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Found 18 results

  1. I have my ol' Sega Genesis set up next to my xbox, and I sometimes can't believe how much fun my friends and I are still having on that thing. At random times, we turn off Halo and switch the input. Turn on Sonic 2 or Dr. Robotnik's Mean-Bean-Machine and just... have fun. Sometimes we are even playing for hours without realizing it. There's just something about getting a "Tripple Yippee" that makes me feel as if I just performed a Sonic Rainboom. Or the satisfaction that randomly button mashing performs a "Finish Him" move. I don't care if you think Sega is crap. I love... *sunglasses* My Little Genesis. Do you guys have any fond memories of playing a Genesis? Or am I the only one who cares about such an old and outdated console? Update: Added a poll
  2. In honor of SpongeBobs 20th anniversary special. I wanna know what your guys top 10 favorite SpongeBobs episodes are mine are. 1. Pizza Delivery 2. Chocolate with Nuts 3. Band Geeks 4. Graveyard Shift 5. Sailor mouth 6. Club SpongeBob 7. Idiot Box 8. Christmas Who 9. Rock Bottom 10. Fun
  3. I heard on the radio today that Netflix is rebooting Lost In Space. For you youngins, it was an old TV show from back in the '60s. A new pilot came out in 2004 but wasn't picked up as a series; you can watch this on YouTube. There's also a movie that came out in '98. The DJ asked the listeners, what classic TV show would you like to see come back as a new series, and I thought I pass that along here. So what would you like to see come back? Me? I'd like to see a new Green Hornet series. I really liked the original that came out in the mid-sixties. It starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee (his first TV role). It was made by the same folks that produced the Batman series, but GH was a bit more darker and dramatic. I also saw the GH movie and really liked it, even though I think it bombed in the theater, and would like to see the same kind of characterizations. I also though Time Tunnel would be cool, but time travel's been done to death. Than I thought, how 'bout Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, but that's already been done as SeaQuest DSV.
  4. So I'm not talking about DC/Marvel since yes of course most people are still, but I mean old classic comic like Charlie brown, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, MAD, ects. Ones you would found on a newspaper or on a shelves of the convenient stores. If so, what was/ or (still is) your favorite? my top one would Spy vs Spy Every strip is very creative and fun to read. which never cease to bore me or having me getting tired of reading it over and over again. Other favorites hat I had read but not much into it but still found it enjoyable is "Calvin and Hobbes", "Garfield", and "Archie."
  5. God, this thing is old. I'm surprised I've remembered this at all. It's in spanish, but I don't think you'll mind english subs. Have fun
  6. nintendo just announced that they are going to stop making the nintendo classic in favor of making the nintendo switch. the classic was a modern version of the NES that allowed people to play the classic NES games like mario bros. it was a huge hit and many people are still trying to get one because the demand is huge and most places stay sold out "mostly due to scalpers buying them for 60 bucks and listing them on ebay for 200" how stupid of a move is it for nintendo to stop making something that has been a huge hit with its customers in favor of the switch "a new console that is already having problems" ? now it is going to be even HARDER to get one because prices are going to shoot up even farther after the classic goes out of production it's like nintendo hates making money.
  7. You can't say that i didn't try.
  8. We all have some classic literature that you had to read because it was required literature. And there are definitely some books you probably didn't like. What are some of those books? For me it's Scarlet Letter because it was so boring to read.
  9. According to this, not only will Duck Tales will be in CGI animated, but there's a possibility that two other well beloved disney cartoons in Darkwing Duck and Kim Possible. Personally, while I'm pleased to hear this possible news, however at the same time, I'm worried how they're going to treat these reboots as: 1. Duck Tales: easily a top ten cartoon for me as it was Duck Tales that first jumpstarted the renaissance the cartoons in the 90's had despite being a late 80's show. It was really one of the first cartoons in the 80's to break out of the whole 'use cartoons to advertise toy products and little else' that plagued alot of the cartoons in the 80's by being a quality cartoon. 2. Darkwing Duck: An underrated cartoon that was one of the better spinoffs from Duck Tales. Sibsy loves this cartoon. 3. Kim Possible: Considered one of the few good disney cartoons in 2000's and many considered the best of the bunch till Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls showed up. MLP analyst Ilovekimpossiblealot loves this cartoon. Thus when doing a reboot, it risks making these shows worse than what the originals are and it could damage these lofty opinions that were garnered for their effort and work. Look at Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go as an example of how a reboot can ruin a classic. On the other hand, seeing how serious Disney wants to cash in on the huge success of cartoons this decade is a good thing and I hope it can continue that trend in the 2020's in a good manner.
