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Found 15 results

  1. If you're here, we can safely assume that you like My Little Pony, yes? But to what extent? Some watch it just for the show, but many go further, exploring what fan-created material they can find in the vastness of the Internet. But I'm not concerned with that. For anybody with any sort of passion, that person thinks about that passion I'd say at least once a day. So, when your mind wanders off, do you think about ponies? Do think about the show, or perhaps a self-insert situation where you imagine yourself in the pony world? How about when you're sad? Does Pinkie Pie come to mind? How about when (or think about) wearing pony merch in public? Do you think of what one of the Mane 6 would do? Actually doing or not doing these things is not a bad thing, but it does certainly say something about you. I know that I imagine myself in Equestria sometimes, just to escape for a little bit. Perhaps it's more of a guilty pleasure than anything else.
  2. We all like food, we need food and such and some of us have our "comfort" food that we want when stressed or sad or in any reasons for times! So just wondering is your guys and gals? Mines crackers and hummus or frosted flakes and milk!
  3. Im just curious if its just me or not but when im in like a bad mood or need support or something, it seems having one on one conversation with the opposite sex (Me being male, so the opposite sex being female) Is more comforting. I don't know if its just me, and im fully prepared to except that its just me. But yeah, does anyone else feel this way?
  4. I like doing forum games a lot. So, for this topic here. You see that the avatar above you is completely lonely and feeling bad for him/her self on how their day went. What will you do to comfort the one that is feeling down? Let them be or come too them to help with their troubles? Now, lets get started.
  5. One interesting aspect I find about myself, is that when I am feeling down or depressed which tends ot happen often nowadays, instead of listening to uplifting, obviously positive music, I gravitate towards darker music and more depressing songs. While I will listen to these normally anyways because I enjoy the music, these are my go to songs for when my mood is at a low. Bands like Psyclon Nine, Suicide Commando, Sentenced, those kinds of groups are ones I go for when I am feeling depressed. There is a sort of comfort that I get from it. Like the artist knows how I feel and it makes me feel not alone at that moment. It is a surprising way to bring me back up. What about all of you? Do you gravitate towards dark music when your mood is low?
  6. I'm upgrading to a larger bed, and I'm looking to get some new bed stuff. I've seen a few of the items in target and walmart stores, but they tend to be pretty immature looking. I'm trying to have it MLP, but not quite in your face girly. I was going to make my own sheets, but I don't have the money at the moment to get the fabric I want. The fabric I was planning to use was this: my room was going to be painted purple. I would be open to making my own sheets with cheaper fabric, but I'm on a bit of a budget hence why I was thinking of just buying premade sheets. My goal is just not to go overboard with the ponies LOL. Any suggestions or links? My chair throw is this fabric:
  7. So I was just thinking, I like to eat, I'm trying to learn to cook more than stew and breakfast, but when ever I feel down I always go for either some homemade/ready to cook chocolate chip cookies, or pancakes. So what are your go to food items to pick up your mood?
  8. I wanted to dedicate this thread to YOU. You people are awesome. When I registered at Equestria Forever, I knew it was a fairly big forum and I was working my reputation higher there, but lately I felt the magic was gone so I just left (not without goodbye's though!) and registered here. And I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this site! It is so much more active I can hardly keep up with the action. On that forum it was basically possible to stay with the activity stream but here it is impossible. The people here are nice, too. Of course I'm not saying people were horrible on that site (I gotta give probs for the site for offering me so many nice friends for my loneliness), but at times there was a lot of drama. Even if it happened here, it could be pretty minor as the activity level is high, it would just sink in. I've been friendless for pretty much my whole life, and seeing as I'm unable to get friends easily in real life, internet is my comfort and particularly this forum (and EqF). I've made so many friends I'd gladly share time with... And when I shared my art there, people hardly noticed it, of course, with clearly less people and activity, but here, only here do I understand how much people appreciate my work! I've been here for only a bit longer than a week and I already have plenty of brohoofs! My art thread was also marked "popular" shortly after, which was unexpected for me. And now that I received feedback, some people said they would even PAY for my work, which was even more unexpected, leaving me speechless. How could I, the unknown hobbyist receive so much feedback so easily? All thanks go for this site. Sure, there are a lot better artists out there but this is just the change I needed. During my time in EqF I felt a bit depressed and annoyed at multiple times, to say the least, and now that I left the site, I feel much more lightier and happier, like as if a heavy load was removed from my shoulders. I don't know for sure, but it might be the site itself caused the pain, and now that I left, I'm much more happier. This also makes it easier to be here. Like I noted above, the people here are very kind. This is probably the first forum I actually enjoy my time on (although this site is obviously optimized for down to 13 year olds, forcing a good atmosphere). But still, I have absolutely NO idea what awaits me on this site. Being a casual art hobbyist and a lazy gamer I'm hardly noticed anywhere, or paid attention on. Here, on this very site, all kinds of opinions and feedback arise. I like that. I want to say it one more time, thank you. Thanks for this awesome site and keep it up! Let's make friends, not war!
