I tried my best, but the tail maybe could've been done better, However nonetheless I think it turned out fine. Constructive criticism is welcome and appreciated. Hope you all like it! Especially you Clarity.
  5. I was wondering, is there an OC you really like , one that looks epic, or one you can't help noticing? I want you to share who your favorite OC(s) is in THESE forums.