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Found 52 results

  1. Hello everypony and welcome to my little shop!! My name is 11newells I am glad you found this tiny shop of art. Here you can find all kinds of art at cheap prices. If you want something that is not in the shop and you want it I can happily add it in. payment and prices are here Link to store Some rules for buying 1. Please place your orders here in the topic to avoid any misunderstanding and only pm if you have more detail to add to your order. some proof that you have paid for the art. make a snapshot of your screen of your purchase and send me it by PM. It helps me know that you paid and that I didn’t miss you also PayPal doesn't give me a nickname that you have on here. 3. please be patient some commissions take time to do or there are those who are ahead of you on the list. If you are in a hurry and would like to receive your commission in a short time I will move it up to the top but it will cost more due to putting more into it in a short time. those on the list show the process of your artwork and your payment. 1.user: 2.user: 4.user: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. Examples
  2. if its not your first time and you just want to go straight to shopping just click here ( My Commission Shop ) hey there everypony,my name is Rose,better known as Lord Valtasar and i'm an artist i decided to open a commission shop because what could be better than to combine my job with my hobby? In this shop i try to follow the Rules of Rarity,which entail that every piece will be unique(no bases used unless specificaly requested)and of the highest quality i can deliver what i will draw: anything,just ask me,don't be shy what i will not draw: anything that's against the forum rules and now for the part that all of you care most about,here are the prices with some examples simple profile pic/quick sketch-(flat colors/no background) - 25$ 1 character with shading(no background/ simple background) - 35$ detailed landscape(no characters) - 50$ a character with background - 60$ Very detailed Portrait - 75$ Complex scene(flat or shaded/can have more than 1 characters) - 100$ -all of them are digital and fully colored unless otherwise requested -more characters can be added for an extra fee -if you need extra info,or simply don't see what you had in mind here,don't hesitate to msg me,chances are i can probably make it -if it's a logo or anything you plan on using commercially please tell me in advance and just to prevent you from the tedious task of scrolling up,here's the shopping link again ( )
  3. Welcome to my commission shop! Hey everyone, I'm MidnightFire1222, but most people just call me Midnight. I'm here today to offer my services to you as a digital artist, for a reasonable fee. I got into drawing when I was a teenager, but I've never seriously thought about selling it until maybe last year. Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to here about silly old me. What you want to hear about is what I can do. Prices With Examples A Few Guidelines to Remember I have a right to refuse a commission (I never have so far, so you probably don't ever need to worry about this). I have a job in the afternoon until night with hours that can potentially vary depending on the schedule, so I may not get your commission done right away, but I will always get it done. If you choose to commission me (and I must thank you if you do) I'll need either a description and/or a reference image. Reference picture(s) must be clear enough to give me an idea of what the character looks like If you can't find reference pictures then I need descriptive details (though I'm able to work with vague descriptions if given some artistic liberty) If the character is a pony, I'll need to see clearly what their cutie mark looks like (if they have one) IMPORTANT NOTE: Reference pictures and/or detailed descriptions are not required. I can work with vague descriptions. Refs/details are just helpful. These will always be posted on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you what like to remain anonymous when I add credits, you'll have to tell me so. Please be kind to one another. I don't think I have to spell it out more than that. What You'll Need to Include Character name Clear reference image (can be more than one, especially if there's more than one character) Cutie mark if applicable What kind of background you want if you choose to have a background What you'd like your character(s) to be doing (unless you want to leave it up to me) More examples of my art can be found on my deviantart If you have any questions regarding commissions, please read this by clicking here, or contact PathfinderCS. If you have any suggestions on what I could do to improve the way this post looks, feel free to tell me.
  4. Good morning, afternoon and evening to all the netizens of this wonderful forum! I come to offer my services as a digital artist with the following prices and examples of my work shown below. My SHOP is here price per sketch: $ 15 price for illustation with flat colors and white / transparent background: $ 20 price for illustation with plain colors and simple background: $ 25 price for full color 1: 40 $ price for full color 2: 60 $ price per comic strip full color with funds (1 page): $ 100 for each additional character they are $ 15 (the price of additional characters are not added to the comics) _____________________________________ NEW! Price for Stickers Chibi: 10$ Price for Normal Sticker Full color: 40$ Price for PonyLife Style 10$ SKETCH (15$) FLAT COLORS (25$) FULL COLOR 1 (40$) FULL COLOR 2 (60$) STICKER CHIBI (10$) STICKER NORMAL - FULL COLOR (40$) PONY LIFE STYLE ($10) What should you provide? - reference image of the character (or characters) to illustrate, if you do not have one please give me a detailed description of the characters. - character's name - cutie mark (assuming you have one) - If you want a personalized background, be specific with it. - If you want your character to do something in particular please be specific. What can I draw? - almost everything, from sweet things to more adult themes .. but nothing too explicit - I can draw people too - I can draw any type of pairs (hetero, yuri or yaoi) note that: - I'm a university student, if I'm late in a drawing it's due to academic occupations. - These will always be published on my deviantart, Facebook, Tumblr mod blog, Twitter and possibly Instagram. If you want to remain anonymous when you add credits, you will have to tell me.
