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Found 5 results

  1. Right now it's 6:50 am where I live. I just woke up for the day about 20 minutes ago. What about y'all? What time is it where you're currently at?
  2. I'm not sure what to make of this. It looks like another one of those conspiracies looking at all the bad stuff in the world and jumping to doomsday. Discuss this below.
  3. So I was really bored and started to make a vector. After a while I decided to not make a vector but something else with alot of pinkies which looked kinda cool. Then I got even more bored and made some weird clock animation out of it. Just for the Zzzzzs
  4. Hello once again folks, today I have something special to address your attention to! Nearly five months ago I made a Rainbow Dash desktop gadget clock and for some odd reason I decided to whip up another on but this time, I made the clock based on Fluttershy! The image was originally a vector I found on Google but I had to fix it up so it worked with the project, I re-made it so it didn't look as choppy when I sized it up. So all you Fluttershy fans out there will probably enjoy this here clock! The actual clock itself is 5500 x 5500 pixels, so it was a bit difficult to work with but it turned out quite nice, at least I think so. The arms are a bit out of sync but it's very difficult to keep them inline considering they aren't just sticks like the default ones! To show you a better and more detailed look at the clock, I have my display image for you to see: Well folks, tell me what you think!
  5. "One two three four, this is how fast time goes by. I can't seem to find the meaning of my life." Seven Wiser Time sure goes by fast. Before you know it, the semester will be over. Boy I wish Twilight Sparkle had a spell to slow down how fast a clock ticks. It is soooo hard to mangage my time here at college. One because I am a new freshman, two, my "freedom instincts" are kicking in and I have so many balls to juggle at once. Any advice on how to mange your time as a freshman in college?