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Found 36 results

  1. Hello everypony, i create this thread to see how you can compare your favorite pony with any videogame character based mainly in her/his personality (it doesn't matter if your pony is female and the character is male) and appereance
  2. Well, here we go: Me - Twilight Sparkle (I enjoy reading, prefer being alone and people have called me intelligent. I'm also pretty OCD about cleanliness.) Kaitlin - Rainbow Dash (Brash in her atitude and says what's on her mind. Prefers non-girly things.) Eva - Rarity/Applejack combo (Cares about looks but enjoys country related things.) Abby - Fluttershy/Rainbow Dash combo (Can be pretty quiet and also shares her opinion no matter what.) Nikki - Fluttershy/Pinkie Pie combo (Shy or hyper at different times.) How about you all? Yes, you can use combos.
  3. Hi guys! This thread is very simple, and very fun in a way. I'll go first. I compare myself to a Peach. A peach, as you may know, is fuzzy and soft...much like my outward personality towards others. A Peach also has a pit on the inside. This pit represents my heart and how I feel: Cautiousness, and hard-boiled wisdom. Inside the pit, lies seeds. These seeds present my ideas and dreams. When these seeds are planted into the ground, hope is used to water them. Within a matter of time and patience, the tree will grow new peaches, that carry more possibilities for the future. Some peaches, however, will not blossom. This also represents that things will not go the way I want them to, but its part of life and its never ending cycle. Now its your turn!
  4. This is a post a LONG time coming. Paladins vs Overwatch. Considering that I have perspective on both games (I've played over 600 hours of Paladins, and my brother last I heard climbed to Diamond in Overwatch and I've been watching Overwatch pretty closely), I think it's more than appropriate for me to make the comparisons here. Paladins and Overwatch both have their own sort of appeal behind them to me, and honestly I would love to play Overwatch. But I don't think it's nearly as good as Paladins. Why? I have my reasons. Mechanical Design Overwatch, mechanically, is a game flawed on a very fundamental level... Overwatch does have things like stuns and slows, along with shields and armor, but they lack so much. They don't have things like Healing Reduction, Damage Reduction, CC Reduction, Damage Types, or anything remotely like Androxus' Reversal (well, there are similarities to Genji's Deflect, but Zhin's Counter is much closer to it in functionality). This makes the game seem very basic in that regard. Not even to mention that the aforementioned shield and armor mechanics sort of feel redundant, as they accomplish the exact same thing in a way that doesn't really feel that different.. I'll also bring up another couple of things here: switching and the structure of Overwatch's premier game mode. Character switching is BAD for a variety of reasons. First off, it removes the entire strategy of picking a character that does well on the map or the real impact of counter-picking the enemy team (as they can just switch after they die!). Secondly, It actually encourages trolling, because it allows people to pick a full damage comp with almost zero consequence (as they can change it to a 3-0-3 or whatever is meta in OW right now). And lastly, they also FORCE it on you! That really p***es me off. I've literally heard no real arguments why this is a good thing. I've heard "because one-tricks" but they AREN'T A PROBLEM ANYWHERE ELSE! In Paladins, no problem. In League of Legends, it's done by a LOT of people including streamers, and it's been zero issue. As for the structure of the game-mode, that's an absurdly obvious one. The problem is that Attack and Defense are NOT the same! In Paladins Siege, both teams compete for an objective and whoever captures it then pushes a payload. Here, you either push a payload or defend! That creates a lot of issues, because it polarizes characters like Torbjorn (even new Torb is to a degree) that are good at doing one thing (In Torb's case, defense) but not as good at the other. And these issues are furthered by character switching. Character Customization I don't mean the skins here. I mean how much you can actually tweak your character (hero, or champion in Paladins) and their stats to best suit a certain playstyle. I'll take Barik and Torbjorn for example. Torbjorn is stuck in an offensive playstyle centered around shredding tanks and taking advantage of chokes, while Barik can literally do ALL KINDS OF THINGS. By picking from Talents and building decks of Cards, you can make Barik either the king of area denial, a flanker, a mid-range DPS, or heck you could even make him a defensive tank if you wanted to (although it's not a not even remotely viable option). He can do any of those things if you build him a certain way. Also, not to mention, there are items in the game that allow you to gain stats that could be vital and game-changing, such as Healing Reduction on weapon shots or you could opt for Cooldown Reduction (which is also not in Overwatch!), or you could make your ultimate charge faster, or you can even increase the healing you get from your healers. Those aren't the only options, but a few examples. Character Designs I say this more from a creative standpoint considering that I'm developing my own game (it's a tabletop game, but nonetheless) with it's own characters, Overwatch's characters are a little less creative