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Found 24 results

  1. Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet -
  2. As the title suggests, do you prefer bright colors or dark colors? I am quite curious about what you guys like better, so I decided to make this thread to find out. I am a fan of dark colors. I find it easier on the eyes and it doesn't give me a headache when I look at it. Dark colors also have a bit of mystery to it that draws me in and intrigues me.
  3. What color are your eyes? Mine are a light green.
  4. So, what are y'alls theories on why Quibble Pants and Daring Do have the same mane color?
  5. We all have that one color in mind when we first hear the question: What is your favorite color? Well, have you ever thought about its deeper meaning to you? As an artist, I always thought about colors in certain ways. Like how they are connected to our personalities and will change along with them. Like how nature seems to have wired our brains into responding to them differently. I'm really curious about how any of you feel about your favorite color on a deep level.
  6. NOTE TO MODERATORS: This might be an art related question, but it might also be a psychology thing, so I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this question. Question: here's a wheel of hues. How do you divide the wheel and name the resulting colours? For example, this is my answer:
  7. The two examples of "fictional races who are born with random hair and skin colors" that I know of are "Equestria Girls" and "Doug". Other than these, most fictional races with odd-colored bodies tend to only have the same inherited colors (or range of colors), for their respective race or species (e.g. Twileks have green or peach skin, Yondu has the blue skin of his race, instead of being born with another color). Do you know any other work of fiction, with races (especially humanoid) born with skin and hair of random colours?
  8. What are colors you haven't seen/not seen much of for ponies? I think red is actually not that common, since the only character I can think of is Big Mac. Green is not used often either, but a few characters have them.
  9. So, is there a certain pony who you just love the design of or who you admire for their beauty? It doesn't have to be your favorite pony, in fact, you don't even have to care at all for the character, but is there anypony who's outer beauty you like the most? Why? It can be a background pony if you want. For example, I love Princess Cadance's design, mostly due to her color choices and eyes. She's so unique looking, but at the same time, she still fits in.
  10. How do you people decide on pony colors because i am stilling having some trouble picking mine. [ Base Copyright: ] This is the last test i did with colors but the pony oc itself is still a Work In Progress.
  11. Straw poll link Video link
  12. So I made these two ocs based loosely off Gusty and Fizzy from the Gen one cartoon kinda of like their descendants to the Gen Four. Also I need a small help in naming the one from Fizzy a bit. Tempestas: I took from Gusty her green and red mane/tail but shaded it a bit different in making it brighter just a tad off. No bows, just Tempe keeps her mane in a loose pony tail on her side in a very lady like manner. Colors, no pure whit e in just darkening her a bit in a gray like tone in the mix to off set her a little. Adding in her eyes are a bright cheerful green tends to wrap her out a bit in some sunny like yellow. The cutie mark is simple in green to make it stand out in a whirl to show her talent with wind types of magic. I just feel more could be added or something in coloring if you have any input. Name wise: Her name comes from a wind goddess of Greece/Greeks. [imgur]( Profile: Nameless/Zest: Not to sure on her name all around in still working her out, just she is high energy and out going like Fizzy, just more grounded in using her mind and thinking and a show-boat in her magic/talent of making fire work and things like them with her magic. I lighten her colors the green to more of Lyra's in a tone off and kept in hues of pinks in the mane and tail. The colors seem to mix well in also the cutie mark a pink to stand out. Put in a star on her ear and a necklace also in golds to stand out. The eyes are a color like Fizzy's are in a boost of purple mixed in just a bit. Very on sure on her name: Zest: lively excitement : a feeling of enjoyment and enthusiasm : a lively quality that increases enjoyment, excitement, or energy Some other insights is a welcome!
  13. I'm not sure if this should be in show discussion or Sugarcube Corner. If it should be moved, please move it. I was wondering the other day, has our opinions of colors changed any since ponies came into our lives? Would you wear a pink shirt now when you wouldn't have before? Personally, I think my opinion of colors has changed a little, but not much. My favorite colors are still dark Blue and dark Green. I never cared for Pink or Yellow, but I like them a little but more now. I definatly like Purple and Rainbow better now since becoming a brony.
  14. I can see myself working on the colors for some time to come so there's a good chance I might make changes further down the road. I've got two version so far: Do note that this is specifically about the color scheme. The mane and tail are sure to be different from the final design but for the moment, it's just important that he looks at least somewhat professional. Very importantly, the pony below is the son of the pony above: It's kinda important that they do look like they could be closely related since his son took after pretty much nothing from his mother (not final design). So, any thoughts?
  15. I'm trying to design an OC that is different from my other two OC designs (As seen in my signature) So I was thinking... and put together this OC, however, I want input on her design, color wise, mane wise, name wise, so on and so forth. I'm thinking of having her name with Sprout in it. Maybe Rose Sprout?
