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Found 252 results

  1. @Emerald Heart, @Samurai Equine, @Scar, @Bakugou is my Man, @CloudMistDragon, @Windy Breeze, @Jesse Terrence. Welcome to the meeting place on what will happen to our OC in chapter 2. I placed it here so other people can interact in the story... If they want too. And the main cast can still have a private message if you guys want. And the title fail safe is still just a working title. chapter 2 is gonna be about destroying a corrupt dimension and cloudshroud( @CloudMistDragon ), @Windy Breeze are one of the stranded ones that needs rescuing.... And thats what i still have on chapter 2 XD... i make stories on the fly.... And when an idea comes i just draw!
  2. Like the title says, what do you think about the art style in the comics? Personally, I usually like it, except for the artwork of one artist, Jay Fosgitt. I'm really not a fan of the super-deformed way in which he draws the ponies (strangely most non-ponies he draws look fine) and I feel the amount of time they spend on two hooves in those issues is really not in sync with the rest of the comics, to the point where it just takes me out of the issue altogether. Does anyone else have an artist with a style that just takes you out of the story?
  3. I love the MLP IDW comics. Especially everything done by Andy Price. Besides having really great and fun art, he adds the most hilarious sidenotes. Was reading the "Reflections" story, when I noticed a little 4th wall breakage... "If you're reading this, you may be over thinking this comic book..." ANDY PRICE. YOU ARE AMAZING LOOOOL
  4. A thread to collection various MLP fan comics together by everyone. Now I am prob obliged to post one myself, I liked the A Dazzling Winter series by greatcat; it is a bit saucy though. (Page 1) Has been a while, but I think I also liked her other works. At page 2 onward, the "next page" links seem to be working:
  5. Do you like King Sombra's story in the IDW comics? This might be for you... This story continues his tale with Radiant Hope while trying to stay as true to show canon as possible. In it, Hope and Sombra return to the Crystal Empire after gathering all of Princess Amore's shards, only to find that everything is not at all what it seems. It's a planned five-part series that began on May 15th, and will conclude on June 19th.
  6. Hello all! Returning fan here; I find myself in need of your reading recommendations: what are your favorite comic/fanfiction series from the last half-decade or so? After getting caught up on the series after a 5 year hiatus I'm seeing that there are a lot of fan-created works that I have missed out on. Like, a metric ton of them. I can't reasonably get caught up on 5 years worth of fan content, so I figured I'd open it up to suggestions! Treat this as if I were a blank flank slate - if you could recommend any fan series from any point in the fandom's history, what would it be? It could mystery, action, adventure, human-in-Equestria, or even just some feel-good/slice of life/platonic/Hallmark ending type of stuff. (Bonus points if it's a long-running series.)
  7. If you were to get any super power you could ever imagine that you want to have, what would it be? Me personally, elasticity, hands down! (Famous examples: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Mrs. Incredible, etc.) Post here whichever super power you could ever want.
