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Found 16 results

  1. How often do you do a full up and down clean of your bedroom? i.e, vacuum, re-organize things, wipe surfaces down, etc.
  2. The question is simple. Are you a germaphobe? For those who don't know what I mean, a germaphobe is someone who obsessively cleans everything in case of germs. I am a major germaphobe. I wash my hand about 20 times a day and clean objects before touching them. A little freakish I know but what can you do right? I just find the thought of germs... Disturbing. So now I ask you. Are you a germaphobe and why? If you aren't you can still post and explain why you made that choice!
  3. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE taking baths/showers. The length of time I take them really depends on my mood and so does my choice of bath supplies. For example: When I'm sick I soak in the tub in hot water for half an hour. Another example: When I'm happy after a day of work so I jump in the shower and use my favorite Bath-n-Body-Works shower gel! Basically, I love water, bath supplies and keeping clean. What about you all? Whats your favorite thing to use in the bath/shower? Do you use hot or cold water?
  4. Hello, everypony rainbowdash here with more maverick robot animal destruction enjoy the artwork!
  5. I know there is another thread on this, but it seems better to make this one. I have had my wonderful 4DE Fluttershy plush for more than a year now, though I have not ever thoroughly washed her or my other plushies. I know that there are ways to clean them, but I worry I may damage them in the process. For example I don't want to get the stuffing inside wet, or be too rough on it and undo stitching or similar. Here are pictures of her: A few stitches on her right side mane connecting it to her head came loose, but that's not major. I am a bit attached to them and hope that I don't cause damage as I don't want to have to buy a new one, which may be hard now that 4DE stopped making them. Any ideas?
  6. i have the mane six mlp plush from build bear work shop i dont know how to clean them without dameging the wing and the hairl or anything ?
  7. Greeting all my media starved bronies, was playing bounce from page to page looking for something to keep me from drooling in my key board, found a inersting comic by acident, if you are looking for somthing cute and funny check out this. Edit: ok maybe more than a few hour's also if you like science and a biology this series is great!! It should provide you with a few hours of chuckles Sipenda.
  8. A look across my messy room has made me ponder how many of you are orderly and neat. One of my best friends is so bent on order that he can't get tasks done without first organizing everything. EVERYTHING. On the other side of the spectrum, you have me - my room is in perpetual mess, my usual answer when asked about how i locate everything in it is "I'll find it eventually, if it still exists". So where do you stand on being neat and orderly?
  9. First off, I want to say that I searched the forums and I didn't find anything like this. If it does exist elsewhere, I apologise for making a duplicate. I LOVE this site for being only SFW. I find sites and posts from the 'off-color' side of the fandom rather painful and disturbing. I have trouble finding sites that I can visit without worrying about; if I have to worry about what I'll see, it can be hard to enjoy the fandom and content it produces. I'd like to build a list of SFW sites, where I and other members of the fandom that are sensitive to said 'off-colored' sites can feel free,secure, and welcome. Since this list is for people who have never heard of these sites before, please include a short description of the site so people can get a feel for it. If you are considering posting content, or links to said content, and are unsure if it would be well received , please air on the side of caution. (I do not intend this to be a clop/clopper hating thread. This isn't about negativity, it's about helping each other out.) Ponychan: This is a site similar in style to 4chan, the exception is that ponychan has rules that keep NSFW content is not allowed. *EDIT: It is similar in another way, in that once the modderators are alseep, people try and break the rules. Any posts that break their rules are quickly removed.* Bronibooru: This is a site that is similar to Derpibooru, with the exceptions that no NSFW content is allowed. Derpibooru: Is a website that hosts hundreds of thousands of mlp images, SFW AND NSFW. They have a robust and expansive tagging and filtering system that allows you to hide thing you don't want to see. It comes with 4 tags hidden by default, but I have had to add 234 more tags to get is mostly clean. Even after that people don't always tag things properly. EDIT:*Derpibooru has changed it's filter policy!(This is, or rather, will be a good thing.)You can now search for Premade Filters. I have taken the liberty of making a filter that is as SFW as it gets. You can search for 'DartTimTime's "Safe for work" Filter '. * - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you have an account made you can go HERE. If you don't you can go HERE and use the TV-Y filter. (I don't control this one, and it's less comprehensive than my filter, you /may/ see things you wouldn't like.) Tumblr: Tumblr is a mixed bag of EVERY kind of content, MLP or not. The good thing about tumblr is that you can find and look at the content that you like, and nothing else. If you follow blogs that are only SFW you'll only see SFW content. Here are some good SFW blogs to follow: Askflufflepuff , Asksurprise , Anothertwilightsparkle Derpy-jobs, Ask-twilightsparkle, ask-twi, highschool-cadance. Feel free to add more sfw tumblrs. EDIT:* Timblr Savior Plugin app for Chrome, can filter blogs from your search. Tumblr Savior Plugin for Firefox Click here to learn how to install it.