  16. My OC that I have created is called Ferric Bromide (FeBr3). He is a chemist and enjoys longs days of work in the lab performing crazy experiments. When he is not working, he can either be found at the bowling alley or spending time with his lovely wife, Starlet Harmony(My girlfriend's OC). His best friends are Big McIntosh and Applejack. Favorites: Color- Yellow Food- Pizza Music- Jazz Sport- Hoofball Movie- Star Wars IV: A New Hoof Lately I have been having second thoughts about his name and his cutie mark. I original choose the name Ferric Bromide by randomly naming chemical molecules until I found a name that I liked. His cutie mark was chosen because I was wanting it to be something that people who know chemistry would think it was funny, while knowing that most people wouldn't understand. By the way, the cutie mark is the chemical symbol for alcohol. I would love any suggestions and recommendations on how I should edit my OC. Thank you for reading! Ferric Bromide Starlet Harmony
  17. Here's a question that dawned on me with the fad of recent OC questions here: how did you choose your color scheme? I have a relatively simple backstory for Wind Chaser's, it was directly lifted from the logo of Piedmont Airlines, which forms the basis of the "pegasusexpress2010" identity I have on other sites. The jacket and boots resemble what I wore back in about 2012-2013, I tend to favor that light navy blue: For Vested Interest, I picked a light gray because it looked dignified and businesslike, while the red hair signifies her passion and the green eyes signify her quest for wealth. The vest and tie colors here are inconsequential, they were picked randomly as I was lacking inspiration:
  18. Was super bored today so I doodled this on my phone. I really love traditional art more but im kind of lazy and haven't been up to it.
  19. Okay, I'm just gonna rearrange this whole post in order to throw out now irrelevant information and to prevent the post from getting super long. So parts of this I wrote before, parts I wrote just now. I kinda thought I'd like to make some videos about MLP and I thought I'd wanna make my own character. In previous times when I was gonna do this, I thought I'd have it be my Clover Heart OC, but there were... issues... with that. So instead, I wanted to make a new one to be a skin for myself. I drew and vectored this one: This is just a monochromatic version, so if you have any other ideas of your own, you can think about them easier. I kind of formed all the palettes around the one green color. Green is my favorite color and I like that color of green, so I wanted to incorporate it into my design. Also, I like cool colors. My favorites are green, purple and blue in that order. While I liked the green as an accent color for the hooves, I wanted it to be more of a focal color. I think I might be leaning toward the purple one with the green mane, but making more contrast in the two mane colors like the blue-bodied one. What do you think? Also, which eye color is better, the more reddish color or the more yellowish color? I was also curious on what you thought about mane/tail style. I feel like the mane is similar to my hair without being too plain. The tail's pretty average, but I'm fine with that. Also, I don't really know how to go about choosing a cutie mark. I was actually considering leaving them a blank flank because in all honesty, I feel like that's what I'd be if humans had cutie marks. I've never gravitated too terribly strongly toward one thing or another. I do have hobbies but I really, really bounce back and forth between all of them. I was considering just making it a clover like Clover Heart's because I just really like clovers. However, clovers represent happiness and luck, neither of which I have, so I feel like that wouldn't be the best idea, either. Aside from all that, is there anything about this picture that does not work? I felt I did a fairly good job at it, personally. I realize that a lot of this is kinda personal, so I understand if anyone can't help me on some things (especially a cutie mark.) But I just thought I'd ask. Anyway, any help and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
  20. EDIT: THIS #3 NOT #2, DON'T TRUST THE TITLE So this is my drawing of Twilight Sparkle in colors in her alicorn form. I think that I messed up a bit on this one, because she looks too tall and her wings looks too small. But it's not that bad none the less. Here is it: An early version without the colors:
  21. So I have this OC, her name is Anna (OH GOD THAT'S NOT A PONY NAME. Shush, I know). I love to use her for roleplaying, some writing pieces, and even to just show off as my main character for everything. So, why wouldn't I want her perfect? You know what they say, nobody is perfect, so the colors scheme I picked may not be as good as I thought they were. I have never gotten a definite answer to if my OC is pretty or not, all I have gotten is "Lol, it reminds me of golden sweetie belle". Here are a few examples: Should I change anything? And this doesn't have to just be colors. Is Anna a generally pretty character?
  22. I have recently posted a forum on here not to long ago about my recent OC Pony I have made and didn't get the exact responses I've been expecting. I've read literally...5-10 different little posts/guides about making a OC Pony and have been having quiet abit of difficulty still and Id like to get some help if possible. The issues I've been having mainly have been picking good colors that would compliment eachother, a cutie mark, accessories and weather it should be pegasus, earth pony or unicorn. I sadly am not the greatest at drawing due to the fact it takes me a long while for me to get motivated, so I've been needing to rely on Generalzoi's pony creator. If anyone here has any tips on how to make a good OC please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks everypony. PS. I decided to post my current OC here so I can get some more help and tips with my example of my admitted bad first OC. Also, I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, it's only my second day here. Bro Hoof (\
  23. dA link -> Made in MS Paint entirely, composed of 32 colors, made with a trackpad. It's irrelevant info, but I guess I can use these facts as lame bragging rights Anyways, after 18 hours of work or so, I present to you... Scootaloo. As an adult. With a cutie mark! Specifically, a cloud with a purple lightning bolt, representing her need for speed. As the haze of the ocean and the orange of the sunset meet, she finally discovers what her special talent is. Yes, the pose shows a lot of plot. Not intended to be intimate at all, but take it as so, or not, at your own leisure. It was originally based on a drawing of Lyra I drew on a sticky note during a history exam, but the facial structure and body fit Scootaloo so much better, so here I am now. Lyra don't hurt me
  24. So basically, what branded and/or licensed snack flavors (finger food, fruit snacks, pastries, cookies, etc.) remind you of certain characters from the show, based on their color schemes (mane, coat, etc.) or personalities? To make this a bit easy, I will start: Pinkie Pie: Pop-Tarts - Frosted Cherry The frosting and sprinkles remind me a lot of her coat and mane colors respectively, and also, chimmicherrychanga! :3 (inb4 this is a weird thread :| )