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Found 12 results

  1. We all have that one color in mind when we first hear the question: What is your favorite color? Well, have you ever thought about its deeper meaning to you? As an artist, I always thought about colors in certain ways. Like how they are connected to our personalities and will change along with them. Like how nature seems to have wired our brains into responding to them differently. I'm really curious about how any of you feel about your favorite color on a deep level.
  2. @Everypony I have slaved over my Original character's look for days just to have it looking like this. Is there any way to make him look nicer? I also want to give him one of those sweet pilot hats. They look cool.
  3. Autumn Velvet

    My channels colours/colors

    Straw poll link Video link
  4. I just love the animation of MLP: Friendship is magic, I'm watching season 1 right now, I'm new somewhat new to MLP. And I have kept it a secret. I love the animation of the show, and the nice bright colors of the show. I haven't seen the whole show yet. So no one spoil it for me.
  5. Killian Jones

    Colourmatching game

    I noticed this "game" where you match colours withing a certain time limit. Go to Then post results BUCK YEAH
  6. So I am currently 32 years of age, and I have been drawing since I was maybe 4-6? It is still my preferred way to draw. I also colour on paper, using either inks, watercolour pencilcrayons, or oil pencilcrayons. I will try and post one every once in a while in this thread, as quite a few of them have accumulated over the years. Keep in mind these are all copyrighted. You can view them all in my sig. This one is probably one of the scariest ones I ever did - I call it "Anare'il, the dragon god of Chaos" - I started in in 2004 - but I had it fully done with solid shading. I t was ok at the time.. but I felt like it had more potential. So 10 years later I went back to it, erased all the solid shading, and reshaded it all.. and the result became much much scarier.. the pencil was really cool, but I still felt it could be more.. so I took a piece of it, and isolated it, and it became much scarier. Then I took that piece and slapped some generic photoshop colour on it - I wasn't going for much here, just wanted to see what colour would do to it, and it became.. creepily alive. I then chopped it up a bit just to see what itd look like with its mouth closed etc.. it got pretty interesting.. there is also a little dot by his one claw - that is supposed to be a little girl - it shows scale - he's one big boy keep in mind the last shots were simply for my own amusement of how the mouth would look opened or closed - I made no effort to actually make it all streamlined, or even to colour it adequately - just fun experiments I will show all the images below the original solid shaded the reshaded the snapshot the coloured snapshot the variations
  7. Chronamut

    Visual Art My cosmic Art Page

    So over time I got really into digital pieces, very vivid colours with a cosmic theme, and while I am not too pleased that they have become my most popular art pieces, as hand drawn works take much longer to do, I am still happy that they get some sort of recognition. I will try and post one every once in a while in this thread, as quite a few of them have accumulated over the years. Keep in mind these are all copyrighted. You can view them all in my sig. These are not full resolution due to copyright issues.. issues I am still actively fighting as people like to use them without crediting me. This one is called Cosmic heart of the universe, it is also the cover of my published book here is is as a lightbox too
  8. Can anyone recommend some great colouring pencils and pens for me? I have some decent artistic pencils, but I'd very much like to colour my sketches and drawings in more professionally. I have done several good drawings which I'm very proud of, but now I regret colouring some of them in after they ended up looking quite scruffy using the pencils I currently own. I also tend to avoid colouring my art in pens and markers, but I'd definitely start if anyone could also suggest some quality paper to use markers with? Sorry if I sound a little demanding, I don't intend to, I'd just like be able to colour in my art better :)
  9. I've made a drawing related topic before, but this is something different.. Alright, well here's the thing.. I draw quite a bit, mainly traditional pencil drawings. They're decent I suppose. (That's beside the point.) But the other day I worked on drawing in coloured pencil, and it didn't necessarily turn out how I would have liked.. I made the whole sketch in pencil, then went through and outlined in colour and then coloured things in, but I found it harder to detail and shade with colours. (Which I get crazy about in normal drawings I'm a big fan of detail.) Anyways, I was wondering if there were any tips I could pick up when working with colours and all. Ways I could improve. Uhm, thanks for taking the time to read and/or reply!~ c:
  10. Budding Night

    Help for Naming OC? :3

    NEVERMIND! Apparently, This is someone elses work that I've recoloured, I apologise for the inconvenience for my friend gave me the OC as all blue, But I suppose he recoloured the orginial then passed it to me. Sorry.
  11. Hey Everypony I wanted to make a video, it´s been a while (well, long while) since I last made something, or at least tried and never finished. The plan was to make a machinima game video as I always do, but then I told to myself: "C´mon, now you´re a pegasis, make a pmv". And so I did. My very first pmv, actually clip compilation. I wanted to make a Rainbow Dash video with song "Lick the Rainbow" by Mord Fustang. I don´t like to use songs that were already used for a whole video, so ideas, how to make the video different started to come to my mind. I ended up searching for songs about rainbows and checking my music folders. I ended up with 19 songs and 20 clips in total. It´s already in the description but I´ll say it again for you: If you get bored by a clip, please give this video another chance, skip the clip and continue your journey. I had ideas, which I was sure that they are awesome (in my head), but when I made them true, I got the feeling it could just get someone bored. You know, ideas are like children - yours are always the best. I´d like to have some feedback and I´d love to continue making PMVs. I decided to make some more compilations (appreciation of somepony else ofc). There is a poll about it (democracy on the first place!), but it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t think about something more "competitive". And it wouldn´t be me if there wasn´t references - some obvious more, some less. The video contains 2 other cartoon references, 1 commercial reference, 2 game references and 1 "internet fame" reference - 6 references in total. 5 of them are really obvious... if there is anypony who would know the 6th one, he has a colourful mind! (What I said was a hint...) The winner can pick the next character to appreciate. It´s not much, but that´s all this poor student can offer. So, now just sit back and enjoy..thanks for watching!
  12. MINECRAFT - THE CLAY SOLDIER FIGHTING! This forum game is where I set up fights between different coloured Clay Soldiers and you vote who you think will win. Whoever votes and get the right one gets a POINT. Whoever has the most points when I can't make any more fights WINS! ROUND 1 - RESULTS ARE OUT! LEADERBOARD!