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Found 156 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone else was interested or if any one had other scans. I'm just kinda gathering a bunch of them to read since I can't get them physically. (Not even through Amazon because I do not want my family attacking me for this.) The comics I got so far are "Snowball Fun", "The Magic Fir Tree", "The High Wire","The Balloon Ride", "Pinkie Pie and the Artist", "New Activity classes" and "Stars of the show" (which yes I'm counting as a comic but barely one.) The book scans I got include: "Magic of Books", "The World's Biggest Tea Party", "Rose Blossom's First Christmas", "The Magic of Christmas", "The enchanted Mask", "Rainbow Dash and the Hot Day", "The Thanks Giving Gift", "Wishing on a Star", "Belle of the ball", and "Winter Festival" (Which I'm not sure I got a proper scan of.)
  2. As you can probably tell by my username and avatar, I'm a Spider-Man fan. He's been my hero since I was a toddler. And one of the many reasons why I love Spidey is becasue of his rogue's gallery (Along with Batman, he has the best one). And with this post I'll be discussing my personal favorite villain of his (Who eventually became one of my favorite anti heroes), Venom. My first introduction to the character was when my mother gave me a DVD called Spider-Man The Venom Saga that contained all of the Venom focused episodes of the 90's Spider-Man cartoon. In that version, we see that Eddie Brock (Voiced by Hank Azaria actually) is a journalist who really hates Spider-Man and blames him for all of his problems and mistakes and lies about Spider-Man stealing an important rock from a crashed space shuttle. Eventually though, the truth comes out and he's fired and humiliated. Meanwhile, that rock contained a black alien symbiotie that bonded to Peter Parker/Spider-Man and increased his powers and gave him some new ones, but it also started to really change who he was and make him more aggressive and violent. He soon gets rid of it thanks to the loud sounds of a church bell, but the alien then bonds with Brock and turns him into a big, strong, monstrous looking creature. The symbiote also gives Eddie all of Spider-Man's knowledge and secrets and soon they dub themselves as Venom and try to torture Peter/Spidey as revenge. Why is Venom my favorite Spidey foe? Well besides the fact that he has one of the coolest designs I've ever seen, I think it's because of how truly dangerous he can be. Not only does he have similar powers to Spider-Man, he is stronger, he can bypass the Spider Sense, and he's one of the few villains who knows that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. He knows all of Peter/Spidey's secrets and all the people he cares about. I also like how he has a dark, sadistic, and just sometimes weird sense of humor. But Venom isn't just a villain though. During the 90's he became more of an anti hero for awhile starting with Lethal Protector (Messy but fun 90's story) and continuing in Venom stories since (Including the 2018 Tom Hardy solo film) and I enjoy that as well. Even when he was a villain, he was never a complete and irredeemable psychopath (Other than maybe the Ultimate Comics version and Topher Grace's version from Spider-Man 3). He would sometimes protect innocent people or people he still cared about. He's still far from a goodie two shoes, but he can still deliver justice (Or at least his view of justice). There have been other characters besides Eddie Brock to bond with the symbiote and become Venom like Anne Weying (She-Venom) Mac Gargan (Scorpion), and Flash Thompson (He was known as Agent Venom), but to me there is only true Venom. It's Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote together. I find the character of Eddie Brock interesting on his own and then when you give him this living black goo that he bonds with (And sometimes clashes with), you can have some entertaining stuff. After fighting Spider-Man a few times, Venom then got another archenemy when serial killer Cletus Kasady and the symbiote's red offspring bonded and became the monster known as Carnage. I mentioned earlier how Eddie/Venom still had some good traits