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Found 13 results

  1. I'm kinda bored, so here's a thread for computer programming, and all that it entails. Maybe to be used for (people) networking if people/ponies are into that. So I guess to start off, maybe discuss about yourself as a programmer: My level (for lack of a better word): currently a hobbyist, although I am seeking out employment opportunities for software development My languages: Python (3.5+) and C (still learning all the ins and outs) and I dabble with Go and Java Current Projects: a 2D pygame platformer that I plan to put on my RetroPie; various system tools for win32 (so it can suck less); messing around with Django, machine learning and nltk
  2. I've had this idea in my head for a while, but I figured I'd stop posting status updates about how much I wanted it and actually try to make it happen. What I'd like to do is make an MLP version of Crossy Road. If you don't know what that is, it's basically endless Frogger. I'd like to make it very similar in style and gameplay to the original, featuring 3D-pixel version of the characters and various places in Equestria, including: Ponyville Appleloosa Canterlot Cloudsdale The Everfree Forest Manehattan Each could have similar gameplay but with its own unique features and obstacles (e.g. Cloudsdale having flying pegasi whereas Ponyville would have ponies trotting around). I'd also like to implement the following features: Automatic progress saving A prize machine, like in the original game, that you can use to unlock characters Characters unlockable by completing "missions" Sound Effects and Music, preferably original A currency system (to use for the prize machine) I'm new to coding, so it may take me a while to get the more complicated stuff down, but I was thinking I would need help covering the following areas (and likely more) Character Design Environment Design Menus & Buttons Gameplay Mechanics Audio If this is something you're interested, please give me a holler in the reply box below. It's kinda a lot, so we can start out with some prototypes along the way and update it as we go along.
  3. Hey everyone! I'm here to seek out anyone who'd like to help me make a game! Now I'm not talking about anything that'll be sold or anything, just a free game. A 2D platformer to be exact. I have the idea, but I need someone with the skills to help create it. Namely I need an animator(for some mini cut scenes) and someone who knows how to program a game. In case you're curious, here's the synopsis of the game's story. ----- A beginning animator's bouncing ball sketches are concerned when one is turned into a stick figure. He's ridiculed and can no longer fit in with his spherical peers, so he decides to venture across the desk to the eraser in order to remove those pesky new limbs. To do so he must traverse the doodles and drawings along the way. Slowly new additions are accidentally made. More details, a refined texture, and color! Over time he begins to realize that while these further isolate him from his rounded pals back in the sketchbook, they're not bad. He likes the control, the form, and even the style that he gained. When he finally reaches the eraser he decides not to, though another drawing isn't pleased with this. One drawing that decides only he can look that good. A final fight is had and our guy has won. He shows all of the ball sketches that difference is okay, and all decide to indulge themselves in their own unique designs. ----- And here's the design of the player/main character, as well as his progression from the beginning to the end of the game As you can see the style of the game is quite simplistic, so no super professional-ness is needed One more thing, this is not a paid job. If you want to help out don't expect money, just a good fun game making time! So if you like the idea and want to join and help, leave a comment here. Preferably with an example of your work Hope to hear from you soon!
  4. So, I know this isn't about the site, but I had no idea where else to put it so....... Anyone know what I'm doing wrong here?
  5. I want to start coding video games but don't know where to start. I have almost no experience in any language and don't have to much money so i cant afford anything too expensive.
