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Found 83 results

  1. TV tropes explains it better than I can. Loosely related to MLP, these guys are weird.
  2. So long question short, i've been watching MLP with my little sister for a while now, and this question came to mind...what "defines" a Brony? Do we have to be a certain age? Do we have to NOT be a certain age? Do we have to fill certain requirements? Would my 6 year old sister be considered a Brony, or just a kid who likes MLP? What age would she be considered a true Brony? Of course im not asking seriously, im just wondering what does define us? The general internet term for Brony is - male fans of the show My Little Pony. So by that respect would my 5 year old brother be considered a Brony if he where to watch the show, or would he simply be another child fan of the show? You know what im asking, for whatever reason i'm not quite sure, let me know what you think.
  3. Hi everypony! What was your reason for joining this community/forum and being somepony in it as you are? I decided to join the community en this forum in particular because I like interactin with folks and thought joining a forum was a great idea! And I have absolutely no regrets! What about your reason to join the community/ this forum? and as a bonus, how active are you in the community? Go ahead and reply! I`m sure everypony will be interested and maybe someponies share their reason!
  4. Now, I've been a brony since very near the beginning of the fandom. I've been shooting down threads like these since season four. Guess the horseshoe is on the other hoof now though. I've been thinking, what is next for us after season nine ends? Obviously sites like these won't just shut down but what about the content creators? Will bronies on Youtube like Dr. Wolf still make theory videos? Will the fanfic writers (like what I try to be) still make stories? Will the artists still make pictures of the Mane Six, and the musicians still make songs about Equestria? Will the conventions still be held especially now that Bronycon is shutting down? On the one hoof, I can look to those like Prince Whatever who not too recently wrote a beautiful anthem that the fandom isn't going anywhere and the staff at EQD even wrote a nice article about the core fandom remaining strong. On the other, IlikeKimPossibleAlot called the feeling of the show ending bittersweet and seemed bummed about it and I don't blame her and even DWK kind of jokingly looked forward to the show's ending like escaping a "candy coated nightmare". Which I don't think is a serious insult or slight because that's just his bit. I suppose I'm being kind of ridiculous, after all, many fandoms have outlived their shows ending. Hell the Browncoats made outliving their show a part of their culture. I suppose I'm half-venting and half asking, what are your feelings on the show coming to an end and how that will affect you as a brony?
  5. Happy national night out MLP forums! What is national night out you ask? Well it's a community gathering meant to strengthen bonds between neighborhoods, law enforcement and emergency services. It's like a community festival where police, fire, military and civilians get to have a nice time. It's been going on since '85 And it's going on today through out the U.S. & Canada. Anyone else ever gone to a national night out event? Had fun? If you haven't, here's where you can search for a city near you that's hosting it. Me? This will be my third year. Was lucky enough to have had it in my home town the first time. Lot's of cake. Lot's of police dogs. Got to watch Wizard of Oz outside on the big screen. So yeah, go check out your nearest national night out.
  6. I'm sure most of us have followed a lot of members here, as well as being followed yourself. With that said, I'm sure everyone has their reasons for following other members on the Forums, so I'm kinda curious... What exactly makes you want to follow a member on the Forums? For me, I follow someone because they either: Follow me first. I've spoken to them enough. Or I just have a really good first impression for some reason. With my whole "policy" out of the way (if you can call it that), I'm kinda curious as to what yours are!
  7. Hello everyone! Have you ever looked to the banner and dreamed about seeing your own creation up there? Have you sometimes felt that your favourite MLP character doesn't get enough love? Do you long to introduce more fans to your self-proclaimed OTP? Well then, what are you waiting for!? We at MLP Forums are always on the lookout for new banner submissions to help keep the decor fresh! Whether it's a completely original design or skillfully edited photoshop, we want to see the kind of ideas that YOU can come up with! So, if you've had an intriguing idea swimming in your head for a while now, or just fancy throwing something together out of the blue, send your submissions to myself, @PathfinderCS and @Jeric via the submission form here Here's a tip: Go with Sombra or Deer to ensure Path's approval, and Rarity for Jeric. It's been too long since we last had banners for either!) Thank ye pones.
