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Found 33 results

  1. You arrive in Ponyville has a human what do you wear as you go about your life .
  2. For me, it's some t-shirts I've had since before I was ten that I still wear as pyjamas, along with some super comfy underwear that are maybe five years old at most.
  3. Simply put... This topic is all about "The Cape"... Probably by far the greatest piece of garb or article of clothing ever made. The cape is also known as a cloak sometimes "royal robes". The Mexican poncho could also be a cape too, I guess? I think we'll only count the ones that either are draped over the shoulders like military personnel or Italian Renaissance men, or draped around the shoulders down the back. Let's begin... What are your thoughts on capes? Do you like capes? Do you dislike Capes? Would you like to see the cape maybe make a fashion statement come back and or could be worn daily in public like the good old noble days of lore and not just as an accessory to a child and some adult Halloween costumes? Is it a heroes best quality of do you go for "The Incredible's" clause of "NO CAPES"... Something I find ridiculous if Batman didn't have his wings, he'd look like a pointy ninja if you look at it? For me... Personally, every time I see one in film or on TV; usually worn by noble counts and royal lords of epic lands and medieval worlds, mighty warriors of the sword and shield and swashbuckling heroes. On the backs of dastardly leaders and honorable leaders and the ladies and gentlemen of the late Victorian ages and most often in films and cinema's greatest heroes and villains. One thing was certain... The cape is freaking bad ass. See them flap in the air as the dark avenger stands vigilant high over the city he protects or the watchful guardian angel floating high above the Earth with his great red wings or giving an Imperial Lord a dark and menacing, cold appearance that strikes fear in the souls of men as he moves about the halls of his galactic imperial fortress, or the daring hero as he dashes dashingly down the stone halls and corridors of a dark gloomy dungeon on a quest of thwarting a great and terrible evil and restoring hope to a heart who's hope is slowly fading from as she fears her situation is growing ever closer to darkness with fear and despair. Also I love to wear them because they always made heroes and villains look so awesome and when I'd throw one on and see for myself. I must agree, the cape does give one a certainly agreeable appearance doesn't it I mean it just seems so fashionable and good looking. I wouldn't mind seeing them become just another article of clothing people wore as they went about their daily lives. Sure people don't do that... But every year on the 31st of October I see people let loose their "cape love" they do it's just not the norm for people to wear them like out in daylight every day like someone throwing on a raincoat or a jacket. So if you have anything that you'd like to add or take away from this discussion? Feel free to... I'd love to read what you all think about this, because I'm generally curious. I really hope this catches on... because, I know people really do like capes, they just keep it deep down inside until the 31st of October comes around to unleash their cape love on the world. This has been SuperBrony87... Do you like capes... I like capes... capes, cloaks and robes it's all good. the longer, the flappier, the better, the badasser. Thanks for reading! BTW on a side note... NBC once debuted a show The Cape where the titular Hero character uses his cape as a tool to fight crime. Think of that when next time you "anti-capes" and "NO CAPES" out there who say the cape is useless and pointless. To that note, I say, yes it is useless but that cause it's true and only purpose is making the hero look good... That's the cape's only purpose... Truly, it's "cape awesome".
  4. Have you ever tried clothes made for the opposite gender? I'm not sure whether this question will apply to transgender people though. What I mean is, if you consider yourself a male, have you ever out of curiosity or another reason tried clothes made for women? The same thing goes for everyone who identifies themselves as females, have you ever tried male clothing? Maybe you've been curious, maybe you think a certain kind of clothing is more comfortable or just good looking?
  5. what kind of clothes do you were when you are home, at school, at work? I always wear jeans and T-shirt.
  6. The moment has come. The ultimate showdown of pants. Prepare yourselves, forums. Through this, we will finally know which type of under-body clothing is the best.
  7. Yeah. What's your favorite piece of clothing? What do you usually tend to go after? Tend to want to get right in the first place? Caps? Shoes? Polo(s)? T-shirts? You name it. Mine would ultimately be jackets, especially varsity-jackets. I just can't get enough of them (I currently own 5). Now, to those of you who don't know what a varsity-jacket is, i'll show you: Aren't they beautiful? Anyway, enough about my OCD ala "varsity-jackets" - what's your favorite piece of clothing?