  5. Heya, Welcome to ◊◊Nihi The Brony’s Commission Shop!◊◊ —————————————————————————————————— Terms and Conditions: » I Can Draw ponies, Humans and Anthro. Draw in the MLP:FiM Art style. Draw mild suggestive, lewd poses or gestures. Draw NSFW but needs an approval first. Draw mild to heavy gore scenarios. Refuse any request if I find it difficult to do. » I Can not Draw heavy mechanised styled art. (eg. Robots or heavily wired suit or limbs ) » Please provide the following if possible A Pictured reference if the character you want to be drawn. A simple information of your character. A little story or background. A Cutie mark photo reference or a detailed description. Before checking out my store make sure to read my terms and conditions. —————————————————————————————— » Commission Status: This section the progress of each commission I have. It will show the commissioner's display name. Note that if the commissioner changed their display name, the names here will not change and will still show their display name when they first issued a commission. Currently Working: Outside Forums Commission Currently Waiting: Dark Tempest, BakugouIsMyMan, Outside Forums Commissions, Lazy Ferret ———————————————————————————————— »Here are the list my shop can offer.« ———————————————————————————————— Chibi Pony Style - $10 Additional Character - $5 A chibi character drawing with simple style of shading. A color background can be provided. You can choose whether you want a background or not. —————————————————————————————————— Simple Bust (W/ Simple Background) - $14 Additional Character - $8 A drawing of a character with simple that only cuts through half of the character's body or bust. A color background can be provided. You can choose whether you want a background or not. —————————————————————————————————— Simple Fullbody Drawing (w/ Simple Background)- $18 Additional Character - $10 A normal pony styled drawing with simple style of shading. A color background can be provided. You can choose whether you want a background or not. —————————————————————————————————— Detailed Fullbody (w/ Simple Background) - $25 Additional Character - $10 A drawing of a character with a more detailed stayle of shading.A color background can be provided. You can choose whether you want a background or not. —————————————————————————————————— Detailed Fullbody with Detailed Background - $30 Additional Character - $15 A drawing of a character with a more detailed stayle of shading and background. —————————————————————————————————— Reference Sheet - $25 Additional character - $10 A reference sheet with simple shading. The reference sheet consists of: One pony (any side of your choice: front, side, top, back). Displayed Cutie mark. (If it is a pony) Important Accessories (if there is any) Two headshots, (any expression of your choice). Color pallete of character —————————————————————————————————— If you would like to commission me just click the link below, it will lead you on to my commission prices where you can purchase a commission from me. Nihi The Brony's Store If you like my art and want to see more please watch me on: DA:NihiTheBrony ◊◊Thank you for browsing!◊◊
  6. PoisonClaw’s Traditional Commission Shop My shop page can be found HERE! Status: OPEN How Dooooo! Welcome to my Shop, let me cut your mop— Oh, wait… that’s Bug Bunny… Uh… Anyway, I will be offering simple traditional drawings to anyone interested, as a means for me to further improve my skills. Few things to get out of the way first: 1) I have the right to deny a commission if I so choose. 2) I'll draw anything pony, which includes Earth Ponies, Unicorns, Pegasi, Alicorns, Zebras, Changelings (Pre and Post Reformation), Kirins and Hippogriffs/Seaponies. I will also draw griffons, dragons, draconequus or other such, though do keep in mind those may take a bit longer. 3) I am also able to draw Pokemon, Anthro, etc, so don’t be afraid to ask! 4) Please provide some form of reference for the character you wish for me to draw, no matter how simplistic, as well as include whatever pose/expressions you wish for them to be drawn with. Even a Pony Maker Base will suffice. 5) All Commissions will include color. If you want just the inked lineart, please let me know beforehand. With that out of the way, let’s move onto prices! Headshot of a Single character ($5) Full Body of a Single Character ($10) - Additional Characters (+$5) Character Reference Sheet ($15) Reference Sheet will include: Your character in a single pose of your choosing Color Palettes Cutie Mark (if applicable) Front view Any additional accessories. More examples of my artwork can be found on my Deviantart, DreamVirusOmega. If you would like to commission me, drop a comment and I'll see what I can do!
