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Found 33 results

  1. This is not the same as the Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Fan Club. This is for people who are fans of Octavia but not fans of Vinyl Scratch. You are welcome here if you are a fan of Vinyl Scratch, but please keep the posts Octavia Related. 1. Follow the rules of the site. 2. All images posted must be Octavia related. Pictures of another pony with Octavia's mane style or Octavia's cutie mark are considered Octavia related and are accepted. 3. Do not judge other ponies or other members. There may be members who do not have Octavia as their favorite pony. As long as they post good things about Octavia, they are welcome here. 4. Do not post anything bad about Octavia. ("Octavia is worst pony" for example.) 5. If you wrote a song about Octavia, made a fanfiction about her, or anything else where there would be a lot of text, please put it in the spoilers. If you want to link to your song, fanfiction, etc. Make sure the link is free of anything dangerous (malware, worms, trojans, viruses, adware, etc.) and the content on that site is SFW. 6. Do not give yourself credit for anything you did not create. If you found a picture of Octavia on the internet, chances are that it isn't yours. That is illegal. Remember, this fan club is solely about Octavia. Do not go off topic.
  2. I want to get into classical music, but it's too overwhelming to even start. I need some essential albums list that can help me please. (like synthwave essentials list or death metal essentials list.) It would help if it's in an album format. (don't just name the writer and the piece.) I'd also prefer it being recorded in the 50s - 80s, but that's just my peculiar taste, probably you can ignore that if you want. Just give me something to start with. So far, I like Antonio Vivaldi - The Seasons (Chamber Orchestra of the Leningrad State Philharmonic, violin Mikhail Vaiman, artistic director - Lev Shinder) 1976 and Igor Oistrakh plays Paganini 1975. I'd prefer to start from the most popular and easy listening songs. (like what Master of Puppets is to thrash metal recommendation list) So, in short, A list of essential classical music albums. Early recorded ones are better for me. (especially if it's available in vinyl). Beginner level. Any suggestions?
  3. My local station just got permission to stop censoring music, so they can get away with playing songs that cuss constantly and not get in trouble. It's selection is pretty good too. Probably would give it an 8 -10; it still needs to work on getting local artists and less popular bands (preferably international) in their lineup.
  4. MUSIC. Near everyone listens to it, but what's the best Genre? HA, easy answer: Yes. I know it sounds stupid and cheesy, but all genres are great. Even if you don't like one, it's still good. You're opinion doesn't change the fact others enjoy it greatly. Music from this: To this: Is all so unique, so perfectly crafted, that it evokes responses to immensely different, and isn't that the great thing about music? From hard rock to country, all songs bring forth a special emotion that is tough to find anywhere else, because there's nothing quite like bobbing your head to the bass, or tapping your fingers to the guitar.
  5. Hey there! Welcome to Thunder Dash's Ultimate Guide to Creating Effective and Vivid Classical Music! In this guide, I will be going over the basics of creating orchestral music according to musical theory and the rules of classical music. Now do understand that many composers these days break the rules in classical music. Please understand that this guide doesn't make you have to follow the rules. The rules are just a mere reference of how to create music that is organized and easy to follow Let's start with one of the most common forms of classical/orchestral music Sonata-Allegro Form The Sonata-Allegro form has been around since the 18th century and is one of the most popular forms of classical music, besides standalone piecces. The sonata form is comprised of 3 movements, each with a specific pattern. We will go over each of these parts seperately. 1. Exposition The Exposition is the main theme of the current movement. Let's say you're writing a Sonata in the key of C. This part of the sonata will be in the key of C. 2. Development This part of the Sonata is a further expansion of the orginal theme. It usually modulates to the V of the original key, using the V of V. In the case of C Major, the V of V is D. Resolving to the I of V will put us in G major. 