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Found 24 results

  1. Yes, it is a reference of the TMNT, Ninja Turtles. Ah, Ember, my love. You have demonstrated that you're an awesome character, and that Spike has still so much to offer after all. I'd be pleased if they include an episode about you again, and not only featured you in random cameos. Please, DHX and Hasbro, only this time. Twitter! deviantArt!
  2. this is an orange pony it has an evil cloud mane or something and there is a light idk i thought it would look cool
  3. So I got bored and made a wallpaper with a vector done from the first images opening MLP, I choose Luna for this subject. Thinking of what or how she would paint the night sky while the ponies would sleep and end up missing out on the wonders of the night! Keeping in the colors mostly of purples and a lavenders and throw in the simple moon with a light glow more and along with Luna herself. Done in star brushes and some glitter and just tuned some of em down with a few mist and a plant in the stream of stars in thinking of the Milky way a bit for some adding! Put in the clouds and just reduced em a bit to let the colors of night shine in them or be a frame!
  4. Are pegasi who live on the ground inferior to those that live in the clouds? Are they weaker?
  5. Wow. It's been so long since I last said anything here. Anyways if there is one thing I miss these days it's actually having a home in the clouds. You see here in the section of Equestria where I live called Aripona there are a huge amount of pegasi. Some ponies even refer to the state as "Airy Pona". Now some time ago there was a law made that pegasi could own clouds as property. Many upper class pegasi, including celebrities like living in the clouds where the property taxes are mush higher because it's private and they can afford it. These huge properties are made when upper class pegasi pay real estate companies to push large amount of clouds in certain areas together so that they can have their "cloud mansions" (as I like to call them) up in the sky. They often don't leave many clouds for anypony else and so many of us have to live on the ground. Look. I'm not saying that living on the ground is bad, it's just that I miss the days when every pony wasn't so cloud greedy. Some of the Earth ponies that live here are complaining that the large "cloud mansions" sometimes cause rainstorms or block out the sun making it hard to grow stuff. Many ponies also believe that the "Cloud Ownership Right" is what lead to Aripona becoming a dessert as some places were left with no clouds and others had an over abundance of clouds. You can tell also about the different class regions too. Richer areas will have more clouds and poorer areas will have less. Some have none at all. I miss being on my own personal cloud because it is just so soft. I guess you don't realize what you have till it's gone. I've tried sleeping on moss, but it just isn't the same. It was nice to fly around up in the sky and then take a break on a cloud for awhile. Now when I fly up in the sky I have to take the trip back down to the ground without stopping for a cloud break.
  6. I always imagined the Princesses to fly super majestically, and occasionally fly together. Even the Princesses need some sister bonding time. Again, I should vector over this. Beneath the candy coloured clouds!
  7. Hi! I need some help. I want to make an OC but I can't do it myself. It just doesn't work out. :c Name: Arua Prince (Yes that's first and last name. He is usually called Prince Arua or just Prince) Colors: Light blue/aqua/something that fits Cutie mark: See picture, doesn't need to be exact but something with a crown Keywords: Clouds, the sky, birds, royalties, cute victorian Personality: TL;DR Kind, Shy, Non-selfish and a hardcore daydreamer Arua is a pony who's mind never is down on earth. When he isn't flying around in the sky, flying through cloud to cloud he is daydreaming about it. Flying is his passion. As a person he is one of the sweetest and kindest ponies you'll ever meet. He never puts himself before anyone else's needs and wouldn't harm a fly! He is shy though, really shy. Some people call him a male version of Fluttershy. The only time Arua gets mad is when someone is mean to his friends or does something mean to someone. If something could make me this I would love you forever and praise you like if you were a god. Thanks ;w; (The pictures are inspiration for how he is supposed to look like in human form)
  8. This question came to attention when a friend mentioned that one of my OCs was flying into a rock, not a cloud....but if a pegasus can walk on clouds, can they not fly through them then? My theory that I came up with a few seconds ago thinking about Super Smash Bros, is that they can probably fly through them, but get slowed down when they pass through it. They can also walk on them, but can just "push through" the cloud's top to get to the lower side. Thoughts and theories?