even as a villain. That's not the case with Cletus/Carnage. He is just pure evil who wants to kill many men, women, children, and animals just because he enjoys it. No remorse at all. So this was my Venom appreciation post I guess. If you are interested in Venom lore and want to learn about it, you can buy a lot of the stories in trade paperback collections on Amazon like Birth Of Venom, Carnage Classic, Lethal Protector, Planet Of The Symbiotes, Maximum Carnage, etc. And you can also check out The Venom Vlog on Youtube by Siike Donnelly. It's a show that covers Venom stories and adaptations from the past and new Venom content like comics, cartoons, and the films by Sony. I've been subscribed to his channel since December 2017 shortly after the show got started. Siike is a cool guy and you can tell he has a lot of passion for the Spider-Man/Venom lore, but he also isn't afraid to criticize a Venom story if he doesn't think it's good (Cough Cough Ultimate Venom and Carnage). What do you guys think of Venom (And other symbiote characters)? What's your favorite Venom story and adaptation? Comment and let me know and thanks for reading. #WeAreVenom
  3. There is a few things that probably have no reason to be there ect. the flash cards... And prob my GameBoy Adv... Anyway the funny thing this is probably about only 1/3 of the books I own. Alot of these are I think most of the old ones I own xD... Anyway I left some easter eggs in the pic xD... feel free to be a snoop xD... I mean what could be wrong in snooping a bookshelf anyway... So... What about you ^-^
  4. I know that there is at least like...80 something issues of the main series now (which really adds up money wise if you want them shipped to you and/or collectors have their way, unfortunately), which is quite a lot for something as..."niche" as ponies in media outside of the show. I at one point was given the very first version of the very first issue by a teacher, maybe even a promo version, even if I think I either lost it or threw it away in my small little "screw ponies" phase that lasted like...a month x3 ANYWAY, BACK ON TOPIC! I know there is also the "Volumes" that usually contain 4 issues in one and I think have the cover art of the very first issue in that collection as their cover. But there is ALSO the rather behind in terms of content Omnibus which has like...10 issues or more in one, but is smaller in book size (length / width) So my question is: what is everyone's opinions on the volumes and omnibuses? do you prefer them over having to keep track of 85+ issues? are they lower quality then the standard?
  5. If you were to get any super power you could ever imagine that you want to have, what would it be? Me personally, elasticity, hands down! (Famous examples: Mr. Fantastic, Plastic Man, Mrs. Incredible, etc.) Post here whichever super power you could ever want.
  6. Anyone else excited about Jonathan Hickman reviving the X-Men with his upcoming "House of X" and "Powers of X"?
  7. HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW Humble is currently hosting a bundle of MLP comics! You can purchase digital copies of the comics at a decent price. Just for $1 you can get: Just for $8 you can get: And for $15 you can get: SUPPORT CHARITY! By purchasing anything in this bundle you also support Hasbro's charity! Interested? Be sure to check it out by clicking the link below! HUMBLE COMICS BUNDLE: MY LITTLE PONY 2019 BY IDW If you'll be having any questions regarding how Humble works, feel free to ask below. I can also add, that I'm purchasing things on Humble myself. I've purchased few bundles in the past and I have monthly subscription active for about a year now, so I can tell, that this site is legit. - related links - Humble ● Hasbro - Children's Fund ● IDW
  8. Most of watch movies/tv and read books/comics for the sake of fun or enjoyment. But is there any form of media that you could consider meaningful? As in, something that has a profound message and/or has deep personal value to you?
  9. What is the correct order for OnO in all the comics that have brought it up is called "Oubliettes and Ogres" but in the show every episode that has it featured is called "Ogres and Oubliettes"?