  8. What the title says. Many people wear different things that suits them uniquely. I prefer to wear amazing and colorful knee socks. They are my favorite! And again... what you wear?
  9. Hey there, What's your fav. clothing brand? Which brand produces the best quality clothes for you? Mine's CLWR, Wood Wood and Jack & Jones. What about you?
  10. What do you think looks good fashion-wise? Is it strange to talk about this? I hope it's not, given the amount of underdressed men out there. I'm going to discuss what I wear for Casual, Business Casual, and Formal clothes. I'm not really a T-Shirt, Polo, or a V-neck person, but I do wear Henleys. I personally wear solid color Henleys, no logos because then it looks bad. I think it looks great after hitting the gym (which I do very often) Yes it's for looks and I like it (That's not me though) Polos belong to the more business casual or golfers, and I don't really wear these at all. Actually now when I think about it all I have are Henleys. For business casual I wear button-down collarless shirts. There's the long sleeve stuff for interviews but there's also the 3/4 sleeves that I wear like these just for everyday use: I find this Korean website to always carry the clothes that I enjoy, just be sure measure yourself before buying And for formalwear I just think that TheLeesShop formalwear is awesome: Heck yeah! I don't know if this warrants enough of a discussion, but as you can tell I do like the slimwear casual, business casual, and formal-wear. Weird enough, I like shopping at places like H&M for the cheap casual Henleys or the occasional online purchase at that Korean store for the mid-upper formal tier clothes. Like the spirit of Rarity, I'm interested to see what clothes do you think looks good. Discuss.
  11. I have thought about making this thread for quite a while not since out pony merch thread is so large and I know there are many anime fans on this site. So here are some questions to get you started! What anime merch do you own? What do you want to own? What do you plan on buying? Where do you buy your merch? Give us tips and suggestions! Also, feel free to post your collection! Posters, Clothing, Figures, Novels, etc! So what do you own? Let us know! Is this you?
  12. I was looking around the web for one of these But they're not selling them anymore at hot topic and I checked everywhere on ebay for one but I found no luck, Is there any chance that i'll find one or is there one that you don't wear and you might want to sell?
  13. Has anyone checked out this website? This stuff is seriously amazing, especially the print quality. Stumbled upon it about a month ago and submitted it to Equestria Daily. Thought I'd share it here. Mr. GuGu and Miss Go - My Little Pony Here are some quick previews - hit up the link to see more!
  14. Let me start off by saying that I have nothing wrong with Rainbow Dash and as a matter of fact I own socks and a shirt that have RD on it! I just have noticed that when I go shopping for pony merchandise, from mainstream stores, it seems like she dominates the adult clothing market. From shirts, to jackets, socks and jewelry, I have found it difficult to find any other mane six character in adult sizing. Now Etsy has a nice selection though, because they're handmade the prices are a bit high, but even then pickings are slim for other characters. Why do you think she seemingly dominates the adult market? Also have you found it as difficult as I have to find plus size, adult pony merch? Am I asking for the moon? Are you finding other mane six clothing and accessories somewhere that I haven't looked? Please share if so!
  15. Hello I was reading a few days ago and i got this idea to try and make MLP inspired clothing but without it being super obvious. The thing I really want to do is get with someone who can help make this a real thing, I don't want just a boring shirt with a big logo or face slapped in the middle screw that that's boreing and to standard, no I want something different, more specifically I want a collard button up shirt with for example spitfires cutie mark on both shoulders or something of that nature. I was thinking what is a good way to say you like this fandom and this series, and I think the best incognito way to do is is to use background characters features or cutie marks Ponies like spitfire and the wonder bolts or Bon Bon and Lyra, characters like that I think this could be a popular thing but everywhere I have tried can't seem to make t happen. If anyone have any suggestions I would love to hear them Thank you for your time
  16. OMG, Spirit Hoods has made a Twilight Sparkle spirit hood. OMG so much want! Oh man, I want it so bad! I know people are going to say expensive, but at least consider that they donate part of the money to help endangered animals (yay!), and that these are hand made in California rather than machine sown by people (children?) in China. Then they have to give a cut to Hasbro because it's officially licensed merch. And then it's a niche product on top of all that. But yeah, waaaay cool if you have the gumption to wear it. I think it would be amazing at pony cons.
