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Found 55 results

  1. Hi! I'm an incoming junior in highschool, and I'm really interested in biology, and language.... that's beside the point kinda xD. I'm planning on going into pre med in college. I know the basics i think... i'm taking classes that coincide with what i want to do, and i'm currently working on getting my EMT, I'm also going to shadow my uncle (who is a pediatric surgeon) in Korea during winter break (at least.. that's the plan). Since junior year is coming, im supposed to decide on several colleges... yay?.... I'm thinking University of Iowa, or UCSD... Do any of you know good schools that have a good medical program? Or just, good schools in general XD Thanks for your time
  2. Have any questions regarding university/ college admissions? Want to share your dream university list or experience? Want to discuss admissions with others who either have experience in admissions? Whether you want to study in Asia or America, a for profit college or Harvard, here is the place to discuss it!
  3. I know theirs a lot of us out there, so state your major, where your studding( if your willing to share) ,and why u picked it. I originally wanted to be an architect since i was 5, but i switched majors during orientation cuz turned out its just 4 years of art classes and i was more interested in the engineering and physics portion. So i switched to civil engineering. Much harder classes but i see if i stay with it. I'm a freshman at Iowa State University. GO CYCLONES
  4. Seeing how many people are interested in music here, I wonder if any here wants to pursue a career in music or already are music majors! The best way to do that is to be a music major, of course. xD There are people who became musicians without a college degree but that is...very very very very very very very rare. I seriously mean that. There are various degrees in music which include: Bachelor of Music in Performance Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and/or Music Composition Bachelor of Music in Music Education (choral/general or instrumental) Bachelor of Arts in Music (take more liberal arts courses and great for double majors) Bachelor of Science/arts/music in music technology, audio engineer, or music production Yeah...the music technology degree is a tough one because there are soooo many names for that! xD Oh,there are also schools that offer degree in arts management, which allows you to basically be a manager. I am a music education major doing both choral/general and instrumental. I'm studying piano and music composition privately. So yeah, brohoof to all the music majors or wanna-be music majors. So yeah, if you want advice or want to give advice on music careers/degrees, this is the place to talk. ^^
  5. Some people see it as a waste of time and money, others see it as a necessary requirement for success, and some people just don't have the money for it, even if they wanted to go. What do you think about college? Are you planning on going to one? Do you think it's worth the investment?
  6. Everyone has a plan, some change their minds in the middle of their life. Some follow their plans all the way through. So as far as education goes, what is the highest level of education, that you plan to finish or have already finished? Or perhaps What KIND of education do you plan on doing or have completed already. Did you plan to go to college for an Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree or a Doctors/PHD? Perhaps Certifications are your style? Did you graduate high school or go for that GED exam? BONUS: Also did you win any awards during your time in school? I am talking about awards that came from high school, college, trade school and so on, so let's hear about it. I will start this thread with myself... 2005 = Graduated high school 2005 - 2009 = Graduated with my Bachelors Degree (Bachelors of Science) 2010 = Trade school (Became COMPTIA A plus, Network plus, and Security plus certified) 2011 - 2013 = Graduated with my Masters degree (MBA) (Masters in Business Administration with the concentration of Information Systems Management.) AWARDS.... Toastmasters Club – Competent Communicator Award (I Joined a public speaking club and became the first student on my campus to complete 10 speeches before graduation, which earned me this reward.) S.T.A.R (Students Taking Active Responsibilities) – Platinum Level Accomplishment (Helped out with volunteer work on the schools campus.) Future Business Leaders of America – Certificate of Appreciation (College Business club, won this award by helping out people who were struggling with on campus issues.) The Future... I plan to go ahead and try to get the following.... CCNA Cert. (Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching certification) ACMT Cert. (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification) (Working on this NOW) ?MCSA Cert (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) That's it for me, what about the rest of you bronies and pegasisters?
  7. What to share you're experiences? I'm a late starter, 24 and just starting this week. I'm going to Community college so no dorm life for me, at least for now, as I want to transfer to a University later on. To be honest I do not know what I want to major in so at the moment I'm 'Liberal arts'.