  10. We know pony comics normally runs under two series at a time: the main series, and a secondary series. The latter has gone through a number of series by now, starting with the Micro Series, then Friends Forever, Legends of Magic, the close to end Ponyville Mysteries, and the upcoming Knightmare Knights I consider stand alone series the first two, as they are mostly stand alone issues, while starting with Legends of Magic started building more focused arcs around them. My question is, do you prefer a longer series of stand alone stories, or a whole series of a more focused story? I prefer the latter, as it goes with something the show is generally missing, an actual focused story arc, and it builds into an interesting concept, like past legends, or a pony Suicide Squad
  11. (I may or may not be listening to various MLP show and movie songs on shuffle ) Of the different series out there, what is your favorite, or favorites, story line in the comics? Friends Forever: #29 Where Rarity and Maud Pie become close friends. This comic is so tearjerking that every time I read it, yes I read it multiple times, it just restores my faith that those who are quiet, still have feelings even when not outwardly expressed. In the part where Rarity accidentally picks up Mauds diary and starts reading it, Maud is open enough to share it with her. Rarity is brought to tears by what she reads about herself . Maud really likes Rarity and admires her outgoing and perseverance but also sees that she's bringing that out in Maud as well. Friendship is Magic: Oh man how do I choose! There are so many great storyline spending multiple contacts in this series that it's so difficult to choose from, so I'll probably have to just near it down to two. #35-#37 Sombras backstory and Radiant Hope: This backstory of Sombra and Radiant Hope is the sweetest purest form a friendship that I've ever seen. Radiant Hope really sees Sombra for the good pony she knows he is deep down inside. In my opinion the drawings in this comic series get a little graphic as we see in 36 when Sombra goes through how he changed from an umbrum to a unicorn and was placed into the pony world. Even though Hope finds out that they've made him with the intent of evil she knows the true Sombra is a sweetheart and will do anything to defend him. In the end they end up running off together playfully and it's the sweetest version of Sombra that we've seen. #43-45 Worst Assets Waters When the mane six go on what's to be a relaxing spa day at a wonderful flowing spring, trouble ensues when the next day we come to find the mane six's best features turn into their worst versions. Twilight Sparkle, knowing that she is a powerful and intelligent pony decides to become the ruler of Ponyville, Applejack becomes competitive and dishonest, Fluttershy becomes a recluse with her now fierce animal friends, Rarity becomes the most conceited, narcissistic, egotistical pony who thinks she rivals Twilight Sparkle and so on and so forth. It takes Princess Luna interjecting to help the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Spike out but when she herself is seemingly doused with the waters from the spring, everyone believes that Nightmare Moon has returned. But once in the castle Twilight Sparkle seems to call her out and realize that she really is not Nightmare Moon but has been done up with the help of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. But then it's the CMC's that outsmart the seemingly smartest pony in all of Ponyville with a simple bucket over the door trick. It's one of the few times that we get to see our girls in their worst light and actually see that everyone can have a darkside. So please friends! I'd love to hear about your favorite comic storyline, or two , and how they made you feel or see out favorite characters in a different light!
  12. Ok. This is extremely obvious,but if you have no idea who deadpool is...then where have you been? You are missing out on this! but other than that,we will be asking our favorite mercenary,none other than....*drumroll* the one and only! the regerating degenerate! the merc with a mouth! DEADPOOL!!!! Hello people of the internet! I am here to ask you questions! What? What do you mean that I...*turns around* What if they ask me stupid crap? There’s what? Ooh ok I’ll play this game with them...ok I’ll answer your questions...only because there is a unlimited Spanish food bar after this! But I’m here with my good buddy Cable and we’ll answer your questions. Sadly,no matter how ridiculous they are! So ask away my “friends”! I will kill you after this Wade... Ssshhhh!!!! The viewers are about to ask! Feel free to ask Deadpool and Cable whatever you wa- Shut up dude!!! FINE! Just limit vulgarity ok?
  13. When the Caped Crusader ends up in a strange world full of talking pastel horses, he gets more than he bargained for when finds a rival that shares his own name. To make matters worse, he might not be the only one who was dumped here. Manehattan may find out that comic book heroes are no laughing matter. Be sure to read and comment here, same Bat time, same Bat channel! Batman vs. Batmare
  14. So yeah recently I saw some people arguing about who is the strongest villain so I decided to make this. Who do you think is the strongest? I think the Pony of Shadows is the strongest and Tirek is the second strongest.
