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Found 34 results

  1. Welcome to my commission shop! Hey everyone, I'm MidnightFire1222, but most people just call me Midnight. I'm here today to offer my services to you as a digital artist, for a reasonable fee. I got into drawing when I was a teenager, but I've never seriously thought about selling it until maybe last year. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to here about silly old me. What you want to hear about is what I can do. Prices With Examples A Few Guidelines to Remember I have a right to refuse a commission (I never have so far, so you probably don't ever need to worry about this). I have a job in the afternoon until night with hours that can potentially vary depending on the schedule, so I may not get your commission done right away, but I will always get it done. If you choose to commission me (and I must thank you if you do) I'll need either a description and/or a reference image. Reference picture(s) must be clear enough to give me an idea of what the character looks like If you can't find reference pictures then I need descriptive details (though I'm able to work with vague descriptions if given some artistic liberty) If the character is a pony, I'll need to see clearly what their cutie mark looks like (if they have one) IMPORTANT NOTE: Reference pictures and/or detailed descriptions are not required. I can work with vague descriptions. Refs/details are just helpful. These will always be posted on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you what like to remain anonymous when I add credits, you'll have to tell me so. Please be kind to one another. I don't think I have to spell it out more than that. What You'll Need to Include Character name Clear reference image (can be more than one, especially if there's more than one character) Cutie mark if applicable What kind of background you want if you choose to have a background What you'd like your character(s) to be doing (unless you want to leave it up to me) More examples of my art can be found on my deviantart If you have any questions regarding commissions, please read this by clicking here, or contact PathfinderCS. If you have any suggestions on what I could do to improve the way this post looks, feel free to tell me.
  2. I feel like I still do not know much about other bronies in the fandom, because I feel like I missed out on a huge part of the fandom, first, not getting to known MLP conventions like BronyCon, Galacon, BABSCon, Everfree Northwest, Crystal Mountain Pony Con, and Ponyville Ciderfest. Two of these cons have already closed down, BronyCon being a hard hit for me as going there was one of my dreams.(although that dream will remain a dream not come true) The other thing is that I have not been to much MLP fan meetups. (save for Project SEAPonyCon) Because of this, I haven’t really talked with many bronies in person. The third thing is, I can’t really accept commissions. Most of the commissions on DA and the rest of the fandom usually cost from $50 USD to $2000 USD, something which I can’t afford, since my place’s currency is slightly lower than the USD. Because of these problems, I feel like I’m still alone in the MLP world, and that texting online here is the only sort of communication I have with the outside world in the USA. Which makes me kinda feel alone at times. What about you people? Have any of you gone through this before? Let me know, because, I never really talked to any known people in the fandom, besides Tridashie and Yudhaikeledai. (I met them in SEAPonyCon, they were awesome guys, actually thought they were American xD)
  3. This is some of my art, im trying to get out there and make some money, i lost my job at pizza hut because it was too physically straining for me. My devaintart is taco0bender -> My tumblr is -> my instagram is ->
  4. A recent speedpaint of mine! I was a little less active on YouTube for a while, and it seems like my account is dead now xD. I would really appreciate it if you guys were to give it a thumbs up if you liked the process of my art! <3
  5. So I did this for Dynamo Pad... Yup.
  6. I'm just starting out making plushies so I want to commission a plushie from someone of a friend's ponysona who is more experienced. So is there ANYONE open?
  7. I made this for Burpy. I don't really know what to call it, but it looks nice so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Hi hiii~ Just sharing a commissions I made~ This is Zafina (Oc not mine,it belongs to Meike Fu) I'm open for commissions~ My prices are a lot lower than usual so don't miss it out~ If interested just send me a message Enjoooy~
  9. Now firstly I have no doubt that this issue has most likely been raised already but I suppose I want to bring more public attention to this issue, well thing I suppose. I've already had a chat to @Dark Horse about this but I'd like to get more input on this. So as of this time all commission stores (think all) work in USD$ Now this for a good portion of users is quite alright all lot of you live in the US, but I speak for those who do not as I write this here are some exchange rates for those who don't. 22/04/2016 rates: (all these fugues buy $1US) AUS 0.75 CAN 0.78 NZD 0.69 There as some rates of users who are, well paying more than everyone else for commissions though exchange rates, others are paying less which results in the artists getting less money for their work (the idea works both ways). Now I have not a clue about what is needed to make it happen but my suggestion is for users to buy a neutral site currency I.E something akin to like steam dollars which then can be used to buy art on the commissions sections or maybe even a points system like Deviantart then the artists being payed the equal value, then reversed on their end, a system like this would allow artists to be payed same rates and for those in, well lack of better word poorer countries to get more equal value for our money.