  6. This is going to be a bit of an unusual thread. But I know some of MLPForums are very tech savvy, even more so than I am. So here is the scenario: I have an opportunity to be a site administrator for a website that is part of a YouTube Network's brand. Specifically If I got the role I would be recruiting YouTube partners to make content around a particular niche' I was thinking technology. In order to do this I need to come up with a business strategy that will help the partners on the site grow, what I do to support them, what my business plan would be, goal, work strategy etc etc, and of course I would need to recruit partners to make content on the site. I'm currently in my second year of college doing my degree in IT Software. Currently I know HTLM5, CSS3, some JavaScript and JQuery, barely just started on the CMS side of things such as php and MySQL and I have a reasonable understanding of SEO. I would be given a wordpress based site to run so most of my technical knowledge is unlikely to come into play. Naturally I will be doing a lot of independent research but I also need a starting point, and of course I need to be able to come up with a strategy that is worth the network having me run the site. I have college 2 days a week so I have up to 5 days a week I could work on the site. Below is a more specific look at the types of things I need to look into to create a business plan. Any feedback is helpful, however specific or general. I have been developing content for the web for some time and I regularly look into ways to build my presence but this is the first time I have attempted something on this scale. How will you provide support to your partners: What methods/tools will you be using to help your partners grow? Mission Statement: Business Plan: Marketing Knowledge: Management Skills: Network Description: Team: Work Strategy: Competitor: Goals: Financial: (Optional)
  7. So I am a programmer, one who is in an awkward spot between newbie and novice so I need to build my skills some. I was hoping to get some help from any programmers in the community on maybe some basic projects that'll help in the way I think about my code and build my knowledge and skill. I mainly work with Python and a little HTML and on occasion XML. I've used Django, Requests, Magic and a few other modules for Python in web development for work. I was thinking of starting my own website that uses both Django and HTML, maybe even some jQuery if need be, that I can use as both a hub for my own means and to help improve my programming skills. I've also heard of Panda3D which is an engine made by Disney for video game development built with both Python and C++ libraries. (I don't have any C++ experience so if anyone can point me to any good books or websites that might help me get my foot in the door on that it'd be awesome.) Does anyone have any projects in Panda3D, even small ones, that I might be able to give a try? I haven't yet downloaded it or gone through the tutorial though so I guess I should do that first but I need a non-work laptop before I do that. Of course, this topic isn't just for me! Anyone who's a newbie or more advanced programmer and has a question or is in need of help from others feel free to post! We can all learn from each other, even if our problems aren't directly related I've noticed that many programming languages share very similar issues, just in a different format.
  8. So I'm making a MLP fan website that I'm going to code. But I need help of many others. So if you want to join fill out one of the two forms below. Artist Form Username: Experience in Art: Why do you want to help?: Coder Form Username: Experience in Coding: Why do you want to help?: I haven't worked out all the details, but we on the coder team can figure it out. No One? Please help. I really want to make this site. If you want to see the preview just ask for the code and I'll PM it to you. Here is the preview so far.http://localhost:8088/
  9. This is the official thread to share any knowledge, links, articles, YouTube videos and or any other form of media showing others how to develop websites in coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, php, MySql and more. If possible mark you're post with the Power level of expertise in web development you believe is required to have in order to understand the post: *Beginner *Intermediate *Advanced *Expert Here is an example post talking about how to customise a website navigation bar using CSS3 (and some HTML of course) since I consider myself a '*beginner' for web development I would say this particular article should be marked at '*beginner' level Also feel free post any random tidbits of knowledge, and discuss web development in general, I'm not going to set any specific rules here. The aim I'd like is for people to learn, because knowing is half the battle
  10. is one of my favourite websites. It's a virtual reality site in which all items are user-created, and users can list items they've created in the "shop," where they can be purchased by other users for the site's virtual currency, "coins." As a long-time Whirled user, I have uploaded and listed many shop items, including animated "avatars," which are the characters that walk around on the screen and can have different actions and "states" programmed into them. I'm currently working on an avatar project that I think my fellow bronies will quite enjoy. If I can get the coding figured out, I should soon be releasing my Configurable Brony avatar, a MLP-style character which can be edited by the user after purchase and will include several different colour and style options for mane, tail, wings, horn, eye, and cutie mark, as well as different species options and even a "Fluffle Puff" mane. Want to see a preview of some of the different options? Look in the spoiler section below. :b Critiques? Questions? If anypony has any suggestions for additional options or wishes to add me as a friend on Whirled, those comments are welcome here. c:
  11. Roleplay Website I am looking for some innovative and motivated programmers [html/PHP/JAVACRIPT/AJAX/CSS/SQL] To work on a roleplaying oriented website with myself. The hosting is already sorted and the domain can be bought. The website it self has actually been in the makes for a while now but has had little attention due to the lack of motivation on my own part. I enjoy working in teams and despise working alone, so soloing the website wasn't the greatest of ideas. Currently the website has the following raw features: Interactive Map with location creation, image based mapping, and large scale selective area mapping. Basic Player & Character profiling. Basic Location descriptions. Alpha Chat room [Ajax, designed from scratch] Minor-Mobile support. Basic theme support The website has been written from the bottom up, meaning there are no extensions, add-on's or other fiddly things that require to be learnt if you already know some basic programming. In terms of design the website is fairly bare, as design will really come near the end with the actual features are up and running. The website will host many more features than the one's listed, as well as any other creative ideas that are put forward. Currently the website is private, no public usage or beta-testing is admitted. Ideal Applicants Know one or more: HTML/CSS | PHP | SQL | Javascript &/Or Ajax Over the age of 16 Mature and trustworthy. Willing to schedule time for the website. Have at least one other form of contact method that is activly used. Ideally evidence of previous work. Enjoys working as a team. Information about my self: My name is Samuel. I am 18 years old (25/08) and I will be attending NHTV Breda University this September for Indie game design. I am English Native, and currently living in NL. I am avid programmer and I vastly enjoy working in teams. I enjoy gaming, programming, Sports and as can be seen for the purpose of this website, Roleplay. You can find me on Google+ , Skype, Fimfiction & various other places around the internet, commonly under the alias of: Slub77
  12. After many hours of playing Mount and Blade: Napoleonic Wars, I began growing a deep curiosity for the Napoleonic era. The sights, the uniforms, the battles... The moustaches! Facial hair of all shapes and styles, painted on the faces of brave heroes and commanders! So, I sunk myself into studying this most chivalrous time period. Every page I read, every map I stared at, every painting I had the honour to regard gave me great ideas, and when I coupled them with my interest for videogame development, a wild Pinkie Pie came out of nowhere and placed a lit bulb oil lamp on my head. Now, I want to show you the result of said ideas. Most of my works will remain in the Flying Squirrel Entertainment forums, which you can access by clicking on the big header on top of this post. Right! So, on with the good stuff. Here you have a list of all my released skins, with links to their previews on the FSE forums. Bear in mind a recent patch has BROKEN most of these, and it's taking me quite a bit of time to fix the stuff.82nd "Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers" (replace 33rd, Coldstream and 51st) -Download Here - Preview page 1 (down below) 47th Lancashire Regt All Companies (replace 33rd, 51st, Coldstream and Sapper) -Download Here -Preview page 2 43rd Monmouthshire Regt Light Infantry (replace 51st) -Download Here -Preview page 2 29th Worcestershire Regt All Companies (replace 33rd, 51st, Coldstream, Wellington and Sapper) -Download Here - Preview page 3 28th Gloucestershire Regt Grenadier Company (replace Coldstream) -Download Here -Preview page 5 41st Regiment of Foot Grenadier Company (replace Coldstream) -Download Here -Preview page 10 79th Cameron Highlanders Centre Company (replace 42nd Highlanders) -Download Here -Preview page 13 Canadian Fencible Regiment (Replace 33rd) -Download Here -Preview page 15. I've also been making, upon clans' requests, regimental forum thread dividers and custom avatars. For the latter, my most sincere thanks to Mr. Alexis Cabaret, owner of the Mont St. Jean website, who provided me with all the templates. Regimental Dividers: Avatars: To finish this, my favourite skin so far, the 29th Worcestershire Regiment of Foot: 29th Regiment of Foot's March: Royal Windsor His Britannic Majesty's 29th (Worcestershire) Regiment of Foot -The Guards of the Line- "I wish very much that some measures could be adopted to get recruits for the 29th Regiment, it is the best Regiment in this Army, has an admirable internal system and excellent Non-Commissioned Officers." -Sir Arthur Wellesley, Viscount Wellington, September 12th, 1809- Portraits: Private Soldiers: Centre Company: Every battalion in the British regular army consisted of 10 companies. The first eight were the Centre companies. These were the standard line infantry companies of a regiment, and conformed the bulk of Viscount Wellington's army in the Peninsula. Grenadier Company: The Grenadier, also known as Right Flank company, was the elite shock force of every regiment. In their beginnings, the Grenadiers were the strongest and tallest men of the British