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Found 11 results

  1. What are some OC cliches that bother you? (Please do not bash another person's specific OC) Here are some that bother me: 1. The character is Mary/Gary su. 2. The character has an evil side. 3. The character is mentally insane. 4. The character has an unintentional unnapealing design in hopes of looking "cool". 5. The character is "the chosen one". 6. The character is a super obvious re-color. 7. The character is super shy because the creator hoped it'd be "cute"
  2. Under the control of lesser creators, the show could've started out being a roughly equal ensemble in the theme song and some of the two-parters/The Best Night Ever, but then ended up as a show like SpongeBob where there were essentially three or so characters where the main protagonist interacts with regularly (In SpongeBob's case, that would be his next-door neighbors, one of which is a co-worker, and boss), with other characters only appearing when they happen to cross paths with him (such as Sandy and Plankton) In MLPFiM, the other five ponies have roughly an equal chance of interacting with Twilight. It's not like some are particularly more close to her than others. FiM easily could've made the show a girl version of a dumb buddy antics show with Rarity being her Patrick(SpongeBob and Patrick are both childish, Twilight and Rarity could be BFFs because they are both unicorns) AJ, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Rainbow having various shades of pridefulness combined with straight-man voice of reason, or nuggets or wisdom, like Squidward and Sandy... ...with Rarity being directly involved if not the catalyst of the events that Twi gets involved in on a regular basis for at least half the episodes (just like how Patrick is alongside SpongeBob for many antics, and Patrick never interacts with other characters of his won accord without SpongeBob being involved) with Princess Celestia or some Ponyville authority character such as the Mayor appearing much more often, possibly moreso than a "Sandy" (Mr. Krabs) and a consistently reoccurring nuisance antagonist (like a young mare, non-filly version of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon).
  3. Warning this topic might or might not contain spoilers about several movies. Proceed at your own discretion. I can't understand this... i seriously can't... Don't know what i am talking about? Why Thrillers, Horror Movies and their cliche "Evil wins" endings. Where do i start? The "Saw" series? The "Final Destination"? Where somehow everyone dies? Like... i've seen it in SO many movies it has become insufferable and i am issuing a veto to my friends wherever we are to watch a movie like this. Let me elaborate... i understand that some movies no matter what will put a cliffhanger to continue their story in their possible sequels... I understand that most of the movies i have mentioned so far do have said sequels. But my protest is that it is used in EVERY... SINGLE... ONE!!! When is the "Final Destination" going to end? ((if it hasn't ended by now since i was seriously too fed up with this to continue watching it)). How many sequels is "Saw" going to have? Don't we like have... 7 so far? Jeez even Harry Potter decided to finally end after the 8th movie! Let me describe you some other cases. But oh no! It's not only the movies that have sequels that do it! I recently saw ((well most of since it was on TV and i missed the start)) the movie about Freddie Krouger ((I am spelling it wrongly now aren't i?)) and i was like "YEAH! KILL THAT *@#%$!" and i was finally satisfied that this idiot had died but i still felt that this movie was going to use that stereotypical "Not over yet!" ending... when the final scene before the credits showed Krouger was alive and killed that girl's mom i was like "Called it!" and then i was like "I'm threw with thrillers..." i regretted the moment and day i decided to sit down my couch and watch this overrated movie that the Internet had made me interested in... We watched the "Descent" with some friends. I was happy whenever the girls kicked some monster butt and satisfied that at least one of them had escaped. But then there was that last scene that showed everything was a hallucination and that in fact she was dead or soon to be hallucinating. I was like "COME ON!" the movie would have been perfectly fine without this BS ending! Why did they have to do that? What the hell is wrong with Thrillers these days!!! There are more cases i could talk about like "The Hills have Eyes" or whatever. I was at least satisfied that the movie 1408 ((2007)) did this but it at least did this in the middle of the movie... not in the ending allowing for closure, allowing for the case to be rested and stuff. Not all of these movies that used this cliche ending will have or had continuations... so why do it? Why do it EVERY... SINGLE... TIME? Is it so much to ask for closure after a good thriller? Is it because it loses the tittle "Thriller" or "Horror" when something like this happens? I can't understand this... so please by all means explain to me what this stupid stereotype is about! Because i don't get it! I really Don't!!!
