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Found 22 results

  1. The question is pretty much in the title. Do you use mlp/brony social networks such as, ibrony, bronynet, pony/bronysquare? Which one do you prefer? why? If you don't use those, why so?
  2. Do you have trouble sleeping? How much sleep do you get? I've always been a light sleeper, it's gotten particularly bad the last week after losing a family member, I'm going to attempt to sleep properly tonight with Diazepam.
  3. Rainbow Dash was not out of character in "2 4 6 Greaaat". Rainbow isn't into cheer leading mostly because she sees it as to girly but just cheering for a friend is different. She mostly only knows cheering from her parents when they were cheering from the sidelines and what she knows by them is just the basics, so just teaching Fluttershy the basics of cheering is for the sidelines. Even in season 4 "Rainbow Falls" yes Twilght and Pinkie were wearing cheerleader outfits and were cheering for Ponyville but still they were just cheering not cheer leading, even with those outfits. Rainbow also looked uncomfortable when the 2 cheerleaders for Cloudsdale were cheering around her she only smiled a little for those 2 before she returned to the Ponyville team. Rainbow Dash is a tomboy being into sports, but not the cheerleaders and doesn't pay attention and/or as she said in "2 4 6 Greaaat" ponies get snacks during it. In season 3 "Games Ponies Play" is the ONLY time she was in fact cheer leading, but it was Twilight that came up with the routine and Rainbow had to go with it and had put on the act to get the Crystal Empire to host the Equestria Games so they feel "the crushing wave of disappointment" that she felt when Cloudsdale lost out of hosting. She never has been interested into cheer leading aside from that and that was just to get the Crystal Empire to host the games, and only the basics of cheering is what she really knows in general, but knowing nothing about the overall process of cheer leading makes sense.
  4. What would happen if a non-pegasi filly was born in Clousdale? It is possible after all, although it seems unlikely. Mr. and Mrs. Cake had non-earth pony fillies, despite them both being earth ponies. I would assume this is because Mr. and or Mrs. Cake have unicorn, and pegasi blood in them. (Ancestry) Then again, maybe they just had non-earth pony kids because that's possible in the show. Either way, what would happen to the non-pegasi filly in Cloudsdale? Since only Pegasi can walk on clouds, how would the filly survive up there? Would they have to fly the filly down to a land town such as Ponyville? Would the parents go with it, or would they be ashamed that it wasn't a pegasi and put it up for adoption in a land town? Then again, maybe the non-pegasi fillies are used to make rainbows?
  5. I was just watching the latest episode and was wondering this.
  6. Hey! Hey! Listen! Hey! Hey! Watch out, watch out, watch out! Listen! Listen! Listen! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! He- SHUT UP, NAVI, I'M GETTING TO THE REVIEW, OK!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, welcome back everypony to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! We had ourselves a nice one today, very nice indeed; Fluttershy's first starring role since the start of the season, and my oh my was it a nice one indeed. "Flutter Brutter" has the distinction of being a very commendable episode despite having an EXTRAORDINARILY annoying character in it. Without further ado, let's begin and take a look, shall we? Wanna see how assertive I can really be? So for me, by far the best element of this episode was Fluttershy. This is a fantastic example of how you do continuity in character development correctly. As a firstborn son and older brother myself, I had no trouble at all, whatsoever, believing that she had a history with her brother (obviously that's not to say I have a bad relationship with my little sister, she's amazing, just saying that I totally believed that she was Zephyr Breeze's big sister from personal experience, her interactions with him felt very natural and sibling-like). On top of that, we both learned where Fluttershy got her timid-to-a-fault nature from (and dear me, her parents did not do themselves or her any favors with those personalities of theirs) and also got to see her current, far more assertive personality juxtaposed beside her parents, who were representative of what she used to be like. It was GREAT, and really highlighted the extent that her character has developed since Season 1 (seems like just yesterday she was afraid of her own shadow). At no point did she take Zephyr's crap, at no point did she back down, and at no point did Fluttershy compromise who she was. She just tried to be a good big sister and dole out some much-needed tough love