  8. Since I saw a thread about the most toxic online communities, and a post about a gaming community in there, I decided to make a thread dedicated to the absolute worst video game communities. Which do you think is the worst and why? I think League of Legends is an obvious choice. The community has constant drama and has driven multiple people over the edge. Not to mention it has a serious reputation for toxicity and trolling.
  9. I would like to present the ponies of MLP forums a virtual world platform called Second Life. It's where anybody can pick up editing skills to modify the world around them or how they look however they please. There are Pony communities already there, with plenty of welcoming faces ready to greet anybody that visits, and a marketplace system for Avatars and More. I will help anybody that messages me here in the forum personally over discord, through game or ect. I'd like to do anything to help the Pony Community live their dreams.
  10. Hey guys I saw that there are several bronies on here who play TF2 and i decided to make this page for them and myself, along with anypony who was interested. Come to trade, make new friends, find somebody to join you on a match of MvM, or whatever else you can think of. below are some sites to make trading easier. by the way, I'm a Heavy main. Just putting that out there. my steam id is the same as my name her: kaiser5578
  11. I recommend opening a new tab and listening to this song while you read. Its one of my favourite classic Brony songs, and evokes a strong nostalgic feeling. Hello, everyone! On this day, all the way back in 2014, I decided to give My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic another chance after realizing I liked Twilight Sparkle and found that I actually enjoyed the show quite a bit. Back then, I was way less mature, more shy and still went to high school. My first time in the fandom was mainly spent listening to Brony music from this playlist on YouTube, as well as watching some videos from the YouTube Brony community. I had some interactions with members of the community as well, but, it was from the comment section on YouTube, so you can kinda guess how that would have turned out, yeah, I kinda embarrassed myself a little there but its all good now! Later that year, I decided to search Google for some communities related to this newfound obsession of mine, and found a few sites that seemed interesting, such as What is a Brony?, Equestria Daily, Bronyland and MLP Forums. Some places I visited didn't have a proper community of their own, or they were more like news websites for the fandom and didn't really seem all that appealing to me and if they did have a community, I didn't really know about it (as was the case with Bronyland and EqD). I created my account here on June 30th, 2014 shortly after browsing the website for a bit and finding that I liked the community here and wanted to start being more involved with the fandom outside of YouTube. I was a little nervous, but, I eventually (cringe warning) made my first post. Back then, I was known as shoyrumaster11, and as you read my first post, you may have noticed that most of my exposure to the fandom came from watching so-called "anti-Brony" videos and trying to figure out how anyone could be so triggered by a simple cartoon on TV. For a good portion of my time in the fandom, I spent it here on MLP Forums, occasionally making posts and sometimes actually interacting with the community and eventually, I wanted to branch out a little more and tried to find some meetups nearby, as well as a more local fan site but unfortunately, my parents didn't want me to be in any meetups back then due to concerns for my safety. My friend @Frequency Wavelength introduced me to Bronies Australia, a more local website which unfortunately wasn't very active, but it was great to know that this wasn't only some weird thing that Americans do a lot. After a while, I did also start to decline interest in this website due to some drama with the staff that was going on at the time and made a blog post last year explaining why I left the site. At the time, I was mainly a part of Equestria Daily's Morning and Nightly discussions and a regular on PonyTown, where I met a certain special someone... Through the years, I have made many friends and, at a very slow pace, learned to be more confident in myself and to try to enjoy my life a little more and be grateful for what I have. I'm still learning even today, but, I'm thankful for everyone in my life who has helped along the way, including those I met via the fandom and its presence on the web, and in this section, I just wanted to say thank you to some people I met through the fandom who are special to me, including those who are not on this website. @Jade Fire, I wanted to say thank you for being among the people to welcome me back on to this website when I decided to come back, and always being very friendly and understanding, even through tough times. I always enjoy talking to you and at times, a part of me does wish we could be friends outside of the internet, I consider you one of my best friends and I'm very grateful to have met you and to be so close to you. @PuddingPonyPal, you don't seem to come here very often, but if you ever read this, I just wanted to say thank you for welcoming me back on the website late last year. You have inspired me to try to be more creative with my art and fiction and you are very much a close friend to me. Minty Root, I remember you from back in the days when I was on EqD's discussions. I consider you one of my main inspirations for my (currently in the works) YouTube channel and I actually used to enjoy chatting with you on EqD. I am a part of your Discord server now, and as of writing this, I'm kind of wondering why we don't chat more? @SparklingSwirls, I really enjoy chatting with you and being your friend, and since chatting with you about it on Discord, you're also one of those people I want to meet at some point in real life, I actually really enjoy it when you be silly and you have helped me out of my depression, and we both seem to share a lot in common. Whenever I need someone to talk to, or just want to say hi, you are the first person I talk to. @StrawCherry, I feel like we are really good friends and, despite your being busy all the time, I kinda see you as the sister I never had. I enjoy your passion towards art and technology and I encourage you to continue doing that! Grazin, I really do mean it when I say that I enjoy being your friend. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, and I always have fun on your Discord server. You are very kind and I think you are stronger than you realize. I know you've been through a lot and might have had a rough past, but I just wanted to say that you shouldn't let it define who you are, I think the fact that I enjoy my friendship with you to the point where I have considered inviting people to your Discord server, so they can meet you says a lot, I might not be on Equestria Daily any more, but you are among the people I met from there who I still enjoy being around. Enigma, you are a very cool guy and I actually really enjoy seeing your passion towards music. I consider myself lucky for having met you and I wish we chatted a little more. @Frequency Wavelength, thank you for introducing me to the Aussie side of this fandom. It really helps me to know that I can share my interests with people much closer to home. You are a very cool and very friendly guy, and I think we would be great friends SGB, we only really met when I joined Grazin's server, but, I've always thought you were very kind and friendly. I think we should chat more ^^ @Battenberg, we've only just started chatting recently, but, I think you are a good friend so far, so thank you for letting me be your friend. @Valencia, you are a very kind individual and I just wanted to say thank you for being there for me when I needed it and for being a good friend and a good person in general. I hope everything is going very well for you. Mountain Dreams, we don't chat as often as we used to, but I've always enjoyed being your friend and I enjoy talking about the latest MLP episodes with you and I think you are a very good friend. @Totally Lyra, you're my favourite moderator on this website and I have fun reading posts from you and being your friend. Also, Lyra is still the best pony! Raven... I have a lot to say about you and I'm not even sure where to begin... My long distance relationship with you meant a lot to me and I do still miss you quite a lot, I remember that we met on New Years Eve in 2016 and I really enjoyed talking to you and to this day, there is something about you that I still love. Not sure if it was your kindness, your friendly attitude, your love of music, the fact that you are a fun lady to be with or anything else, but, there is something about you I love and I cherish all the time we've spent together and miss you greatly. You have shown me what true love is like and I never expected to meet you at all. I know things weren't always the best between us and that a lot of mistakes were made, but, I always thought it was still worth being with you because you at least tried to do what you could to make things work out. I wish we had more time to chat with each other because I genuinely enjoy your presence and words cannot even begin to describe how I feel about you as a person. The thing is, I don't even feel like your absence was entirely your fault, though its still something that should have been talked about, and I'm sorry for not having the courage to just simply talk out my problems. The fact that I still think about you and the fact that I still miss you must mean something. I love you, Raven and truth be told, if you ever come back, I'd want to give this another chance and see if we were really meant to be... A lot has changed since we last met and I'm more confident than ever and I'm ready to be in a relationship this time, and I'm ready to put in the extra effort for you. The thing is, you are unlike anybody I've ever met in my life and words will never be enough to describe how I feel about you... Thank you for everything, Raven. I genuinely mean it when I tell you I love you, and I hope we meet again soon and maybe work things out... To some, Bronies might be seen as some "fad" in popular culture, but, with all the experiences I've had and all the wonderful people I've met in this fandom, I think it is so much more than that. We are very much a community as well as family and even though I've still got a lot to work on, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in the fandom for helping me to grow and become more confident and enjoy life a little more. I think there is something special about this community of like-minded individuals and even though we do go through a lot of difficult times, we always come back stronger than before, I never expected that a community based around a popular show would mean so much to me, but, evidently it does, and I am very thankful for that. I may not enjoy the show itself as much as I used to, but I still do enjoy being part of this community and I promise that it will always have a special place in my heart and I'm proud to be a Brony and even more proud to have met all my friends from across the fandom, I think that even by the time life gets too busy for me and I cannot actively be in any geeky community, I will still have lots of fond memories of my time as a Brony and I promise I'll pass all the lessons I've learned on to my possible son's and daughter's in the future and I might even show them some episodes of MLP. Thank you, everyone. -Nightfall Gloam.