* Equestria Daily: EQD is at the heart of the fandom. It popped up early on and remains as one of the most central pony related sites out there. Their rules are set to, once again, keep NSFW content off. *EDIT: These rules have been known to be broken at times* I wouldn't recomend Deviant Art, their reporting system is slow and flawed. You can and probably will find NSFW content there, and the modderators wont do anything about it, despite the rules designed to keep that content off. Fimfiction:"does have some NSFW material but it also has a pretty good filtering system which allows you to block out that content if you so choose." -Applejack Rules: user- Bronyland: Is a site with a bunch of activities for bronies to do and is, from what their rules say, SFW. "Bronyland is a concatenation of Brony (as in an out-of-target-market-strangely-obsessed fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) and Land, as in a place to be and what a whole bunch of countries used to fight over (and some still do). Put simply, it’s a place for Bronies." The MLP Sub-Reddit has rules about keeping content SFW, and the up/down voting system allows SFW posts to float to the top and NSFW posts to sink to the bottom, never to be seen again. Outbackbronies: If you live in Australia and would love to visit a forum for people that live neer you, where "NSFW/clop/r63/grim dark are all EXPLICITLY FORBIDDEN ", then give this site a try. While this forum is made for Australians, it's welcoming to all people from all places. Brony Square: Is a combination social networking site/ role-playing site. It tries to emphasizes organic communication and socializing. The rules include the following. "All of the below are not allowed: . . Anything that is considered obscene and explicit. This is not limited to but includes pornographic material, illegal drugs, rape, adult conversations and so forth." My little brony Is a clean site for mlp memes. They're pretty funny and there's a lot to see. Please feel free to add more to the list. We're all friends here. :3
  10. I need help with my comic that I'm working on. It's my third draft. I promise I won't be butt hurt if someone critiques it. I just wanna know if I'm doing it right. What I'm writing is what happened in between episodes with the main six and Nit Pick. Nit Pick First Comic 3rd draft.pdf Pretty please be honest! How am I going to learn if no one will tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  11. To all you other DJ's out there, how do you keep your performance catalogue organized? Mine has been generally disorganized until recently, I've started categorizing everything by Genre, and then 5 sub-levels of intensity. I just started with what I thought would work, but if you have a more efficient method of organization, please show! (No track names please) Organization based on Genre (Work in progress) Organization based on Intensity. Directly related to the time of day. Lighter levels happen earlier in the evening, and later levels are later at night. Does anyone else use this method, and if so do you find it easy to work with? What method do you use?
  12. This is my face, after I have clean shaved my face. Should of washed my hair first, but oh well. Shoulda Coulda Woulda. Enjoy looking at it (yeah right)
  13. Basically, pair a pony, male or female doesn't matter, with a human (can be fictional) that is both cute and appropriate. That means having a similar personality. NO Rule 34 stuff, just a fresh twist on the idea of shipping. This is purely for hypothetical fun, not for thinking how disgusting the two would be loving each other For some examples: Rainbow Dash with Michael Phelps Pinkie Pie with LMFAO (idk their names) Twilight Sparkle with Harry Potter And so on. These are pretty bad, but I whipped them up on the spot so I'm sure you guys can do better.
  14. I can't really be sure what it was that made me decide to go through with it, but about 2 months ago I decided that I wanted to do what I have wanted to do for a long time, and finally went vegetarian. So far it has been fairly easy, and I have not had any real cravings for meat, which doesn't really surprise me seeing that even before making it officially I never really ate too much meat. In anycase support has been good, but my parents still seem a little...slow(?) taking up on it. I guess they just are not sure how serious I am, but given time, I am positive that things will settle in. The reasons I decided to make the change was while I had no problem eating meat, I just never felt comfortable doing so. And really, I believe it will be more practical as I don't have too much need for the protein as I don't work out enought for it to be of any use. I am not doing this because of wieght, and while i am slight overwieght, I know that has more to do with getting out, or more specificly, my lack of. Really it just makes me feel more comfortable, and that I feel is all the reason I need. Is there anyone else here who is vegetarian, or vegan even? What made you decide to go to that?