3. Recapitulation This part of the Sonata is the return to the main theme. Like the word says, it "recaps" what the sonata has done through the piece. The transition before the recapitulation returns us back to the main key. In our example, we resolve from G to C. Here's what it looks like visually: Not only do Sonatas have three parts, but also three movements, like I said before. Each movement follows the above format. Sonatas usually start of loud, but not all the time. Take Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. The loud movement is not until the 3rd and final movement. Furthermore, the 1st and 3rd movements often reflect each other. The 2nd movement is more often completely different. Returning to the Moonlight Sonata, the 1st and 3rd movements reflect each other due to the fact that the third movement is a more developed and complex version of the first movement with a faster tempo. Below is the full Moonlight Sonata. Listen out for the Exposition, Development and Recapitulation in the 1st movement Next, we're going to shrink down a little into what is called... The Sonatina The Sonatina is basically a "mini sonata". It follows the same exact exposition-development-recapitulation form of the sonata. Nothing else to really explain about this one. Now that we've gotten the bulky stuff out of the way, we can now move on to the standalone classical forms. Standalone classical pieces are known for their individual character. There are many forms, and some of these forms can come together to form what is called a Suite. The forms that can create a Suite are as follows: Gigue Courante Gavotte Allemande Minuet These forms are also early dance types, each with their own character. For example, a Minuet is an early form of a waltz. From the basics, we know that the waltz is in 3/4 time, meaning 3 beats to a measure and the quarter note gets the beat. Upping the tempo, the Gigue is a faster dance but this time, it's in 6/8. Now, you might say: "Oh 6/8 can be reduced to 3/4! They're exactly the same!" Well you are true in that they're the same, but remember, the minuet always uses 3/4 and the gigue always uses 6/8. A Gavotte is a 4/4 dance that uses much staccato or detached rhythms. Gavottes in the baroque period were often played on the harpsichord. If you listen to some of the music of MLP:FIM where Canterlot is featured, or Rarity, you can hear a Gavotte-like style. Though it was full of staccato rhythms, the gavotte is quite an elegant dance. Moving on past the dances, we arrive at two very techincal styles of classical music: The Toccata and Fugue. Now if you're a musician and you hear those two words, this piece right here comes to your mind right away: The Toccata is a very fast moving piece, and it promotes the dexterity of the performer. When writing a Toccata, be sure not to push too far. Don't make it impossible just because. Make it reasonable. Another thing, make sure your notes match up to each other. The Fugue is more complex than a Toccata. It does focus on dexterity and touch like the Toccata, but it has multiple voices. Most fugues have two parts, one for the right hand and the other for the left hand. However, some fugues have 4 voices, which are very tricky to play. You've got two parts per hand. These fugues usually stack up on voices. They start in the bass and increase to treble. It's like SATB (Soprano Alto Tenor Bass) form. When writing a fugue with more than 2 parts, be sure your notes harmonize with each other. Here's an example of a two-voice fugue Well, you may be overwhelmed with all the information in this guide so far. This thread will be updated in the upcoming days with extra form, until then, happy composing!
  6. I find the idea of remixing classical pieces in an EDM style interesting. Classical music tends to be calmer and quieter than electronic music, so the intersection of the two is fun to see. Here's a Happy Hardcore remix of Pachelbel's Canon in D that I found. Feel free to post any good remixes of classical pieces you know of.
  7.'s something very different. This is the first time I've ever tried this and well, did it turn out amazing. This is a piano remix of "The Spectacle" fusing both classical and house genres. Sheets: Critique is wanted!
  8. Any classical music you know of is appreciated! Cuz we don't have enough of these topics already, right? I'm gonna share a great piece I love, Tartini's Devil Trill.
  9. So,No other topic is about this,i originally wanted to type classical and dubstep but i decided to add in country since not many people like it. So,Which of the genres above do you like,I Like All of those 3.
  10. I'm curious to know if there is any other pony besides me who even have an interest in classical (including) instrumental music. Any classical (and/or instrumental) music lovers out there?
  11. So I personally enjoy many styles of music, but I find classical to be the most intricate and fascinating. So if you like any classical music post it here. The movement in this song at about 7:30 is considered the foundation of rock and metal
  12. Here's a remix I just finished last night. It's a nature ensemble remix of "Music in the Treetops" Critique is wanted!