  4. There are some people on the Internet that I had found that lamented the quality of modern entertainment, and praised MLP:FiM for being an "exception", using whatever "exceptional" qualities it has to argue that it is the better show, if not "the best of all". I have three questions for this topic: 1. Can you list to me as many bad and loathsome qualities as possible, that are found in modern entertainment, from videogames to television shows? 2. What are those "exceptional qualities" that MLP:FiM has that makes it better than most TV shows (according to those bronies and other critics)? 3. What entertainment genres, that are considered "worthless" to people like us/you, that need to be disposed of? (Yes, we all hate cliches)
  5. I recently noticed something regarding the EG movies, they both seem to follow a cliched plot, EG 1 followed the high school drama plot and now EG 2 seems to follow the battle of the bands plot. Is this gonna be the formula for all of the EG franchise, take something that's been done to death and slap weird looking dolls all over it, so do you think I'm right do you think I'm right if so please tell me what cliche you think EG 3 might follow. If you think I'm completely wrong then please let me know why.
  6. So, it's the first time that I've ever written an MLP fanfic. In fact, it's the first time I've ever written a short story. I'm sure that there are plenty of you out there who have written at least one and created multiple OCs to go along with them. However, the trouble comes with getting just the right name for the job. To look for ideas, I glanced over the massive list of OCs used for roleplays. There were many patterns that I saw with the names, mainly overused surnames, like Blaze, Flare, Fire, Shine, Cosmo, Sun, Luna, et cetera. I'm just looking for ideas on what to use for my own OC to make him at least somewhat unique while maintaining the symbolism/meaning that I want. If you're willing to give me some ideas, here's some background to the character. His parents are Earth ponies like him, and he is very smart and not as physically powerful despite that. His cutie mark is a crater with a piece of floating rock above it, showing potential. The parents always worked in a mine, rarely seeing the light of day, so a light-based name is a possibility. Perhaps they wanted him to become more than they ever could. He does turn evil in the story, so ideas for a villain would help too. I want to avoid cliches as well. So if you're thinking of a villain name, try to avoid a dangerous or mysterious noun like Shade, Darken or Fury. Even though he does really become dark, mysterious and morose, there has to be a way to avoid that. I don't think I'll find the perfect name for a while, but your guy's input would help greatly!
  7. I will be writing a story revolving around the cliche'd, stereotyped "mean girl" in high school flicks as the main character. Here are the key points: * What may have turned her into such a bully? * What would you think the "average girl", who battles her all the way to the prom, "and defeats the bully", should be like (you can change her into anything you like - even a villain who is nothing against the bully's own problems) * I need the "bully" to have some events after the prom and homecoming stuff - do you want her to have a happy or sad ending (but she should always improve herself nonetheless) Now, what's important is that you need to make it as "un-cliche'd" and "realistic" as possible: while being in a cliche'd-appearing surrounding, I want my characters' events to be as uncliche'd as possible. (Note: this question is inspired by EqG's Sunset Shimmer, and Stargirl's bully)
  8. I will be writing a story about a teenage bully, inspired by Sunset Shimmer and Hillary the bully from "Stargirl" ( Can you share me as many cliches and pitfalls in EqG (and ways to correct them) to prevent my story from becoming like EqG or some cliche'd high school story?
  9. Now if you were to look at my profile, i'm a pretty cliche guy. I'll explain. I'm a hopeless romantic I'm a truth and justice guy. I have weaknesses and the like. Now what I want know is what do you think makes you "cliché"? What determines a cliché person? ARE YOU CLICHE????!!!! Just curious is all! STAY FANTASMIC!!!
  10. I never thought I'd be driven to this, but today, it finally happened. There seems to be a recurring opinion among the fandom that Queen Chrysalis, a villain who nearly laid waste to Canterlot, not to mention attacked Princess Celestia, captured Cadance and locked her away in the caves where nopony would find her, turned the Mane 5, Shining Armor, and Celestia against Twilight, locked Shining under mind control while sucking his love, set her army loose upon Canterlot and its inhabitants, and did it all with intent to harm and conquer, should be redeemed. Why the hell does the fandom want to see Chrysalis redeemed?! She can't be redeemed! She doesn't need love to provide sustenance for her Changelings, she wants love to grant herself and her army extra power! Extra power with which they would take over Equestria! Why would anypony want her redeemed?! Long story short, this should be one villain who is left as she is. Besides, it would make for a great friendship lesson: there are some people you just can't help. Who here agrees with me that Chrysalis would be better off destroyed? (Or at least as a recurring villain?)
  11. I have come to notice something in recent times. A lot of games, movies, and stories I have played, watched, and read respectively, all opt for a sad or bittersweet ending. I understand that sometimes a happy ending is inappropriate in a story, but there are times where it is just there for the feels. I have heard that a happy "everybody wins" ending is clichéd, and that is why they aren't done much anymore. But I feel like it had gotten to the point that sad and bittersweet endings are just as clichéd. What do you think? Do I have point? Am I just babbling on about nothing? You decide.