  8. richard j daley chicago IL i am kinda new college student and the first one i went it was kinda sad allot of student were complaining classes were allot of times recut it because of money but they was 1000 or more in remodeling the carpet and some rooms and they cut all music classes only had music intro early times. clubs were kinda bad not many music and dancing and art were shutdown lack of people and the classes were kinda bad too you need to go to 8 school to get all your work done.
  9. Inspired by another blog entry discussing what a Brony is according to a podcast (and kind of criticizing it for assuming Bronies like sexual stuff), I decided to share with you an article I wrote with the help of Joseph Marx (a friend) on what a Brony is. This article was published in my college newspaper and was a part of the "Alphabet series"... where every week they'd post 2 articles following a sequence of the letters of the alphabet. Enjoy!
  10. I'm confused about the schools in Equestria....Ok, here's what we know so far: In Lesson Zero, Twilight states that she worries that Celestia will send her back to "Magic Kindergarten", which is assimably in Canterlot. Also beore she went to Ponyville, she was enrolled to Princess Celestia's Magic School for the Gifted, whicj might be for a similar age group. In Ponyville, there is an elementary school where a lot of familiar background and supporting ponies, as well as the CMC go to. So, the only educational facilities canonically mentioned were low-grade-level, which makes me wonder if that's all the education an average pony needs in their life in that universe. But don't you think it's wierd...? Think about it, the Mane 6, on the majority of age group people believe they're in, would be about late high school, early-college level. But, as far as we know, none of them go to any kind of school. Also, there seems to be no higher grade-level educational facility in Equestria. I'm wondering, like I stated previously, do the ponies in that world not need a big level of education or something? Pretty smart equines, if ya ask me. O_o
  11. New results just came in from my recent race. Our men's team did pretty well placing forth over all. Individually I placed 33rd in the mens race Results are here
  12. August 15th marks the first day I'm going to college. But the sad thing is, I might not be on the forums as much. But I'll see what happens
  13. March Madness begins today for realsies. Anypony watch college basketball, follow the tournament, create brackets, wager money on it? Let's share! Both men's & women's tournaments can be discussed here. I'm rooting for my Lady Huskies of UCONN, as well as the Aggies of Texas Agriculture & Medicine.
  14. Not sure how this will go, but whatever I'm putting it up anyway. It's probably horrible, but it was just something I came up with off the top of my head.
  15. So, what is (or was) your school mascot? My high school mascot was the knights and my current college's mascot are the wolves.
  16. Something I have always wondered about is how the education system works in equestria. It was hinted that Maud is a college student (getting a "rocktorate" in rock science), but as far as I can tell we have never seen a college/university in Equestria. ITS HEADCANNON TIME What do you think Maud's college/university is like? What is it's name? Where is it located? What kind of degrees does it have? How many students/professors? Does it have any sports? Why would Maud want to study there? (any other fun details you would like to come up with!)
  17. So hi there intrepid forum adventurer how goes your day? Well bellow is a music video my team made for an assessment at college, check it out let me know what you think.
  18. So hi there I just need a bit of help with college project just take two minutes if you can to fill this survey out click the link bellow. Thank you.
  19. Source: Chase Scene Short Film Assignment (with MLP IRL) [Now Playing]
  20. UPDATE (April 17, 2015; 11:06 EST): The link to my recent post with the short film will be linked on this sentence. I hope you enjoy it. I'm "nervousited" to announce that I am working on a project that I am honoured to do. It is a college assignment for Video Capture 1 (one of my courses), and it's so far on the pre-production stage (storyboard making and such). Hopefully this weekend I will get to the production stage (Video Capture, etc). The professor who has assigned it to me and the rest of the class has permitted me to hand it in by my last day of the semester (April 17th) the latest. And so I hope that I will have everything done by then (or earlier (God willing). ). This video here below this sentence is NOT MINE! It's only an example I have found that was already done by someone else (though not good production-quality wise imho) is this here: However, for my chase scene, I will incorporate multiple shots and angles (compared to the first-person camera perspective from the example above) so that my chase scene will truly feel like a professionally produced short film. When it comes to production quality, I will look at examples from LittleshyFiM and StormXF3 (as well as examples from other people of course). And that concludes the announcement. Any thoughts and questions? Feel free to make a post.
