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Found 10 results

  1. Is anypony around here into shooting, whether it be for skeet, hunting, target, competition, etc.? I enjoy collecting and shooting firearms, and while I have done most of my shooting with rifles and pistols, I finally got around to getting a shotgun later last year (12 gauge Mossberg 500). I plan on getting started with handloading and reloading cartridges rather soon, and I hope to eventually get into hunting. My favorite rifle is my Springfield Armory M1A (civilian M14 variant):
  2. So I made this and uploaded it to YouTube a while ago and thought I should share it with you guys and gals to see if you like it. Enjoy
  3. Well now Season 3 is over, for better or worse. And now we begin the long long wait for new episodes where seconds seem like minutes and months seem like years. During my time as a part of this fandom I've learned two things: 1: Most of us can't resist spoilers but maybe it's just me. 2: Due to both purposeful and accidental leaks, we're going to find out loads about new seasons/episodes long before they ever air. So if you find out anything cool about Season 4 and you can't wait to share it with everyone, please share it here so that everyone who wants the news can find it easily and everyone who doesn't want it can avoid it. I will share what we have so far, and I'll try to remain active in updating the OP for your convenience. 11/25/13-S4 E7 Synopsis 11/22/13-McCarthy Twitter Takeover S4 E6 Screenshots/Synopsis S4 E5 Screenshot/Synopsis S4 E4 Synopsis/Screenshots S4 E3 Synopsis/Screenshots S4 Premiere Synopsis/Promos/Screenshots September 2013-Rainbow Dash S4 Tease September 2013-Rarity and Pinkie Pie Episodes in S4 7/20/2013-Comic Con Season 4 Pony Clip and Panel 6/20/2013-Rarity, Spike, and 90's Pop Culture References Coming S4 4/9/2013- Meghan McCarthy Q&A on Twitter 2/24/2013-Highlights from Writers Panel at Unicon (with some Season 4 info) 2/21/2013-Daniel Ingram's Season 4 Tease 2/15/2013-Season Finale Has a Bit of Continuity Apparently 2/5/2013- 26 Episodes in Season 4 Confirmed
  4. So here is my latest instalment in the My Little Random Friendship is Pony hope you like it if you do don't forget to subscribe, hit the like, and give you feedback in the comments here or at the video. Thanks every-pony
  5. So about 2 months ago I started a series called "My Little Random Friendship Is Pony". I know it is a cheesy title but I like it and I hope you like the episodes. They are a series of short clips I made to be funny I guess. There is 5 so far, here is the link to the third it seems to be my most popular . . . don't know why ? If you liked it watch the others and subscribe "That's if you umm don't mind that is". If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask also feedback is always helpful I did embed it into this post but it did not work for some reason
  6. So I made one of those mlp montage videos with the random puns and all- It hasn't been getting very many views (I'm really new to this whole digital editing thing) and I just wanted to know- Did I do this right?
  7. So! I've put together a bunch of laughable clips in a teaser for a parody of PONIES:The Anthology. Problem- I've ran out of ideas and patience downloading episodes to make my clips. I'm looking for someone who is good at this kind of stuff and could help me out with ideas and advice.- post your opinions on the video too!
  8. I had seen alot of flips of the show before actually watching the episodes. In dragon shy I always saw flutter shy leap, and what appeared to be this long epic mighty quest where all the ponies are on this amazing adventure. I always assumed it was something associated with nightmare moon. Probably the all time mis leading clip is the one where twilight has the eye patch and is rocking out the snake bliskin look LOL. What mis conceptions did you have going into some episodes if you peaked at a clip?
  9. I wish it would be a lot easier to find certain clips you need for making PMVs and other stuff like that. Sometimes I don't want to download every episode just to find several clips of certain things. That's why we should have a post where someone can ask for a certain subject and other people will respond with what episodes have scenes with those, possibly link to the clip, and then request something themselves. So let's see some... how about clips with balloons in it!
  10. The Great and Powerful Trixie officially has a last name! <3 Anyway, we're watching the episodes and having fun here, make sure to check it out! So grab some snacks, get comfortable, and prepare to fill your head with ponies! Feel free to contact me or Apple Bloom if you happen to have any further questions on the subject. And if not... Join in on the party!