  12. Hello everybody! This is a fan club for all brony car lovers. Stuff to post: Cars you like Things that you wish could change with cars Car problems Car jokes Current car Dream Car First car Etc. Rules: No spam. No degrading or racist comments (e.g. Japanese cars are gay, Mustang drivers are *****, V8s are the only practical engines, etc.) Memes are allowed though. No NSFW content (e.g. woman's boobs atop Dodge Viper hood) Keep to the topic of cars (i.e. don't talk about cheese or what music you listened to last night) No hating on another fan club. All rules of the site apply here. Share and discuss! Let's make this big!!
  13. I have avoided the ToonKriticY2K thread for the past several days. I noticed that it very much turned into a Debate Pit-esque thread in which a few members of our forum community (who will not be named) have lashed out. And it is completely understandable that they are having difficulty dealing with the disgusting actions of a prominent member of the fandom as a whole. I wanted to let all of this process for a bit before saying something apart from merely condemning ToonKritic's actions, which I have already done on a few occasions. About a week ago, I first learned about Toon's actions via a video that gave a basic rundown of the situation. I have been a brony for over 3 and a half years now. I often took to the internet for my fix of pony-related content long before I even made a Poniverse account. During that time, I grew to enjoy the brony analysis community on YouTube: their personalities, their unique insights, and above all, their passion for what they love. While I wasn't really a fan of ToonKritic's content from his own channel, I certainly recognized him from the wide array of collaborations that he did with other people in the analysis community. I even came across some of his writing on Fimfiction and enjoyed what he brought to the table. It pained me to find out what Toon has been doing behind the scenes. And at first, I didn't even know the full extent of what had been happening. I looked into the situation even more and eventually I learned that ToonKritic had been engaging in similar illicit acts with minors for more than a decade. I already knew that what he had done was heinous and has no place in not only this fandom, but a civil society. But as I dug deeper, things began to look even worse. I am incredibly ashamed of members of this fandom who have allowed such perverse activities, no matter how serious they actually were, to continue for a long time. I am ashamed of members of the fandom, specifically the analysis community, who learned about the full extent of ToonKritic's sexual abuse of minors, and kept their mouths shut about it until a Skype call and various screenshots of Toon's interactions with his victims were leaked. Pedophilia, and indeed ALL forms of sexual abuse or harassment, are not something to be taken lightly. There are victims whose livelihoods were shattered by the actions of a manipulative child sexual predator. They will forever have to live with the memories of this man taking advantage of them. Justice needs to be served, but that alone is not enough. What about other people who have suffered at the hands of members of this fandom? It is an odd coincidence that a thread about pedophilia and underage dating in the MLP Forums community showed up in the Feedback section over a week before ToonKritic's behavior was made public. And this reminded me that incidents of a similar nature have happened close to home. This community is made up of people from their teens all the way to their 40s. In a setting where adults are grouped with and allowed to interact with minors, then there is a risk of abuse. I'm not saying that the majority of adult users of this forum would do such a thing. I'm not stereotyping adult users of the site, because I myself am a 20 year old. But it appears to me that in some way, shape, or form, there have been underage members of this very community who were victimized by older users (who were then given appropriate consequences). And that hurts. Yes, the fandom has proven time and time again to be a force for good and positivity in the world. It has broken down barriers. It has changed lives for the better, like my own. It has been a light in the lives of many people in this dark world. But every group is going to have its bad apples. If we won't bring to light and discuss the truth that sexual abuse can and does exist within this fandom, then how are we going to fix the problem? While the fandom has been a wonderful thing for many people, staying silent about a problem we are aware of for the sake of preventing controversy is a disaster waiting to happen. What do you care about more? The public's view of a fandom that is honestly already stigmatized to begin with, or the innocent young people who have fallen victim to abusers who just so happened to be bronies? So in light of the ToonKritic mess, I have this to say to the members of