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Found 9 results

  1. So recently (within the last year or two) I've found myself involved in the saber collecting community. I have some friends who also collect lightsabers, and there are forums dedicated to the hobby, but I was wondering if there is anyone here who also collects sabers. I kind of want some people to talk to about it. If you are not aware, there are whole companies (the most popular being Ultrasabers and Saberforge) who produce collectible dueling lightsabers. These are for both collectible purposes, and for actual saber dueling. Are any of you guys interested in this hobby too? My favorite company to get my sabers from are Ultrasabers. I like how affordable they are, and I actually like their slightly bulkier hilts because I am a tall person with long fingers. I currently have two stunt sabers (the Sentinel v4 in counselor green, and the Overlord in blazing red), but I have had experience using other sabers that my friends own. I am thinking about getting a couple more. I have my eye on the Bellicose and Prophesy from Ultrasabers. I've heard good things about those. I'm also looking at some of the apprentice tier sabers from Saberforge. Even though I don't like how those feel in my hand when I'm dueling or spinning, they all beautiful sabers.
  2. Welcome to the LEGO discussion thread! Here you can share your experiences from your childhood, all the sets and themes that you used to (or still) love, and if you're an avid hobbyist, you can share some of the stuff that you're looking forward to. You can also share awesome pictures like this: So epic! For me, this franchise was the best thing to have ever happened to my childhood. It made my childhood livable and I still to this day embrace the nostalgia! It's been about three years since I've had a LEGO set but recently, I have decided to try to pursue this fascination of mine once more. Honestly, I would love to have several sets to keep on display in the future, even when I get married and have my own family. This thread is dedicated to anything LEGO!
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently trying to collect all of the currently released vinyls from funko (excluding pop figures, those eyes creep me out) but I'm having a hard time finding celestia or luna and I really don't want to drop around $70 for one figure. sadly the 2 closest hot topics to me are gone and out of business and the nearest one that carries ones I don't have are over 2 hours away. How did you get these figures ( if you have them) and where did you get them? The ones I don't currently have are: Dr. whooves, Big mac, Daring doo (these 3 I can find easily enough) Princess Luna, princess Celestia, princess Cadence, shining armor, and spike. (bon bon and lyra are currently en route to my house)
  4. Hello everypony! I don't know about you guys but waiting for Season 5 is really talking its toll. I'm sure were all re-watching Season 1-4 over again (I know I am) but I was browsing through YouTube and I was looking through my subscriptions and i stumbled upon 'Inside the Magic' they do Interviews, news and reviews and they were lucky enough to get to check out New York's Toy Fair 2015! They did a video about what Hasbro has in store for us this fall check the video below. Feel free to subscribe to 'Inside the Magic' which i will also leave a link for below. Subscribe to 'Inside the Magic' Video link
  5. So I just bought the new Funko Princess Celestia and I am pretty excited about it, and that got me thinking about a topic to start, so... What do you guys(or girls) think about the new figures? Are they what you expected? Would you want to have one, or two?(or ten) Personally I think they look great and can't wait 'till it gets here.
  6. Neigh for me. I think for the most part they are lazy and don't look like the show. A lot of them look like they are from older molds that they just reused slapped some "updated" paint on. Oh, and most of them I've seen look creepy (especially the eyes). The actual stranded hair looks weird to me too. My little cousin has a small translucent Gilda thing that I think was a blind bag. It looks pretty decent, so I found and ordered the normal (not sparkly or clear) one off eBay. That's the only thing I've found that Hasbro officially made that I think looks "normal" I guess there was someone who made and was selling good 3D prints a couple years back, but got zapped by Hasbro. Supposedly he's working on some legitimate deal currently and will hopefully be selling them again. This is one of the best I've seen. So what do you guys think? Do you like or not like? Care how accurate/ not accurate they look? Or just buy them anyways- because ponies!
  7. So Build A Bear has released a picture for their new Celestia plushie that should be released soon I've seen various pics of other Build A Bear MLP plushies like their Fluttershy one, but I honestly think they could have done a tad better job with Celestia here But you guys can be the judge What do you think of this upcoming new Celestia plush? Will you be off to Build A Bear to buy one when it's released? Feel free to post your thoughts
  8. Hi everypony! Does anybody know a place in Canada where you can get FUNKO pony collectibles? If they aren't sold in Canada, please tell me. Thanks! Sincerely, Cheez-It
  9. Long story short: I was under a rock when the Hot Topic vinyl collectibles were being sold back in October. Rainbow Dash is still fairly cheap (Successfully sent an offer for $28 for one last night. Nearly double the Hot Topic price, but it was the best I could get at that point, as it's for my brony boyfriend's birthday in a little over a week, and not for me.), but Derpy's going for a lot more. Bids are getting as high as $53 on eBay. (Maybe Christmas madness that'll die down in a few days?) Head quarters was called for Hot Topic. They said it was sold out everywhere, and its unknown if they'll get more in stock. Advice Question: Should I risk waiting, or suck it up and bid higher than I'd like to on eBay? I really want her. She is extremely adorable. I usually hold my wallet back when looking at collectibles, but I can't resist. Has anyone heard anything from other sources, like if Derpy would be available again when Fluttershy and Dr. Whooves come out? Or if Derpy was definitely a limited edition? Thank you for reading!