  8. I read the latest MLP comic Feats Of Friendship. Warning Spoilers! It is a simple plot so far, but it made me think. First, a brief summary of the plot. The Young Six are going to participate in a series of games called the Feats Of Friendship. They need a 7th team member so Twilight introduces them to Swift Foot, a female earth pony. It turns out that she is evil (because of course she is) and wants to turn the characters against each other. She talks to each one privately. She tells Silverstream that Equestria didn’t save the Hippogriffs when Storm King invaded. She tells Gallus that the Griffons and ponies didn’t get along, and Gallus should be the leader of the group. She tells Yona that Yona learned to speak pony, but nobody learned Yak. She told Smolder that the school doesn’t serve gems for dragons to eat. She tells Ocellus that the ponies made the changelings change their way of life just to suit the ponies. And she tells Sandbar that he treats is friends better than they treat him. This makes all of the characters mad at each other. I will address each of these points from minor to major. Sandbar is upset because he feels unappreciated. I don’t see this as a major issue. He will get over it. It does not present a big personal problem, nor a problem with pony/non pony relationships. Gallus has a big ego and it is reasonable to believe that he should feel like he is the leader. But he needs to realize that their group has no leader. I don’t see this a as a big problem. He needs to learn how pony society works if he wants to live there, even if temporarily. This is a minor personal problem, and might reflect some issues for Griffon/pony relationships. The Hippogriffs. Why didn’t Equestria defend them? (Because plot.) We don’t know. I think Equestria should have, if they could have. But for whatever reason that didn’t happen. You can’t be mad at someone for not helping, or not helping enough, when you have problems. What do the Hippogriffs want? Reparations for something that Equestria wasn’t a part of? Do they want help rebuilding? That might be a good idea, but not because Equestria owes them anything. I think the Hippogriffs make good allies. It seems that they get along well with the ponies. The Hippogriffs should work to build an alliance, not feel bitter about what happened to them. Yona feels like she is making an effort to fit into pony society by learning the pony language. But what else does she expect? She is visiting Equestria, of course she should learn their language. You don’t go to a foreign land and expect everyone there to speak your language. I never liked the Yaks. They are violent and threatened war. I don’t think Equestria should appease that kind of behavior. Sure, they can make some effort for peace, but don’t compromise their values. Equestria should always be ready for war to defend its way of life. The Yaks make unstable allies. The only reason I would negotiate peace with them is that war is expensive. I would not have peace “at any cost.” I think that if the Yaks had a superior military then they would attack Equestria. Smolder’s problem is similar to Yona’s. Should she expect to eat gem stones in Equestria? I don’t know how hard it is to obtain dragon food. Presumably it shouldn’t be that hard. I think she has a valid complaint, but nothing worth getting mad about. A minor personal problem, but a reflection of a big dragon/pony problem. I see the dragons as worse than the Yaks. The only reason that the dragons have not invaded Equestria is that Ember doesn’t want to. What happens if she is replaced? Can the ponies really trust the dragons? Do they share any common values? I don’t think so. I would keep a strong military as a deterrent against dragon invasion. The Changelings. The ponies changed the Changelings’ way of life just to suit the ponies? Duh! The Changelings invaded Equestria. The ponies had every right to do anything, including wiping out every last Changeling, to save themselves. The Changelings should be thankful that they still exist. The ponies and Changelings could not live in the same world. Their existence was mutually exclusive. One might ask, “Where were the hippogriffs when the Changelings invaded Equestria?” Fortunately for Equestria, the Changelings are no longer a threat. I do think it is a good idea to have an alliance with them now that they are not a threat. But what happens when Thorax isn’t in charge anymore? Hopefully the change is permanent. I believe that Equestria represents the superior culture in the land. At the very least, they should take a stance that protects their way of life. We could get into cultural relativism, with an attitude of “well, everyone thinks they are the best.” Sure, when the unreformed Changeling is eating your energy, you can think that. Or when the dragon is roasting your village, or when a diamond dog has you in chains, you can talk about how every creature is equal. Taking a cultural relativistic philosophy is pointless at best, self-destructive at worst. It is significant that it is Equestria that has a school devoted to inclusiveness. It is Equestria that accepts all points of view. It is Equestria where creatures from other lands can be given a fair chance. Not Yakyakistan, not Dragonland (awesome band), not the Changeling Kingdom, not Griffonstone. Maybe the Hippogriff lands. It is cultural suicide to think that every other creature believes in freedom the same way the ponies do. Equestria should spread its beliefs and culture. I’m not saying it should invade other lands. I’m saying other lands should adopt the same concepts of freedom that Equestria has. If they don’t, then Equestria needs to have a strong defense. Being ready to defend yourself is not aggressive. Having strong values and beliefs means nothing without the firepower to ultimately back it up.