  7. I was wondering how long it takes or how do I get my commission topic approved so I can make art?!
  8. Hello there! ━━━━━━━━ Welcome to Ariida-chi's Art Shop!━━━━━━━━ Terms and Conditions: • As you may know I am currently a student, so there will be times that I might not finish commissions immediately depending on my schedule [Life of a student QnQ] But I'll do what I can in order to finish it as soon as possible! I hope that you'll be patient with me QuQ •In order for me to deliver your commission in the best way possible please be specific as much as you can in how you want your commission to look like providing a reference sheet, expressions, desired background, etc. • My style might change from time to time as I try different ways of styles in every drawing I do so just a heads up! • I can do: ponies, humans, anthros or ask me anything that you want in mind and I'll confirm if I can or not ^^ Fullbody Pony: $25 Additional Pony/Character: $15 Additional Background: $10 Fullbody Character: $35 • Humans, Anthros, Pokemon, etc Additional Character: $25 Additional Complex Background: $15 Reference Sheet: $45 Includes: • Fullbody Side View • Fullbody Front View • 3 Expressions • Headshot • Accessories You can purchase here in my shop: SHOP You can also follow me here in DA: DA You can also send me a PM if you're interested! Thanks for dropping by! Hope to work with you soon! ^^
  9. Hello and welcome! This topic is intended to provide a basic outline for both artists and customers who are interested in commissions. Our goal is to ensure that the process for selling and buying commissions is easy and safe. For your benefit, please read the following carefully! Meet the Team! These are the staff members responsible for overseeing commissions. PathfinderCS -- Responsible for the overall management of commissions and finalizing payments. He's the person to contact if you're interested in setting up a commissions shop. He can also answer many of your inquiries about commissions. PathfinderCS -- Responsible for assisting with commissions and customer relations. Jeric -- Responsible for helping to curate your shops and market you as an artist. For artists -- getting started! So, you're interested in doing business here on MLP Forums. That's great! Whether you're selling digital or physical artwork, we can accommodate. In order for us to assist, you'll need to share a few bits of information, as well as formally agree to several stipulations. First, you must have at least 20 "active" posts on the forums. These are posts counted outside of the Welcome Plaza, Roleplay World, and Cloudsdale Colosseum. Reaching 20 posts helps artists to grow accustomed to our community -- so not only is it good business practice, but it's also a nice and friendly thing to do! Second, you will need to provide the following: Some samples of your work. Your agreement to let MLP Forums take a 15% cut from all your sales. This cut is part of our escrow service in which we hold payments until artwork is completed. The escrow does three things: it supports Poniverse through the 15% cut, ensures you'll be paid for your work, and protects customers in the event a refund is needed. The PayPal address at which you wish to receive your payments. A complete outline of your pricing structure in US Dollars (this includes domestic and international shipping for physical artwork, if applicable). Any social media or art accounts you may have (namely, Tumblr, Twitter, dA, and Facebook). Remember, all payments are made in US Dollars (USD). Consider the 15% cut and the value of the USD while setting your prices. Each item must be at least $5 USD. For your convenience, here is an online exchange rate calculator: NOTE: If you sell custom work that has adjusted pricing based on materials and labor, we can arrange a second method of payment according to the following steps: Instruct your customers to send their payment through Tell the customer to leave a note that the payment is for you, the artist. Alert us to the payment so we can process it for you. Please note that the commissions staff also reserves the right to deny a request to open a shop on MLP Forums. Setting up shop If you agree to all of the above, then we can begin in earnest to discuss creating a shop for you. The system works like this: artists get a section in the forum store dedicated to them, and they make a thread in the Commissions area to set up shop. You direct customers to your store area to pay for work, and we then pass your payment along to you. Essentially, we hold the payment in escrow. It's our task and duty to ensure both parties are compensated; as such, your share as the artist will be passed along to you once we have confirmation of your work being completed. The customer must first send us the money due to you. You are guaranteed compensation, so long as you provide proof of the work for which you are being paid. Once the staff verifies that the customer has received the commission and is satisfied with the final product, we will send you payment as soon as possible. In summary: A customer submits payment for a commission they'd like. We hold the payment in escrow until you, the artist, complete the commission. Once the commission is completed, you alert me, PathfinderCS, to the fact you've finished and have delivered your