to her little brother, through and through. In earlier seasons, that might've been a Mary Sue performance, but not here, not after six seasons. This was Fluttershy taking six seasons of lessons learned about how to be a stronger mare than she ever thought she could be and applying it to someone who she loved but also knew desperately needed to change their life. Fluttershy ain't having any of your B.S. Oh, I do NOT like the look of this guy! Now as for Zephyr, I'm actually mixed, but not because he was annoying. Oh no, don't get me wrong, he was, but that worked perfectly fine for what they were doing here. My sole problem is that while this episode worked perfectly fine as a story about his character, I don't think that it's particularly applicable to a real-world scenario. Now obviously there are people out there who struggle with simply trying something, people afraid of failure to the point that they never try at all, people who have trouble seeing things through. But that said, Zephyr took it to a whole other level. He was so insufferable, so annoying, so obnoxious, so narcissistic, so completely incompetent for 90% of the episode that he felt more like a parody of someone who could have these problems than a portrayal of them. Again, that worked here. I delighted in hating him, it was quite fun. And I didn't think his turnaround was too sudden either; he seemed to be taking good baby steps at the end, and he still obviously has to find a job and a place of his own before he can say he's really independent and in control of his life. But like I said, I don't think anyone is going to watch this episode and go, "Wow, that guy's just like me," because I don't think anyone could possibly come close in the slightest to being as annoying as he was. So overall, he worked in the show, but that's it. Not gonna lie, kinda sad this didn't happen Still a better mane-style than his stupid man bun... also, ENJOY GOING BALD IN YOUR 40s, ZEPHYR, IF YOU KEEP UP THAT MANECUT! Besides that, this episode was very nicely paced and covered quite a few places for a slice of life episode. We went to Cloudsdale, Ponyville, Twilight's Castle, Fluttershy's house, Carousel Boutique, and got to see a ton of faces. Fluttershy's parents did not disappoint and it was easy to see how both of their children grew up with the personal problems that they did as a result of both parents not being very assertive themselves. I actually really liked that the show did not beat around the bush and pretend it wasn't their fault; oftentimes parent characters are Mary Sues or Gary Stus who are just there to cheer their children on in animated TV shows, but it was quite clear that the root of both Fluttershy and Zephyr Breeze's problems was their parents not being assertive at all. Rainbow Dash was also quite delightful as well; this is one of the first times I've ever seen where she actually felt like a wingmare to Fluttershy and she was totally supportive of her from start to finish, but not in a patronizing way. Her running gag with Zephyr hitting on her incessantly in the most obnoxious way he possibly could (by constantly insisting that she was the one infatuated with him) was hilarious and had a gratifying conclusion when we saw that Rainbow had gotten to zap Zephyr more than a few times with lightning, and it was cool too getting to see more confirmation that she grew up as friends with Fluttershy in Cloudsdale, and also that she was as aware as anypony else was that Zephyr was an annoying twat. Son, she is one step away from slapping you with a sexual-harassment suit and filing for a restraining order... CUT IT OUT!!! Oh, and there was also a song... that kind of came out of nowhere. It was a perfectly fine song, not amazing, but good. It just really had no set up. One second Rainbow Dash is talking, the next second Fluttershy's singing. So... yeah, that happened. Dinky, that's not your mom! Go on and find Derpy now, I'm sure she's got some muffins for you Next Zephyr Breeze episode: he fails so badly at being a mane therapist that he throws it all away and becomes the Joker... but then he sucks at that too Overall, this was an episode that could have been awful. They really could have done this lesson and new character wrong, but I'm glad to say that that simply was not the case. Fluttershy was portrayed fantastically, Zephyr was what he needed to be, it was great finally getting to see Fluttershy's family and also learn that, even though her parents were perfectly lovely, that did NOT mean that their family life was all hunky-dory and in tip top shape. I will admit that I just want to chop that stupid looking man-bun (or is it stallion-bun?) off of Zephyr's head... and possibly his head too... but that's beside the point. The point is, this was great, and Fluttershy had a smashing good first episode of the season.
