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Found 6 results

  1. Leaving all the "I don't like this, I hate this, I don't like those fans, it's just disgusting and wrong." stuff behind us let's have a friendly discussion here. Let's see what we all bronies and pegasisters have in common. These are rules for discussion 1- No bashing 2- No harsh criticizing 3- Respect everypony here I'm gonna tell about myself first. I like the show so much, I can really relates to some of it's characters. I also like the fandom despite all the "conflicts". I might not approve a few things in the fandom but I respect what other people like as long as they can do same for me. Let us know each other in a better way.
  2. If you are uncertain whether some share a characteristic or not, go ahead and list it. We don't know much about a lot of these characters. Is there any that at least most of them have in common except the fact that they have three of the same cutie mark? Applejack Rarity Fluttershy Caramel Bon Bon Cheerilee Mrs Cup Cake Filthy Rich Mr Carrot Cake Fancy Pants Cookie Crumbles Hondo Flanks
  3. There are many threads around here in which we can embrace our ethnic backgrounds, culture, and show love (or indifference) towards the countries in which we live. There are also quite a number of threads dedicated to sharing our love of languages, or appreciation for our own. This idea came to my mind just an hour ago. I think it would be amazing if we can determine (via poll) the approximate amount of foreign members on this forum and some of the most common languages that they speak natively. As for what we can post on here, just simply share what language you speak natively and why you love it You can also post about why you don't like it. Give both pros and cons if you want
  4. Rarity: We like to look presentable. We are creative. We are artists We are dramatic. We are generous. We are sympathetic. We hate getting dirty. We love the color purple. We have the same color eyes down to the shade. Our parents are middle class when we want to be higher class. We are both perfectionists. Applejack: We both love apples. We both are hard working. We both are the middle child of three. We both are honest. We both had big appetites when young. (My appetite decreased.) We both love to bake. Twilight Sparkle: We both got worried if we were late. We both have a big brother who is gone. We both worry a lot. We both don't seem to fit in anywhere. We both did not want to make friends until we learned how important it was. We both are intelligent. We both are awkward. Pinkie Pie: We both have two sides. We both love sweets. We both want others to be happy. We both love to sing. (Even though I can't sing) We both talk loud. Fluttershy: We are both shy. We both love animals. We both love preforming. (I don't have stage fright though.) Rainbow Dash: We both hate to lose. We both are drop outs. (Yes, Rainbow Dash dropped out of flight school.)
  5. I have a form of social anxiety. And apparently, a lot of people have it. You may wonder what social anxiety is. Have you ever talked to someone and wondered what they thought of you? Have you ever felt neglected by a friend even though they didn't intend to do so? Have you ever felt too scared of telling your concerns to your friend with fears that they'll respond to backlash? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've got some degree of social anxiety. I attended a healthcare club seminar about mental illness. It may have been a very illuminating seminar, but what happened afterwards was the epiphany. I was talking with a friend of mine about my problems with Jaimie (Girl from previous blog post). She told me that what I was going through was something that she could relate to. She too would often feel depressed whenever she felt someone didn't give back the same love we give to them. She was also angry whenever she felt she was being treated unfairly, or frightened whenever she felt a friend wouldn't care about what her concerns with their friendship. It comforted me. All this time, I was angry at Jaimie because I thought that she had neglected me. I thought she threw me to the sides when we didn't talk as much. I thought she had seen me as awkward to be with, so she didn't want anything to do with me. When my friend helped me see that I went through social anxiety, I realized that the problem was me. I had overreacted based on my perception of reality which was untrue. I had swayed away from what was reality in favour of my past embarrassments with women. My social anxiety had originated from my past. I had many failed encounters with people, both men and women. I was often scoffed, ridiculed, and shamed just because people called me "retarded". They said all that just because I said I had "autism". I thought Jaimie had done the same to me because she was ignoring me and not talking to me as much. I thought she had thrown me aside like the girls from my past. Boy was I wrong. When I talked to her about how I felt, things couldn't be any farther from the truth. She apologized to me if she insinuated that she didn't want to be friends in any way. She loved being with me. She valued our friendship. I could only stand there speechless before I apologized back. It was one of the first times I was so happy to be wrong about a person. After that, we just kept chatting like old times. I didn't even notice that I was going to be late for class. She had to remind me about that. My prayer now? That I can continue to grow not only with her, but also with my other friends. That I can also overcome my anxieties and realize the truth when it's been laid bare in front of me.
  6. Well before we talk about the commonality between brony stories, I should probably tell mine first then. You see, my brother was the first person to get hooked to MLP. He started watching the show after being bombarded with MLP stuff from the TF2 servers. I remember the time he kept on talking about how awesome the show was as he excitedly told the rest of us. I just chuckled it off, wondering why he liked the show, but I wouldn't degrade him for it. In fact, I started to get glimpses of the show when I watched Youtube poops featuring My Little Pony characters. At the time, I was wondering, 'What the heck is with the ponies? At least they're good YTP sources'. As time passed, even my sister became part of the bronydom. She too was encouraging me to watch MLP. I still passed it off with a chuckle. 'Why would I be watching that show?' thought I as I continued on with my merry way. Eventually, I just... gave in. I began to get curious. Plus, I was bored. 'What exactly makes this show so special? And why is my entire family liking it now?' Then I began to watch... and watch... and watch... Needless to say, I got hooked. The comedy was fantastic, the characters were so memorable, and to top it off, the world was simply... beautiful. It was even prettier than the Disney worlds and the other children's shows I watched when I was younger. It was amazing... I was officially in love with "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". I couldn't believe it myself, but I eventually accepted it with joy. That's the thing about most bronies. We didn't accept the show with loving arms when we first heard of it. We had assumptions about the show that hindered us from seeing what it truly was. The same thing happened with two of my friends! I told them about MLP and they were in practical disbelief when I first told them. Eventually they both got curious and started to watch the show! And guess what? Both my friends got addicted by the end of the first episode! My friend I just converted thinks Rainbow Dash is best pony because she's so much like her and she's already watched the whole first season in a few days! She's looking forward to watching the 2nd and 3rd seasons! The haters of the show should be approached with love and tolerance! Just don't be overbearing but at the same time show that you can still be you even with MLP on your favourite TV show list! My two friends thought I was a weirdo for liking the show for quite a bit!