  10. Hello everyone! Since I quit drawing ponies, I want to share with you some good artwork from other artists. They are my friends and they doesnt speak english at all. Thats why I'm posting it here instead of them joining this forum. So... does anyone of you guys are interested in watching some nice artists doing their art here? They are all focused on commission and mostly it will be OC's stuff unfortunately... Here is some examples of their arts: "Royal Cake" by Blacki "Baby cows" by SunFlower "Flutterpocalypsis" by Swit "Birthday present" by Ketchup
  11. Age: 15-26 Gender: Male Species: Earth Pony Appearance: light aqua blue skin, messy brown hair, and sad pale green eyes Cutie Mark: a red cross highlighted with black and two red hearts at the top corners. helping and caring for living things Personality: is kind to any living creature, no matter what they did, is pretty quiet, and is almost always prepared Backstory: Feeder was born in the poor side of town. Almost everywhere he looked, he saw buildings boarded up. When he was about 4 or 5, he was walking past some houses, when an explosion erupted from a house. When he got to his hooves, he saw the house on fire, and screams were coming from inside. He tried to block out the screams, but didn’t work. Knowing how long it would take the fire team to get there, since nopony was around, he ran in. he ran through the house, looking for the pony that was screaming, a few minutes later, he came across the pony. The pony was stuck underneath a support beam. He ran over, helped the pony out from under the beam and out the door. When they got out, the fire team was there. He handed them the pony, and sat down, out of the way, and breathed in the fresh air. That when he noticed his cutie mark. He decide to help anypony out, no matter who or what, and he's been helping ever since. Feeder is another free commission I did for a friend on the MLP Forums site, and I did it for free as practice. Already I can notice some mistakes I made, but overall he was happy with and, and I am glad of this. The description he gave me to work with is above, and I plan on getting better with time. This was fun though. I am taking random request from whoever ask. All free sense this is just practice for me anyway. I think I went a little over realistic on this. No matter.
  12. As soon as I am able to, I'm going to open up a commission shop! In the meantime, here's a link to my Livestream!: Hope you like it! I would REALLY appreciate some feedback here if you'd like me to open a commission shop, or even just to hit me up that you like my art! Thank you in advance!
  13. This is a free commission I did for a friend here the mlpforums who had low self esteem and needed an Oc to help him branch out and find more friends. He goes by "The Meta" for now, but he says me may change it when he finds a better name. He was very pleased with the exotic pony I gave him. I will give you the tour. The body is white, but the wings, mane, and tails are purple. Wing, left purple fire, right, purple ice. The Ice wing is lighter in color while the fire wing is Darker. Eyes are purple. Tail on top is his Firefox Tail, and Tail on bottom is your ice fang Tail. The cutie Mark is a heart. Left side, is your burning spirit, and the right is his cool and calm demeanor. You can see a little shine mark on that side. You also have hoof shoes that give a bit of a Royal feel. These are the same color as Celestia's. Adding on, he is also a fast flyer, and he can use those wings and tails for different kinds of attacks. One burns and the other can cut and freeze. He can touch others with them as well and not hurt them as long as they are friendly. So if he wants to warm up or cool off a friend, he can use them for that too. Fire cant melt his ice wing, but it may start dripping, and water cant put our his fire wing, but it can make it steam up. If he gets mad, fire and ice can explode out as well. Me and my crazy Imagination. Lol.
  14. Does anyone here have a plush of their OC? I do! It was a gift from an amazing friend
  15. (Read full entry for the whole list) (in order of when I commissioned them) Serhalu - - Meb90 - - PancakemakesPlush - - SenorCheeseMonkey - - ZenAquariaPony - - RainyWren - - Somescrub - - MayatheMadHatter - - LiraCrowned - - SapphireFyr - - GoGo-T-W - - Minikirby123 - - Bubbly - - Kellie - -
  16. Hi everyone! This is Ren Haru from The Perler Pony craft store, and I'm super happy to be vending at Babscon this year! I'll be table F3 on the vendor's room map. This will be my first time visiting the West coast overall, so it'll be great to see some new faces in the fandom. A little more about me and my shop: Previously I've vended at brony cons like Grand Brony Gala, Trotcon, and Bronycon. I've also tried out a few local anime cons in the past, but they don't really do it for me any more. I mainly do perler ponies, which are made out of little colorful plastic beads melded together. My main perler products are my Silly Filly line, which are about the size of your hand depending on the character. I've made over 35 different characters (not including OCs) and hope to bring a lot of character variety to Babscon! Other than that I also make large perler ponies, perler ear/horn headbands, plastic accessories, and at cons I'm known for combining things and discounting them in mystery bags! Babscon Commissions and Pickups: If you're interested in a custom commissions you have two options: Pay ahead of time and pick it up at Babscon OR Pay at Babscon and have it shipped to you afterwards. If you pay ahead of time I will give you a 10% discount and a cheaper shipping fee since it'll just count as plane baggage weight. Plus you can show it off to your friends at the con! The plus of paying at Babscon and shipping it later is that it's the only option available where you can pay cash. This is a great option for those of you that want your OC done but don't have a credit card or a Paypal account! (I'm looking at you, underage minors~) Here are the prices on custom commissions (not including shipping): Naked OC Silly Filly: $10 Custom 4" x 4" Cutie Mark: $10 Complicated/Clothed OC Silly Filly: $12-$15 Custom Pony Ear/Horn Headband: $15-$20 Custom Villain Headband: $25-$35 Custom 8" x 8" Pony: $25-$35 Custom 12" x 12" Pony: $35-$50 Custom 24" x 24" Pony: $100-$200 The final date you can buy a commission for pickup is 3/15, and possibly earlier for a commission 12" x 12" or bigger. Feel free to comment on here or message me through my profile links for any questions or details!