  21. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” ~ Steve Jobs For almost 70 years, it's been the universal assumption that top students would go to a 4-year university, get a bachelor's degree (at minimum), then continue on in an office environment, slowly making their way up the work ladder until they find themselves in the corner office on the highest floor. Only the students who cannot make it end up in trade school and blue collar work is seen by our modern society as a dead end path. The truth is that blue collar work should be a serious consideration for any high school student thinking about what to do with his or her life, or people currently working in jobs they hate. Trade jobs have a myriad of benefits: great pay, strong job security, and numerous intangible advantages―from greater autonomy to experiencing the joy of working with one's hands and solving concrete problems. Tradesmen made America what it is. Our buildings, roads, cars, homes, and our great infrastructure of abundant energy and clean water―all of these things were built by the greasy and calloused hands of blue collar workers. To think that these careers belong in a museum in our techno-entrepreneur world is a complete underestimation of the value these jobs still hold in our rapidly urbanizing cities and towns. America still needs new skyscrapers, updated roads and highways, and water systems to save us from drought. These are projects that require the handy work of tradesman, not the white collar office workers. While there is nothing wrong with pursing a bachelor's degree and working in a cubicle, people who feel that they cannot work in such jobs should forget the old stereotypes and myths that the only good jobs out there are those that require a bachelor's degree. It's true that many jobs that require a bachelor's degree typically pay more than those that don't. But there seems to be this culturally-institutionalized belief that in order to live happily in our generation governed by consumerism and capitalism we must become wealthy, obtain corporate jobs, and adopt a luxurious lifestyle. That does not have to be the case. Although we live in a post-industrialized age, let us not forget that our country's infrastructure still needs to grow and be maintained. And by no means am I dismissing the importance of white collar workers. But I would argue that this country needs a plenitude of both white collar office workers and blue collar tradesmen and quite frankly, there seems to be a noticeable imbalance between the two as our modern culture is becoming increasingly skewed towards the idea of going to college, getting a B.A., and then becoming an arduous office worker or an executive. It's almost as if colleges these days are now some kind of profitable gimmick that college districts seek to commercialize. It's ridiculous how much insurmountable faith is placed in what too many people believe to be the sole gateway to a brighter future. Higher education is frequently perceived these days as the absolute road to success in the professional world when it should be considered as a possible road to success along with the other possible paths that prospective students can choose from. Our salaries do not need to exceed $30,000 a year in order for us to survive. If we focused more on wisely budgeting our money, resisting the temptation to use credit, and spending it more on the necessities and less on the non-essentials, we could live confidently with better self-control, stability, and financial security regardless of what job we have. If you embrace minimalism the possibilities of making a comfortable living broaden economically and financially speaking. Thus, the opportunities become truly endless in the job market. Do not conform to the materialistic and superficial passions of generation X―do not let your possessions own you or hold you back from experiencing what you want to experience and doing what you want to do. So explore every possible avenue. Whether one chooses to attend college, trade school, or obtain a work license/certificate, there is a place for everyone in our country's labor force.
  22. Call me crazy, but since this week is reading week for me, I want to take this free time to my advantage and make a stunningly convincing quick video review of the show for the whole world to see (yes I intend to make it public). The instructor who assigned me and the class the assignment for this week did not leave any restrictions as to what I should be doing, so I said to myself, why not do this? So I am doing it right now! ProJared's videos in a playlist here will be the main inspiration as to how I will tackle this challenge. In terms of quality control and professionalism, I want to make it as good as ProJared's One Minute Review videos and LittleshyFiM's "Everything Wrong with" Parody videos. Also I have never seen anyone do this kind of thing before, so I want to do it for the heck of it. What I am asking you is this, I would like you to leave your thoughts and suggestions as to what I should use and say in the review. It will help me a lot from knowing from different perspectives what I should use and say in the review that will be appropriate for the general public. Keep in mind that I am actually serious about this. Which means that I will ignore any suggestions to give up on it, because that is not going to happen on my watch. This part of my assignment is due on March 6. But I intend to get most of the work done this week. Thank you for your feedback. Update: click here to see the video.
