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Found 20 results

  1. We all hate Commercials right? So what do you do when they play TV commercials? I mean, I assume you guys don't watch commercials anyway XD. I mean they're really boring So During commercials, I try to exercise... But...I usually just either flip through the other channels, listen to music or just get lazy on the couch How about you guys?
  2. What are some really weird commercials you've seen over the years? Here's some I used to see all the time.
  3. so commercials, do you like it or do you hate it ? or do like some of the commercials that is funny or silly ? or do you hate them so much that they annoy you way to much ? for me i hate commercials ! take up time to actually just watch the whole show which is why i have hulu with no commercials.
  4. This is the scariest commercial I ever seen and the other one is a little scary
  5. So I made a short commercial for a game on the ROBLOX Lua Platform for it to be streamed on their twitch livestream. Not sure if I made it on there or not, I missed the Livestream event. Nevertheless, I decided I should post it on here to receive your criteria of it.
  6. Every December Honda has a big advertising campaign and this year Honda has a nostalgic twist. They are airing a series of six commercials featuring toys from decades ago animated using the stop motion method. My personal favorite of the bunch is this one. This article on Honda's website describes the campaign in greater detail. All I can say is this is an improvement over last year's December advertising campaign which featured spots by Michael Bolton. In case you forgot: Who knows...maybe a decade or two from now we'll see Twilight Sparkle in a Honda ad!
  7. This thread is mostly for those that grew up in the 80's and 90's, when game commercials were almost always goofy and over-the-top. What're your favorite commercials for games around this time period One of my personal favorites is this one: The elves just show Santa what's probably the greatest Classic Sonic game ever made, and he just... leaves. Oh, if he only knew :3
  8. Part 1 of a Trilogy of Stupidity, it is astonishing what made it through the censors. Viewer's discretion is advised. Next time: Archer Talks Mauroz!
  9. Well, it’s almost that time of the year again, the time for America’s yearly sporting event, the “Super Bowl.” Yes, it’s the “Super Bowl”; where thousands gather in front of the average TV in the average suburban living room to take part in an annual mass congregation of snack foods, soda, beer guzzling (not in every household), and watching a sport where oversized, puffed out, umm… men ram into each other like Army men at war to stop the other team from winning and to collect from corporate sponsors. It’s as if a large mass of the American public is reduced to spectators of Ancient Rome watching Gladiators make mincemeat of each other in the coliseum, or perhaps spectators of the middle ages watching Knights charge at each other in a joust to prove who’s worthy to be King in the silliest ways. Oh yes, and don’t forget about our nation’s National Anthem being sung by overrated pop culture artists (not saying there’s anything wrong with it, just feels silly), and the halftime show centered around overrated popular music instead of something unique and fresh. And when it’s finally over, people are rest assured that Football is America’s greatest past time (pfft, that ’ill be the day). Now personally, I don’t watch the Super Bowl (and I don’t’ think I’ll ever put any effort into doing so); but I’m perfectly ok with anyone who does. I personally just think the American Public can create a better annual televised sporting event with a much better culture. Perhaps the Bronies might be able to create something much better (but that’s not what we’ll be talking about in this thread). Still, the Super Bowl isn’t all overrated. Some of you might remember (and those who watched “Pirates of Silicon Valley” know) that it helped launch the Macintosh Computer in 1984 (; and we saw why 1984 wasn’t anything like “1984”), which by the way I would now recommend switching too with everything wrong about Windows 8; but this brings me to today’s subject: Some of you might not know this, but more and more people are tuning into the Super Bowl nowadays strictly for the commercials and could care less about the tackling ( Some commercials are overrated, immature, misleading and or stupid (like this:, others are an explosion of creativity and art and still others gather images from all around TV and our otherwise everyday lives and bring them together for an exciting experience the whole family can enjoy (like this:, or this I’ve even seen Sesame Street appear in a super bowl ad; but now how about the Ponies? I think everyone (even those like me who don’t go near the Super Bowl) would agree that the Ponies should have a spot in the Super Bowl commercials. If no one has started, I would suggest someone start a KickStarter campaign to fund the production and broadcast of a commercial featuring “The most interesting Ponies in the world”. Or perhaps we could simply fund a showing of my favorite Pony commercial (which could also be appropriate to show at the Super Bowl, being a parody of a series of beer commercials), the one the ends “Stay Pony My Friends” ( Who knows, if it happens, I’ll watch part of the Super Bowl specifically to watch the MLP commercial. Perhaps you’d all like to get started and share some ideas on what a commercial featuring the Ponies would look like.
