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Found 14 results

  1. I made a video talking about my thoughts on clop. *Note: I don't clop-shame in this video incase anypony gets the wrong idea.
  2. Now this one has been going on for quite a while... A few weeks ago, my computer, companion for 9 years, finally gave in and decided to flip me off and go to the afterlife of broken appliances. Now, just what exactly went wrong with him is beyond me. I booted it, slapped it around a couple times until not only it was broken, but I felt broken. The laptop was my life for the past half year and I'd grown so attached to it, I proposed that I even bury it under the backyard tree. Of course, no one would hear of it. Instead, I grew this sneaking suspicion that what ever was going on with it, it had to do with the internals. So, being the idiot I know and love today, I took each piece apart and laid it bare on a black table where it sits today, gnawing away through plastic tubes and install disks. After I lay the motherboard on the table, I reassembled it to look as though it were back in its rightful casing. Of course, wire and whatever were scattered all over the place, but I took no matter. I was determined to fix my broken love and mend my shattered heart using... luck. Sheer cold luck. Nothing more than that. I booted it again and again, but still... nothing would become of this naked beast lying on my hard-wood badly painted black table. Finally, I got it to run, ONCE. Only once did it work and it was only long enough for me to pull out a few written pieces I had done over the last few months. Still, it was not enough; it would never be enough. I booted it again and again until, at last, they asked me for a Windows Installation disk. I was horrified, scrambling around until I realized that my beloved laptop had Windows 7 pre-installed. I was over. Finally, (tonight, in fact), I was pulling through some old drawers of mine when I found, lo and behold, my very own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. It was like striking gold and the only thing I could say was: "I just want my clop." -RealityPublishing
  3. *gags* THE HORROR! Okay, I just played "Banned from Equestria"---thinking it would be an alternate ending to "Magic Duel"---, and... just... NO Here's my basic opinion (NOTE: It didn't say "You Got Fluttershy" after the angel scene? Oh well): Upon first sight of it: A NEW GAME!!!! *clicks* Upon getting the ball to Pinkie: Pinkie would like this Upon seeing/clicking the scarecrow: Okay... it's night now? Upon going to Fluttershy's house: OH... OH MY CELESTIA... um... hopefully this is the only clop. Upon morning and going to Sugarcube Corner: Oh, hey! Pinkie open her pres---- NOOOOO!!! Then I quit :/ So... what was your reaction when you played it? Post it below
  4. I just thought i would make easy survey abut how people feel abut subjact, asswell latting them post there appnions abut the subjact matter in hand. However with this subjact some people get carry away, i feel need to remind you we on public site and if feel need post surten pictures. Think twice if is good idea. With that said, let's start this survey.
  5. I have seen a lot of topics about clop get locked and some even deleted because of flame wars, people posting NSFW/boderline NSFW material and other reasons which I guess is understandable but one thing I have noticed is that because of that past history a lot of those threads are pre emptively locked. One of the most common reasons given is that clop topics are now banned from MLP forums due to the long history of said topics being locked/deleted because of the reasons I have stated as well as others with this recently locked clop topic being a good example. I double checked the "global rules" and found nothing about clop topics being banned which begs the question of why is that? If something is banned then shouldn't it officially state that in the rules? Sexual subjects in general haven't been banned, just clop threads but while a lot of us who have been around long enough know the history of these threads going down and know the how when and why there are a lot of new users that join every single day that might not know this. A topic asking opinions on R34 in general was locked last night and while it being locked was understandable with the flaming, multiple off topic posts and multiple examples of backseat moderation I believe because of this users are owed more of an explanation than simply "enough". I say this not to bash on Aquilla or any mod or admin in particular but while it may be frustrating for site staff to deal with all of this over and over again I believe that only saying "enough" as a reason to lock a thread such as this is insufficient in large part due to the confusion I mentioned in another thread I posted in the suggestions section about what constitutes "borderline NSFW".
  6. I've been upset by a couple of bronies on Twitter. One of them posted a cloppy kind of image of Rainbow Dash and I just happened to see it on my feed so I spoke out by saying that I don't like My Little Ponies being sexualized (I'm pretty anti-clop as you can tell haha). It turned into a mini-debate with one of his friends and I stood by my opinion but decided just to leave it there and not discuss it anymore, but that brony who had been talking to me had retweeted the things I had said to make fun of me as well as a picture of one of my OCs, with a caption saying "oh my god her OC I'm dying!" Obviously, this bothered me a little and I asked him politely to remove these tweets and leave me alone but apparently he couldn't delete the retweets which I know was a lie because I know you can do that. He and his friend continued to post screenshots of what I said to them and one of them even sent me a cloppy image. I asked the one who posted the images to apologize and he has done, but he still told me not to "get riled up" and he posts pretty horrific clop images. I know I shouldn't be letting this bother me, but it just is. He said he wasn't bullying me, but come on. You can't deny that making fun of my tweets and sending me a suggestive image isn't internet harassment.
