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Found 15 results

  1. Once there was a pony... continue the story! Rules : Only comment one event per comment You may comment again only if the previous comment is not yours, in other words don't comment twice in a row keep the story consistent if someone else adds to the story it is now part of the story HAVE FUN!!!
  2. Whether it was a youtube comment, reddit post, a fanfiction or something like a mix of those, what is the absolute worst thing you've read on the internet? There are a few really bad things I've read here on the webs. I once read a "creepypasta" called "Blood on the crotch of a fursuit"... it was just as bad as it sounds. One of the worst youtube comments I've read was someone telling a youtuber how they've been stalking them to try to get them to kill themselves for months. It was pretty disturbing... Also there was a reddit thread about hating animals.
  3. It's not exactly a secret that many people out there on the internet misuse their gift of being able to explore this vast, often wonderful land, and spend their time bringing negativity to even the most harmless of subjects. I'm sure most of us can name places where behaviour like that is prevalent even if we don't explore the internet too much; heck, perhaps some people would have a harder time naming places relatively free from it. However, I'd like to change that even a little. There's loads of lovely shining communities out there that simply don't get complimented on their positivity enough, or that are taken for granted even, and with how often the crappier sides of the internet are called out and discussed, these good communities seriously deserve some more recognition and praise, lest we lose ourselves in a mindset that there's nothing more than toxicity out there (and having fallen into that in the past, albeit for real life, I can say it's certainly not the most happy, motivational mindset out there ^^; ). So, let's bring some more attention to these pleasant communities if we can! Whether it's a website or a forum, a channel's friendly comments section (yes, those exist) or some other type of community you know about regardless of its size, feel free to talk about and praise them here, even mention positive moments on them that really struck you if you can Obviously for a lot of you this place will come to mind, and that's okay if you want to compliment it, but please do try to mention some other community while you're at it. Here's a few examples I know of~ Reddit, while obviously pretty well-known, really caught me off-guard with how civil and warm many of its members can be when I joined it earlier this year. Granted, I'm subscribed to the more positive subreddits on there like r/aww and r/wholesomememes and quite a many more, but every time I've browsed around elsewhere (even in some of the more relatively inflamed subreddits), I've found that any drama seems to be handled fairly well and that debates have more depth and thoughtfulness to them than one might expect. Whereas I have my worries elsewhere about going too deep into the comments section, on Reddit, I've yet to be disappointed On YouTube, Robin Seplut's channel definitely comes to mind, even if it's to be expected considering it's a channel about cats What I love here is that the comments section and Robin are on very friendly terms; the former often thanking him for the daily vids/caring for the cats around him, admiring the new cats or giving Robin guidance on how to be less intimidating to them, while Robin replies to many people with a friendly "Hello!" and "Thank you! :)". This further supports my theory that cats are the secret to world peace :? While I'm not certain how it is nowadays (though from a quick glance, it looks much the same), there was a forum I joined a few years ago for people like me dealing with social issues; despite not being very active in it, the friendliness there meant a lot to my otherwise cynical past self, so much so that it probably helped me out just as much as the advice I received from there did. Everyone seemed chill and with each other's best interests in heart; for whatever reason, I always remember this one member that, despite making some fairly vague and undescriptive topics (not terrible topics mind you, just sorta hard to follow on from the OP), still received some friendly replies and compliments from people that tried to make a discussion out of the thoughts he put forth. I really wish I was a more competent socializer at the time, I'm sure I'd have made some great friends I'll leave it at that for the time being; looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say!
  4. Sometimes I make a little spelling mistake when I post to a profile feed, so an Edit button could be nice, it could be next to the Delete button.
  5. Hi guys..would any of you mind going to my profile and clicking on the link to my account (it's at the bottom of everyone's profile)? I'm only an amateur writer, but anyone else here who has a FIMFic, I would love to get a comment or some critique on one if mah storiiiiiies.
  6. As title implies, what do you think of the comments section of EQD. Like some of their reactions to stuff and others. Personally, they can be hit or miss. On one hand I can find some funny posts, but on the other hand, there are those people who jump to conclusions and think the show or fandom is dying or something. So discuss away!
  7. Welcome to an Adventure :3 what will happen who knows? who are we?, You decide So Lets start, What we need to start is 1. Name 2. M/f 3. What race? Comment below and we can get started lololol
  8. Hello It appears that I can't delete my comments in status updates. When I click on "Delete", the comment disappears, but I just have to refresh the page to see it's still here... (I'm not talking about status updates, I know that when we delete them they turn red and only I and the MLPF staff can see them. It's not the case for comments.)
  9. This is more of a suggestion more than a technical difficulty, but I think I should address this either way. I have noticed that your notifications tell you if you got a comment on your blog, but if never tell you if you have been quoted or you got a brohoof on your blog/comment. I noticed this for many months now, and I think that I can suggest that maybe we should get those kinds of notifications, like we do when we make a thread. Hopefully i'm not the only one who's noticed this. Thanks for your time!
  10. Hello! Another one of those rare times i'll be making a thread. Having searched the forums for a similar thread using the search option, I myself could not find one... So let's get to it! Do you read other people's comments on various threads around the Forums? I'm writing this, because i feel many comments on threads, tend to be forgoten or never read. People tend to jump to the question, and quickly give their opinions, without hearing others. Do you actually post, because you just want to bump your post count a little, or does the topic and idea really interest you? Just know, i understand that there are threads with hundreds or maybe thousands of posts, and nobody is going to read through all of them, but this is intended for threads with just a few posts, that have 2 pages at Max.
  11. I was thinking that a nice addition to the site would be the ability to be able to click links in status comments. When someone posts a YouTube or a picture link in a comment, you have to highlight it with your cursor and then right-click -> Go to *link*. It would be much easier to simply be able to click the link, just like how you can on status updates.
  12. Alright so I wanted to ask for a feature so you can look at only the comments left and your profile. For example, I want to find a comment someone left on my profile but it is nearly impossible to find it since I got 150+ pages of status updates. yup ..
  13. I was wondering if there might eventually be able to be a system where we could reply to a comment made on a song or our profile, and have the commenter to whom we are replying be notified that a reply has been made. (You know, to thank others for taking the time to write something, etc. <3 )
  14. Arkane

    Comment System?

    I was wondering if how the comment system on Pny FM would be like? Would it be like youtube, soundcloud, facebook or something completely different?
  15. What is your opinion on those YouTube comments all the time? Some are annoying, but some are pretty nice. Me? I'm neutral on it, but what do you guys think?