work to the customer. I will contact the customer to make sure everything is squared away on their end. Assuming everything's OK (and it normally is), we then send you the payment. Terms of Service Be aware that the board rules apply to all sections of the forum, including commissions. We must first emphasize the exclusive use of the shop here on MLP Forums. Directing customers to pay via another method must be cleared with Path first. Otherwise, you'll be cheating us out of the agreed upon cut and hurting the community (as well as the customer) in the process. Please come and talk to Path if you're ever concerned about your payments. Bear in mind that you cannot sell artwork which would otherwise violate our board rules. This includes, but is not limited to, art which may be excessively vulgar, is NSFW, is fetishistic, or qualifies as hate speech. Artistic expression is a precious thing, but it must be consistent with the standards of our community. Finally, your artwork must be your own. If you appropriate any elements, such as vectors or designs, in your work from another source, it must be done with the express consent of the original creator. In other words, you need permission to sell what wasn't originally yours. Failing to do so is plagiarism and violates our community guidelines. Violation of the above terms may result in the closure of your store and the cancellation of pending purchases. Furthermore, you won't be paid for completing commissions which violate the board rules. Remember: If you're ever uncertain, ask first! Once your shop is ready and to your liking, you may then go ahead and post a thread in this section. Pathfinder will approve the thread so that it is made visible to all potential customers. Shop Activity Artists that have been inactive for a prolonged period without a stated explanation may have their shop closed. An explanation must be submitted to the Commissions Team in advance. More specifically, if there have been no commissions (completed or in-progress) within 60 days, we will contact the artist directly to make sure commissions are being accepted. This will also act as a gentle reminder that the shop has been inactive. If the artist does not respond after 2 weeks from being notified, their commission shop will be closed. This does not apply to temporary closures communicated in advance to the Commissions Team. Similarly, this will not apply to artists who frequently have works in-progress. We understand that some artists work with materials that take longer to produce a finished item (sculptures, plushies, etc). After all, nobody wants a rushed product. For customers -- a promise To those who are interested in ordering commissions, know that you are supporting both the artists and MLP Forums. Your business is always appreciated! Because your payments are held in escrow, we can guarantee that there is zero risk involved for you. You will always be compensated, whether or not you receive the work you requested. We will contact you to find out if your commission has been completed to your satisfaction. In the event you are not satisfied, please let us know! We cannot assist you if you do not make us aware of the problem you may be facing. Our team is here to mediate any dispute, disagreement, or confusion surrounding a commission. We are not responsible for physical items once they are shipped. As such, we encourage customers to look into shipping insurance. Artists who have proof of shipping will be paid, and we are more than willing to assist in arranging a new shipment if both the artist and customer agree to a new deal. Payment Information Transactions charged to accounts will appear in statements as The following information is also attached to each transaction: Merchant Name: Poniverse Website: Email Address: Address: 1641 Lonsdale Ave., Suite 248 North Vancouver, BC V7M 2J5 Once more, please direct any questions to PathfinderCS via PM. He will be more than happy to speak with you.
  10. Hi! If you're interested in commissioning me, go to my shop here: So, before we get into the pricing and such, a few terms to consider: I WILL: Draw any canon MLP species (ponies, griffons, dragons, zebras, etc.) Draw felines or canines not related to the MLP universe Draw couples of any orientation Draw kissing, cuddling, hugging Draw OCs Draw humanized pony-related characters ONLY IF you have a reference Draw mild gore/violence (discuss with me to determine limits - I'm pretty open with this one) I WILL NOT: Draw pornography/sexually explicit content or fetishes Draw very complicated machines or related items (just not good at it) Other rules/info: All prices are in USD. All works include a free simple background (see examples below). Highly detailed backgrounds will cost an extra $5-10 depending on the complexity. Each extra character costs an additional $5 (for sketch and line art commissions, an extra $3). I can draw traditionally (pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor) or digitally -- please specify which you would prefer! I can draw either in my own style or in a show-accurate style -- please specify which you would prefer! Here is what I mean: Okay! Now that all that's out of the way, here are your options! $30 Flat Colors examples: $35 Headshot examples: $45 Shading examples: (the CMC and "Happy Birthday" ones have free simple backgrounds; two unicorns with the rainbow have a $5 bg; other pieces have $10 bgs) $75 Reference Sheet examples: I think that just about covers everything! If you're interested in any of these please let me know and we can discuss! ^^ Of course the more I have to do the longer your commission may take depending on where you are on the list and how detailed you want your piece to be. Thanks for taking a look! If you want more examples of my work, or want to see the work above at a higher quality, you can look at my DeviantArt! Current queue: (none)
