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Found 9 results

  1. Here's how this works: You look at the episode in the previous comment. You say your favorite thing about that episode. If you haven't seen it, don't comment. After that, name a different episode! Have fun! I'll start. My favorite part of "Slice of Life" is Dr. Whooves. New episode? One Bad Apple
  2. Which of your YouTube comments got the highest amount of likes/ up votes and what was the story behind it? For example, mine would be the one left on the Furry Force mini-series, College Humor's animated satire of furries, when they got nominated for an Ursa major award.
  3. Once there was a pony... continue the story! Rules : Only comment one event per comment You may comment again only if the previous comment is not yours, in other words don't comment twice in a row keep the story consistent if someone else adds to the story it is now part of the story HAVE FUN!!!
  4. The title says it all and it might take some time to respond to all of them but this should be fun!
  5. Give the above user the most ridiculous or stupidest hate comment Jokes when they post about something random exmp: media, fastfoods, inventions, anypony or just give off hate comments out of nowhere lol. Ill start off with simple words.VVVV Worst description ever heard... Fax your grammer ya Gramnazi! dad makes the best pies for the office workers.
  6. Your eyes are beautiful like the cosmos. Your mind is full of ideas like a book Your Voice is as sweet as nectar Your Body is as beautiful as a fantasy You are always beautiful never forget that, no matter what you think you look like you are never ugly.
  7. It would be really nice if everyone was able to leave shouts on someone profile. That way people's inboxes wouldn't be cluttered quickly with PMs (Even though you have the ability to delete personal messsages). I feel that this way, if you have something quick to say, it would always go through.
  8. Now this title could mean a number of things but I wanted to make this to see what you guys thought and weather you could relate or give a bit of advice. Now for me personally, sometimes I am just so eager to comment on an issue and register an opinion that I often poorly think through what I am saying and and don't really say what I mean or give the correct point. There are multiple examples of this but I think the best is that today, I have been posting on a topic about Syria, and at times I was so eager to reply that I didn't write proper comments and didn't really say anything 1/2 the time (I will start thinkng and taking more time though I dont want to say stupid things I dont mean). Maybe I think that my post count is more important that understanding and writing coherently? I hope not :S! Does anyone else feel they do stuff like this? Or in another walk of life do something similar? or do you even jump to conclusions to quickly without properly finding things out?
  9. Everywhere recently there has been so many bronies and non bros fighting in the comments of every thing, from YouTube to Funnyjunk to everything else. I am posting this now, because everywhere I go there is arguing and it's annoying for me to constantly see. I know this is nothing new, and we have our own ways of dealing with it, but is anyone else just as annoyed by it? I don't take sides when it come to things like this, I usually end up saying one thing to shut both sides up and that's it. But when bronies comment about ponies on something that is not related at all, It disappoints me a little. We have our own websites, and content to comment on, and that is where pony comments should stay. For example, just the other day I saw a ytpmv (you tube pony music video) so I decided to check out the actual song, and the first thing I see is comments about ponies. It makes me mad at the bronies who are posting this, and the people who then reply to them. I think everyone needs to calm down a bit, and stop fighting over nothing. And what sometimes frustrates me the most, is how people start these wars, its like they caught water on fire, I mean honestly how do they start an argument when there is nothing to argue about! Sorry for sounding a bit rude, i'm not hostile towards anyone and I respect everyone. I know posting this is not going to stop the fighting, but I want to know peoples opinions are on this topic.