this forum, and indeed all members of this fandom who may happen to lurk on the site without being active contributers. If you are being victimized by a member of this forum, this fandom, or anybody else, then there are people you can reach out to for support. We have administrators and other staff here who have dealt with abusive situations within the community before. There are authorities who can help you get out of an unsafe situation. And I honestly believe that there are good people within this very community who you can talk to and who will be there to support you. You are not alone. As for myself? I have noticed quite a bit of talk--not just here, but indeed across all places on the internet where bronies congregate--about leaving the fandom behind in light of the controversy. I will not be leaving the fandom as a result of the actions of people like ToonKritic. I believe that it is your choice, and your choice alone, to stay or to leave. If you no longer feel comfortable in the fandom, then I respect that. But I am incredibly ashamed of the members of the community who have committed such acts of abuse, and who let such things slide without making it clear that there is a problem. I sincerely hope that together, we can tackle this problem head-on, and foster not just a forum community, but a fandom with no tolerance for sexual abuse, harassment, or misconduct in any form, as well as a positive culture that seeks to empower the individual fans in the community and make a positive difference in their lives. -------------------------------------- So, with that, I thank you for reading this. I didn't plan on it being this long, but I needed to vent and express my thoughts on the matter.
  14. So yeah, anybody who uses internet nowadays knows that apart from all the good and bad stuff it provides, it also promises you the destructive force other people can bring through words in the package. I guess 99% of players (the remaining 1% are those who don't even care about interaction or reading) experienced toxicity in gaming this way or another. But what about the opposite? We all know that it's very easy to remember all the bad stuff that happens to us. Because it has an effect on us, it leaves a mark and has consequences at times. But do you remember any really positive moments coming from entire gaming communities, or the general feeling you've had from them? To give an example, real one so that you know this is not made up even though it'll be hard to believe. Lineage 2, back when it went Free-to-play from Pay-to-play system. This game has a very annoying questing system. In order to advance your character and "level up" your class, you need to finish a quest, which includes killing an enemy that took about... I don't know, 10-30 seconds to kill depending on class. Then, after it died, it took about 15 seconds or so for it to respawn. Obviously, since game went free-to-play, the place was SWARMING with people. The annoying part of quest was that only the person who landed LAST HIT on the mob was gaining the quest item required from it. So as you can imagine, playing an aspiring buffer, healer or tank might have been a pain there. But when I came to the place, I witnessed something I'd never have expected. I saw a line. Going for long metres. People standing and waiting their turn, and it just kept growing. It reached a point some of guys had to wait 1.5h to kill that mob. But barely anyone complained really. Most people understood that other classes will have it rough with so many others and 95% reached agreement that line won't hurt. And the ones who were waiting actually started engaging in meaningful conversations. Snowboarding, soccer, music, books, movies. People were just... talking. The same way you'd talk to your friend. I can bet many of them remained friends afterwards and probably joined same clans. And maybe it wouldn't be so weird, if not the fact that I went there out of curiosity for next two days. Since at night server time mob was free to kill, and everything would start anew next day. And... it repeated itself. Time after time. People were actually forming a line and waiting, day after day when necessary. They weren't clanmates, they weren't an alliance. They were just strangers, nothing more. This is something I am convinced I will never ever see again in any game. And I really miss that feeling. Sure, there were a few who wanted to break everything, but the line was actually guarding itself. Random people from line were PKing the disturbing ones, and nobody batted an eye while they were getting their Karma down on monsters to cease being a PK. And afterwards, they returned to their place in line and everything was fine. It's nothing unlike communities I see these days.
  15. Basically I saw the Christian Brony Blog and thought it was a good idea and thus I have created the Atheist Alternate Note: Though this shouldn't need to be said I am not against religion, I just have a different way of thinking.
