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Found 36 results

  1. So, what are they? When I went to public school, I loathed Gym with every fiber of my being, but adored Science. But, now in online schooling, I don't hate any class (despite being awful at Algebra ) and I love Physical Science and Creative Writing the most. How about you all?
  2. Some people see it as a waste of time and money, others see it as a necessary requirement for success, and some people just don't have the money for it, even if they wanted to go. What do you think about college? Are you planning on going to one? Do you think it's worth the investment?
  3. Have you fallen asleep in class. I did in 3rd grade, and my teacher made me stay in for recess and do the assignment throughout recess. It happened again during literature in 7th grade and I heard my teacher say if I was going to follow along? I heard it again, then I heard it again really loud and I realized I was dreaming the first two times. I wake up and I'm all like okokokokok I will.
  4. This can be because of the personality, your play style, or both. Mine has to be The Demoman. I just love his personality, he's hilarious! Gameplay wise I love him to, with Engie & scout at a close second and third. What are your guys?
  5. As the title says! What's your favorite class in the fun little roleplaying universe known as Dungeons and Dragons? Expansions, old editions, and games are allowed. Just have to be playable. Name of class and reason please!
  6. Was there ever a project you had to do for school which counted for a good chunk of your mark, but you hated it with EVERY FIBRE OF YOUR BEING? And you HAD to do this, otherwise you might fail the course. I just finished up a project just like this yesterday night... or rather, 2:30 AM in the morning. Got only 5 hours of sleep. It basically involved me wiring things to a breadboard, distinguishing the wires from LEDs, adding ground wires, and so forth. It was... I don't even want to think about it, but I felt like burning down my school and throwing molotovs at crowds of people. I hadn't felt that much rage or frustration in a long while.
  7. So I started a new character in Borderlands 2 and chose to play Psycho this time around. I was playing and just from badass level I unlocked a skin called "Eat the pretty little pony!!" At first I was like ok haha one off joke a dev decided to slip in but then he has several quotes that reference the show mainly "Friendship, is.... PAAAAAIIIIN!!!" Which he screams during his transformation into the Badass Mutant Psycho. Anyway yeah I haven't gone through all of his quotes but it's my headcannon now.
  8. I was arguing with four of my friends yesterday about our favorite classes in high school. After deciding American History is best history, we started arguing about science. Anyways, I know everyone hates science and that science is stupid. But I'm a bio major atm and I have to think about this all the time. My personal favorite was astrophysics, followed by physics. HPA was okay. I know, maybe I should have majored in physics. Still have time to switch. While I'm at it, I'll just include best math class. I hate math, but I figure why not. Unfortunately, my school only offered up to Calc 3 so I had to waste a year with AP Stats, which was full of stoners. Not pleasant. Algebra 2 was my favorite, because my teacher was a boss. TL;DR Vote for your favorite
  9. So, recently, I have been enrolled in a creative writing class. Its been a dream come true for me, I've always wanted to take one but never been able to until now. In class, we have gotten to the poetry section. We've gone through certain poemn types like villanelle and others, which I had a difficult time with. But now, we've gotten to the ballad poem, which I'm enjoying immensely. I've written one, which I'm to turn in, and I would like opinions on it. It is due tomorrow evenine, so I may not be able to make too many changes based on observations here before then, but I would love your feedback. Now, as a warning, there are a couple words here that people might not like, so I'll just throw that out there now and get it out of the way. And I know the third stanza doesn't exactly rhyme, but I couldn't think of anything better to put there. So, without further ado, here we go. So, id love to hear what you guys think, and I apologize about the word choice in the sixth stanza there, I just wanted to get a point across.
  10. What would you do if your phone had an mlp ringtone and it played really loud in class. Would you be embarrassed?
  11. Sooo A package came in the mail today. This was inside: Inside view: If you can't tell, on the inside it says: 20 percent cooler. I have no idea why it's so scratched up on the inside, but the rest looks AMAZING! Plus, the shipping took over 2 months so iv'e been waiting very patiently for this ring!
  12. threads, threads, everywhere But, anyway I remember my teacher forcing myself to read something I wrote in my journal, and I said something along the lines of: "And I'm happy because my friend is on the bus." To which some dumbass said, "So, shadow the hedgehog is on that bus?" (I used to be obsessed with Sonic) to which everyone laughed at me; while I sat there alone. Anyone else?
  13. I did these at my art class: -(Look for the fox in that photo xD) -Some kinda globe -Black or Brown Short Haired cat laying on the grass -Sun Flower
  14. This all started a while back in September. i walk into my math class to find a pony (g4 style) drawn on his pin board. I also tend to find Fluttershy or Rainbow dash figures on his desk. my teacher is very serious and wont crack a smile. I think he is a brony. what do you think?
