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Found 23 results

  1. Anyone a regular at their nearest coffee shop or cafe? Whether it's to get a favorite drink or just chill out or catch up on some work in a relaxing atmosphere? Got any favorite places? What are the best ones where you're from? What gave me the idea is my local shop: 1863 coffee saloon. Friendly staff. Homely atmosphere with a rustic charm. Back half was used for an art & photo gallery as well as an amateur performance stage and swap meet area. Built out of the historic saloon and railway station from when my town was founded. And sadly it'll be closing down at the end of the month. Guess I'll be making the most of these next few weekends then.
  2. When you get your coffee, your espresso, your latte, your java or whatever caffeinated beverage of your choice, how do you prefer it? Piping hot as is tradition? Or do you prefer it iced and cold brewed? What say you? Me personally, I'd rather not have the inside of my mouth scalded. Also I find having it chilled really brings out the flavor.
  3. What does everypony prefer? Tea or Coffee? If you don't like either then just put down your favourite hot drink? ...and if you don't like hot drinks then just tell me best pony?
  4. Yeah this really has nothing to do with GC, let's just talk about COFFEE. God who doesn't love it!? What's your favorite, how do you drink it? I wanna know it all (and what love is [lel] ). Yeah let's just get it out in the open; I bet Pinkie drinks some strong shit in the morning to be so hyper.
  5. Hi Everypony!! I made this forum lounge for Vegans Ponies and Ponies curious about Veganism/Plant Based Eating!! Feel free to drop by, chat and ask questions I'm happy to talk when available. I'll be making the occasional meme (feel free to potato chip in) Fun Fact: All protein is plant protein, animal protein is simply recycled plant protein! (Here is a meme I made to demonstrate lol)
  6. So, who here on MLP Forums is a coffee drinker, and what are your preferences? Are you a only from a coffee shop person? Or do you make it yourself at home? What's your brand, and how do you like it? Well being as that I am like the stereotype of being old, I am a coffee fiend. I usually have at minimum 2 cups a day. While I like coffee shop coffee a lot, the price is not to my liking. When I do go to a shop, I'll get a mocha lattee with 2 sugar. If made correctly it usually needs little else added. However I've had a few times where it just came out crap because the people making it do not mix the chocolate properly so it ends up all on the bottom. At home, I have adopted Folgers with french vanilla creamer. I try and stick with coffeemate for my creamer, and I'll usually do 2 spoonfuls of creamer. My mugs include: One with seals on it that I got from the DC zoo with my wife, my father's old brown mug, and a matching mug that has an SNES controller which says "player 1" (my wife has player 2). What about you guys?
  7. Hey there! So I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with French Vanilla, Cream, and Extra Extra Sugar. I normally only get coffee on the rare occasion that I need to be pulling an all nighter and tonight was one of those nights! How do you prefer your Coffee or Tea? Is it homebrewed? or do you go to a Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Etc.. to get it? How often do you drink coffee?
  8. What's cuter than a small, cute marshmallowy creature? A small, cute marshmallowy creature in a coffee cup! Plus, I think I've mostly figured out this whole digital art thing. What do you think? (For pretty much everyone, these little puffs are called lies.)
  9. Seriously Luna. Lay off the caffeine and give me that coffee pot before somebody gets hurt.
  10. I'm back with another Twilight drawing! Forgotten the aura. ;-; yes, the horn is there. look closely. Speedpaint for it is here: For those wondering, I did add the aura in the speedpaint, but then I changed something off cam and forgotten to add it back in. Journey through drawing ponies ^^ XD Damnn I was a stupid kid. Found these drawings while clearing my table XD Well anyways, I've seen a lot of people, saying how their art sucked and such. SO, here I am saying that.... That's bullshit. NO. It doesn't. It may look ugly to you, but how does one truly see art? Everything is art. I guess if it doesn't....................... well, 'perfect' to you in a sense, just keep practicing. I'm the type of person that, when 1 thing is out of place, I'll get frustrated and keep drawing it over and over again until I got it right. But sometimes it doesn't seem right no matter what I do. So, I'll go search up some tutorials, like "How to Draw Hands" and stuff. Don't compare yourself to other professional artists, it'll only damage your confidence. You go your own pace. Maybe one day you can look back on your own old art and laugh like I am now.