  16. I don't know if there is all ready a thread like this but I used the search function and found none. I personally love reading fictions. Specifically sad fictions that make me feel for the characters enough to break down and cry. What I made this thread for is for people like me who love reading sad fictions and want to share them with the rest of us. I always love reading a good fiction and I'm sure the rest of us do as well. I for one loved the fiction Your Truly by Thanqoi on The story is beautiful and brilliantly written. I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen while reading it and felt for the characters like never before. I was in tears for some of it. So I would like to hear from you. Do you like sad fictions as much as I do? What is your favourite and why? I'd love to hear from every pony.
  17. Hey I just started a community on PlayStation for LGBT+ people who like Overwatch. I was wondering if anypony had a cool community that they would like to share.
  18. I am going to collect some of the sillyer parts of the fandom(s) & Forum. Then read stuff in silly voices(Click here to hear) I just want stuff to read, or you want to opt out, let me know. otherwise, yeah =D
  19. Lately, fan music has been a big part of my life. Here are some of my favorite fan made songs: Favorites (no order) 1.Princess Celestia Being Deep (not sure who it is by) I heard this today for the first time. Perfection! Thanks: @techoh 2. Discord (Euro-beat Brony remix by The Living Tombstone) Know all the words.... Very addictive 3. Nightmare Night (Wooden Toaster and Mic The Microphone) Really catchy for rap lovers... the chorus is the best part 4. Children Of The Night (?) So catchy. A little creepy, in the best of ways. One of the best.
  20. Before I had gotten into MLP, I had been doing a bit of research into topics such as addiction, parenting in psychological development and human behavior. From this I was seeing how good humans can be. Some time later, I gave the show a chance and that's what got me convinced that bronies could have the potential to do some real good in the world. With Dr. Gabor Maté's scientific but valid hand to matters of addiction, of chronic illness, Dr. Gordon Neufeld's expansive knowledge on parenting and how that connects with Dr. Maté's work, Dr. Brené Brown on vulnerability and even Dr. James Gilligan who sees violence as a problem in public health and preventive medicine, adding all these on top of the magic of friendship may have turned the brony community into this place of refuge for the tormented. I even went out of my way to help comfort such tormented souls, almost acting as a surrogate parent. It did help with their stress and it was a heavenly experience in places while it lasted. I'm fully aware how silly this sounds right now but this was the inspiration I had in the wake of being exposed to all of the above with FiM only being the cherry on top. In the years that followed, several realizations were made. We as part of this fandom are nothing more than creators and consumers of content. Mostly the latter. Second, we are no different from those outside of our fanbase or even on the internet for that matter. Third, nobody is interested in anything I've mentioned above, they just want to go on consuming pony content and finally, people don't really give a damn about your feelings or what you've been through -- all people will care about is what you do in the immediate present and how it affects them. Your drives and motives are irrelevant. More and more has this caused me to withdraw. I wish I could just say I felt lied to but in reality, I shouldn't have seen the brony community as anything more than what it is: a collection of people with a common interest in a particular genre of content -- nothing more and nothing less. I tried being open about my feelings as I believed to be encouraged to but that hasn't worked either because again, nobody wants to waste any time figuring out why you do whatever you do or did. Nobody wants to hear it. What inspiration I got entering the fandom has eroded and I've seen myself return to my rather misanthropic ways. Now I seem more determined than ever to be this lone wolf where the less I need people or their approval, the better. I thought we were supposed to care for one another but seeing as that's not the case, the only person left to take care of me is myself. Not only has my inspiration been reversed but I've regressed even farther than that. Friendship -- true friendship -- is a most precious gem. The reason for that is clear: there are very few people in this world you can trust and be confident in. Slip up in your judgment and unto you shall a wound be inflicted that may bleed your heart out. Should it come to that, you'll never be the same again. For four years I've fought this realization but one can only BS oneself for so long. The futility of this struggle sinks down like a stone in a pool of filthy sludge: it may be slow and the sludge may get tougher the deeper down you go, but this stone sinks down with time. It is simply inevitable.