  17. What have been some of the most unusual or hilarious clothing combinations you have had to wear in your life? One day, me and my dad went to the zoo for a trip. However, before we could go on, my mom got worried because it was cold. And indeed, it was. While it was fine for me to go with a hoody jacket, she got carried away and I ended up wearing a weird mix between a sweater, a jacket, a cap, a scarf and really thick pants. While it seemed normal, none of the clothes were of the same color scheme and thus created a strange effect.
  18. So i don't know if any of you noticed this too, but the animation looks different in the newer music videos and in the FG trailer. You can notice it best in the hair animations, because the hair is less individual and seems to be animated more in chunks. It is most notable in Sunset Shimmer, whom they also changed the look of. While we are here, how do you guys like Sunset Shimmer's new look? Besides the outfit, it seems her orange color is also darkened, along with her eyes being more pointed at the ends. Here are some pictures off the before and after. Edit: Now that I look at it, the hair animation appear more sharp. Ill use an example. Sunsets hair is divided into these bacon strips, and in EqG1 and EgG:RR, whenever she ran, or there was wind, it would always bob in these strips. But now, whenever the same thing happens, her hair is sharp at the ends, most easily seen in the My Past is not today music video.
  19. All I saw for public reactions was pony-related clothing, so here's one for non-pony shirts/clothing in general. Personally, I've had two experiences. -I went to an aquarium with my sister and when getting on the elevator, a girl around my age stopped me and said "oh my god, I love your Nightmare Before Christmas shirt!", it was fairly awkward but awesome just the same. -And back in August when at the fair, I was wearing a (Heath Ledger) Joker shirt. And when passing by one of the game booths, the person running it grabbed a microphone and said aloud "why so serious?" in a joker-sounding voice. And when I turned and smiled, he said "Now there's a smile", I thought it was kind of awesome. (But everyone in the area turned towards me which was kind of awkward) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, any experiences from any of you? They don't necessarily have to be a graphic shirt, it could be a tank top or scarves, or jeans, or anything along those lines.
  20. This thread is for any and all discussion of mlp-themed fashion and outfits. By that, i do not just mean pony t-shirts to wear with jeans or what have you (though those are cute too). I mean FASHION, coordinated looks and outfits that even Rarity would be proud of! Handmade items adorned with subtle pony nods, outfits based on pony color schemes, things worn not just because ponies, but also because they just plain look good. Pictures are more than welcome, and this thread is not for any particular gender, so have at it
  21. Anyone know a good place to buy MLP socks online? I can find normal ones in stores - Hot Topic, FYE, stuff like that - but I'm looking for a good mix: calf length, knee high, thigh high. Help, please!
  22. hello friends whats your style? for me its girly-casual. maybe a little more dressy than casual. most of my clothes are neutral tones or pastels and i dont own a lot of bright colors. i like lace and chiffon and knitwear and stuff like that. jewelry can be fun too... i like rings and necklaces and earrings. ok your turn
  23. This an especially significant and entirely serious topic that ought to be addressed and explored, at length, by only the greatest minds... On these forums, I mean: Ponies wearing clothing... Is it adorable? Is it not adorable? Obviously everyone thinks it's adorable. Probably. So when you mouthed "yes" to the above text, you likely thought of a particular pony in a particular article of clothing / manner of dress. Share that with us. Not your thought, since modern technology has yet to discover how to transfer thoughts of clothed ponies directly into forum posts for the viewing pleasure of all. I know people are hard at work on that, though. I happen to be particularly fond of Rainbow Dash (there's more to this sentence) wearing her recurring cap and whistle combo! Because... Because it's just a cap and whistle! It obscures as little pony as possible, and it provides a visual indicator of her authority. Over tornado-producing pegasi and pet competitors. If we can unite in earnest and delve exhaustively into the heretofore inexplicable phenomenon of clothed ponies cuteness, we can doubtless accomplish anything.
  24. If you could make your own My Little Pony racing jacket or shirt, How would you design it and which pony would you feature on it?
  25. I feel it is very important to inform everyone about this product. The pegasus ones have little wings on them! I bought a pair of the Fluttershy socks from FYE, and though they look a bit odd on I think they would look more like the picture if I took the time to get them straight. They also seem to only come in one size which is disappointing. Still though, very cute :3