  7. Hello all! I'm currently participating in something called SafeSearchWrapUp. What is that, you ask? Here's a description from the original source of the movement, BroniesAgainstBullsh!t. This event occurs on the 7th and 20th of every month. What do you think about it? Should people be doing this? Will you join in, or oppose it, or simply not care? ~Discuss!~
  8. OLD ^^^^^ Edit: Look Everypony, This is not my mutual opinion to every brony out there, I myself view everyone as equal. All I'm trying to say is that jerking off to cartoon ponies should be kept private, and in closed conversation. I dont like the fact that theres a growing rumor going around that all bronies are people who clop THIS ^^^^
  9. Thought it was all fun and games? Thought it was a joke? Haha, yeah, real funny. Don't you know what's happening? Don't you see why this is allowed to be a real thing? Did you really not notice? Let me show you. Do you understand now? You're just going to get b&. It's a trap. Clear violation of the rule. Feld0's just testing you. Are you going to fall for it? Let's see who's getting b& today.
  10. One day I was at home i was a bit bored and thought it would be a cool idea to actually see what the most popular fandom shippings were, using the best means i had at my discression. What i did was look at how many people were in each of the deviant art groups that represented each coupling (as almost every popular shipping has a group). Taking that number for each and then ranking them i came up with this list. Now i may have missed out on a few but i've also shown this list off to a few people and i think gotten most of the additions added that i was initally missing. These numbers likely have changed since i did this back in October but it's still a cool info since some of us likely will be unaware of some of them. Since some ships may be done through fanfics i can't really represent these using the same data as these were done off deviant art followers and visual art. Anyway i digress, here's the list (This List is OLD See the New Totals as of 7/27/13) SoarinDash 1166 AppleDash 978 Flutterdash 919 CelestiaCord 800 FlutterMac 701 RainbowPie 674 Time-Bubbles 672 OctaScratch 649 Armor-And-Cadence 590 LyraXBonBon 561 Sparity 449 DiscoPie 405 TwiDash 369 PinkieShy 343 TwiLuna 339 Rarijack 292 RariTwi 280 Rarishy/Flarity 279 Spikebloom 222 AppleSpark 211 RariPie 160 SoarBurn 136 Twilestia 129 RariDash120 CheeriMac 120 TwiTrix 96 Berrygate 93 Applepie 83 Flamebow 78 AppleShy 65 GildaDash 54 SpikeBelle 48 Anyway hope this is ok (kinda grey area but most of these groups are primarily SFW ships and MLPforums allows that) but there it is. Hopefully people won't take this into R34 territory. Anyway if you think i missed a few let me know and maybe I'll update and ammend the list. At this writing Discord and Fluttershy (Discoshy?) could even be the new power couple (which is sad because i always liked a slice of DiscoPie myself).
  11. Is Spike a sicko? Yes he is. We all know this. Would he have loved those drawings? Yes he would have, which is why I thought drawing this would be appropriate. Anyway I would have drawn more, hence the weird open space, and a page with Twilight walking in, but my software keeps crashing up right now and I think this is as far as I'm gonna get with this one. Also first time drawing with a tablet, so hey! Anyhoo, go ahead and tear this thing apart if you want to.
  12. Alright so this is my view on the whole clopping situation, it seems to be a bigger deal than it needs to be, this community sure looks down on it, it seems that if you are a clopper, then you're at the bottom of the barrel, it's just rediculous to me, why should it matter that someone likes clop? I mean it's nothing thats hurting you, so I don't see why people make a whole shitstorm over the topic. Clopfics can actually be really good, well written pieces of literature, just like ordinary fanfics, and just to clear this up, if clop is not your cup of tea, then I'm totally fine with that, I'm just talking about the hate and ridicule cloppers tend to get in this fandom, that is all. I myself, don't mind it, and why would I? Just because it rovolves around these innocent colorful ponies? Doesn't really matter, if there is a well written clopfic, then sure, I'll go ahead and read it, nothing wrong with that, at all. So what I'm really saying here is that all that hate, is just unnecessary, and very hypocritical to those who say 'love and tolerate' and I think that pretty much died, so basically just don't make a huge deal of it, it's unneeded. That was just a rant of my views, what are youir views on this?
  13. I've been working on Chapter 3 of BBBTF, and I've decided to ramp up my linguistics a bit to make it stand out as an improvement. Over 200 people have now favorites the story, and the like/dislike ratio is at 134:6. I want to give people a justification for their generous ratings and genuine interest. Have a snippet of Ch.3. Morning drifted in, replacing the beauty of the night with the brilliantly orange-hued skies of dawn. Twilight awoke; the sun had penetrated the glass of her windows, blaring its intense beams over her sleeping figure. She slothfully raised her dry hoof over her face, denying the rays an offensive against her eyes. Twilight trudged towards the door, entering the hallway. A lovely shade of pink flushed her cheeks as her hooves confronted a sticky liquid; her evidence of the previous night's sin. She plodded down the stairwell and into the kitchen, tracking her iniquitous fluids across the carpet the entire journey. She grated her hind hooves on the welcome mat, pulled out a chair at the nearby kitchen table, and sat down to eat the meal her mother had prepared for her. She gawked at it lazily: a daisy salad paired with a side of honey-smothered hay. Still working out kinks, but I hope my effort with more advanced imagery usage is seen as an improvement.