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Found 21 results

  1. I want to get into classical music, but it's too overwhelming to even start. I need some essential albums list that can help me please. (like synthwave essentials list or death metal essentials list.) It would help if it's in an album format. (don't just name the writer and the piece.) I'd also prefer it being recorded in the 50s - 80s, but that's just my peculiar taste, probably you can ignore that if you want. Just give me something to start with. So far, I like Antonio Vivaldi - The Seasons (Chamber Orchestra of the Leningrad State Philharmonic, violin Mikhail Vaiman, artistic director - Lev Shinder) 1976 and Igor Oistrakh plays Paganini 1975. I'd prefer to start from the most popular and easy listening songs. (like what Master of Puppets is to thrash metal recommendation list) So, in short, A list of essential classical music albums. Early recorded ones are better for me. (especially if it's available in vinyl). Beginner level. Any suggestions?
  2. Here is my Organ Music Video of Jeremiah Clarke's Trumpet Voluntary: Prince of Denmark's March, as played on the Johannus Ecclesia T-270. I've been obsessed with this piece for as long as I can remember, so I figured I should make a music video of me performing it for once. Enjoy.
  3. I find the idea of remixing classical pieces in an EDM style interesting. Classical music tends to be calmer and quieter than electronic music, so the intersection of the two is fun to see. Here's a Happy Hardcore remix of Pachelbel's Canon in D that I found. Feel free to post any good remixes of classical pieces you know of.
  4. Hello everyone! I made a remix of She's a Vampire. let me know what you think! all rights go to Psych Goth. the creator of the original. greetings Dashner! PS, the music might not play,that's probably an error. sorry if it does not work.
  5. I don't think there's much to say about this one, except Google the title if you need to. Enjoy
  6. I was thinking to myself today during a break in the day about the Royal Guard in the show. As the nearest thing that Equestria seems to have to a military, what traditions do they have? Do they have pomp and ceremony, inspections and parades? I couldn't answer the question myself, having seen less than half of the show, but it nevertheless served as the inspiration for today's pickings for my blog. So without further ado, here's tonight's offering, Piefke's Königgrätzer Marsch... ...aand something a little closer to home As always, I hope that you're all well wherever you are! Please feel free to comment on either the blog or my choices!
  7. Afternoon ponies! Today I thought I would illuminate one small fragment of music which led to the creation of my original pony, Chirpy Tunes (currently pictured as my avatar, character entry here). Chirpy, though not necessarily reflected in terms of his gentle personality, has a dark genesis in music. Scubert's Der Leiermann (The Hurdy-Gurdy Man) provided much inspiration when I began to conceptualise the pony that would become Chirpy. The song itself is set at the end of Schubert's song cycle Winterreise (Winter Journey). It is a lonely finale to a cycle, in which the sorrowful character of the lead singer sees an old, decrepit Hurdy-Gurdy player at the edge of the village, and asks if he can leave with him. Mythology-wise, the hurdy-gurdy player is often associated with personifications of death, as is the violinist and more importantly the organ-grinder which Chirpy's street organs allude to, and his isolation is reflected in Schubert's chilling writing. As I said, Chirpy is no Grim Reaper, but I thought it would be interesting to include this as a footnote in his origins. Over there beyond the village Stands an organ-grinder, And with numb fingers He plays as best he can. Barefoot on the ice, He totters here and there, And his little plate Is always empty. No one listens to him, No one notices him, And the dogs growl Around the old man. And he just lets it happen, As it will, Plays, and his hurdy-gurdy Is never still. Strange old man, Shall I go with you? Will you play your organ To my songs
  8. And so, fillies and gentlecolts, we reach the end of our miniature journey with the mane 6 Finding something for somepony as dynamic as Twilight was actually quite thought provoking, not to mention a little awkward...I was saving my favourite pony until last, changed ponies halfway through the series and then changed back again. I was going to originally choose something about magic or orderliness, but in the end actually I felt that it was better to have something that represented Twilight's friendship, though the choice has a magic all its own! To that end, here's By The Sleepy Lagoon by Eric Coates, also known as the theme tune to the BBC's Desert Island Disks. If I were marooned on a desert island, I can't think of any pony better to be marooned with I hope you've enjoyed this miniseries. Don't worry, my musical blog will continue. I wish you all good health and a prosperous Thursday
  9. Good morning ponies! Today's featured pony is Rainbow Dash! She was definitely the most difficult of the Mane 6 for me to come up with something. The most obvious was Ride of the Valkyries, but since that already appeared in the show (S2:E7- May the Best Pet Win) I thought I'd challenge myself to find something else. In the end I decided on something a little bit obscure, the 4th movement of Borodin's 2nd Symphony. I'd tell you why I picked it...but I'd rather hear your opinion as to whether it was a good choice
  10. Evening ponies, you didn't think I would forget it's blog day did you? I actually had to put quite a lot of thought into a tune for Pinkie Pie...that was until I remembered this little number. In recognition of Pinkie Pie's ability to cheer ponies up and of her one-pony band skills, here's Fucik's march, Entry of the Gladiators. Enjoy, and as always, please, if you have a good tune to associate with today's chosen pony, please say below, I'm really interested to see what other people think!
  11. Welcome to the second post for my little miniseries of blog posts dedicated to the Mane 6. Today's featured pony is the ever-glamorous Rarity! Culture, refinement, just a little was really between two composers; Johann Strauss (II) and Tchaikovsky. I just had to go with my heart in the end! So here's my choice! Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think Waltz from the ballet Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky
  12. Hello ponies! I thought, just for fun as a little series in my blog I would see if I could match a little 'classical theme' to each of the mane six. I thought I'd start with Applejack who is rapidly becoming my favourite pony (sorry Twilight!) My opening choice is the Hoedown from Aaron Copland's Rodeo. I hope you enjoy the music, and if you have any suggestions for Applejack please, don't be shy, leave your suggestions in the comments
  13. Good afternoon ponies! So last night I hinted to my other half that I liked watching MLP. It was a spur of the moment decision. It didn't go well, but nor was it the end of the world! As an ode to impulsive decision-making in Rarity-style drama-queeniness, today's instalment is Taken from Puccini's Turandot. To criminally sum up the scene, the Prince is going to announce himself as a suitor for Turandot (who he saw for the first time a couple of minutes ago) while everyone else is trying to stop him, as if he fails to answer the riddles posed by Turandot, he will be executed! I suggest listening to this on full volume. I'm back now from my music rounds so I can post a little more often again. Take care ponies. Glad to be back with you
  14. I know this kind of stuff is very old (or nostalgic, depending on how you look at it). But I recently managed to transcribe all the themes of the Mane 6 from Fighting is Magic as accurately as I can! Some parts were difficult but I gave it a try. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy! You can click on the ponies if you want to skip to a certain song. Click Here for my Youtube Channel Sheet music of my exact arrangement can be found in the description of the video if you want it. It uses 2 piano parts which explains the empty space. Playing only the top part will still make it sound decent. But feel free to play it how you want.
  15. Mobley