  21. Hi, all I've been kicking around an idea about making a separate area on the site for more mature community members to "let their hair down," so to speak, without feeling like the site rules are restricting them. Such an area would be subject to far fewer rules than the rest of the site, and allow for much more open interaction with other members of this great community. It's a place to kick back, make tasteless jokes, crack open a metaphorical six-pack, and maybe get into the odd bar fight. I am proposing this because many adult bronies came to this site out of common interest and developed a community. We love this community, but some would like the option to interact in an area where we don't have to worry about "keeping it PG-13." To that end, Skype groups and other off-site resources are messy to organize, and tend to be invite only. It's difficult to just jump into mature conversation without organizing it in advance. I am not sure exactly which rules would or would not apply in such an area, but for example, profanity rules would be one of the first I'd suggest exempting. NSFW rules could also be slightly scaled back (allowing for posting of more mature art, but not flat-out porn, for example). All of this would, of course, come with a warning and possibly age gate, so that members understand that the area's "wild west" attitude does not apply anywhere else in the site. For an example of what "scaling back NSFW" would entail, and why it could be beneficial: Fallout Equestria fanart and roleplay is very popular on the site as it stands, however, the fic itself unquestionably breaks MLPF's content rules. Technically, it is breaking the rules to link to the fic in any capacity. An R-rated site area would remove this barrier for community members who have more mature tastes, but still wish to interact with the same group of people they usually do. Lemme know what you all think. Peace.
  22. This was why I wanted to host an event like the World Cup on MLPF. Reading through all these quotes again has left me hoping that most of my Masters work will be done by the time I kickstart the qualifying phases of the 2017/2018 MLPF World Cup. Thanks @Stellafera for making the vid once again For those of you unaware of what I'm talking about, here's the thread for the inaugural edition. It's basically a huge voting tournament to determine who the forum's favourite pony is. And a chance to show which character you love the most healthily. Also, the logo by @Zhooves
  23. You know, YouTube isn't the enjoyable site it used to be but still a wonderful place to watch original videos by content creators. though that isn't the case there at all, no no.... There is always that community that is actually a mix of Love, Hate, Salt, Insults, Weird Stuff, More Insults (and Flame wars), and etc. and you know what community i am talking about yes, i am talking about the YouTube Community and although the YouTube community may have Few Nice people there, that doesn't mean the same for the rest of the YT community, The YT community is probably one of the most Flaming Communities i have seen and let me set and example for this, when you watch a video regarding a console boosting up sales or PC being the biggest market for game and finish watching it you would be like ''Yes! that awesome, lemme check the comments here'' then you click on the comments and what do you see? Trolls Starting to cause Flamewars and A crapton of Console fanboys insulting PC users and you would be like ''Why'' And The problem gets worse when it comes to bronies (us). so Say that you are yourself, browsing YouTube, then you decide to comment on the video on how the video was great and etc, then you go away for a few hours, and then 2 hours later, you come back, you see 100+ replies, and those replies are people Calling You ''gay'' for having a Pony as your profile picture, and saying MLP is ''cancer'' . well, now you see my point here, YouTube may be a Good site for watching videos but the community is just salty and full of trolls that want to cause a lot of flamewars. Now I am not saying that we should insult Anti-Bronies or Try to stop these wars but these are just my personal opinions about the YT community as a whole. So, yes, this was my whole opinion on The YT community and how they treat each other in the comments. Thanks for reading.
  24. I looked the text on the profile of @Artemis a former Administrator here and I'm not really sure what it means or how I should react to it, can someone tell me what he is talking about?
  25. So I saw the topic titeled something like "Will we make it to episode 200"? That got me thinking. If we are all honest with each other here, its not lasting that long. What show created to sell toys has ever lasted that long. Hasbro is running out of junk to cram into the show so they can make more toys. The solution: a whole new cast. The show will run to season 6, we will get the movie, probably 1 or 2 more EQG movies, then it will end. But what happens to the fandom? Im sure it will still go strong for a while, but 1 year in, and people will start to lose interest. First the EQG fanbase will die, then the show fanbase, then after an even longer time the Fanfiction community will run out of new ideas good ideas. Then eventually the music bronies. Somewhere in there the roleplayers, I don't do that, so I don't know how strong it is to make a time judgement. All that will be left is a few stray prospectors lurking around the site of a once booming community.