  11. In celebration of International Coffee Day, lets also take this time to celebrate everyone's favorite coffee loving prosecutor, Godot Take this time to share your favorite Godot pictures, gifs, sprites and moments
  12. In case you haven't noticed (and you probably haven't because I only made it visible a moment ago), there is a new subforum beneath the forum called “The Lobby.” What is the The Lobby, you ask? Only staff members are able to post threads in the top-level forum, as it has always been. This has been necessary because that's where we post our weekly announcement threads for our Friday movie nights, it's where the Friday movie night request thread resides, and where we post miscellaneous announcements regarding changes to EQTV staff and operations. If we allowed everyone to start a thread in there, things would become a disorganized mess, making it difficult to locate anything unless we were to pin everything of any significance. However, EQTV itself has grown along with our community. We need moar. You need moar! Inspired by a couple of threads recently posted in peripherally related areas of the site, we thought it would be really nifty (and honestly necessary) to add a place for the community to interact with the EQTV staff and one another regarding technical problems, suggestions for site development, and discussion of unofficial EQTV events. What are "unofficial” events, you don't ask? Well, I'm going to tell you what I mean anyway. A nifty feature of of which most people don't avail themselves is the ability to create their own channels. When you create a new channel, you can register it so it becomes permanently attached to your account. You are the administrator of your own channel, able to mute, kick, and ban attendees, as well as create custom chat filters, emoticons, and build a playlist. One can build a playlist with videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion; tracks from Soundcloud, as well as embedding broadcasts from live streaming services such as Livestream, UStream, Twitch, and Hitbox. We've seen some of you making use of this feature, but not many of you and not to its fullest potential. Now all of you are aware of it, and now you may also head to The Lobby and post a thread advertising the channels you create (be sure to add the Channel prefix when creating your thread for easier recognition)! You will find a thread pinned in The Lobby with a few basic guidelines; please read it before doing anything else. Thanks for your attention, you little rapscallions. Sincerely, The Heads of
  13. Pretty self explanatory. If you had to choose between coffee vendors, which would you choose? I tried this at school, and it sort of became Team Costa VS Team Starbucks. Smack a reply in the south! :3
  14. I'm at a loss for words. For the record, I LOVE Girl Scouts cookies. Especially thin mints. I don't buy them often. I bought some tonight and this was the first time I bought Girl Scout cookies in a couple years because when I buy Girl Scout cookies, I make them disappear. Anyway, I just saw a commercial for it on TV so it HAS to be real. You guys, if I see this stuff at the store, I'm buying all of it. Then I will go home and drink coffee by the gallon.
  15. Hey guys just wanted to let y'all know about this giveaway I'm doing to promote my new mugs. I just got this new setup where I can design and make my own MLP mugs, it's pretty freaking awesome. Anyway the lucky people who win will be able to custom request a character, which is pretty cool if like love Rarity or whatever. Anyway it's free to enter , just go to Facebook and enter, and I'll pick winner on wednesday. Facebook Contest- This is one of the mugs I designed, I call them the 'Starbits Coffee' mugs, they're one of the few things I'm proud to show off.