  10. i'd only recently seen the "Ship my pants" commercial and thought that would be funny to ponify... then found out it was already done.. found out that there was a "sequel" of sorts that was somewhat christmasfied but pretty much exactly the same - figured try my hand at the recent one with "british" accents on most and tried to adapt them to the most fitting characters..
  11. Seriously, I was just thinking about it this morning. Every year, as soon as Halloween ends, all the stores put away the Halloween decorations and immediately start preparing for Christmas. Sometimes, they have christmas stuff out before Halloween is even over. You rarely hear about Thanksgiving, its like its being excluded or marginalized by society. Yet, most people don't seem to think this is okay. I've talked to a wide variety of people about this, and the prevailing opinion always seems to be that the commercialization of the christmas season, pure greed, and its overshadowing of other holidays is pretty awful. No one wants to work on Black Friday, or Black Thursday as its now being called. People like spending time with their families on Thanksgiving, but christmas always intrudes on it. So my question is, If its such a hugely common public opinion that Christmas has overstayed its welcome, why does everyone accept it as the status quo? Who is it that's actually making people work on thanksgiving, when most people seem to find it unacceptable? Who ever it is, have they no shame?????
  12. Not sure if we're allowed to raise forums from the dead to I made this post,what commercials do you think the mane 6 dcould be in? I would love to see Rarity in the old spice commercial Rarity: Look at your mare,than back at me,then look at your mare and back to me. Sadly,your mare isn't me,but she can smell like me if she stops using stallion-like body wash and switched to Lady Rarity. Now look down,back up,where are you? You're on a boat with the mare your mare could smell like. What's in your hand,back at me, I have it, its an oyster with two tickets to that thing you like.Look again,the tickets are now jewels! Anything is possible when your mare smells like Lady Rarity and not like a stallion,I'm on a dragon.
  13. The commercial has been showing for a while there is one thing that it bugging me. I'm the commercial, Twilight says, "Let's go see my new palace!" Will Twilight actually get a new palace? Or is it just for the pleasure of a little girl's toy? I actually don't like the design.... It's not show accurate as Hasbro always does.
  14. Now we all know when watching television, commercials are an inevitability (unless you have a DVR or watch one of those no commercials network like TCM). Some commercials are there to serve a purpose, such as trying to get people interested in a product, or warning people about certain behaviors (like smoking, drinking, A.D.D or bullying.). The commercials the make me irate are those idiotic commercials selling something we, as humans, don't need. Let's take the 'GoGo Pillow' for example. Its basically an unneeded tablet stand when using your lap is too hard. Now granted there are some instances where this would be helpful and the supposed neck pillow it transforms into is a nice feature if you travel alot. I ask, does the marketing division of these companies think we are monkeys? Sure it 'molds to any surface' but i don't slam my fingers on the tablet going: "ner its so herd to use my tablet! I cant type on it normally. Instead i have to practically punch it to work on it." I mean come on! Consumers are not that dumb. I use my tablet with normal accessories and still get a good view of what's going on on the screen. It's not Just that product either. There are many commercials that assume that the user is so stupid that they don't know how to use critical thinking or problem solving to fix a simple problem. "Burnt your dinner? then you need the-" shut up! If you burnt your dinner its your own fault. This problem can be fixed by actually paying attention to what you're doing. "forgot where you parked your car? The you need this all new voice recorder." No you don't. If you forgot where you parked then odds are you shouldn't drive cause you're either drunk or high. All I'm asking is to stop making us look like idiots. We aren't idiots, we have brains, we can solve problems.