    Break Time!

    Hello again everypony, and hoping that you are all happy and well! I currently find myself in a small (but much appreciated) lull in what's turning out to be a manic few summer weeks. I thought that I would spend some of this free time to put up another post in my little blog for you A cool summer's night is falling where I am, and it's put me in the mood for some night music, so without further ado here's a Chopin Nocturne to share! Chopin Nocturne in E-flat, Op.9 No.2
  16. Hello everypony! I'm going away for a couple of days for work and the internet situation is a little uncertain, so it may be that I won't be posting over the next couple of days. Will miss you! I'll be playing in Mozart's Marriage of Figaro and it should be good fun, for anyone who's around Berwick-upon-Tweed on the 8th or Edinburgh on the 13th. For those who can't make it, I couldn't resist... Take care you lot, and hope you're all having a wonderful summer!
  17. Back to Europe we come with tonight's post with Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez. The piece was inspired by the gardens at the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, Spain, and its beauty is all the more remarkable because Rodrigo was from the age of three almost completely blind. It's as beautiful and vivid a portrait of a place as you can find in music. I hope that it brightens your day, whatever the time may be!
  18. Good afternoon everypony. The sun's out, the flowers are in bloom, so let's go on an adventure! Today's going to be a little bit different; the pieces I have for you today are taken from the wonderful world of soundtracks. One film, one game, both Japanese! My first choice is something which I actually heard for the very first time last night, recommended by our very own S.F., it's a lovely track from Final Fantasy IX, called You're Not Alone by Nobuo Uematsu. I've never actually played any of the Final Fantasy games, but this goes a long way to convincing me that I'm missing out! The next selection comes from an animated film which I'm sure many of you will know and love, and is taken from a scene which I think absolutely breathtaking. Procession of the Spirits from the film Spirited Away, composed by Joe Hisaishi. [vimeo] [/vimeo] If you have any recommendations please, don't be afraid to PM me! I'm always happy to hear music that gets you going. I hope you've enjoyed today's instalment!
  19. Hello everypony! I hope this (rather rainy) Saturday finds you all safe and well! Today's instalment is from a CD that was lent to me by a friend. The premise of the album (I think) is that the music is interpreted to sound as it may have been played by the Conquistadors and early Spanish settlers in South America. It's a great listen from start to finish, but this selection is for me the highlight. I forgot to add earlier, please don't be afraid to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!
  20. Well, this is still going, and as a reward in the name of, here's a double whammy! For today's pickings, I chose movements from two of my favourite classical pieces that were composed by film composers, William Walton and Erich Korngold. Enjoy! Korngold Violin Concerto, 3rd Movement Walton Viola Concerto, 3rd Movement
  21. I have loved classical music since I was a little kid. I played classical violin for around twelve years, and I still find that listening to a great classical piece moves me in a way nothing else can. This thread is for anyone like myself who appreciates the classics. I find this to be especially important given the current trend of music that's become more and more synthesized and more of a mass-produced assembly line industry if it hasn't already become as bad as it can get. Post your favorite pieces and discuss your favorite eras, composers, styles, and performers. Let's broaden each others' horizons!