  23. It has been a week since my Ohio State Buckeyes has won the Football Team's 8th National Title and that win was against the Oregon Ducks. in case you haven't seen Corso's Headgear pick last Monday, here it is:
  24. I know in my last entry I said I was going to tough out the semester, but I did the math. To keep my B in Advanced Business statistics, I need a 76.4 on the final exam To raise my C to a B in Marketing Strategy, I need to score a 124.2 on the final exam I finally told my parents I had a C in grad school. It really went over better than I thought it would. I did make my mom promise not to destroy me, though. Instead of being angry with me (like she has done in the past), she instead offered some insight into my situation, which she was correct about. Then she offered suggestions about what I should do going forward. It really was a whole lot easier than I thought it would be. Really, it feels so much better now that I don't have to lie to them about my grades anymore. She helped me make a few decisions: 1. The first thing we decided was that quitting school would not be a smart decision. I do have room to grow with my degree, but I shouldn't plan on getting much further than I currently am if I don't keep pursuing my education. I am comfortable now, but if I were to marry and end up with a family...I'm more financially stable than I have ever been, but I am in no way ready to support a family. 2. We decided was that I should look into a Master of Accounting (MAcc) instead of Business Administration (MBA) because the MAcc would fit my interests much better. So I got on my computer and looked into it. I did find a university that offered an MAcc program. It offers two Becker CPA review courses (which are invaluable to aspiring CPA's), both of which you can use as two of the four electives you need to graduate as well as having a heavy focus on accounting. It is a 30 hour program that has maybe 6 hours of courses that aren't accounting so I really want to check that out before quitting school. 3. Neither of my current classes are listed on their schedule. I can't even use them as electives. So instead of finishing the semester and taking what I have, it'd be best to just drop (which I did today). I've checked in with my financial aid providers. I will owe my student loans back (obviously) but I do not have to pay back any grant money. All the loan money is intact so all they have to do is ask for it and I'll hand it all over in a lumpsum. I even have enough to cover interest. That puts me in an excellent financial situation as far as dropping out of grad school is concerned. 4. I should contact an adviser at the new school. Now I'm probably not going to get in for the spring semester, but that's okay. If I can't get in until August 2015, I can live with that. It'd probably be better anyway. 5. I'm I need to find a counselor. I had already decided upon this before talking to my parents. It's also why I think enrolling for August would be better. It would give me more time to sort things out with myself and get out of this rut. I don't wear sadness well. I guess the thing my mom told me that stuck with me was this: "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it." Well, I guess she's right. For now it is nice to finally not have school for a little while. I actually feel really good about my decision to drop out of these classes. Usually when I feel good about something, I know I made the right choice. And I'm ecstatic about that much, despite my depression. I still have a lot of changes to make in my life to get better but I'll take it a step at a time. I don't expect an overnight turnaround. I haven't been reading self-help books or anything. I just know what I need to do to get where I want to be. I will need help along the way, though. My first objective is to clean everything and reorganize. Let's hope this goes well. [insert "determined" emoticon here] Eh..that'll do lol
  25. Just like the title says, I’m dropping out of graduate school. I can’t handle it anymore. I am under a lot of pressure, and it’s causing me a lot more anguish than I need in my life. So here are my reasons for doing so: 1. I already have a Bachelor’s Degree. Right now I’m pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration, and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be, especially now that I have a job. Yes, an MBA would allow me to go much further than my BBA will, but I’m pretty happy where I am right now and I still have a lot of opportunity to grow. 2. I’m using my degree. I have a pretty well paying job. The problem I have with my job right now is that I’m not 100% full time. I have to take Tuesday afternoons off to go to school. Since I work 4 out of 40 hours less, my pay is also cut 10%. What this means is that I’m grossing about $300 per month less than I would be if I were 100% full time, and that is a pretty big difference. 