  11. Welcome to Scribblepwn3's commission shop! Interested in purchasing some artwork? Click here for the shop page. If you want to make a purchase, just leave me a comment below, detailing what you would like. Include preferred pose(s), references for OCs and cutie marks and whatever else might help in creating the image you'd like to have done. I'll be asking for your feedback on preliminary sketches as well. This will allow you to give me a better idea of what you want to see in the complete work. All the best stuff takes time! Every piece I do will be scanned at 200 DPI, so the quality will be high enough to print when you receive it. Please keep in mind, if you think these prices are a bit high.. All of this work is done using no computer assistance until the scanning stage. Every piece of artwork is 100% traditional, on paper with pen, liquid ink, watercolour and pencil. All of this stuff requires being replaced at my own expense, so the commission money I get, largely goes back into the cost of my supplies. And without further delay. EXAMPLES AHOY! Examples of the work quality you can expect to see. Pencil sketches. (bear with me on some of these examples, they're not all scanned due to the size of the book I was using. Work I provide will be higher quality, and I will be adding better examples in future as I create more.) Inked line art. Inked, with shading and limited Palette. Full colour work "These are nice and all, but uh.. Can I see more before I decide?" But of course! Check my gallery out on DeviantArt, or on Derpibooru for everything pony. Hope you like what you see! Remember, artwork sold here supports not only me, but also MLP forums. Current commission list (in order from first in line at the top): -Mr. Dash-- Full colour with detailed background +additional oc. Status: Complete -Dark Tempest-- Full colour x2 +additional oc. Status: Complete- Piece1 - Piece2 -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour +additional oc. Status: Complete -JonasDarkmane-- Full colour(full background) Status: Complete -Skysweep-- Full colour inked Status: Complete
  12. Hello! I got the green light for creating a shop. Thank you for stopping by! This thread of for commissions! It will include custom work, YCH's (your character here), and even original adoptables from time to time.Any new offers will be posted on this thread. Below is a price sheet for my commissions. Sometimes, I will announce bundle deals that can get you discounted art! So be on the lookout! Please reply and or PM me for a slot, with the type of commission you want, a reference of your character(s), and a description of what you want it to look like. If there is anything not listed you want, such as a more complex background, let me know! I don't take these types of commissions except upon request, and will be priced differently, so I need to know ahead of time to let the mods know about a new price addition! I am open to drawing any and all species canon to the MLP universe! Also, non MLP art is okay too! Just ask~ Merpony YCH! Wanna spice up your pony? Then here's your chance! A customizable YCH for you. Lineart, mane, and fins will all be modified to fit your character. Different expressions offered upon request. Lineart base below, and example of a completed merpony in the spoiler. If interested, please check out when buying as the following (pick the one that fits what you want): Flat Color- Full Body (for flat color) Colored and Shaded- Full Body (for detail) Slots & Queue 1) Rikuuuu (Ref sheet, PAID) 2) 3) 4) Art examples: Main Tumblr || Pony Tumblr || Art Instagram Forum Art Threads: Rose Arts (MLP) || The Rose Arts Etc Please click this link read over my Terms and Conditions! Thank you! Click here to buy a commission~
  13. I don't wanna flood ya'll with like, 20 new posts right off the bat so I'm going to make a couple posts that are compiled art works and when I make new works I'll post them individually! but for now here's a bunch of my favorite trades and commissions that I've done commission for purple-blep Contest prize for Moonrose95 commission for lavilovi12 Pixel icon commission for xnoodledragon my half of an art trade with Idoartz Commission for RummyBunny of a pony version of her Fursona my half of a trade with LolaDitz
  14. So, the title is my question. I've never made requested a commission before so I thought I would ask. If this is in the wrong section of the forums I'm ok with it being moved to the correct place, wasn't really sure where to ask this. Thank you.
  15. Commission by a friend of mine on Deviantart! One of my favorite drawings I've done!
  16. Aside from my regular art style, I love to draw in the show style of MLP! I use the same technique as when I draw reference sheets!