  7. Everypony, do you think that anypony at Flight Camp would deserve this? Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Gilda rant on to everypony and the coach about how horrible they've been to them, how horrible of ponies they, in the style of Seashell Seahorse Party, and run off to Ponyville. With nopony to be their punching bag, all the foals at Flight suffer each other and themselves. Many are let bawling out like a mess, yelling angrily at themselves or each other, and/or threatening to kill each other, even the coach.
  8. In Season Three, Episode 12, Games Ponies Play, Rainbow Dash's motivation for helping the Crystal Empire Host the Equestria Games is because when she was a Filly, Cloudsdale didn't get to host it. But, that doesn't make sense. Cloudsdale is a Cloud city. Only Pegasi can enter it, so why would Cloudsdale ever be chosen as the Host city? How could they even Host it? Would they Mass produce Twilight's Cloud walking Spell? Or is there some other way that Ponies can walk on clouds that I'm missing?
  9. Are pegasi who live on the ground inferior to those that live in the clouds? Are they weaker?
  10. Yesterday I posted a topic named "Theme Parks Around Equestria" and I mentioned Six Flags in it. Now what if Cloudsdale the great sky city had a huge theme park that is very similar to Six Flags in the real world? I mean literally a 250ft roller coaster in the city of clouds crazy right? Plus it would feature other rides that you would usually see at most theme parks in the real world like or example The Drop Tower rides that take you up and suddenly drop you at around 300ft in the air and other roller coasters will also be there. So how would Six Flags Over Cloudsdale sound?
  11. Cloudsdale Con is a Brony convention that is being planned for Colorado! Please get the word out to bronies everywhere, and we also are in need of donations, so refer to this link: also, for more info, refer to this link: SPREAD THE WORD!!!
  12. So, if you already know me.. you know that i joined the fandom thanks to the Rainbow Factory fanfic.. i decided to drawn for the first time my background... so here it is.. my ponysona, doctor electron volt, at the Cloudsdale weather corporation
  13. So by season 4 we have a pretty good grasp on Ponyville, Canterlot, and the Everfree Forest. Which cities or location do you wish they have a full episode in so we see and learn more about it? Cloudsdale, Manehattan, Appleloosa, and Crystal Empire have seen some time but not to the extent of Ponyville and Canterlot. Fillydelphia and Los Pegasus have been mentioned but not actually visited yet. My vote is for Cloudsdale. I'd like to see more about the weather factories and stuff and more of what pegasi culture is like.
  14. Given that it's Rainbow's and Fluttershy's hometown, it makes it seem like it's fairly close, especially as Rainbow has a home on top of a cloud, which has to be normal in Cloudsdale pegasi, except for those for Fluttershy who aren't strong fliers. Contradicting that, however, is the map of equestria on the mlpwiki, which shows that it's about as far north as Canterlot. But, going against THAT is a snippet from one of the staff saying that there is no OFFICIAL map of equestria in case they need to shift things around. So, any eagle eyed fans out there who can give me a relative distance?