  16. ..............its hard for me to talk about this subject on the stupidity of it but oh well we all have stupid stuff to share so why not? I work at a Dunkin Donuts where I live, from friday to sunday I'll work in the morning from around say 3AM or 4AM to 8AM. Short hours yes but I got school and I need my days to study and do homework. My main duty of what I do is taking the donuts, mainly the shells and donut rings, and I both fill and frost them. For the filling of the shells, we use a machine that looks like this (simple machine, gets the job done. Only thing that gets irritating is when some people don't refill the damn thing...I'll refill it, others don't because laziness) Our filler was basically starting to kick the bucket. The machine itself would reset everytime the button is pressed to fill donuts with, it wouldn't fill at all. So, I was told that it was given a temporary fix, how so? Apparently the parts inside were glued to make sure they stay together. So we have this machine being held together with glue inside basically It baffles the crap out of me, not only that but it actually worked for a while. For about a month if I'm right but honestly I was glad the stupid plan worked. Obviously though it won't last forever and it broke down, and still to this day we're constantly having to borrow these fillers from other Dunkin Donuts, having some of us go early in the morning to pick it up and then deliver it back. This...may not be such a bad thing though, considering we're given overtime to get the machine that we're borrowing. Why not just buy new parts? Because they're cheap and are lazy, that's all I'm guessing. Screw it I'll just have more Krispy Kream donuts from now on (The krispy kreme chicken donut, wut) ......w-wha...I...that's chicken?, screw it I'm never eating donuts again. This is why now most of the time I'll just have a hot pocket in the morning, or a bagel and some orange juice. Sugary donuts and coffee don't do it for me
  17. My First Drawing! Well this is my first drawing or any type of pony artwork for that mater. Tell me what you think. Its a little bit weird but its my first so tell me what you think. Feel free to use it if you want but give me credit for the work thanks . Thanks -Sparkle Speed
  18. Welp, this is old :I Look at the bad anatomy, it's everywhere! 8D This was my first time doing this style of lineart... vectors I think some folks call 'em? Dunno. Stayed up till four in the morning about a month ago so I could finish this *_______* One Two Three CRITICIZE! (?o?)/
  19. I was wondering if you guys can help my critique my twin OCs... I rarely make twin OCs, so that is why I wanted to be more careful than sorry. These two run a coffee shop in Ponyville, and I haven't came up with the name for it. So here is my first twin, Koko. Personality: Her personality is that of a "hard to get" pony. It's agressive towards competition with other shops, and to be being friendly and hyper the next. She is the eldest sister. She loves her sister to death, despite the two getting into constant bickering like sisters would. Background: She is the manager of their coffee shop. She and her sister come from a family that happens to run a coffee farm that grows coffee beans to ship, sell, and brew. The two siblings became involved in the work their family did, they decided to move out of the farm and into the town of Ponyville where many ponies inhabit. After working seperate jobs, the two gained enough bits to finally buy their own shop to continue the family legacy of coffee makers. But they don't always sell coffee. They can sell candy to hot chocolate. The two take a liking to their job, but face many competitions with neighboring shops. So here is out next sister...I really haven't came up with her name yet. So if you got any suggestions on what here name should be, it will really help! Personality: She is more a pacifist than her sister will ever be. She doesn't like to get involved with competitions, though she can rarely be seen to share her sister hard flank behavior towards them. Background: She is the co-manager, and takes Koko's place while she is away. (read Koko's backstory) I would love to apologize for the poor drawings...this is a ROUGH DRAFT.
  20. i needed practice on inking so i used rina chan as practice, this is probably the only art ive drawn that im not disapointed in XD next up on the agenda, shading!
  21. A friend and I frequently go to a classy cafe down in Durham, North Carolina. Once a month was our custom, but we've both gotten quite busy as of late and have had to repeatedly cancel our plans. We live in central Virginia so it's quite a haul to go there, but we make the journey because Virginia doesn't have nice things. It's a small cafe with no dress code, though the clientele are always decent, respectable people wearing befitting clothing, and there's always a jazz band playing. He reminded me that my birthday is next week (I would have forgotten had he not mentioned it) and we're determined to make the trip on Saturday, the 15th. My normal attire is a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Nothing fancy but perfectly acceptable there. Seeing as this is a "special occasion," I decided to dress respectably this time. So my question to all of you is: which of the following do you prefer? How often to you "dress up" for fancy events? Do you ever over dress just for the fun of it? Personally, I find such clothing to be constricting and unpleasant and avoid dressing like that if at all possible. I've seen plenty of T-shirts and ordinary clothing around here, so post some of your more fancy attire if you wish, with or without you in them.
  22. I bet NNL's gonna be the only one to understand this... Well from a show called Metalocalypse, they have a song called "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle". In one video, the guitar player shows you how to play the solo. I covered the solo.