army. They were hand picked by the regiment's colonel, and were given pouches with grenades to hurl at the enemy. After the use of grenades was discontinued, the Grenadiers remained as the strongest and most stalwart men of the battalion. Light Company: The need of skirmishers in the British army impulsed the creation of the Light companies. These were formed by the younger, perhaps skinnier soldiers of the battalion, and were trained for skirmishing and urban combat. By the early 1800's, the British army had one of the best skirmishers in Europe, only seconded by the Prussian and Austrian riflemen. Colour Serjeant: The Colour Serjeants were those in charge of defending the colour bearers, and if necessary, take said colours themselves and keep them safe. Ensigns: Ensigns were the lowest ranking officers in the army, and tended to be quite young and inexperienced. However, most of them were entrusted with taking the colours into battle. Grenadier Company: Light Company: Officers: The officers, as the name states, were those men who held office in the British army, and in order to get said office, they had to pay large sums of money to purchase their commissions. Only 10% of all officers during the Peninsular campaign were risen from the ranks. Centre Company Captain: Grenadier Company Captain: Light Company Lieutenant: Musician Corps: Note that Fifers and Drummers are black. Between 1759, after the capture of Guadeloupe, and 1843, many segregated black men and freed slaves chose to leave their old lives behind and enlist as musicians in the 29th Regiment of Foot. Fifer: Drummer: Bugler: Extras; Sapper Serjeant, Grenadier Company: Every Grenadier company had sapper serjeants. These were the strongest of the company, and were the only ones allowed (and encouraged) to have beards. They brandished big axes into battle, and had the task of scaring the cr*p out of the enemy, as well as destroy their defensive positions. The Colours: The two most important devices of the 29th Regiment. Each battalion was entrusted two flags, and were used as beacons to rally the men. The first colour was the King's colour, a union jack with a red shield in the centre, surrounded by a rose and thistle wreath. The second colour was the Regimental colour, which was painted in the regimental facing colour. It held an union jack in the canton, together with the shield and wreath in the centre. Lieutenant Colonel Sir Gregory Holman Bromley Way: Sir Gregory was the commanding officer of the 29th Foot during the Peninsular War, and was present at both battles of Talavera and Albuera, the two most important engagements in the Worcestershire Regiment's history. Download Link: Link 1 Link 2 Special Thanks to: Hasan -1° Reggimento Bersaglieri- He helped me out keeping me awake at 5am to finish this. James Grant -3rd Regiment of Foot guards - He provided his glorious all knowing book of British uniforms. Guardsman Masters - 29th Regiment - Aided me with special details not mentioned in James' book. BetaKnight - Moral support and tips on how to do stuff. Attila The Nun - Moral support and aiding me with modelling. 29th Regiment of Foot - Testing the earlier versions of this skin and moral support. 82nd Regiment of Foot - Ibíd. Blankman - Moral support. This project in particular was the single biggest one I've worked on so far. Making this skin took me over two months (Released first version for 29th only on early January 2013), and to be honest, this skin and 47th's were the toughest ones to make since my arrival in the NW modding community. I hope you like this. Far too many people were involved in the making, and many put their effort into making this skin looks as it does now. Many thanks to those who gave me a hand, be it with testing, actual development or simply downloading the earlier versions for fun.
  13. (Skin for Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars) 47th (Lancashire) Regiment of Foot -The Wolfe's Own 2nd Battalion In 1808 the 47th Regiment deployed to Gibraltar and in 1811 commenced its participation in the Peninsular War, a war which saw the UK, Portugal and Spain fighting the French. The regiment's flank companies took part in the Battle of Barossa and in December took part in the Battle of Tarifa, where they helped repulse a French assault. By 1812, the British were forced to withdraw back into Portugal. Though the following year, British forces moved back into Spain, with the objective to remove the French from the peninsula. The 2nd Battalion then took part in the Battle of Vittoria and the Siege of St. Sebastian, where they took heavy casualties while attempting to breach the walls. Later on, 2nd Battalion crossed the Bidasoa River, finally marching into France itself. The battalion took part in the Battle of Nive and by 1814, was tasked to support the Siege of Bayonne, concluding with their participation in the Peninsular War. After the war, the 2nd battalion was sent to England, and finally disbanded in Portsmouth the same year. ___________________________________________________ After a week of trial and error, plus a patch that basically broke Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, I finally managed to get the 47th Regiment's skins done. The whole pack includes the King's and Regimental Colours, remade Ranker, Ensign, Officer and Drums, new shako and a small tweak in the code. All bugs were fixed, including the naked man problem... Ranker: Officer/Ensign: Drums: The Colours: If you own Mount and Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars, go ahead and download them! DOWNLOAD LINK