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Found 28 results

  1. I ADORE a good lets play! I recently discovered a very funny, and really entertaining one names phycadellicsnake I was just wondering if anypony else watches let's plays, and if so, what are their names and what have they played?
  2. MLP is back! Will we both love the season premiere, or has the show seen better daze?
  3. It's G1 vs G4 in this reaction to Spike's Search, the G1 counterpart to Dragon Quest. Will it be any better?
  4. Give thoughts? I think his stories are good, but his videos shooting shots at other YTers are going a little far
  5. I made a commentary reaction video. I've never posted any of my videos here before, but it's worth a shot
  6. New preview for Season 6 of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic! (Complete with more from Starlight Glimmer.)
  7. It's been a very long time since I last posted here in this forum. I've been struggling on many things all this time. Things have finally settled down, though. During this time, I thought up a nice idea and part of it is doing Let's Play - videos. So for finally returning here, I'll give you me playing Minecraft! Please note: This is my first time recording a game session and giving it my voice so excuse me if I sound nervous. Also English is not my mother language. Ep. 1: Playing hardcore mode
  8. So I accidentally came across this game and having played Portal and Portal 2 I decided to try this game. Let the craziness begin. Time to start doing science... while seeing just what has happened. Enjoy!
  9. So I've been watching a lot of blind commentaries for my little pony friendships and magic lately and I was just wondering what you guys opinions on them are
  10. I keep seeing people talk about those youtube channels every now and then, but I'm wondering how many of you know about them. It seems that most people that are bronies I've run into are fans of Sonic the Hedgehog, and many fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are fans of BrainScratchComms, HellFireComms, and SomeCallMeJohnny (who is a member of BrainScratchComms). For those who don't know, these commentary channels do weekly videos where a group of people do part-by-part voice-over commentary on select video games, and they're primarily known for their Sonic the Hedgehog content. A good chunk of the people who watch them like to draw opinions from their commentary. Me and a few of my friends do our own video game commentaries (RagePlayComms). It's actually quite enjoyable.
  11. Well here's another MSX game for you to enjoy. This time you will see just how bad is my math when stressed against time and one unpredictable enemy. Enjoy!
  12. Join me in this fast-paced parkour game where I have to run for my life. Also I will try to find out why the game suddenly started to lag at one point and try to fix it. I truly haven't play this game since I installed Windows 7 and that was about 5 years ago I think. That's why I seem to play like a newbie here. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Run... Run!!
  13. Join me in this old and classic game where I try to save 7 children from kidnappers. Man this game brings back so many good memories. Enjoy! Ep. 1: Rescuing the children
  14. I'm interested in starting a YouTube channel and I know that commentary and review channels have kind of saturated the market. I am curious as to what the community has to say. What would you most like to see in a new Brony based YouTube channel? Do you think that there is room for another voice in the review/commentary community?
  15. So this is a series I'm doing on YouTube called "The Cynical Commentaries" Where I basically riff on MLP: FiM in a sort of MST3K style. Making jokes and just generally being a cynic critic (All meant for comedy, not to be mean) I don't know wherelse to promote my show, I need more viewers so it can grow and improve So if any of you guys are interested, please check it out. I have 3 episodes up right now:
  16. This is my third and final commentary to celebrate the holidays, guys. Through festivity and just being unoriginal, we're going to go with the only episode in the whole series that could be classified as "Christmas-Related" episode in the show. Obviously, you guys know I had to invert the video, but I thank you for being accepting of it Let's end the year with a commentary over Hearth's Warming Eve!
  17. This was originally meant to go up before Sonic Rainboom, as you might be able to tell. Due to a worldwide blockage, however, it couldn't be seen by pretty much anybody. I decided to do the same trick I did with Rainboom to avoid another claim. So far it's working, so I'm gonna do my best to keep it up. Here is the first (or, in this case, second) commentary to celebrate the holidays; the Wibbly-Wobbly, TImey-Wimey episode, It's About Time. If you guys enjoyed the commentary, would you mind going over to the video page and leaving a like? It helps out alot
  18. (It should work now, guys!) Sorry about the inverted video, guys. It's About Time was blocked due to a content ID claim, and Quilled Inc suggested that I filp the video horizontally to avoid getting claimed again. I apologize if this seems a bit jarring, but unless I make it an audio-only comm, this is one of the only solutions I have. In any case, here is our commentary over the oh-so controversial Sonic Rainboom! If you enjoyed this commentary, would you please go the extra mile and give it a like? It helps me out in many ways
  19. Here's a video video thing:
  20. I've had this on my drive before the review of Dusk's Dawn even started production Take a gander if you wish.
  21. Not too sure if this belongs here or not buuuuut yeah Anyway I've been re-watching a lot of blind commentaries on MLP and was just wondering if you guys know anyone i can try out here are the commentators i know. xXSoundSpeedXx (Favorite) MrCobaltSky (3rd Favorite) MasterNeutral1 (2nd Favorite) SirFrogFinest (4th Favorite) I'm willing to give everyone a try, though I have given a few others a try but i just didn't get into them. The four above are the ones I think are the best and the ones worth watching, so please give me some suggestions