  15. All right from studying for finals coming up I had an idea to make this thread. So what is that one class in school where you're just like, "I just don't get it." For me, it's Honors Geometry because I'm more of an Algebra person, and Personal Finance, which is where we learn to deal with money and taxes and stuff. That class is like gibberish to me. So discuss away
  16. (( Not in order from wierdest to least or vise versa.)) 1. So I walked into German class, and keep in mind this is probably the wierdest part of my day, and I look over to see gun powder all over my teacher's grading book and Mr Baker is sitting there rolling up gun powder packets on his desk. He says nothing but tells another student to close the door then continues rolling. 2. There is a tiny christmas tree with a Jack's ornament, an owl with arms coming out of it's chest, and a massive golden orgnament that's half the size of the tree itself. 3. There are these two incredibly dumb ass guys in there. So dumb that Mr Baker put labels on their desk reading 'pot' and 'kettle' because they were always arguing about who is dumber. 4. We never really do much work except for about five minutes, the rest is just talking about food, sports, and what ever else happens to come to mind. For example we spent 45 minutes quoting Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail. 5. There is a stuffed bob cat in the corner of the room named Bobby. 6. He rode a horse onto the football field.... 'nuf said. 7. One time he showed up to class with swords in a full body Civil War uniform, that had nothing to do with anything as he teaches German. 8. During our test today he devoted at least 5 minutes to listing different names for bras, only one was actually german. 9. When a strange whistling noise came from a hole in the heater venlation he claimed it was his pet baby elephant reginold trying to regoin him after they got in a fight over a bag of ramen. 10. He hung paper stockings on his desk for Christmas and labeld his own sock "Sir Shawn".
  17. I felt an audio recording would be more appropriate.
  18. So I would assume most of us have been in school for at least a month now, long enough to determine what classes you like and don't like. So, tell us! Which one of your classes do you have the most fun in? Why? Mine's a tie between Drawing I and Writing for the Arts. I have an awesome teacher for Drawing and the assignments are actually pretty great. I had kind of given up drawing for painting a year or so ago, but this class made me love it again. Easy as pie. Writing is the only conventional class I really have, so it's nice to just sit down and actually feel like I'm in University. It's pretty late at night, which I'm not find of, but my prof makes up for it. She's a published novelist so she genuinely knows what she's talking about and gives really good, short assignments. What else could I ask for?
  19. Congratulations Graduates of 2013 high school and college alike! Now that you are approaching graduation/have graduated, what's next on the to-do list of life? General discussion about graduation here! Some topic starters: 1. Now that you have graduated from high school, what colleges and careers do you expect to pursue? 2. Now that you have graduated college, what degree and major have you completed? Where do you expect to go in your world of work? 3. What was one of the most memorable moments in your high school and/or college career that has helped you to become a better person personally and/or professionally? 4. Anything else that pertains to graduation and taking the next step! Once again, congratulations to the class of 2013! May your future be filled with success and happiness! Oh, and ponies!
  20. Well, after 2 weeks of hanging around my house, I got back to school. 2nd Semester in 10th grade. All of my classes are the same except for my 2nd period class, which is Communication's Applications (Speech) For whatever reason, it's a required class, and I'm very uncomfortable with that kinda thing. Speaking in front of others is a fear I have. Looks like I'll just need to bear with it until this school year is over... Unfortunately. I also believe standardized testing is coming up as well, so I'll also need to be on the lookout for that. Guess I'll need to pay alot of attention this year.
  21. Here's the description I put for the video, since I don't want to write a separate one for this thread : The final sequence for the semester. It's supposed to be winter-inspired, and when it's turned in, it's supposed to be on a Christmas CD thing that my teacher will be releasing... if he likes the song enough. Yup, he'll be choosing the best tracks out of all them. I prolly won't win. XP
  22. What is your general weapon preference on shooter video games? Do you like to run and gun or are you a stealthy sniper? Describe your play style and give an exact setup as example. I am a high damage, high fire power, destroy everything, monster. I like to be a walking Juggernaut. EX:MW3 class setup M60 red dot and rapid fire. Desert Eagle tactical knife. C4 Emp Grenade Scavenger Pro Hardline Pro/Quickdraw Pro Steady Aim Pro Assault point streaks. Predator Missile Attack Helicopter Reaper Drone Dead man's hand.
  23. My latest Music Tech assignment was to make a theme song for a nonexistant show called "Science and Technology of the Future". So I made this thing. Enjoy.
  24. Four our third assignment, we were to make a song for a sporting event that's fast and exciting. I chose to do racing-type-stuff, so I made a fast-paced d'n'b rock song for it. This is how it turned out. I may or may not change things for when I turn it in. Also I learned a lot from the lessons we went through before actually beginning the project. These lessons included how to use effects and... well actually that's about it. We also learned to not let songs have clipping and I personally learned to change things in the mixing. And yeah, I copied that bit of information from what I put in the video description. I'm friggin' tired, okay? The song is downloadable at Newgrounds if ya wanna.
  25. My second project for my Music Tech class. We were told to make a 32-bar song using original stuff and loops too. But being the overachiever I (not really) am, I made it about 34 bars long.