  13. Hi people from this beautiful forum I want to ask you this very simple question. Why people hate classical music? It's been strange why people hate to listen these kind of music, I tried to plug my iPod once to a big speaker and people curse saying, "You are listening to this Sh!t? You're a jerk" or "This sounds terrible, dub step please!" Or ETC . Why? I was very disappointed to the people we have to today. I am saying many but not all. So please answer this. I wanna know why
  14. Hello everybody (and “every-pony”). First, here’s a question for all of you: Where is one of the best places to look for Stars (besides the sky)? The Hollywood Walk of Fame is one excellent place you’ll find lots of stars, and it would seem that they still have room for many more. Yes, so many well known figures in media at least many of us look up to have one or more stars on that Walk of Fame we call Hollywood : -Take Fred Rogers for example; he’ll forever be remembered as a true pioneer in children’s television and a dedicated advocate for nurturing public television. Why wouldn’t he deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: -There’s also Jack Webb; he’s best known as the producer of classic television shows including but not limited to “Adam-12”, “Emergency” and of course “Dragnet” (in which he also played the title character, “Joe Friday”; and he certainly knew how to make a statement). He carries a badge and 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (1 for Radio, 1 for Television). -And of course, there’s Jim Henson and his Muppets. I think I need not say more with this one. Not only does Jim Henson himself have a star, but so does Big Bird and Kermit The Frog. -Hanna Barbera has a Star, The Rugrats have a Star, Neil Patrick Harris (from “Doogie Howser M.D.”) has a Star, even Shrek (from Dreamworks’ adaption of “Shrek!”) has a Star (hmm… perhaps Dr. De Soto should try for one too). Now here’s a very special “Star” from the historical Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, which was broadcast on TV: Now how about “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”? I’m certain many of you will agree that this franchise deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. After all, MLP:FiM transformed the My Littile Pony toy line from just another average line of toys for girls into a popular, amazing and fantastic icon that is inspiring so many people. MLP:FiM also helped to launch “The Hub Network”, which we can all agree is one of the best things to happen in today’s television and is a role model for what good television should look like. The stories are robust and have "an edge" and there are eye-popping stunts (such as Twilight accidentally knocking a vase of flowers off her table in “The Ticket Master”), and yet the show is still able to be mentally healthy, moral, nurturing and informative as well as entertaining and charming to watch; in the immediate decade from before this show was aired, you would never have expected such a combination of edge and morality to work on Television. MLP:FiM has also inspired a sort of movement that no other television show has: the “Brony” movement. The Brony movement has encouraged people to further proliferate the show and the nourishing moral values and messages of Friendship, Harmony and Collective Wellbeing the show delivers; it has encouraged viewers to make suggestions and contributions to the show on a larger scale than any other show before it; the movement has encouraged artists to turn to the show for inspiration, and I am very pleased to see charming works of art such as “Snowdrop”, “Children of the Night”, plush toys and many of those “OCs” such as Lauren Faust’s self portrait of herself as an Alicorn; and it has encouraged people or organize for philanthropic purposes and help make the world a better place, “Bronies for Good” is one notable example. I also really enjoy seeing the show’s crew getting involved with the “Brony” movement and/or general fandom; and what other show’s crew gets involved with its viewers and listens to them on such as large scale? My point is that while I can understand that many might think otherwise, I think we can agree that “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” is indeed a pioneering television program unlike any program before it; and I therefore think that a special star should be dedicated to it on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So here’s what we should do: Anybody reading this should organize a group and this group then starts a fundraiser on Kickstarter (or something similar) and gets a movement going; this movement should even try to get the show’s crew involved. One a large movement and adequate funding is attained, the movement should begin making plans for and pushing for a special star on the walk of fame. I personally would suggest a special star that’s shaped like Twilight Sparkle’s cute mark ( and the other 5 “mane six’s” cute marks surrounding. Each star needs to be approved; so I would also suggest starting a large petition for the show’s fans and general viewers to voice their support of a Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. See this page for more details: As one more suggestion, I would suggest spreading the word online, perhaps though posts on more forums, and though Art on DeviantArt and videos on YouTube that support a Special Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; we should probably also try to get Equestria Daily to cover the movement. Well everybody (and “every-pony”), there you have it. I look forward to see what you all might do to push for a Special Star for MLP:FiM on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame; you can let me know on this topic. -“Stay ‘Pony’ My Friends”