  15. Thoughts on what this means? personally, I'm thinking the sirens won't feature in the finale, but they're going to give their magical amulets origins as being creations of the villain from the finale and were given to them by him (and that they used to be his minions)
  16. I watched the movie then read the comics. In hindsight, I think it would have been better had I read the comics first as they did provide context for the new characters and why they behaved as they did in the movie. Did anyone else read the comics and, if so, what did you think of them?
  17. Aside from cartoons like Gravity Falls and of course FIM, I'm really and I mean truly into Marvel - I'm not even just talking about the movies, I've read over 250 issues of Marvel Comics (mostly 70s and 80s). I have high-functioning autism and I think it classes as a SI (Special Interest). Anyone else share this interest - I don't often see comics being talked about on here, there isn't even a category for it in this forum, and since loads of bronies tend to be geeks too I just wondered...
  18. For a brony such as me I would like to ask of everyone ... how are the mlp comics?*in a very proper English accent* ... *back to the normal voice which is a little on the bright side with a touch of excitement... it's not the same* I need some darn advice on it cuz I'm worried that I might be getting short little comics with none of the feeling that I get from the show. I know I'll enjoy them anyways cuz I love the show anyways. Just comment below if it's a "really good spantaculous maculous idea", ( in that order) if it a "darn why did I get that idea", (worded like that as well) or if it's a "I don't know but I'll give you a hoof anyway cuz I thought this post was funny" idea. So yeah. TomorrowI'mDoingAHowToConvertYourFriendsIntoBronysWithoutE'mKnowing!!!!! SO BYEEEE AND YAAAYYY
  19. Thought I'd make another thread for any MLP comics that aren't part of my current "Tree Buds" series. So here's one I made for last week's episode. Warning: may contain some slightly NSFW language.
  20. No one's made a thread for this yet, so I thought I might as well. So, we have the second part of the Cattle Rustlers arc. I've been hearing a lot of negative things about these issues, mostly on the subject of Twilight being unwilling to use her magic to fight the rustlers. Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with this? For starters, it's the same reason why the show writers are so afraid to have Princess Celestia show up for any reason: because she would no doubt fix everything in two seconds flat and kill any sense of drama. Not to mention if Twilight had used her magic from the get-go. this "arc" would have been less than 12 pages long. Though I will admit they stretched this arc to fit two issues. This could have just as easily fit into a single issue.
  21. Hi y'all. So I had this idea in my head for a while (and have sketched out a couple of ideas). I'm thinking of creating sort of a series of comics (trying to update frequently with my hectic life) focused primarily on the background ponies. The name comes from the fact that it was originally going to focus on Tree Hugger and the landscaper pony from Princess Spike (you know, the one I keep talking about), but I wanted to be able to focus on other character's antics. So here's the first issue. Letting me know what you think (and constructive criticism) is optional but encouraged.
  22. Yayz! Introduction page of "Ask adventurer pone" art blog! You can ask questions in Tumblr post and this topic as well.
  23. So, what are your thoughts on the castle's interior shifting and creating new rooms/altering its interiors based on the wants or needs of those inside of it? Do you like the idea of the castle constantly shifting and altering itself to suit the current situation and being able to create objects/spells on the fly, or would you rather the castle be immutable and non-sentient?