  9. Jump Cut


    A couple of days ago I had the time to look up at the sky. I noticed that the clouds were very crisp with the way the sunlight hit them and created their sliver linings. The wind was moving them ever so slowly and wiping the vapor around in such a delicate dance that hypnotized me. I didn't want to stop looking at them. I couldn't stop looking at them. It made me just want to climb up there and sit on them like Pegasi can. Then a thought came to me. A spark of hope flickered in my mind. What if those graceful cloud were were not being tossed around by the wind through forces of mother nature. Instead what if they were being moved by Pegasi? Then I squinted my eyes and searched through the clouds ever so slowly in hopes that I could catch a glimpse of a Rainbow Dash or some other flying weather horses. Then I thought, maybe that there is the possibility of invisible Pegasi or what if what they did in another universe effects ours? Who knows? Of course I then realized that these were ludicrous possibilities and will never exist. But none the less these thoughts put a huge smile on my face. So my question is have you ever had crazy thoughts like these while you go through you day? Have you ever thought of what I thought of? Do your MLP thoughts give you hope? How do they make you feel? P.S. I would prefer it if we kept this thread more positive or so happy it makes you sad. But I'm not saying you can post your darker thoughts here. All MLP related thoughts are welcomed.
  10. I had meant for this to just be a colored sketch... and then things happened where my brain was like "OH MY SWEET CELESTIA, DIS IS ALL WRONG. QUICKLY. LIGHTS, MOAR COLOR. ADD DEM CLOUDS WOMAN." and afterwards, it packed up and said. "Hm. Yes. Dis is guid. WE GO." then waltzed out while I sat here all sorts of befuddled. I'm terrible at backgrounding, so please just, don't comment on it xD This is honestly the third or fourth background I've ever done. If the pic looks dark... sorry? I adjusted it earlier because it was too bright, so now it's kind of dark. Meh. (anything that's weird, let me know. Just don't be nitpicky >8I Most of the obvious stuff I know about already.)
  11. Hello, everypony hope you enjoy my art and signature !
  12. I feel like I'm the only one who thinks that bright, cloudless sunny days are depressing, and prefer overcast days with clouds galore. I'm very thankful for our star for warming up our humble little planet, but to be honest, if gives me headaches. Being out in the sun drains me of all motivation, and energy. It's as if I'm a vampire. I very much prefer cloudy days that provide shade, and coolness. They don't even need to be dull, grey, and everywhere. Just some clouds in the sky to cover the sun occasionally so I can get a break from the sun's blinding rays. I also just like to know that clouds are present. They bring a very pleasant atmosphere to the day, and I could just stare at them moving slowly and carefully for hours. One of natures most beautiful creations for sure. Plus, I burn super easily. That's not fun. So, tell me. Am I alone here? Is there anyone else who prefers cloudy days, or are they just universally known as "dark" and "depressing"?? Tell meh your opinions in the thingamadoys ^-^
  13. I need a ponysona, or whatever, so I drew a quick, simple sketch of this pony that kinda-sorta represents me. It's nothing special, but I'd like some criticism if that'd be okay Her name is Sky Song, if that's important to you. She's supposed to be me, after all~! I have some characteristics in mind, but I don't think that's too important right now. Just tell me if she looks bad or not~! Though, if you really want to know her, all ya' gotta do is ask Criticize away!
  14. AHAH. I FINALLY GOT THIS DAMN THING DONE. TAKE THAT, DRAGPAD. Ahem. Anywho. Ignore lack of talent and correct colors. Didn't have a ref when I colored it, and the lineart and coloring was done by dragpad. Just... ignore it all. Please XD Obvious mistakes are the fault of my cat, because he ate my tablet cord.
  15. So, I got pretty bored, and decided to create a wallpaper with pegasi. Originally I was going to include all the pegasi in the show, (well, the ones that are iconic), but then I got impatient. : Anyway, here it is, feel free to use it if you want. The dimensions are 1366x768.
  16. See, I can draw regular ponies, too! I really love her mane. I don't know why, but it's really fun to draw. The hardest part of this drawing was her friggin' leg in the back. It's my Achilles Heel. That, and human emotions. And yes, I gave her on purpose. Until proven otherwise, I say her disability comes from not-full-sized wings, kind of like Nemo's "lucky fin". Wait, how did she get on the cloud?
  17. this is Lighting Blitz he is my brothers oc and i have been meaning to draw him for a long time but just now got around to it. the little cloud he is holding is something he likes to do. he can overcharge thunderclouds and use them as mines. which comes in handy for his job as a demolition pony
  18. So apparently, I listened to somekind of peaceful music, and that happened. So what we learned - Music is always will give you an ispiration. Besides, check out this music! Link to wallpaper! -K97
  19. Just thought I'd share a little something I rather enjoyed working on. More to come, I'm sure! Nothing like being the fastest flyer in all Equestria!
  20. A Fluttershy painting I made! I gave her large adorable eyes and she is sitting on a cloud. The photo is kind of dark. I apologize for the low quality photo.
  21. I was outside today playing & watching over my little brother. When I saw this beautiful site This was so beautiful in person to see ! I hope this brings back any good memories of sunsets you have seen in the past
  22. Ok, so I made this sig, and I just randomly put Lyra in this pic.