  15. Hi everypony I never wrote a fanfic but i would like to start with something simple, i would like to make my personal Octavia backstory basing my self on a French movie that i love... here's the main plot A former world-famous conductor of the Bolshoi Theatre orchestra, known as "The Maestro", Andrey Violin, had had his career publicly broken by Supreme Soviet for defending Jewish pony musicians and is reduced to working as a mere janitor in the theatre where he once conducted, becoming an alcoholic in the process. While cleaning his boss' office he intercepts an official invitation from the prestigious Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris to replace a concert of the Los Pegasus Philharmonic Orchestra that was canceled at the last minute. Andrey Violin comes up with a plan to reunite his old orchestra, composed of old Jewish and Gypsy pony musicians - who also have been reduced to making a living as movers or carriage drivers - to perform in Paris and complete a performance of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto, which was interrupted 30 years earlier by former KGB Agent Red Comrade, who is enrolled by Andrey Violin in his scheme as the orchestra's manager and is actively and efficiently supporting Andrey Violin's plan, much to the dismay and suspicion of Aleksandr 'Sasha' Bass Clef (the orchestra's main cellist), because it turns out that Red Comrade has his own agenda for the Paris trip. Red Comrade and Andrey Violin demand several conditions from the Châtelet, that they are forced to accept, since the concert with the Bolshoi is significantly less expensive; one of those conditions is that the solo violinist is Octavia Philarmonica, who famously has never played Tchaikovsky's concerto because she is afraid of it, but has long dreamt of playing it with the Bolshoi and particularly with Andrey Violin - whose fame outside of Russia has not diminished -; her agent, Brigitte de La Lovle, who is also Octavia's adoptive mother, is reluctant to allow that, because she is acquainted with Andrey Violin and his past, but Octavia insists and she has no option but to accept. The orchestra is also forced to accept the sponsorship of an openly mafia boss who likes to play the cello, despite the fact that he does so terribly and who is part of the orchestra. Once in Paris, the entire orchestra disappears partying and raising money in other jobs such as carriage drivers, movers or translators. The unprofessionalism of the Russian musicians and Octavia's own impression that the performance serves as a means of catharsis for Andrey Violin, forces Octavia to call off her participation in the concert, but Sasha convinces her to come to the theater because the Concert holds the key to Octavia's past and her parents, whom she has never met, and whom she believes to be scientists who died during her infancy in the Alps. As it turns out, Andrey Violin and his wife Irina Note were the best friends of Leia Scherp and Yitzhak Drum, also Jewish musicians. Leia Scherp was an accomplished violinist and the soloist at the time of the interrupted concert thirty years before in Moscow. After the public humiliation they suffered under Red Comrade and the entire Supreme Soviet regime, the couple spoke openly against the government on Ever free Radio, an American radio station that was banned in the former USSR, and as a result were deported to Siberia, where they spent the rest of their lives. Leia Scherp, who was, as we learn, Octavia's mother, lost her mind and played the Tchaikovsky concert in her imagination every day for her husband until her death, which was followed by his six months later. Baby Octavia managed to escape with Brigitte de La Lovle, at the time the representative of a visiting French orchestra, hidden in a cello case at the behest of Irina Note, Andrey Violin and Sasha. At the last moment, the entire orchestra, after receiving a Derpy message calling them to play in honor of Leia Scherp, appears at the Theatre despite the fact that not a single rehearsal has taken place. In the meantime, the real manager of the Bolshoi, who happened to be vacationing in Paris and learned about the concert by chance, appears at the theatre to prevent the performance, but he is intercepted by Red Comrade who locks him in a broom closet. The concert has a wobbly beginning due to the lack of rehearsals, but they all manage to reach Andrey Violin's ideal spontaneous harmony once Octavia mesmerizes everyone with her magnificent interpretation of the solo part, which she studied on her mother's annotated score. The concert is a huge success and Andrey Violin is able to restart his career as a conductor of the new " Andrey Violin Orchestra" along with Octavia The orchestra is a world. Each contributing their own instrument, with their talent. By the time a concert we are all united, and we play together, in the hope of arriving at a magical sound: the Harmony. This is the true communism. For the movement of a Concerto
  16. Welcome to the thread devoted to all classical/Symphonic music. Feel free to discuss and any classical/symphonic song you want. Please keep the music classical/symphonic and please no symphonic metal or Orchestral Hybrids. Here are two songs to get things rolling.