  9. Whats this, Unmerry made a topic. No, it cannot be. It shouldn't be. It mustn't be. I isn't be...wait that doesn't work. Well, I should make at least one topic at some point, eh. So, it might as well be one to kill some time and be fun. There been alot of raging at twilicorn, "I'm brony but I'm not a brony", derpy hooves, politics and various other topics and talks that I think I should contribute a little something to make the atmosphere a little less tense. Now. Basically this is a thread where you pick out a fictional character that you think resembles you or at least resembles qualities that you admire or relate too very well. The character can be from MLP, anime, cartoons, obscure movies or comics-WHATEVER, as long as they are fictional. You may use up to 3 characters if you so chose but bonus points if you can find one character that you would want to stick with that describes you or at least strongly relates to you in some way, the reasons you pick them can be deep and dear to you or around basic trivialities like you both enjoying cold baths and hating the smell of perfume. There is no word requirement. Pictures and videos are encouraged of your character to give us an example of who they are but you can keep it bare basic. Hell, if you feel you can say what you need in a line or two, go for it. I shall go first: My character that I think resembles me and the qualities I relate would have to be Arakune: Arakune: Arakune or rather Carmine, is an blob of unknown super natural liquid that hosts itself to the bodies of a thousands insects both foreign and strange to the known and mundane, it also utilizes them as a defense and in fact display the ability to control them if he can magically curse his enemies. Capable of total morphic abilities to the point hardening and softening along with the gift of teleportation and producing extra skeletal limbs out of nothing. Originally a scientist working under a genius and gifted master he became obsessed with the azure and his fixation on it led him to crossing the boundry-the after life- the result is that his body and mind have totally eroded. Arakune insanity knows very little bounds to the point that his memory has been shattered, forgetting face and names or places and when he recalls them it is common for him to forget important facts to it later. His obsession of the Azure has totally eaten his focus along with his random mood swings of mania and he expresses his release by screams and laughter mostly. Marginally unable to communicate due to Word salading-where insanity cause incoherent speech patterns- to a point that it literally slices chunks out of his words although unlike word salading he clearly understands the word he is using and is using them in correct order...though he still makes little sense. "Mister unmerry. Why would you make a crazy blob your choice?"-random audience member. I tell you why. We both are something that should of eroded away years ago due to our own vices, those who are effected with sethir tend to just melt away but Arakune moves about and master his condition, the fact he can even retain some sort of worldly presence is a triumph. Like Arakune, I am haunted by my personal demons, most of them are of my making and some are cobbled from my sins which is once again me by proxy. I shift moods alot and lash out at other because I forget who my friends are, just as arakune forgets those who care about him even when staring him in the face. Arakune reminds me what I could be if I lose myself and he shows me what I AM when I fall into bad patterns...albeit a much more extreme version. But he is determined, insanity conjured or not its that kind of determination that will get you places even when every one else-as they do to arakune in blazblue- is telling each other and you that you are rotten, a lost cause or a worthless pile of trash despite relationships. Arakune exhibits traits in a way I want, granted those are few but they are there. He also exhibit traits I must accept and avoid or I am no better than him in a lot of ways. -wer both really hard and press ourselves to get something, rushing and not looking to see what it does to us. -we both laugh alot constantly to let loose steam. -We both set our betters against us rather than admitting their skill and learning from them (especially when I meet artist that are younger than me but are miles better....which is alot because I'm a generic artist at best although I only do this when I'm at my worst) -We both get really paranoid and get convinced everyone around us is there to cause some sort of harm emotional or otherwise at times. -We both see things we probably shouldn't, sometimes we wish we hadn't and it changes us...he reminds me that I shouldn't let it change me into what he has become. He reminds me that I can't let it turn me into a monster and if it does that I must continue on with my life and make the best out of what I am none the less, even if it seem hopeless to do so. Arakune is sort of a post me, the next step of a failed me in a way but that doesn't change the fact him and I are more alike than I would appreciate to admit. Arakune is my only submission, I won't be using my 3 max.
  10. near the end of My Little Pony: the Movie the Staff of Sacanas broke, Tempest even confirmed that in the comic series Nightmare Knights. But in Spring Breakdown the Staff of Sacanas is intact? Did they repair it after the movie? Did they make a new one? Is there more than one and this was locked in some kind of volt?
  11. Here i give you my thanks for almost 250 people tagging along for my ride a comic, which is voiced and audio edited by me, and drawn by
  12. So it's actually two comics happening at the same place at the same time. Let me know how I did.
  13. I recently bought the MLP Volume 1 Omnibus. Was just looking through and immediately spotted Sailor Moon background ponies!!! It's Makoto and Usagi!! How cute is that?!