  17. Aura was another one of my favorite characters I've drawn! The magic was super fun to experiment with!
  18. Hi everypony! I just wanted to share a couple pieces I've done recently, inspired by the Equestria Girls series! I do requests periodically, and I'm always up for commissions! My prices are reasonable and we can work something out! I have a small but NSFW piece inspired by the Great and Powerful Trixie that I thought twice about posting. I'm not sure if human tiddies are allowed, lol I have a Facebook page for my art and also a deviantArt if anyone is interested! Please let me know what you think! Twilight/Midnight was done as a lighting, painting, and pose experiment. Sunset was done as simply a doodle! I'd like to draw the Dazzlings and more Sunset, if anyone has any requests I find too clever to pass up, I'll post them here!
  19. Hi everypony :0 I'm new to this forum, this is my first post so sorry in advance for any mistakes :') As a young artist, I find myself wondering about my future all the fking time, and I'm not worried at all about IF I can get money in the future- I know I can- but it's more about HOW I'm going to make that money. I really don't want to end up with a miserable job that I hate. I want to make all of the right choices so that I can wake up every morning happy to be doing what I'm doing. About three years ago I started drawing ponies on my phone for fun, and my interest in art has only grown since. I've made so much progress in art and I can pretty comfortably say that I can draw anything I want to, given enough time and the right materials. But ever since I started drawing ponies on my phone, I just can't really shake the fact that I like to draw them more than anything else. Ponies really make me happy and they make me enjoy art so much. I would really, reeeally love to have a job where I can wake up every day and just draw ponies to my fking heart's content, but I can't seem to fathom a way that I could do that... So, put yourself into my shoes. You know the goal, how do I get there? Growing an art account maybe, but what site- Instagram, tumblr, deviantart, all of the above? And what content do I post- a comic with original ideas or fanart for the show characters? I'm very open to suggestions since I have a lot of time on my hands, but what areas do you think I should spend my time on in order to grow the fastest? Would starting a Patreon or YouTube channel be a good idea? Feel free to reply with any thoughts, and if you know of any pony artists who live off of their art, it would be awesome to hear about them.
  20. This is just some of the artwork I have done over time. I take commissions through DA (points only at the moment) and hope to be opening a roleplay group soon! Any opinions on my art are welcomed!
  21. Hi everypony, I hope you had a great Christmas! A few days ago, we broke the $3,500 barrier and currently sit at $3,808! So you're owed a stretch goal. For this one: I am going to offer a sweepstakes for a $15 MLP Forum Commission Credit. Think of it as a gift card towards your next commission purchase. Anyone who donates at least $1 from now until the campaign ends on December 31st* will be automatically entered to win! Please use your MLP Forum/Poniverse screenname while entering, and I will do a drawing of that group sometime on January 1st. So if you love commissions, please donate just one dollar and try to get this $15 'gift card'. One entry per person. If you've donated previously, to be automatically entered, please donate at least $1 from now until the end of campaign on December 31st. Special thanks to @Lady Kiriness for this great idea. I can't wait to announce the lucky winner! *no purchase necessary to enter. If you would like to be entered without donating, PM me. Bumping, because I know a lot of you commission lovers are out there in full effect.
  22. Hello, well i had been painting a sculpting ponies for a while, but as a change i started to customise hasbro ponies. So here are some that i have made some sold and some are up on my new etsy store. G3 sugar skull-rose
  23. Hi hiii~ Just sharing a commissions I made~ This is Zafina (Oc not mine,it belongs to Meike Fu) I'm open for commissions~ My prices are a lot lower than usual so don't miss it out~ If interested just send me a message Enjoooy~
  24. Now firstly I have no doubt that this issue has most likely been raised already but I suppose I want to bring more public attention to this issue, well thing I suppose. I've already had a chat to @Dark Horse about this but I'd like to get more input on this. So as of this time all commission stores (think all) work in USD$ Now this for a good portion of users is quite alright all lot of you live in the US, but I speak for those who do not as I write this here are some exchange rates for those who don't. 22/04/2016 rates: (all these fugues buy $1US) AUS 0.75 CAN 0.78 NZD 0.69 There as some rates of users who are, well paying more than everyone else for commissions though exchange rates, others are paying less which results in the artists getting less money for their work (the idea works both ways). Now I have not a clue about what is needed to make it happen but my suggestion is for users to buy a neutral site currency I.E something akin to like steam dollars which then can be used to buy art on the commissions sections or maybe even a points system like Deviantart then the artists being payed the equal value, then reversed on their end, a system like this would allow artists to be payed same rates and for those in, well lack of better word poorer countries to get more equal value for our money.
  25. Here's another commission I got finished the other day, for Dark Horse. Who's just as pleased with it as I am!