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Found 68 results

  1. This thread will be for any and all original artwork I’ll splash out for this year. Figured I’d keep screencap redraws in one thread and my own personal drawings in another thread to declutter the amount of topics I’ll end up making. Enjoy! Been binge watching equestria girls for some reason. Sunset Shimmer is just great. Here’s some cute drawings minus Twilight. ~honestly was too lazy to sketch her out~ still working on this next one, but I’ve sketched them all out. Here are the boys of our ponyverse! Tbh I forgot Braeburn existed until tonight lol. Also for some reason Flash Sentry has 2 different models in the Equestria Girls universe? I prefer his look in the YouTube series than the movies?!
  2. Chloe Price. Our favorite blue haired stoner who likes to cause mischief wherever she goes. I was hella bored, and the inside of my journal was lame so I drew this. Coloring is sorta rushed, got bored halfway through tbh
  3. Long time no see! I used to be super active on this part of the forum. I’m sad I’m not anymore, but I hope y’all enjoy this drawing I did!! I’ve been busy with family and work so not much drawing getting done.
  4. Idk, wanted to decorate my binder. Also got into OK K.O today. Super cute show. Crayon one is my first attempt though i referenced promo art for it. The more bold colored pencil is my own rendition without references.
  5. If you like ponies and Steven universe you've come to the right place! Done on pink sticky notes and colored with prisma premiere pencils.
  6. Haven't really been drawing much lately. I'm tired and stressed from school so it's killed any kind of passion for art I had. I do try and get a doodle in every blue moon. Here's a quickly doodled Big Mac redraw I did on a sticky note. The left is from a looooooong time ago. Like three-four years ago. On the right is the more recent one.
  7. So first I sketch with regular pencil. Then I outline it with a black pencil and color it in. I'll post a visual example to help out. Yes my pencil sketch is really hard to see I draw light cause I black pencil over it. So the question. Is there a better alternative to the black pencil? I just feel like the black lines get to thick and don't look as smooth.
  8. I tend to doodle a lot. And I'm just gonna dump all my doodles in this thread. In case you didn't know I LOVE rainbow dash. So they'll be a lot of Dashie doodles here haha. It'll be a mix of pencil, pen and/or colored pencils.
  9. Doing the pokedex challenge within my own terms! If more than one evolution I'm only doing the first.
  10. I was gonna post it when it was done but I couldn't wait to show you all what I've been working on! about a year ago I did some power ponies in circles but I redid them and put them all on a divider for my binder. I'll post as I finish more. Enjoy what I have so far!
  11. On the left is one from 4 months ago for comparison, and on the right I literally just finished a minute ago. :3
  12. So I started this like 6 weeks ago, threw it in my drawer and forgot about it. I've been studying all day for finals and decided I earned myself a couple hits to draw and color. Decided to work on this thing again. so here is what I have so far. Mind you I drew it 6 weeks ago and already lined it so I couldn't change anything. Which I would have done with a couple of the poses. I will post a new pic after each day until it is finished!
  13. On the left is a drawing I did a while ago that took me quite some time. On the right is a quick pen doodle that took a few minutes. enjoy!
  14. I wanted to see how much better I've gotten since last year so I redrew this. Put it up on my insta and figured I might as well toss it on here.
  15. Finished my first request. 3 more to do! Ugh. So much to do But enjoy! I had a lot of fun with this. Such a cute pony!
  16. So I'm thinking of opening a thread to do head shots of people's ponies. I suck at sticking to requests but I think I've gotten a lot better over the last few months! Plus I have a buttload of index cards collecting dust. Also I doodled this on my phone during lunch today.
  17. So it's not how I wanted it to turn out, ended up rushing so I'm gonna redo this at some point
  18. Finally finished this! I'm so happy I got something done! I hope you guys like it.
  19. I've been drawing ponies for a few months. Since the beginning I've worked on mimicking the style used in the show. I started looking at art from other people and noticed how cute they make the ponies. Since my little brother wanted a drawing of Rainbow Dash I thought it would be a great time to try out a new style for myself. The coloring was a bit rushed since I was busy, but I think it turned out great. I will change a little bit on the style, but it's little things. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. C: (Ignore the fact it's lined paper, I need to get a sketch book soon.) -On a side note, Rainbow is light blue, the lighting just doesn't do it justice.-
  20. Bam. Got my new colored pencils. 72 set of prisma premiers! So pumped. Colored my chibi Dashie finally. Tried to make the colors a little more accurate. doesn't pop as much but it's all trial and error.
  21. Bam, and here it is. edited: slightly better picture after smoothing out some more and adjusting the colors.
  22. I haven't ever drawn Gilda so nothing totally unique about this doodle with one of my colored pencils. Also because I do what I want, I'm gonna throw in a couple of doodles of my cat that I did today. Do you understand how annoying it is to doodle a cat that won't stop moving?
  23. Second drawing in my new sketchbook! This is actually just a remake of some stupid doodle I did in school. Again I'm limited in colors so I decided to make him rainbow! Done with 8 colored pencils and a white gel pen!
  24. So I'll be 7 hours away from my home when it's my brothers birthday. College and all that. So I did his birthday gift a little early so my mom could give it to him since I won't be there to celebrate with him. He's picky about how ponies are drawn, he only likes the style from the show so that's what I did.
  25. Got really bored so I ended up doodling this and colored it. Originally it was gonna be applejack in her rainbow power form thing but ended up being twilight instead when the other princesses gave her their alicorn Magic, which is why her hairs all flowy.