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Found 22 results

  1. Part of a series where my daughters construct puzzles of ponies. We've already completed the Mane 6. Now comes Princess Celestia. Hope everypony enjoys! Please let me know what you think of my Celestia or any of the other ponies! Thanks!
  2. This week while waiting of other craft bits to turn up in the post, i decided to have a go at making pony sculptures using polymer clays. First one turned out ok so was asked by a mate to make a Doctor Whooves. So here he is.
  3. Here's another of the clay models I made. I think I did worst on this one then I did the others so sorry every pony. >.<
  4. Just thought i would share my creations. I would like to consider this my art but just to be safe, it's in crafts section. The last two photos i didnt bother adding fluttershy's facial features because it was my first time doing mlp clay fanart. Thanks for viewing!
  5. Hello there! First i want to say that i am artist who has opened commissions here. I am doing digital and traditional art. But some time ago i was thinking about opening also sculpture commissions. I created this thread to find out if there would be any interest at buying sculptures from me. (because if yes i should make more examples of my work that i have right now) I made some statues that was sold at ebay, also i am auctioning one right now, at this time i am running raffle at my tumblr where participants have chance to win one for free and also i was asked to do one statue for auction for good (statue of Kiki Havivy). So i guess there will be more examples in near future, but for now, here are examples i already have : Statues which were sold : Princess Luna Princess Cadance Statues that are not for sale : Princess Celestia Dilarus Statue that is currently at sale : Derpy the mail mare Thanks for any feedback!
  6. I made (half-assed) this out of clay. and i have no goddamn idea what it is.
  7. Take the tutorial if you want to make your own pony. This is for free, but I need credit or you may not use it. I have however given the permission to two pony lovers. This is the stage one document. I do hope you guys enjoy your time and if you make a mess, have fun. TO those who wonder-- You use plastecine -- aka teddy dala clay for sculpting And the slides could be plastic metal or even magnetic- cut the pieces the correct size. 8 cm thick or thinner depending the cast. To those who uses ceramic plaster of paris. You'll have your completed cast in 30 minutes. So be sure to also have tools to that to loosen the mold seam pony2cast.docx
  8. A Kiwimon sculpt that I did a few weeks ago. Took me about 6 days, which is my personal record. And... that's it. Nothing really special or awesome bout it. Though, don't know if those "sculpture supports" beneath my sculpts are a good or a bad add-on. (If you could waste 10s to vote in the poll, please do it. Going to do a Dorugamon sculpt next and want to know if I should bother with the "support" or not) P.S. The poll is anonymous.
  9. Hey guys... I got some polymer clay for birthday. So I made this Pinkie. Before I added the stand from cheap clay and old ballpoint pen... The baloons don't have the right color, but I couldn't mix two clays right...
  10. Hey guys! I made this sculpture of Princess Celestia because I fell like doing something megalomanic, totally over the top and huge. :3 It took me about 3 days to finish, which is ginormous amount of time compared to my regular sculpts that take several hours at most. What do you ponies think? :3
  11. A sculpt that I did a few days ago. This one's a bit special, because I used a few new techniques that I read about in the net. Probably saved me a few weeks of work because it usually takes me about 2-3 weeks to sculp anything "bigger". (you can also find it here) My next sculpts will be kiwimon and dorugamon. Still not ready for complex sculpts. D':
  12. Hey, everypony. After a quite long "crafter's block" I've finally able to sculpt once again. So, I guess I'll be re-posting my better creations over the course of 2013. So, my recent sculpt was "Devnaur- the evil dino" (am I good at names or what?). It's the biggest sculpt so far: it weights about 650-750 grams and it peaks at about 18 centimeters. And if you are wondering why it's so "naked"... well, I came up with several designs for it but I was a bit too scared to ruin everything so I left it how it was.
  13. Hey there, fellow bronies and pegasisters! I made this Rarity statue out of polymer clay! :3 I hope you like her! Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! :3 (That tin foil is... because she doesn't stand xD) I managed to make her unbalanced. Easy to do-ponies can't stand until they are baked since the material is too soft. I also got a clay that was hay to work with-very icky and didn't hold shape.
  14. Hey guys. I just finished making a small Dashie statue out of polymer clay, baked it just now, actually. And yes, I forgot the tail. I'll bake it as soon as temperature outside drops below 35 degrees Celsius. :X Using oven isn't really comfortable now I'm going to give it to my "sis" as a present . Dashie is her favouite pony. I hope she'll like it. One thing tho-do you ponies think I should paint it or not? I'm adding eyes anyway, but paint or not? I mean, now it looks like some ancient statue. And yes, I know that ancient statues were originally painted with bright colors and it's just that the paint eventually wore off, but you see my point. Pics here: Just for the record: She's not my biological sis. She's a very very close friend of mine. Hence the quotationmarks higher in this comment. Just so that you ponies don't get confused how I am able to hide it from her and later give it to her as a surprise. Edit: I painted it. Not perfect, but what do you ponies think? It was kinda harder than I expected. Also added the tail.
  15. So I made this clay model of Nightmare Moon for art class. I used Sculpey clay and glaze took me roughly ten-fifteen hours over the course of about 5 days. Here it is, tell me what y'all think:
  16. Hi there, I realised I have some polymer clay left, so I decided to make an Applejack out of it. It's my first model I have painted completely. I also forgot about cutie mark, but this is slowly becoming a standard among my stuff... The hat doesn't sit on her head very well, because I made her hair too large. The colors are bit too dark, but overall, I could say I am happy with how it turned out. What do you ponies say? Comments are warmly welcome!
  17. Hey guys. I made my fellow pegasister Suntouched Coco (Not sure how to mention atm :X) a small clay sclupt of Portal turret. It has a led light. I will later attach stand to it, where 2 aa batteries will be hidden, together with small circuit that will pulse the led every now and then (I estimate the baterry life to be about 1.5 years with blink every 30 seconds when it's dark...
  18. Hello. I have been working on this sculpt for a few weeks and now that I'm finished, I've decided to share it with you (I have finished it 2 weeks ago, but w/e). It's nothing special or fancy, just a plain ol' fox (Oh boy, I can imagine what people are thinking about me now). So yeah, here it goes: Guise, tell me: is it as bad looking as I think it is? (protip: I think it's kind of awful)
  19. So I made a clay stop motion with Rainbow Dash featuring Scootaloo. Well here it is, enjoy! http-~~-// This is a sequel type thing to my first Fluttershy one here: And here are the threads for the Clay models of Scootaloo: And Rainbow Dash: That is all, oh and I plan on doing all of the Mane 6 (and probably more if I ever finish those) with Pinkie Pie coming next.
  20. This is a Scootaloo clay model/sculpture that I made over the span of a week or so. It was a nice break from my previous sculpts like Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy as I didn't have to make a cutie mark. I look forward to your feedback. Anyways, enjoy! Oh and here's my Rainbow Dash if you wanted to see this one:
  21. Basically it's just a model of Rainbow Dash I made out of Clay. Worked on it for about two weeks. It was a pain getting the colours right. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
  22. Hello, I am Freckle and this is my first "more serious" sculpt ever (sadly it had to be a non-pony...). I made it from air-drying clay, which is really hard to use compared to other sculpting materials like Super Sculpey, and that is why my creation turned out to be a failure, or so I think. Anyhow, this is it: (Warning, perfectionists turn away now before it's to late) I guess I just wanted to share this, even though it is non-pony and it suck. P.S. Will anypony guess who this little doggy is?