  14. Allllllrighty sooooo a little bit of a preface: I started this comic by accident; really, I was just drawing the first scene as an idea for something else entirely but I was swiftly taken by the current of the Imagination River heh... Either way, I'm going to finish this story. The characters depicted are my OC Moon Glow and another OC who is currently unnamed and yes, is supposed to be a blank flank right now. I'm probably doing a bad job selling this hahaha A basis for the story? I don't know exactly but it definitely takes place wayyyy after MLP:FiM - I was considering, for the purpose of this comic, Moon Glow was going to be a descendant of Twilight Sparkle since the whole "Next Gen" thing seems to be popular on DeviantArt, but I'm afraid it might come off as too Mary Sue. I dunno! uwu Anyway... here it is. Let me know if you'd at least be interested in seeing where this goes? It's not on DeviantArt just yet, I'm waiting until I have the cover page and two more pages. Would be updating minimum once a week. (sorry for the watermarks; I'm paranoid)
  15. So I've got one question. Abyssinia, the kingdom that the Storm King invaded has a town called Klugetown, and the town in the desert that the Mane Six stop at is called Klugetown. Does that mean that Abyssinia is the mountain area South of the desert?
  16. I create new account in dA with my fan comic :3 Thank you in advance for your support. And here are two pages from the prologue:
  17. Height limit of 750px for a single image? Oh come on, you can't ruin this for me. *cough* *cough* Nice, but now what it is about? I'm pretty sure this is something, that most of us know and just ignore, nevertheless, I couldn't resist to bring this to attention in a FABULOUS way. The thing is, that each time you access editing of the post, another character counter is added to the stack, just like in the comic above. Simply doing this: Edit post -> cancel -> edit -> cancel -> edit and so on... is enough to create a funny-looking wall of these. It's not really problematic, as I don't think anypony will ever have the need to edit the same post many, many times without reloading the page etc., but it's still a glitch and it shouldn't be like this, so that's why I'm just mentioning it. In fact, I have reported a similar (if not exactly the same) issue in my previous silly comic. It was fixed back then, but apparently that character counter came back to seek for revenge. So... while there's no need to panic, I hope you enjoyed that little comic. I just couldn't resist. Also I am aware, that the comic isn't 100% accurate to how the editor works, as normally you have to submit the post first in order to edit it afterwards, but otherwise it wouldn't really work for the comic ~ you get the point.
  18. (I may or may not be listening to various MLP show and movie songs on shuffle ) Of the different series out there, what is your favorite, or favorites, story line in the comics? Friends Forever: #29 Where Rarity and Maud Pie become close friends. This comic is so tearjerking that every time I read it, yes I read it multiple times, it just restores my faith that those who are quiet, still have feelings even when not outwardly expressed. In the part where Rarity accidentally picks up Mauds diary and starts reading it, Maud is open enough to share it with her. Rarity is brought to tears by what she reads about herself . Maud really likes Rarity and admires her outgoing and perseverance but also sees that she's bringing that out in Maud as well. Friendship is Magic: Oh man how do I choose! There are so many great storyline spending multiple contacts in this series that it's so difficult to choose from, so I'll probably have to just near it down to two. #35-#37 Sombras backstory and Radiant Hope: This backstory of Sombra and Radiant Hope is the sweetest purest form a friendship that I've ever seen. Radiant Hope really sees Sombra for the good pony she knows he is deep down inside. In my opinion the drawings in this comic series get a little graphic as we see in 36 when Sombra goes through how he changed from an umbrum to a unicorn and was placed into the pony world. Even though Hope finds out that they've made him with the intent of evil she knows the true Sombra is a sweetheart and will do anything to defend him. In the end they end up running off together playfully and it's the sweetest version of Sombra that we've seen. #43-45 Worst Assets Waters When the mane six go on what's to be a relaxing spa day at a wonderful flowing spring, trouble ensues when the next day we come to find the mane six's best features turn into their worst versions. Twilight Sparkle, knowing that she is a powerful and intelligent pony decides to become the ruler of Ponyville, Applejack becomes competitive and dishonest, Fluttershy becomes a recluse with her now fierce animal friends, Rarity becomes the most conceited, narcissistic, egotistical pony who thinks she rivals Twilight Sparkle and so on and so forth. It takes Princess Luna interjecting to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike out but when she herself is seemingly doused with the waters from the spring, everyone believes that Nightmare Moon has returned. But once in the castle Twilight Sparkle seems to call her out and realize that she really is not Nightmare Moon but has been done up with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But then it's the CMC's that outsmart the seemingly smartest pony in all of Ponyville with a simple bucket over the door trick. It's one of the few times that we get to see our girls in their worst light and actually see that everyone can have a darkside. So please friends! I'd love to hear about your favorite comic storyline, or two , and how they made you feel or see out favorite characters in a different light!