  9. You're a human,wondering alone in the streets theres no cars to worry about so there is no possible way you could get run over by something, it was still in the middle of the day you decide to take a break from walking so you sit down on the side of the sidewalk. You sigh as you thought back on what just happened you had a fight with a close friend,you got kicked out from your only home,and now you're wondering if you're going to get fire from your job or not. "Are you alright?" You hear someone say you look up to be face to face with a pure white stallion, his hair was a shiny dark blue, he was a unicorn to be exact you couldn't help but, notice he was wearing a half tuxdo besides the pants part of course. You nodded your head giving him the answer he sits next to you and scoots closer too close for your taste "you don't seen alright" you tell him to buzz off so you could left alone to deal with your problems "Listen miss/Mr. you don't have to hide your sadness from me you could trust me" he gives a chuckle before continuing on what he was saying "I don't bite" you ask for his name in which he gives you a simple smile "Fancy Pants" How do you react? Sorry I didn't do one in a long time but, I couldn't think of any ideas but, here I am! (It's a bit longer then my other ones) p.s I was in the mood to write something "Fancy Pants"
  10. Do you ever have just one of those crappy days where you wake up in the morning, and realize you feel absolutely like death itself? xD I'm sure everyone has a routine when they get sick. We do things the best we can to make ourselves comfortable in our condition. What I do is: 1. Nap 2. Eat something hot. Always. 3. Drink a hot, relaxing beverage. (Like tea.) 4. Get a nice hot bath. 5. Play around on a device until i'm sleepy. 6. Repeat.
  11. There have been many great consoles no doubt. Though you can't have a great console without a good controller! I've played all different systems and have had the opportunity to play a different system at a friend's house So many controllers.... I'm only to going to share the ones I felt like I personally wanted to discuss. My favorite controller would have to be the Gamecube controller, it's kind of close to the 360 controller model which is also another great controller, but it falls under the Gamecube controller. The layout of the controller is well designed and it had that ergonomic feel when you play. There has never been a time where the Gamecube controller had ever been any problem. I'm just one of those people who can settle down with just a regular controller and just play. I don't necessarily need anything out of the box to keep me a consumer. I like gaming with just an average controller and that's what the Gamecube was for me. Another, controller that some people have probably heard or not heard of is the the Oculus Rift! Which are still being developed by the team and have made great progress in getting to their goal. They're a controller for PC and Android users. This has been one of the biggest innovative steps into making the player truly feel like they're in the game. It has a lot of promise with being a great success on Kickstarter. I'm sure a lot of people have high hopes and are more than excited to actually get their hands on this. I'm a little curious myself, I might even buy one. With all these added features to future controllers you can't just dream what they might come up with next. Virtual reality being the last step. I wouldn't be surprised if big console names start to advance their own controller technology and match competitors So, no gamer doesn't have a preferred method of what and how they want to play.Even though, it's a great step into virtual reality gaming.... I still like my playing like older controllers. : ) What's the most comfortable/favorite gaming controller in your opinion? Here's a list of many controllers that you may want to talk about about. Note - WORST CONTROLLER
  12. Hi all, just a short story to start. I’m working on a longer one featuring my OC but for now, here’s this little one. I couldn’t think up a better title, so I’m just calling it “Thunderstorm” Enjoy! ……………….. Croomsh Button Mash jumped, startled fully awake by the ominous crack of thunder in the distance. Eyes wide, he stared around the room, his hooves shaking. “Mom…” Hearing no response, he jumped up, crossing the cluttered room to the hall. Down the hall he scampered, on edge for another crack of thunder or flash of lightening. It was just the two of them that night, his dad having gone to a weekend conference and his brother staying at a friend’s. He opened the door a crack. Seeing his mother’s still form beneath the covers he called out again, “Mom?” The bundle stirred, “Hmm?” As soon as Button saw his mother’s head appear, mane tousled and blinking concerned blue eyes in the low light, he galloped across the room and threw his forelegs around her. “Button? Button, sweetie what’s wrong?” Lightning flashed, followed by a particularly loud boom of thunder. Button flinched, and buried his face in her neck. “Hey, hey, hey ,hey. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s only thunder.” His mother soothed, wrapping her own forelegs around him and pulling him close. Button snuggled into his mother’s embrace, comforted by her presence, even through the thunder still crashed and the lightening still cut jagged cracks across the sky. “It’s only a storm,” his mom whispered to him, “It’s only a storm.” “I had a bad dream, too.” Button whispered, his voice muffled in her shoulder. “I knew I shouldn’t have let you play Whinny of Terror,” His mom whispered, smiling slightly. “No, that was awesome,” Button replied, eliciting a chuckle from his mother. “You are so like your father.” The thunder boomed again, “Sawhorse!” Button yelped, cowering. “Awesome, huh?” “C…can I sleep here with you tonight mom?” Button whispered, hazel eyes wide. “Of course you can, sweetie,” his mom replied. She pulled back the covers and button scurried under them as more thunder crashed, more distant now. “There we go,” Button’s mom said, as she pulled the covers over them both. He huddled close, and she wrapped him in an embrace again, stroking his copper mane with her hoof. “Shh, shh. It’s gonna be all right.” “I’m sorry I got scared…” Button whispered. Taken aback, his mom replied, “What do you mean?” “You and dad are always telling me to be brave, to face my fears and not let that stop me and…I couldn’t do it…I’m sorry.” “Oh, no, no, no honey, that’s not what we meant,” she hugged button close, resting her head on his, “There’s nothing wrong with being scared. You didn’t fail at anything. Being brave means knowing when to ask for help, knowing when you can’t do something. And I promise, I will always be here for you if you need me, your dad too.” Button smiled, nestling into his mother’s embrace. He was safe now. Mom was right there so everything would be all right. He settled down, breathing in the smell of her shampoo, mixed with a little dish soap and detergent, and knew he was safe. “Thanks mom.” “You’re welcome, sweetie. Now good night.” “Gnightmom,” Button mumbled, drifting off. And so the pair drifted off, under the fading thunderclaps, to sleep at last. ……………. What do you think? I kinda threw this together before the plot bunny ran away. It’s fairly standard, but it’s nice to see Button’s mom living up to her cutie mark. I may fix this up in the future, so you’re feedback is appreciated, although no flames please. Thanks. Oh, and for those who couldn’t tell, Whinny of Terror is a play on Cry of Fear, one of my favorite horror games, along with the first three Silent Hills, the Amnesia series, and Outlast. See ya. Chamber Check
  13. I recently wrote this new Fan Fiction. I want to hear what you guys have to say about it, though. It is called Friendship is Comfort. I will give you a choice on how to absorb it; Written Story: Me Reading it Aloud: Description: Adamant Blaze is an earth pony with aspergers, and has a lot of trouble socializing with other ponies. In a lot of social circles he is unaccepted, and is bullied, picked on, and treated horribly. He came to Ponyville around the time of season 2. The only one he truly considers as a friend is Pinkie Pie. Pinkie is friends with everyone in Ponyville, but she especially likes Adamant Blaze. Blaze also has a crush on Pinkie, but is not brave enough to tell her.
  14. I was just thinking about this while I was playing a racing game. I wonder what other people value most in a car? Well You will start giving Opinions Choose between these values. You can choose more than one. Remember, we are talking about your dream car. Also tell us why to make use of the minimum 100 characters limit Values -Performance (Stats of the Car) -Style (Looks of the car) -Comfort (Difficulty of use) -Economy (Pricing) I tell you mine: Well the value I want in my dream car is Performance. Why? Because I wanted a powerful car. With very fast speeds and very accurate handling..etc . I wanted something that can be used on a race track. I don't like slow and sluggish cars. I actually like to race, because it is fun to beat someone. It's is always nice if car goes fast do a face of O_O. Dream car: Koenigsegg Agera R
  15. I thought I'd actually make a serious blog here, instead of random nonsense, now we all have these little things that can make your day a bit more enjoyable, here a some of those things. -Music: Those moments when you just lay down, relax and put on your favorite songs and just ignore all your problems, even making senarios up in your head while those certain songs are on. -Rain: When it's raining and a feeling of relaxation and peace comes over you, and when it stops everything smells fresh and reborn. -A small victory: When you fix something on your own that you wouldn't of thought you could do, makes it all the more satisfying in the end, you feel as though you've accomplished something. -Random gestures of kindness: Even something as simple as holding the door open for a person, or just giving them a smile, can really lighten up your day, and theirs. -A sunset or sunrise: Those momenst when the perfect sunset is gleaming over the sky, just shows you how nature can paint a beautiful picture. -Playing games you loved as a child: Break out that old video game or board game you always used to play, the nostalgia will flow over you, and you'll feel you've went back in time. -Creative opportunity: Write a journal or a blog, get your feelings out in written form, it can do wonders -Clothing straight from the dryer on a chilly day: When you take out that freshly dried piece of clothing from the dryer, and all the warmth flows over you. -Simple laughter: Have a laugh, it makes you feel amazing, and just brightens your mood overall. -Compliments: When you receive a simple compliment,it can stick with you for the rest of the day, and give you confidence. Sipping on your favortie drink: That moment when everything just seems perfect, and your sipping on that one drink that attracts comfort to your soul. Well, those are a few things, I hope somehow I could brighten up your day even just a little, because I know we all need that in life, so give a smile, and hold your head up high, because life is hard enough as it is, but you can make it a little more enjoyable, by focusing on the simple things, bye for now! ~Chaos