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Found 19 results

  1. I used the search function and could not find any threads like this so if there is one already I'm sorry. Back on topic, exactly as the title of the thread says. What is your hair and eye colour? I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. I feel like I should be a surfer. XD Now it's your turn. What is your hair and eye colour?
  2. Alright, so I'm not the best at explaining things, so I'll use picturess to demonstrate my points. I thought of this on a bus yada yada yada. Right, I think you get what I mean, but in case you're dumb enough still not sure what I'm saying, I'll show some examples: (Pink is a shade of purple now. Deal with it.)Twilight Sparkle has purple eyes. What colour magic does she have? Pinkish purple! Rarity has blue eyes. Guess what? Blue magic. Now Sweetie Belle still can't cast magic, and although we saw some GREEN sparks shooting from her horn in One Bad Apple, let's pretend we didn't. What colour should her magic be? Now let us guess what Pumpkins' magical aura should be, shall we? (Note to self - Make sure you're fully awake when typing these things out to make better sense.)
  3. Straw poll link Video link
  4. I have noticed that there have been subtle color changes to the show. It might not seem like much, but it comes up often when I see images from the show such as screenshots, etc. The color saturation between earlier episodes (like season 1) and later seasons (even season 2). In the earlier seasons, the color saturation is a little less than in the later seasons. For example: Season 1: Season 3: It's obviously just a quality difference, but it is an interesting change. Has anyone else noticed this?
  5. Sometimes, even though the Mane 6 are fine being themselves, we would imagine them being different in some way or another. How would you change the appearance and behaviour of each member, if you can do so? Would you turn Pinkie into some Punkamena chick? Or Dash into the incarnate Rainbow Factory horror? Or Twilight into some insane, green-furred earth pony who is nothing but data and bytes?
  6. Can anyone recommend some great colouring pencils and pens for me? I have some decent artistic pencils, but I'd very much like to colour my sketches and drawings in more professionally. I have done several good drawings which I'm very proud of, but now I regret colouring some of them in after they ended up looking quite scruffy using the pencils I currently own. I also tend to avoid colouring my art in pens and markers, but I'd definitely start if anyone could also suggest some quality paper to use markers with? Sorry if I sound a little demanding, I don't intend to, I'd just like be able to colour in my art better :)
  7. I coloured and drew Princess Celestia, what do you guys think?
  8. Hey, I'm drawing an OC (my first actually haha) but I don't know what colour to give her so any feedback would be great, what colour do you think fits? Thanks
  9. EDIT!! ...aaand i accidentally deleted the poll. time to START OVER...ugh. AGAIN!! I made the mistake of trying to edit this again...ugh. Anyways... Oh, I might not have mentioned this--please don't judge based on the hairstyles or poses or things like that--Amber will wear any and all of these hairstyles at one point--I just need opinions on colour. Okay, now read. After asking for help with my FC's colour scheme here, I've tried out a few of my friends' suggestions--but I'm still unsure, so what do you think? Here's a little information about her if you don't want to click the link... Her name/theme was inspired a bit by Blue amber, a stone that glows under black light. I was thinking her cutie mark would be said rock, representing "a light in the dark", or hope. AS FOR THE POLL, #1 is top-left, then continue to the right then down.
  10. Hello there everypony! I'm Ami. Writer, illustrator and Rarity fan. Now, while I'm more writer than artist, sometimes, I draw things. And I like doing it, though mostly it's been a good handful of Kim Possible art since I started up my long arc fanfiction again. So I figured I'd start with that, because this piece, which I consider one of my best, is what got the gears turning and made me want to draw more. It was my first real picture in forever and the first time in four years I've drawn her. AND it's EQG inspired, because, yes, I actually liked that film. I'm just going to post the pics in order, including the WIP ones that amaze me. I'm like, "It started out like that?" More to come later...If y'all are interested. Also, be warned, I whomp at backgrounds, so I usually do the lazy and just choose pretty colours.
  11. Hello everypony! I've requested help a few times now with no luck, so i'm trying again! I'm just trying to come up with a colour scheme for Amber Dust here (the picture is transparent, so you can drag it over another colour to see her eye shape. Also, either her mane or tail will always be braided. It changes). Here's some information to go with the picture: Amber's a realist, but still has strong ideals. She's very curious and a little shy, but passionate about discovering new things (her curiosity and wit outweigh her shyness, which could probably get her into sticky situations). She's aspiring to become a designer/artist, but her heart yearns for the thrill of discovery. She's afraid of leaping into new things unprepared, and she has a strong interest in magic, but she's not really any better than the average unicorn. If she were to weild an element, it would be honesty or kindness. She values LOGIC. And here's some extra info on her potential fighting style! Her name/theme was inspired a bit by Blue amber, a stone that glows under black light. I was thinking her cutie mark would be said rock, representing "a light in the dark", or hope. I was even considering that her mark (and freckles) would change colour/glow in the dark, but I dunno...I don't want her to be too "special-snowflake"-y. That's all besides the point anyways. I'd like blue to be somewhere in her scheme, but the it doesnt necessarily have to be the same shade of blue that I used in my drawing. Here are some songs full of Magic and Mystery that suit her, in my mind. Yeah. I have a lot prepared behind her, but I'm having a very hard time with colour schemes. Any and all help is welcome! I'd prefer it if she didn't share body colours with any of the mane six. :/ Thanks for being such a welcoming community!! :3 Anypony? I am in serious need of colour therapy.
  12. hey guys ive been trying to do some Princess Celestia vectors lately and have been having a lot of trouble getting the colours right as it goes im eye dropping the colours of the screenshots iv'e taken but the colours change dramatically in between vectors so if any one knows where i can find a Princess Celestia Colour Guide with the digital colours and provide a link here it would be much appreciated ** i say digital becuase the colours used int the show are unprintable most times, and celestia's show colours are unprintable thus colours must be changed for printable works but when used to make show accurate vectors the colurs are WRONG ** and Kefkafloyds colour palette for Celestia is for print not digital
  13. My first attempt at a colour version of my OC but I feel the face is too long. Any advice would be much appreciated as at the moment, I'm only really good with portraits.
  14. The first (but least important thing) I'm asking for is some tips when it comes to drawing ponies. I get the basics, I just need a few tips as to pulling off the more dynamic poses. More importantly, could anyone help me with coloring? As I've already said, I'm not bad when it comes to actually drawing, but coloring and shading urg...Let me show you an example of my crappy coloring and shading (you may have seen me post it earlier) It really does speak for itself. So, any techniques, or am I a lost cause? (If this information matters, I use a Wacom graphics tablet and Thanks in advance!
  15. Bleach blond is not my natural hair color D: duh duh duhhh ~ My natural hair colour is red-blond, or strawberry blond: Anyway my fiancee says he want me to dye my hair back to my natural colour, he's bored with bleach blond and wants to see what my natural hair colour looks like on me. So I'm going to let America the forums decide. Should I dye my hair to strawberry blond, or keep it bleach blond. I like to have my hair bleach blond; because blond is sexy and fun, and it makes my very pale skin appear less white. I can also throw in temporary colours very easily, if I want some pink or blue in my hair for a week. ~
  16. MasterCadence requested this drawing the other day and he also requested it to be coloured, which is not something, I've done for years. The original: The coloured: The text is from a song which MasterCadence and I, both happen to like a lot, called "Sad man's tongue" by Volbeat. Any critique is highly appreciated.
  17. I thought I would try drawing a pony. This is the result. It was seriously harder than I imagined. Shame about the quality.