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Found 7 results

  1. A pony I made for my friend Nich of his request.
  2. .. I don't know what my work is worth. I want it to be a fair price but also enough for my living costs. I minimum wage job isn't enough to keep my a float. So! What would you charge for my work? Examples: (Sketch) (Sketch Colour) (Flat Colour) (Flat Colour With Background) (Painterly) I can also draw other things besides ponies! If you wish to see more, you can find my DeviantArt page on my profile. :3 Anyone? I just need your opinion. What would you pay for work like mine?
  3. Hello there! I have a voucher for MLPForums and I was wondering if I could use it towards a commission on here?
  4. I was wondering where people get the custom painted figures and stuff of there OC and other things? I know they're not official, but are there commision pages? I see pictures on EQD for custom compilations and I kinda like them so where can I go about getting one if I wanted to? I know most on there are made by the people who sent them in but... What is going on?
  5. A commish I did for Sir.Derpington Hooves of his OC riding the adult!Spike that I drew in the pic 'It's Been a Long Day' along with Derpy, Fluttershy and Vinyl. This is what popped into my head XD -O- They had been traveling in the Celestia-damned cave for days. DAYS. Spike sighed as the stallion on his back jerked at the reigns. AGAIN. All four ponies were chattering at an annoying tempo. His ears were possitivly ringing. "Why do I have to wear a bridle again?" he asks, "And don't say 'because it's kinky,' Vinyl." The white and blue pony snickers, and they keep walking. Spike hoped that these crystals would be worth it. -O- Because this was going to be a long trip.
  6. What are some MLP things you want me to draw? Something you'd like to see me draw? Tell me and I'll draw it for you! (HAS TO BE APPROPRIATE)
  7. Since I got so many positive reviews, I'm now taking commissions! Either message me or comment on here in order to make an order. It WILL look as if they only have two legs. These are meant to be PILLOWS. not PLUSHIES. Earth ponies, Pegasus and unicorns are normally going to be $25, Alicorns $30, and any other minor species (though this depends on what it is) Will probably be $15, but if you want accessories and things like that, its $3 per accessory 1. Jimmy Brohemian - Pinkie Pie 2. Swit Beat Swat - DJ 3. Midnightive - Fluttershy 4. Princess GLaDOS - S1 Luna 5. Little Miss Fluttershy - Fluttershy 6. RainbowDash92 - Rainbow Dash 7. 8. 9. 10.