  24. So since there are enough villains that are reformed now I figured we could make a list of favorite ways a villain/antagonist reformed, and a list of favorite reformed villains. Also beware there are spoilers for the comics here. Now here's mine. Top 10 Favorite Way a Villain/Antagonist was Reformed: 10. EQG Twilight Sparkle aka. Sci-Twi (To start off the list lets begin with Sci-Twi she was initially a side antagonist in the movie Friendship Games that became the main threat after going out of control with the magic she stole from Sunset and the others that turned her into Midnight Sparkle. She was reformed after being defeated in a magical beam struggle against Sunset Shimmer's new form Daydream Shimmer after she was distracted by Spike the Dog.) 9. Princess Luna (Lets be honest here there technically aren't anymore good reformed villains/antagonists at the bottom of this list most are just shot by Rainbow or defeated. However the one thing that makes Luna stand out compared to the other shot by rainbow villains is that even after getting reformed she still decides to punish herself by creating the Tantabus to prevent her from ever becoming evil again. Although in the end Twilight and her friends did convince her forgive and to stop punishing herself.) 8. Changelings (The only group of antagonist on this list. They were initially dark shape shifting bug ponies, but after Spike became friends with Thorax which led to an adventure of reformed villains/antagonists they changed from dark bugs to colorful rainbow bugs. After finding out they can just share the love inside of them to no longer feel hungry. Some believe it's stupid how they all decided to reform, but I guess it's because Thorax became a king and they act like a hive mind plus they didn't really want to stay hungry anymore.) 7. Gilda (One of the first antagonist that has appeared in a normal episode of my little pony. She was a griffon that was rude even when Pinkie Pie threw a party for her. She wasn't seen again until Season 5 where she saved Rainbow Dash after Pinkie Pie convinced her they were still friends.) 6. Diamond Tiara (The only character on the list that is still a foal. She started off as a bully for the Cutie Mark Crusaders before they got their cutie mark with a terrible mother that basically told her to act and be superior because of their status as rich ponies. However this all changed when the CMC's convinced her to do what she wants and be the pony she wants to be. Now a reformed antagonist who has became a friend of the CMCs.) 5. Trixie Lulamoon (The Great and Powerful Trixie was a antagonist who was basically jealous of Twilight's talent. She didn't really start to reformed until her second appearance in the show. It was finally in her third appearance in Season 6 after she became friends with Starlight that she was truly reformed. She felt sorry for hurting Starlight's feelings as a friend to the point where her bottled up emotions came pouring out, right before she almost committed suicide.) 4. King Sombra (This is pretty much a villain reformation that was really hated in the comics for no apparent reason. Seriously Sombra literally has one of the best backstory' that I've read and his motivations were also pretty good. But when it came to his reformation I don't know why everybody says it's just like Starlight Glimmer's terrible, however I personally think it was awesome. He was reformed after his foalhood friend Radiant Hope told him it is possible to deny the destiny to become evil that he saw in the Crystal Heart as she denied her destiny to become a princess. Which led to him betraying his race that used him since childhood and almost getting sealed along with them until Hope and the four princesses saved him and turned him into a real unicorn.) 3. Starlight Glimmer (To be honest I never knew what was the hate for Starlight's reformation. Almost everybody says she was instant reformed in a one minute montage when Sunset needed a movie to reform. But literally none of this is true. Let's see here when Sunset reformed everybody allowed her to have a second movie to show her reformation, but when it comes to Starlight the moment Season 5 ends everybody just starts to hate her without giving her a chance in Season 6. Not to mention she was the first villain to ever be convinced to stop.) 2. Sunset Shimmer (Some may think she was reformed right after getting blasted by a magical rainbow laser beam, but this isn't true. In the Rainbow Rocks she pretty much had the entire movie dedicated to her reformation. Since everybody also knows this I'll just keep it short and simple.) Honorable Mention: Gloriosa Daisy (Not really a villain or antagonist.) 1. Discord (Let's be honest here who didn't see this coming. I guess this is also pretty self-explanatory. He was pretty much one of the best reformed villains in the whole series. He was reformed after becoming afraid of losing Fluttershy as a friend. Although his true reformation didn't really come around until after Season 4.) Now for my Favorite Reformed Villains/Antagonists: 10. Gloriosa Daisy 9. King Sombra 8. Diamond Tiara 7. Thorax 6. Sci-Twi 5. Trixie Lulamoon 4. Discord 3. Sunset Shimmer 2. Starlight Glimmer 1. Princess Luna