  15. Hello, Jhurii here. I've started this log book to keep records of what happens here at ENDD. So let's get this started, shall we? So, uh, first off, we've signed an agreement with the Rainbow Factory. The agreement states that as long as we don't rat them out, they leave us alone, and if any of them try to take us back there to be processed, we're free to deal with them as we please. And both ENDD and RF employees are allowed access to each other's floors as long as everypony stays out of each other's way and no pony tries to start anything aggressive. Secondly, we've found a door in the far left corner of the main room covered with at least, at least, a hundred or so heavy, industrial and really old locks. There are speculations that the door might also be sealed by alicorn magic, but that's just a rumour. Anton talked to the building manager, but apparently, according to him, there never was a door of any sort in that corner of the room. So he wasn't any help. We thought he was just forgetful or whatever, but then Anton started asking around the rest of the building and apparently no pony knows what we're talking about. I even went upstairs to the Rainbow Factory but not even they knew anything about the door. Everypony in the who worked in Cloudsdale's Weather Facility was questioned about the door and everypony said the same thing; either they've never been on that floor , or they have been on the floor but just don't recall ever seeing a door by that description. Right now I've got Anton and Harpie working on picking the locks on the the mysterious door. We're gonna find out what's on the other side of that door no matter what. I'll record it the logs, of course. So, I guess that's it for now. Until the next entry, this Jhurii; signing off. ((Link to original story: "X"))
  16. This is my first pony drawing in like a month. But I'm happy with how it came out. Scootaloo is no longer a blank flank, and two ponies are looking down on her with pride, and she knows it. Since Scootaloo is one of my favorite ponies, I've always been curious about what happened to her parents. Assuming she is an orphan under similar circumstances as Applejack, this is inspired by the "two stars" reference in Apple Family Reunion concerning the nature of Applejack's parents. However, in this case, it is two rainbows. This is also inspired by "Smiling" by Hi Rez. It's a rather bittersweet song, which is the feeling I was trying to get at in this picture. (Mild language warning) I'm not really sure where to take it from here. I'm thinking of either finishing the coloring (I never colored my sketches before, maybe it's time to change that ) or vectoring it. Maybe both. Thoughts? BTW, criticism is welcome and wanted!
  17. This is something I have wanted to talk about for a while now and with the new, Scootaloo episode, I feel now is the best time to talk about it. Is flying something that can be taught or is it more of an instinct? Now with this new episode, people left and right have been saying, now that Rainbow Dash is looking out for Scootaloo she is going to teach her how to fly. Now Scootaloo has already shown that she has a hard time getting off the ground and has not even been able to fly in the sky for a minute. Scootaloo has only brief burets here and there, but no time has she even been in the sky flying. So how is Rainbow Dash going to teach Scootaloo how to fly when she can't even hoover for more than a second and is it something that can even be taught? Also how does a pegasus go about teaching one to fly when it seem like an instinct? Let look at Pound Cake. Pound was able to fly all over his house with in a mouth and he probably doesn't even know that he is a Pegasus. If anything that flying he did was a sign that he is starting to know that he is a Pegasus and instinct is taking over right now. Now their are some ideas as to how he did that. 1. Like Pumpkin Cake, Pound Cake is only going threw a burst right and in time it well go away. 2. Pound Cake body is so small right now that he can easily lift himself in the air. Once he gain more weight, Pound well not be able to fly because he is to heavy. 3. Pound Cakes super strength is making his wings powerful enough to fly forever. (My idea) 4. He well just for get. Laziest idea I have ever heard from the community. Now anyone of these ideas could be true and some might be false (4). Still what if we aren't even looking at Pound Cake. What if we looked at a baby Pegasus that lives in Cloudsdale? I would say that would be common for a baby Pegasus to fly with in a shorter amount of time. Seeing as the whole town is in the sky. I would say it would take less time for them to fly. It may take 3 weeks after the birth when they start flying. I do have some doubts about flying being a surge. For one thing magic and flying are 2 different things. Magic is something that looks like you need a great amount of concentration and knowledge of what spells you can use or do. Also magic seems to be more of an energy than what flying is. Maybe when a unicorn builds up magic they can release it. Flying is different from this because the wings are a part of the body of a pegasus because they move that part. So once they know how to move it, they could use it all the time. Now I know one more thing is going to come up. But, Pinkiefan there is a flying school. They go there in order to learn how to fly. Now it is true that there is a flying school, but let me ask this. HOW DO THEY GET THERE???? Like the town, the school is also in the sky and would require flying to get there. If anything the school is there to make weak Pegasus like Fluttershy stronger flyers and improve on Pegasus who are great flyers like Rainbow Dash. Plus they probably do more than just fly around hoops all day and race. The school could also be there to teach them about weather control, and environments. Another thing is, how would they go about teaching one to fly? Do they just say, start doing this and it well work or do they throw them off a mountain or something tell they do it? There just does not seem to be away to teach it. So to what I have shown flying is more of an instinct and can not be taught. So Scootaloo maybe permanently be grounded. Still what are your ideas on this???