  17. Yesterday, I decided to try working on some clarinet stuff and recorded this little bit below: clarinettestrun1.mp3 (Not sure why I called it a test run.) But anyways, if anyone has ideas for a song, theme, anything, that I can work this into or work around, I've love to hear your ideas. And if you'd like to use it for a project or something of yours, please ask permission first, and I can re-record if you want me to.
  18. This is part one of a three part orchestral suite that I'm making for a video game. I can't give too much info on the game right now but it is in production as we speak. I had a hard time deciding how much electronic bits I wanted in this because I wanted it to stay orchestral instead of electro-orchestral. I decided to only add in atmospheric sounds and my own voice in the form of chant to give it some flavor. Either way I'd like your opinions on this. If you have constructive criticism, give it to me straight. I wear big-boy pants. I'm still in charge of the game's music either way so it won't hurt my feelings. Everything done on this was done by me and it is 100% original. No samples. If you liked this and want more, follow me on soundcloud to get all of the game music.
  19. Hey so I'm curious. What are your opinions on Classical, 80's and basically Modern music today. Mainstream mostly. I picked these for a reason so I just want to know, love em or hate em
  20. Whether you realize it or not, music is vitally important to every person in the known universe. And always has been. Since the beginning of time (Or just a bit after that point). My point is, the fact that music of all shapes and forms has even existed through these long periods of time is in itself proof that it is a magical thing. Music, as i stated, has been around a looooooooooong time. Singing and instruments were invented for entertainment, and no matter what you believe the beginning of time looks like, it is undeniable that a short period after humans came to be, music was created. Minstrels, bards, (I think those were contemporaries, but whatever.) , One-man-bands, bands in general, composers. All of these transcend time and culture and carry themselves from their origin point on. Ok, let's get to the juicy stuff, why i love music so incredibly intensely. Literally any music you can think of, i love it. But not for the reason you might think. Music, in itself, is perfect. You heard me. It's perfect. Now, not every form of music is perfect.(Form is important. I define form as like, genres. Dubstep, classical, alternative, hard rock, screamo. Those are forms.) And what i mean by that, the idea of music, the idea of putting notes and tunes and chords together is absolutely, 100% perfect. Why, you might ask. Because music, is perfectly tailored and labored to be a pleasurable experience for expression of emotions and feelings, for EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT EXISTS. That's why music is perfect. Every person in existence has some music they like. (They might not have found it yet, but i promise you it exists.) Every person has a genre they can identify with and thoroughly enjoys that specific genre or collection of genre. Any music that person identifies with can be an expression of themselves through some other medium. It's beautiful, truly. And i know, that sounds weird and a little creepy to think that music is truly beautiful, but honestly, think about. What else in existence is so perfectly crafted that every person, all 7 billion of us, can have a piece of it, and love that piece in particular. It's absolutely incredible. Now, this might trip some of us up, the fact that you may personally hate another genre, hate it with all your heart. I'll address that. Someone may actively hate, let's say screamo, just because that is commonly hated on. Someone may hate screamo with all their guts and might just want to scream (See what i did thar? :3) at everyone who enjoys it. That's your own prerogative, firstly. No one can change your mind but you, so if you want to hate something, do it.(Really though, dont hate anything. Nothing deserves hatred. I promise.) You might ask yourself, 'how can music be perfect if i dont like this and someone doesnt like what l like?'