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Found 10 results

  1. Hey, I've been sorta encouraged, last minute, to go to EFNW, and my chances of actually going at this point are kind of a coin toss, but I'd like to square up my rooming situation. I can split the cost of a room no problem, and I can promise a bit of monetary compensation if it turns out I'm unable to go after we've made a deal. All I really ask is that I be able to walk to the Con in less than an hour. I just worked something out with someone, and I don't know how or if I can delete this thread.
  2. Hello, this is the OOC for the thread called 'Band For Hire' in the Advanced Roleplay section. Down below there will be a list of who's in the rp/slots open, rules, FAQS, and general OOC chat. Band Mates: Hex Valentine - Lead Singer/Bass Guitar Ruby Rain - Lead Guitarist DRUMMER NEEDED Silver Note - Rhythm Guitarist Techno Universal - Keybaord/Synth Rules: Keep it PG-13, and follow forum rules along with the ToS Romance is open to all, NSFW will be handled in PMs and only there <More will be added if needed> FAQ: Q: What will the genre be? A: The band is leaning towards thrasher prog, thrasher metal, and hard rock Q: My role has been taken what can I do? A: Wait for them to drop out. It's first come first serve. Q: What if I plan to be AFK? A: The post wait limit is a week. Life can hit out of nowhere. If you have IRL issues let me know please. We are currently looking for the slots listed above a drummer. Post down here for questions or at the official RP post to take a slot.
  3. 1st of all, I hope i put this in the right place... sorry if i didnt... Ok, im trying to use the pen tool to draw lines in photoshop and a few months ago I was fine... but fir some reason, the stroke setting I need is nowhere to be found... Here is a picture of the setting I need... But when I try to use it i cant find it... If anyone can figure out where it is, that would be awesome! Ive been googling for ages but cant find any info on it... of even what it's called...
  4. OOC: When shadows fall. Crowley was waiting. His hawk was circling high above his head, like a predator keeping a watchful eye, waiting to strike. His green, piercing eyes scanned the area. He wasn't only observing, he was percieving everything, allowing all sensations to flourish within his consciousness. From the little mouse that was running through the grass to the guard sneezing in the distance on top of a tower. Almost lifelessly he stared in front of him, to the closed door, that lead to the palace hall, and then to the inner rings of the city. Waiting and watching was something he was pretty good at. You'd think waiting isn't a skill, but if you have to wait 3 whole days, being disciplined enough to stay alert, you'd start thinking differently. They should be coming now. The sun was high in the sky, straight above him, making his shadow small. It was noon. He hoped that this group would show up. The last had only two that were willing to participate. All the others had been cowards. Too frightened by the idea of having to do something meaningful. He hated ponies like that. So in the heat of the sun, about as motionlesss as a statue, only his chest revealing that he was a breathing, living being, he waited. And around him, on the walls and towers, and in many corners were guards on patrol. Some visible. Some not. After all, this was the first barrier of defense to the princesses themselves. Perfect security was a must. {Turn 1} Arrive at the palace and enter the courtyard.
  5. Hello all! Though my experience in role plays I've been able to learn and improve my own OCs to make them more enjoyable to read about and interact with in stories and RPs. And now I'd like to pay that assistance forward by offering my help to any who want it. I can help with designing a personality, writing and developing a backstory, building relationships between characters, all the way to helping build and connect pieces of fanon together into usable head-canon. I can also offer some advice in regards to appearance and art, though I am less experienced in that regard. That said, feel free to ask away! I'm ready and eager to help with any of your problems.
  6. Hello everypony I have decided to close this thread I know I can;t do it because I am not a admin, but I am going to see if it can be locked it was a stupid topic anyways I will choose myself on who she should be with since she is my character thank you for those who commented and voted have a good day everypony and sorry for wasting your time.
  7. Earlier today i was trying to figure out where and when bronycon was so i went to the website and it looked lively and up to date when i searched up the address on google maps it said closed PERMANENTLY! I got so confused. Anyone know where it is?
  8. Hey, I ended up needing to make a poll on any topic for Schooling, and I figured to do mine on Bronies. If you guys would help me out and take it, That would be amazing. It is Quite Short, so should only take a minute or 2 of your life. If you did this already, No need to repeat. Thank you. Here is Google Doc Link if You want to use it instead.