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Found 8 results

  1. Towards the end of last year I purchased an RPG on Steam called Divinity: Original Sin. This is a top down RPG featuring turn based tactical combat similar to Fallout 1 & 2 or X-Com, but in your traditional high-fantasy setting. It probably has the best combat system of any RPG I have ever played, mixing turn based tactical combat with large range of rider buff and debuff conditions and a complex elemental magic system that effects not only the PCs and enemies but the terrain itself. A complex character creation system meshes perfectly with the combat system. The rest of the game is less remarkable, but I do like the way it handles traps and other obstacles. Anybody who is a fan of either RPGs or turn-based tactical combat really ought check it out, there simply isn't anything else like it on the market. The best part is, this is an internet co-op RPG, so you can play it with a bunch of friends. It only supports two players by default, but there is a mod available that allows you to play with three other friends. I haven't tried co-op myself because the game is so obscure that none of my other friends have it, but I think co-op play would be a blast. Its probably the closest you can get to pen and paper D&D without actually playing pen and paper D&D.
  2. I've made several characters over the course of my time playing DCUO and whenever I play through the initial 30 beginning levels, it is always tedious and rather boring compared to stuff like raids after level 30, so I am here to ask if anyone is starting new characters and are looking for people to play with. I'd be willing to play/help anyone going through the beginning of the game trying to get to level 30. I myself have started a Light Hero that is now level 11. I'd also be willing to creat a villain if you wish. Feel free to reply or PM me if you wish to play.
  3. Hello everyone! So, I've recently started looking into DOTA 2, a game I never thought I would ever show any interest in. But, given my recent creed of trying not to judge things before I try them, I've found that the core concepts of DOTA are actually pretty fun to me, and so I've done a bunch of research, watched a bunch of videos (both tutorials, and game replays), and played the tutorial and a bot game. Overall, my experience has been good! But I've been incredibly nervous about hopping into a player game. I've heard that the DOTA community at large is very mixed. Sometimes you'll enter a game, and everyone will be awesome, supportive, and kind. Other times, you'll get yelled at for every little mistake you make! I'm also obviously not very good yet... Because of this, I've been wanting to maybe seek out someone, or a group of people who already play DOTA, to maybe play with them so as to acclimate to the game better, and in a friendlier, more supportive environment. In other words, would anyone be interested in playing some DOTA 2 with me? I have Skype, so I can voice chat easily with people during games! (I can also use in-game voice, though I prefer skype, so that I don't have to keep track of yet another key to press in-game!) Thanks!
  4. Announcement! Castle crashers is 75% off on steam until January 2nd! making its price $3.74 USD. Now is the perfect time to purchase a great game and join our team right? What is Castle Crashers you may ask? Well simply put it is an indie action adventure beat 'em up game! Similar to what you used to see in old arcades from time to time. It is available on steam for $14.99 and often goes on sale for 50% off more more (sheesh what am i salesmen? xD). This game does NOT go well with a keyboard and mouse, and honestly a controller is super recommended! Headsets and microphones are also recommended for communication purposes (kinda important for insanity mode) Playing together: This game is much more fun when playing with friends , So I created this thread to help people get together and enjoy the game together! Personally, i have been needing people to play with. I dont know about you guys 'n gals but i love the game! Recently I have felt an itch to get back to it and try to finish insanity mode but to do so we need a crack team of grade A awesome people. Naturally the main platform will be through steam (yay steam!). so first off ... Current Goal: Gather the team, and level up to Insanity level ranges. I will be the leader of our great team (as I already have the insanity mode progress and aiming for my first golden skull). Have a helpful steam guide to show inform you of each character's strength and weaknesses, and a guide to unlocking each character. Join the team! I figure to put in the effort to putting groups together and ovrall qualified people (for insanity mode) so that it would be easier for us to find eachother, and coordinate having people of similar level ranges (higher level's do not matter if you cap all stats). For simplicity sake please try to follow the format I made below, so that I may add them into a comprehensive list on this first post of our teams.(this is important as multiple people cannot play as the same knight). And as a suggestion, a King would be very helpful as I am certain the healing will save us plenty of lives in the long run. Fencer and Industrialist seem to also be invaluable and both arecurrently available for our insanity team! Please note:We will be adding eachother to steam friend's lists to keep in contact, to prevent abuse we will handle that through PM's rather than posting your steam alias (Nickname) openly. However, should you so choose, you are free to openly post your steam on the forum, or on your contact list. Primary Knight: Blue Knight: Level 83 grey skull achieved Secondary Knight's: None If you have any feedback to structuring the character resume format, please do share! Let us make this easier for everyone and make that list one smart cookie (helpful and well put together). And of course, discussion is more than welcome! questions about battle strategies, secrets, tips, etc. Laslty I need info on when you hit the level where you have enough points to cap every stat, I forgot what it was, I think it was something in the 60's? Team 1:
  5. I recently got Garden Warfare for my brother. I played a bit of it and like it (except for the terrible Internet connection and black screen I have). So I want to see what you guys think about the game and if you want to play. I'm currently have it on PS3.
  6. Hi all! I'm looking for people who (still) play Diablo 3. Better still, a group that still plays D3. My Details in a Shellnut: Lv. 125 (60+65 Paragon) Whirlwind Barbarian More details here.
  7. Just wanted to know if anyone has Saints Row IV on PS3, and need someone to play with. If you do, you can send me a message telling me who you are. So, if you want to play it with me. Add BFast316, on PS3 if you are.
  8. Sorry if I am interrupting anypony that is busy but, since I'm getting Dead Rising 2: Off The Record tomorrow on PS3. I can't wait to play it but, the problem is I need someone that has the game so we can play Co-Op together for fun. So if anyone has the game and wants to play co-op with me, you can add me on PS3. PSN: BFast316 See you guys & gals online!