  19. So there was some sort of sountrack made for the Edowaado's comic 'Doctor Whooves' by Quiet Water, but I can't find it so I need help. What would help is a link to the song or the name of the song. I've posted the description that goes with the deviantart post (excluding the youtube link) --- A lot of technical babble. No need to understand all of it. Everypony seem to have lost some memory though. What do you think is going on? So what's new? This lovely fellow by the youtube name, Quiet Water, has made a fan-soundtrack to my comic. At 6:20 there's even lyrics to the song ''Bon Bon's Lament''. Lyrics can be found in the description below it. A wonderful fan-music gift, go check it out right here ---- Yeah, the youtube link failed :S Thanks in advance, Toon =)
  20. Adorkable Twilight & Friends Discussion I figured a topic to discuss the comic series, "Adorkable Twilight & Friends" would be a good idea. I see other comic series having discuss topics, and this one certainly deserves it. If you haven't read it, be sure to catch up, as it does have a huge overarching story. The comics are short, usually light hearted, and four panels long, usually. Here are some resources for it. Look forward to seeing some discussion. * Adorkable Twilight & Friends Tumblr (Latest Page) * First Page / First page of modern series * Adorkable Twilight & Friends Wiki * Derpibooru Pages
  21. I decided to make this thread in honor of Deadpool 2! Here you can chat,about Deadpool,and anything that has to do with deadpool! Talk about his first appearance! Talk about Deadpool films! Talk about how he’s better than Batman! (Yes I said that) talk about anything Deadpool related! (Obviously ponies allowed too,but Deadpool mainly!) I know this is a deadpool thread,but please watch your vulgarity! Thanks and have fun!
  22. Just uploading a few more things. The comic and the picture of Rarity and Sweetie Belle in Titanic-style dresses were commissions I did over on Derpibooru. The one of Pinkie was just for fun. Also, an explanation for why Sweetie Belle and Rarity have such weird-looking ankles/feet. I did this commission back when the character designs of the movies made it look as though their feet/legs were supposed to be this shape. I guess they were going for more of a "pony" look to their limbs, before they just went with more natural human feet. You can see the change in the comic strip with Applejack and Apple Bloom.
  23. So I'm not talking about DC/Marvel since yes of course most people are still, but I mean old classic comic like Charlie brown, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, MAD, ects. Ones you would found on a newspaper or on a shelves of the convenient stores. If so, what was/ or (still is) your favorite? my top one would Spy vs Spy Every strip is very creative and fun to read. which never cease to bore me or having me getting tired of reading it over and over again. Other favorites hat I had read but not much into it but still found it enjoyable is "Calvin and Hobbes", "Garfield", and "Archie."
  24. Ok... Not much to say except this is my first ever comic and that it is hand drawn. Criticism is accepted. Edit: the last photo is actually the third frame, sorry!
  25. So which villain do you think was closest to destroying Equestria? The villain that I think got closest to destroying Equestria is the Alternate Princess Celestia from the Reflections comic arc. In fact she almost destroyed 2 Equestria in the comics just by attacking Alternate Luna and accidently breaking the magic mirror prototype that Starswirl created in the process.