  17. How does the new commission 30 day policy work? Because a lot of people seam to be unconvinced by it? and to be honest I don't really get it.
  18. Does anyone know how to draw? If you do please can you draw my OC. She is a light brown pegasus with curly light green and dark green twist hair. Please contact me at You are totally cool beans if you do decide to do it. Please Please? Pretty Please?
  19. Hello other mlp fans apologies in advance if this is the wrong place but I'm new to here. For my final degree project I decided to make a huge mlp character for an imagined film or future series and was wondering what people who actually know what mlp is/are thought about it. Apologies for the sideways pic, I've tried rotating it but it just keeps return to on its side for some reason. I'm also looking to see how much interest there is for buying her/other custom pony heads which I might create as I have a couple of friends after them and wondered if the larger community might also be interested as they are expensive to make and consequently buy. Anyway let me know your thoughts and ill see what happens
  20. Hey all, I've been doing some requests etc for people and money is becoming an issue so I need to start taking commissions. Ideally I need to make £100 ($160) a month at least and it's about 60p per $1 exchange rate for me so this may influence how much I should charge. I would be taking commissions for portrait, full body, and group images (max 4). All would be coloured and shaded like in my examples below, I don't think I'll be giving options for just lineart, flat colouring (no shading), or sketches. I would also be doing simple backgrounds like the examples below at no extra charge if they want it. I was originally thinking $10 for busts (they'd be quite large) +$5 for each extra character with an unlimited amount of extra characters and $20 for full body image +$10 for each extra character with a max of 4. Would this be too much?? Remember the exchange rate for dollars into my currency isn't great o wo;;;;; ANYWAY, enough talk, to my artsies... Portraits: Full Body: Groups:
  21. Sculpted from scratch rather than using blindbags - just using up a bit of sculpey and some old pearlescent paints I found!
  22. So yeah, I have been drawing ponies for about exactly one year now, and I was just thinking of starting to do some of these commissions to have a little extra coin to spend every now and then... So, to my question: What would be a reasonable price to at least start out with for me (If you would pay at all)? I was thinking of something simple along the lines of this... Maybe a little more detailed: These might be a little simple... In addition to this, I can simply just do the line-art as well as sketching... My reason for asking is that I come from a fairly expensive country (Norway), and I wish to avoid overpricing my stuff, as I know I am far from as good as a lot of others~ I would love it if you have other tips, such as payment-methods, or other places than dA that I might find useful or as a better alternative... I will go to bed now as I post this, so expect me to respond to any replies in like... 8-10 hours maybe? Anyways, thanks to anyone replying with tips and stuff~
  23. I did a commission for a DeviantArt friend... Wait, what? You're saying that there is a fiery alicorn princess on this thread? What? Noooo... no, no... there isn't anything like that on here... I mean, doesn't that seem a little unoriginal? I- WAIT, NO INFINITY!! DON'T GO OUT THERE IT'S --- Shit... Anyway, if you want me to draw something for you... feel free to ask.
  24. A commission I did over on dA ^.^ Took me about two days, mostly because I was procrastinating a little here and there, but, I got it done, and, I'm very happy with how it turned out!
  25. This is my latest creation. I present to you Discord colored accessories! Long arm warmers, slouchy beanie, six foot scarf, necklaces, and earrings all done in the colors inspired by one of my favorite characters from My Little Pony. They look a little Whovian which makes them twenty percent cooler. All of these can be found in the Friendship Is Magic section of my Etsy shop