  18. I have been working for the last month, on an MLP image sharing website, and it is finally done. If you have any recconmendations for the site, or suggestions / questions, feel free to ask.
  19. Lame title is lame ;-;. Going to change it as soon as I come up with a better one. Anyhoo... Everypony has secrets, and everypony has regrets. So for the pegasus who always seems full of life, how could anypony imagine her with any regrets? Critique's, reviews, wisecracks, all welcome! http://www.fimfictio...-of-the-Rainbow
  20. Basically, you use this thing and change it around to your needs. Spoiler'd for some language. Hey Bronies, My name is Tiziano, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, un-awesome, unicorn-lovers who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures of unicorns. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any rainbows? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of their favorite ponies, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than liking Applejack. Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the hoofball team, and starter on the Wonderbolts. What sports do you play, other than "posting on Forums"? I also get straight A's, and have Rainbow Dash as my marefriend (She just did a sonic rainboom; Shit was SO cash). You are all buckheads who should just like Spitfire. Thanks for listening.
  21. Huge rant about love coming up. We've all had our love problems, I mean, We're no strangers to love. It's got rules and all. You know the rules and so do I you gotta love each other and stuff, gotta be all "A full commitment's what I'm thinking of" And all that "You wouldn't get this from any other guy" We'll I've had a problem with that. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. Maybe my opinion is different from yours, I just Gotta make you understand. All that stuff about "Never gonna give you up" might seem a bit too overprotective, and "Never gonna let you down" well we all know that's a flat out lie, and looking at the Affairs, it disproves "Never gonna run around and desert you" And we all know, that at some point, we'll make each other cry, so there goes "Never gonna make you cry" Then there's "Never gonna say goodbye" which we all know happens sooner or later, with "bye honey, i'm off to work" or something. "Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you" That's completely false, It's human nature to lie, and we might accidentally hurt each other. We've known each other for so long is a term most used as a break up line, so no brownie points there "You're hearts shaking but you're too shy to say it" Is a line that only extremely confident guys should use, as it can result in a slap! Inside we both know what's been going on I mean, we all know that in our hearts we know the right choices. We know the game, and we're gonna play it even if it means that losing gives you one heck of a heartache. And if you ask me how I'm feeling the answer would be pretty good, I'm not really in a bad mood right now. Don't tell me you're too blind to see that the truth is not that you can make love, its that you can hold it. [/rant] Now, for those of you smart enough to figure it out, Congratz! For those of you that have not yet figured it out, start at the second line and read every other line. For those of you that did the above step and did not understand, You just got RICK ROLLED!!
  22. Ok, in the most recent episode, fluttershy is needed to make the funnel to carry the water, blah, blah,blah. Now, the reason im making this topic is to share my most recent feelings with fluttershy in this episode. This time, she was to afraid to help RD in the funnel thingy. Through out the whole episode, she cried, and whined, and felt sorry for herself. Now, up until this point ive always liked her. But this time i think they took it too far. Her shyness can only be a plot device for so long and honestly this time her being like that just annoyed me. It just seemed all she cared about was herself and cried and whined the whole time. It was to the point where it was really bothering me. In the end, of course, she pulled out and helped, surprise surprise, but, once again, in the future im sure she'll be back to her old self (Which, dont get me wrong, i like. And, i did like the episode.) Anyway, to get my point across in a sentence. I thought near the middle when she ran away and cried to herself, just really annoyed me. And i do know im gonna get hate for this, just sharing my opinion.