. That question right there is why music is perfect. You dont have to like everything! But everyone has something! Everyone can have their own piece of themselves. The only thing that gets in the way is unnecessary hate on other people's likes. It truly gets irritating. If someone likes something you don't, you don't have to dislike the person or for that matter that piece of music you dont identify with. Just acknowledge that everyone is different and that you dont have to dislike anything, just accept it as something you dont prefer and let the others enjoy it. Ok, i think i've dragged this out long enough, i can talk for hours on this. If anyone is actually interested in more (I highly doubt that, i doubt anyone will read the whole thing anyway xD) i'll happily write more. But for now, i'll leave you with this! Remember, like what you like, let others like what they like, and just be happy enjoying your own slice of perfect <3
  21. Octavia somehow survived from the Rain(Bow) Factory, place of the worst musician ponies. Rumors say she's the first and also the last one who got out of the factory ... alive. How did she manage to escape is still a mysterious
  22. Incoming classical music. Steve Reich is one of those composers in the minimalist category, whose music may seem repetitive and simply made as a novelty. Pieces like "Piano Phase," "Pendulum Music," or "Four Organs" can get stale for an untrained ear. However, his evolution from this phase (no pun intended) in his career, he began to write works that were more fleshed out and had a lot more depth, like "Eight Lines," "Six Pianos," and what could be considered his best work, "Music for 18 Musicians." What we have here is an hour long piece with some extremely odd instrumentation. It requires multiple marimbas and xylophones, two clarinets, four female voices, various auxiliary instruments, and nine piano players. The piece is also based around an eleven-chord cycle, each chord being given their own section of the piece; this cycle is book-ended by two sections of "Pulses." This is where things get complicated to talk about, because these sections are so similar to each other, and yet they're also so incredibly unique. Just about the entire piece is built around sixteenth notes of varying lengths (mostly short) that provide a chordal background for a few sparse melodies that introduce themselves once in a while. As boring as that sounds, it's actually very engaging, as many of the pulses fade in and out, giving the piece some interesting dynamic qualities. Some of the sounds featured here have some very contrasting timbres; the bass clarinet's very sharp and keen tone together with these wordless and round female vocals, for example, or the marimbas together with the pianos. Reich was very careful in the instruments he chose and how many of each there would be. There's an astounding number of marimbas and pianos on stage, but they're all necessary to bringing out the harmonies and melodies found in every section. It's not quite enough to talk about what's contained in "Music for 18 Musicians;" it's much more interesting to discuss the emotions it brings out of the listener. For me, it's a sense of dreariness and majesty. When done right, this piece sounds alive and bigger than anything one can possibly imagine. It's flowing, it's monolithic, and it's one of the few pieces in instrumental music history that says so much by saying nothing at all. When I hear this, I get lost in it. I shut my eyes and let Reich's magnum opus take me wherever it may. 10/10 My personal favorite performance of this piece:
  23. Trapped in the human world for so long, she finally found a place where she find peace, a place where she find the beauty of simplicity, a place where she begin to regret everything ...
  24. ______________________
  25. Ahoy, partners! I'd like to share with you the news. As of yesterday, my very first album "Tales from Far Away" has been released for free. "Tales from Far Away" is a compilatory album of all my pony tracks (as listed in the video teaser), featuring various instrumental genres. Enjoy the journey along an adventurous day through Equestria, and let the music of every moment, scene and memory flow through you. I hope you enjoy it, and be sure to check out my Youtube channel for more! Download available for free (check video's description) or donation if you may. Thanks for your time, and have a beautiful day!