  15. Well. I can easily say that the commercials are my favorite. BUT. Lately, I've been thoroughly enjoying the commercials. And the Doritos commercial. Just wondering what everypony else's favorites are?
  16. For approximately the last four years I haven't been actively watching TV like I did when I was younger. I no longer sit down and channel surf for hours mindlessly. I still have a TV in my house but really none of my family uses it to watch anything except the news (occasionally) and sports. I still watch TV shows but I just do it on my computer on the network's website or streaming it somewhere else, and netflix too. As a result of this I've been able to watch the slow deterioration of TV as a whole. I hear less and less about commercials that are actually clever/funny (even during the superbowl). I'm always shocked by the numerous reality shows that exist and I still don't understand why people watch them! I was recently told that there's some reality show about funerals? Or something like that...? I didn't believe them at first, but I guess it's legit. I actually didn't realize American Idol was still a thing until recently, I was hoping that would have died out by now, at this point none of the people who win will every really be that famous.... It's not only reality TV that's plunged downhill but Disney Channel (from the few times I've seen it now) it seems has created a formula where they give 12 year olds a show and they make dumb jokes, but I don't understand them because they all seem to be the same show...but apparently they aren't. Finally, COMMERCIALS. I still see them from watching shows online, but that's usually the same one and it's usually about an air freshener or another TV show on that site. On the rare occasions that I do watch TV it seems as though the quality of commercials has reverted to what it was in the early 2000s when that chick in slippers talked about doing college from home. It's like commercials peaked in quality and humor a few years ago and it's all gone downhill. Commercials (as most people know) have taken over air time. Just before I gave up on TV I felt as though I was spending more time skipping commercials than watching an actual show. And when you watch TV live you don't get that luxury. I'm at the point where when I actually watch TV I get extremely frustrated because it's all commercials that I would rather stare at the blank screen. TL;DR VERSION: TV sucks now! Why do you still watch it? (Sorry for the long post. I don't have a blog to put this in. SAD. )
  17. Ok so I thought about this thread when I was watching TV and it got me thinking of the funniest commercials. So post a link to the commercials which you find funny! Please just post one commercial per post. That way It's not just one big video collaboration with a million different commercials smushed into one video. Compilations are ok for commercials such as the one I will post bellow that have relevancy to each other and are like a series, but random commercials for different companies compiled into one video isn't practical, so please again don't do that. I can't wait to see all the commercials posted! Well I'll start here's my commercials:
  18. There have always been commercials I've always loved to see on TV, so what are some of yours? I love the Career Builder commercial from 2009 used for the Super Bowl, I was laughing most of the time it was playing.
  19. It's something that's really galled me the last five or so years. I don't mean to say commercials were all so great when I was a kid. They had a lot of annoying ones then, too. But it seems so much worse now. They all seem really condescending and snarky, like they're trying way too hard to be funny and link their products to a lifestyle I don't identify with. I'll give you a few examples. I don't watch a lot of current television; I've never seen Lost, 24, Jersey Shore, Revolution or other popular shows. But I do watch football and I see a lot of commercials for DirecTV, Geico, and NFL merchandise. So I'll stick to those. DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that competes with cable, Geico is an insurance company. They both have a bunch of gimmicks they put in their commercials (Geico has the lizard, caveman, and like a dozen more), and everyone else seems to think they're hilarious. News flash...they're not. http-~~-// This stuff is just lame. It generates no interest in the product and it's wearing out the "mute" button on my remote. Never--not once--has one of these ads made me want to buy satellite TV service or a new insurance policy, and I don't see how such hollow gimmicks could possibly work on anyone else. But I'm a tad more cynical than the average person, and since I was a kid I have seen commercials for the calculated money grabs they always are. It just seems that in recent years, their calculation has been poor. They can't just come out and say what's good about their product anymore, they have to make every ad into a bad comedy sketch...and since the 90's, there's been way too much bad comedy in this world already. So I'm not really wowed by this kind of approach, but it seems to be more popular than ever. Anypony else think this style is getting old?