3.On top of making less money, school is now costing me more money than it ever has. Grad school is more expensive than undergrad. On top of that, there is less financial aid available to graduate students. I’ve had to take on student loans now (I was fortunate enough to get my undergrad degree debt-free). The ramification of my decision is that as soon as I drop out, I have to start paying on those. I guess it’s a good thing I’ll only be paying on a loan worth $4,000. 4. I live about 80 miles (about 140-ish kilometers) from my college. Every Tuesday, I have to make a drive that takes roughly an hour and fifteen minutes there and back. It takes a lot of fuel to get there. Even though gas is down, it’s still hard for me to afford that lifestyle. It’s not like I drive a huge truck that guzzles gas. I drive a Honda Prelude. Not the easiest thing on gas, but it’s not terrible. 5. Having a job has made school much more difficult. If I didn’t have one, I’d have no reason to be doing poorly. But now I’m making a B and a C. That’s not too horrible if you’re only getting your undergrad degree, but if you have more than 6 hours of C in grad school, they will hold your degree unless you repeat classes to change your grade. Even so, you can only repeat so many times before you get stuck with what you have. I’m only in my first semester and I’m likely going to get my first C. I still have 3 more and a summer to go after this. 6. I no longer like school. When I was getting my undergrad degree, I enjoyed it. It was fun. I made a few friends. I went to classes. I did my work. It was a lot of fun and I got out with A’s and B’s and graduated with honors. College was fun. Now it’s just stressful. I lose sleep over it. Last night I had a bad dream about failing school, being depressed over that, and then my depression affected me in my job, and so I got fired because I couldn’t work, and I ended up homeless for the rest of my life. Whether it was just a dream or a vision, I don’t want to end up like that. At the present, I am so stressed out by school that I find myself slipping into depression. And I’ve got another year and a half of this to go if I stick with it. 7. The awesome thing about work is that I choose to stay late if I want to. As salaried staff, I don’t get paid for overtime, but I like my job that much that I’ll stay and work for free to get caught up. Another awesome thing is that when I’m off at 5:00, I’m off. Work doesn’t give me things to do at home. Work doesn’t cut into my personal life. School gives me homework, which is always holding me back. I’m sick of homework. 18 years of homework is enough. I want to do other things besides homework. Lately, I’ve felt a heavy desire to volunteer around my city – soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. – but I just can’t do that with homework sucking up my personal time to go out and do that kind of stuff. 8. Finally, I just need to change gears. I’ve been stuck in the school rut for a very long time now and I’m just tired of going to school. It’s all I’ve ever known. I want to move on with my life and focus on my career and well-being. My lifestyle is unhealthy because school has sucked the motivation out of me. The only thing that has kept me from dropping out of grad school since I got in was my parents. They want me to strive to be more than just an entry-level accountant. Trust me, I don’t want to be an entry-level accountant for the rest of my life either, but my accounting degree does give me lots of room to grow. I don’t need a Master’s degree to get a CPA license. And hell, that may not even be for me. I may not be CPA material. I’m okay with that. If I never strike it rich and drive a new Mercedes-Benz to work, I’m okay with that. To me, it’s not settling for second best. It’s being happy with what you’ve been given. I’ll take broke as hell and happy over rich and miserable any day. So my college career (effective at the end of finals week) is over. I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to my folks. But I can’t let this hold me back anymore. I’m ready to go forward. It’s time I make a decision and take both the good and the bad with it. I don’t know if they’ll understand, but I’m going to do what I think is best for me. One day I might go back. But for now, I just can’t handle the strains school has put on me. I think it’s time for me to move on. It is smarter to admit when you have been defeated than to continue fighting a battle you are ill-equipped to fight. And that's how I feel about it. I'm just not ready for grad school. So this is my decision. And I'm sticking with it. I'm nervous as hell, but it's time for a change. I'll keep my fingers crossed that my parents understand why I'm doing this.