  10. So, are there any old school gamers on this forum? Man, I see everybody has this XBox 360 jazz, the Wii, Playstation 5, Kinect, whatever. And I'm sitting over here with the newest system I own being a PS2. XD So, who else likes kicking it old school, and what's the best system? I hope I covered all the most popular ones in the poll.
  11. The long wait for many of us has ended, specially the ones who didn't attended last year Quakecon, but we'll finally se a peek of what will be the next release of the classic FPS, AND IT LOOKS SWEET :SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Gameplay trailer 8 minute gameplay
  12. For Sonic's 20th anniversary, SEGA decided to merge three eras of Sonic history- classic, Dreamcast and modern- into one game, 'Sonic Generations'. In it, both classic and modern Sonic were playable characters, running through stages from previous Sonic games (with updated music from the originals) as well as fighting familiar bosses such as Perfect Chaos and the Death Egg Robot. Simply put, if you had played any of the main games in the series, you were going to feel the nostalgia, hard. What I'm wondering is, what other gaming series would you like to have their own Generations-styled installment? Personally, it would have to be the Mario series for me. There are quite a few characters that haven't appeared again in years- Wart and Tatanga, for example- and it'd be great seeing them and some other retro settings return modernised. Plus, considering its long history, there'd be a lot of material to work from, even disregarding the various spin-offs that it has. What are your ideas?
  13. Not long ago, i watched an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. What do you fillys and gentlecolts think of this anime and what is your favorite character? At first, I thought this anime would involve nothing but Transformers style fighting. Instead, it was much deeper. There were awkward moments at first but then when Shinji started having mental breakdowns, I began to think it was exciting. My favorite character is Shinji Ikari because during the show, I felt sorry for what he's gone through and I liked his mind sight on why people treat him based on what he's doing. The theme song was also amazing.
  14. What contemporary songs will people become nostalgic for a decade from now, to the point where, in ten years, even fifteen to twenty years from now, people like us will talk about how "this is real music this is how good music used to be." Literally the only thing I can think of it "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. I don't see that song getting old. It has the stylistic advantage of reminding people of the 90s or whatever time period. Only song that is approximately ten years old/ from the "early 2000s" that I can think of as being "classic" is outkast's "Hey Ya", and perhaps Eminem's "Lose Yourself", altho not everyone can relate to the message of the rap. I guess perhaps people will praise, like, Coldplay or something as being iconic of our times, but also somewhat enduring beyond our time.
  15. This thread is mostly for those that grew up in the 80's and 90's, when game commercials were almost always goofy and over-the-top. What're your favorite commercials for games around this time period One of my personal favorites is this one: The elves just show Santa what's probably the greatest Classic Sonic game ever made, and he just... leaves. Oh, if he only knew :3
  16. What is your favorite old car? mine is Dodge Polara (1971) and chevy camaro (1985). give a brand and model type and don't forget the year
  17. I just got through watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, and all I have to say after that experience is...what the hay did I just watch? Now, in Ponies The Anthology II , the ending sequence was one big movie reference to 2001 : A Space odyssey. After watching the Anthology II, I was interested in seeing it, but not enough to really go through with it. However, after taking an Art of Film class in college, and watching a nostalgia critic video, I decided to finally sit down and watch it. Now, the parts in Anthology that had to do with this movie do I put it...confusing. I figured that since I hadnt actually seen the movie, thats why the references seemed to be so wierd. However, after watching it, I am actually MORE confused about the meaning of the movie itself. The beggining I understand...sort of. And the bulk of the movie seemed to make sense as well. It is the end that is confusing me. What happened, whats with him getting older and older in some wierd scene transistions, then looking at the Black Rectangle Thingy (as I called it) , and then suddenly he is a baby or something that is inside of a glowing orb. Then, the orb and baby go to space, right outside of earth, aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd then its over. Roll credits. The end. Like, what in the world? What does it MEAN. It must be meaningful for the movie to be so famous, but can somebody help me with this? TLDR: 2001: A space odyssey was really wierd and confusing. Can somebody please explain to me what it meant?
  18. As usual, I got the inspiration for this interesting drawing from a country song. This time, the song was Toby Kieth's "Hope on the rocks". Basically we got Rainbow Dash sitting at a 1970's bar past closing time as Applejack cleans up the glasses. Pictures are worth 1,000 words, I'm sure anyone could stare at this and wonder many things about it. Anyways, yeah I just drew it up in Microsoft Paint, it'd probably look much better drawn on paper or something but it was late & If i turned on some lights in my room to draw it, it'd disrupt the household. Comments, questions & concerns are always looked highly upon. Feel free to share a opinion if you fee like it If you stare at this and listen to the song, this picture tells a story. http-~~-//