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Found 16 results

  1. When you get your coffee, your espresso, your latte, your java or whatever caffeinated beverage of your choice, how do you prefer it? Piping hot as is tradition? Or do you prefer it iced and cold brewed? What say you? Me personally, I'd rather not have the inside of my mouth scalded. Also I find having it chilled really brings out the flavor.
  2. Hey y'all I know this might be slightly.. Odd of a thread to make, but since I've been sick for the past couple days(Thank God i'm getting over it now) the idea had come to mind and I figured, ah why the heck not make it Xd. So yeah pretty simple question, when your sick (As I know all of us have been) atleast with common colds and such you always either have a stopped up nose which makes it hard to breath, or a runny nose which is well annoying for sure . So which one do you prefer? I know both suck, but I mean you have to have one you hate more. I personally hate runny nose more then a stuffy one, I mean with a runny nose its just so high maintenance, atleast I can have a stuffy nose and not have to have a tissue every 5 seconds. What about y'all? I'm gonna put a poll on here for you to vote, but I'd like to see posts justifying your answer of course. You don't have to, but it would be cool . Later y'all!
  3. What's better where you live? Summer or winter? I really like the Winter where I live, it really brings out the beauty of the landscape.
  4. Basically, I have a cold and I am not sure how to help myself. So I suppose I will ask you folks. ... How do you guys help a sore throat?
  5. Basically, this is just a thread I made out of boredom about weather. Discuss weather and the questions I put up. Why did you choose the answer you chose? Stuff like that. Feel free to discuss anything about the weather here. Want me to edit the polls, add new questions and answers to currently existing questions on the poll? Tell me.
  6. This is a review on the DLC, Cold, Cold Heart that was released on 4/22/14. The DLC featured the Origin story of Mr. Freeze and other features like new upgrades to help the functioning of the new Batsuit that is featured in the DLC. I had a fun time getting all the upgrades and playing around with the HE suit. How did everyone else feel about the DLC?
  7. So guess who got stuck with the cold/flu virus this New Year's Eve, thiiiiiis guuuuuy. I must say that it is absolutely rubbish and it makes me feel terrible, especially on my rare breaks from College classes. I've been resting up, taking naps, drinking plenty of fluids, aaaand am now currently cooking some vegetable curry to help lighten up my mood and hopefully help combat my ill-fated situation. (see what I did there?) It has me wondering though... Is anybody else stuck with some terrible illness tonight? What are your own procedures to take care of it, and what would you recommend a cold-induced American such as myself? Also, Have a Happy New Year!
  8. This is just something that I've been noticing. Whenever we have company over some want "crushed" ice specifically. Do they enjoy every little crunch of ice with their drink? Others want it cubed; Just to make it cold, and big so that they don't get an abundance of ice? Some don't want any. Personally I like crushed ice. But to me, ice is ice. I won't yell at the person "This isn't crushed!" Give me your opinions please
  9. A new first for my own blogs. Hopefully I can entertain, I don't know much to talk about sometimes on the forum, because I'm just that kind of person and I still want to keep in touch. Squirrel doesn't plan to leave anytime soon! As in the title, college pretty much happened. Finally I'm in Thomas Nelson Community College...its about time! Wanting to get a degree in computer science so I know plenty of math will be in my future...blech Not a fan of math but it has to be done. Only thing that annoys me of whats been happening recently is this. We have a Japanese teacher named Mariko, she's very nice and I do like her for that but when I go over on certain tests or quizzes with her, she'll see mistakes I made and when she sees it, she'll laugh a little. She does this to everyone pretty much, laughing at the mistake and hoping to correct it...but, there's no need to laugh when you have someone who say failed a test and needs help. That will really discourage some and me but at this point I just wanna get math over with. Other then the usual subjects of History, english, and along with Ethics being a fun class, that's about it. Even with that teacher, I find my ways of relaxation...both of watching ponies obviously but in the form of games. Recently I found myself an emulator for Neo Geo games. Remember that console that was $650? Along with the games being expensive as well due to their limited quantities...yeah no, I'll get digitial downloads, compilations and emulators to have my Neo Geo fix. (Who remember Blazing Star? heehee...hearing BONUS! BONUS! POWAH UP! HEY A POWER UP ITEM APPEARS!) Plenty of frustration to get rid of. I could just use a stress ball, but I'll mash my arcade joystick to death to get rid of my stress Anyway, stink bugs are coming soon and I'm getting quite a few in my room. Most of them keep crawling inside of the air conditioner in my room in the window. Annoying as hell but certainly not as bad as before one day. Had my window opened up and over 10 or 20 of those things were on the ceiling, under my bed and more. I went to town killing those suckers and flushing them down the toilet. Even with the annoyance of bugs, I'm still happy winter is coming...gonna wrap up in my blanket, warm up some apple cider and watch MLP, some movies, and various Three Stooges DVDs I have since I love to watch those during winter, reminds me when I used to watch them all the time with my mom. Squirrel checking out
  10. Some different expressions of Frozen Mass! 1. "The" Frozen. 2. "Ive got an important role/Why am i doing this? 3. Sad Frozen 4. The way too happy Frozen! :3
  11. Frozen Mass and Molten Mass with a fancy background! It turned out pretty nice! As you can see, Frozen Mass is a nice calm pony. While Molten Mass is the opposite! Feel free to use it! Just don't steal the credit plox! D; It's in 1920x1080. So most monitors are supported What do you think? Should i change anything?
  12. Hey Pony's! I'm a first time camper, and next week I am going to be camping for 4 days on a camp (luckily some friends will be there with me ) So (without scaring me to bad ) What are your experiences of camping? If you enjoy it, why? If not, Why? What are your camping highlights/funny moments/ worst bits! PS: was gunna post a pictures but apparent no extensions work ever :/!
  13. Cold The rain patters on, endlessly dropping down for all to see The feel of the dampness on my skin cannot compare to the depth of the pain within You once were there, to help me see you made me things that before I could not be Why must you leave me now, in times of need But your words, your teachings are my creed The sky is dark, deep navy blue why could I not have passed away too You have left my presence, needlessly and it holds truth that without you I cannot be It is done now, the rain is gone but light will not return until the crack of dawn But without you by my side, it matters not without you, I have no light, all I can do is rot I sit now, here by your resting place My heart beats, at a steady pace I solemnly yearn for the day when we can finally be together again
  14. this is my 2nd submission to a contest on tumblr where you ship an OC with her character (the character being Mimie -right-) and i shipped her with my OC, Colorful Crescendo -left- this is a huge improvement from my previous submission :3 hope i get a good chance at winning that contest, what do you guys think of this? how did i do?
  15. Hi To explain, I am currently writing a novel. The main setting is winter in a small town in Canada. Because I live in the desert, and see snow once a year(if I'm lucky) I don't know some of the simple things and tasks that one would performs during major snowstorms. For Example: I have no idea about how to put on tire chains. What are things that people do during extreme cold? I would love to know. Thanks for the help.
  16. Ah, the joys of summer. It's one of the best times of the year for many. But, along with every other joy in this world, it must have its negatives, even at this time of the year where her days are drawing to a close. Plentiful are the victims each summer of many seasonal conditions, sicknesses, and the like, most commonly fevers and strep throats. There are many more examples of these harsh, annoying types of bugs flying around during June and August. Do you have any memories or experiences to share of said conditions? What do you do to heal them?