than Paladins' in design. A good example of this can be made with a comparison between McCree and Androxus. McCree may be a well designed character, but he's really not that creative. He's just a modern-day version of the likes of Wild Bill. Androxus' design was a lot more inspired. He's supposed to be a lawman, that became corrupted with an evil curse that requires him to kill to sate it. I don't even think I've heard of that concept before. Also, not even to mention that the designs of Paladins characters actually make it feel like there are (however much I hate to critique games like this) actual stakes in the real universe. With Overwatch, there doesn't actually seem to be that much of a stake in the actual lore. Maybe a few more places could look like Australia. Not as much as Paladins, where it actually feels like the fate of the Realm rests in your hands. Balancing The balancing in Overwatch at the moment is downright terrible. Literally every tank and support is in the meta right now (after Roadhog got buffed), but only half of the DPSes are (not McCree, not Soldier: 76, not Tracer, not Symmetra...) Doesn't that just seem like bad balancing to you or am I alone on that? Sure, Paladins has had it's issues, but not everyone of a single class is meta. Terminus is pretty weak right now and Ruckus is also on the tank side. On the support end, Jenos has been pretty mediocre lately (Even though I think that will change next patch), Furia's been struggling to compete, and Grohk hasn't been meta since Patch OB48 (in other words1 and a half YEARS). As for Damage champions, Vivian has always been garbage (except on release when she was absurdly overpowered), Tyra's pretty freaking terrible, Kinessa's going to get badly outclassed after nerfs, and now Willo is going to be absolutely miserable since her nerf last patch. And Flanks... Well, I can't argue that most of them (aside from Androxus, Talus, and Evie) are downright unviable in the current competitive metagame. Although Lex may be added to that list next patch because of a slight meta-shift that I see happening in the next patch along with buffs to his sustained output at range. However, I will note a couple of important things Overwatch has over Paladins. I'm trying to be as objective as I can with this, after all. Lore I just have to say that the current Paladins lore kind of SUCKS. Most of the lore feels generic, and some of it doesn't even make sense. Mostly it's just about a fight between the Magistrate and the Resistance, which feels like something I recognize from... EVERYWHERE... Overwatch is a far different story. I find Overwatch's lore really interesting to say the least. The whole war between humans and omnics is quite interesting, and I am especially intrigued by the story of Reaper. Considering he used to be the equivalent of an undercover agent working for Overwatch (as the leader of "Blackwatch", and then something slowly snaps in him that Talon (who if you didn't know are terrorist faction that the Overwatch is trying to stop) is better than Overwatch. Sure I left out a lot of details, but even without them. That makes a far more interesting lore story than "This guy knew this guy and they were both cops and then suddenly one of them went raving mad" (that's Androxus' lore in a nutshell...) The old lore of Paladins was better than it is now, as it had a lot of worldbuilding, but it still wasn't good because there were so few strands actually connecting the characters... Bugs! As anyone who's actually played Paladins knows, the game has had a HUGE issue with bugs. Terminus has had some game-breaking bugs (at least on PC) for a long time now that haven't been fixed. Pip has bugs that literally affect his VIABILITY in the meta (getting rid of them would buff him a LOT), and Evie has had issues with bugs for the longest time. Not to mention Grover had a bug for MONTHS that could CRASH THE GAME! In Overwatch, on the other hand, I don't notice these when I watch other people play nearly as much. In Paladins, on a bad patch, you may even get a game where you see a game-breaking bug in action once every 10 matches or so... But I'm pretty sure I haven't once heard something like an Overwatch hero having a bug so bad, let alone so prolifically bad from YouTubers like Stylosa, Tyrodin, or Your Overwatch (although I've heard a lot of pointless bickering over dumbness that doesn't even matter...). Sure, I know the game has bugs, but it's nothing like Paladins where I've seen Terminus's shattered body moving around the map, or Barik spontaneously get spaghettified on death, or a movement ability crashing the game... So there it is. Overwatch is worse than Paladins. Overwatch may be a game with a lot less bugs and lore that's actually interesting, but Paladins isn't mechanically flawed on a fundamental level, it has actual character customization in the sense of adjusting mechanical functionality, the character designs are more interesting, and the meta doesn't literally discourage people from playing an entire role that encompasses HALF OF THE ROSTER... (Competitive meta from what I've seen is 3 tanks and 3 supports, with the occasional DPS before teamfighting starts...). I really have been toying with the idea of buying Overwatch whenever I get a computer of my own (because I haven't had one for a YEAR now) and internet (that's hopefully good enough to play on, because I had a hard time playing Paladins on my old internet with a f***ing 1Mbps download and upload...) nonetheless. It may be worth it.
  5. Pre-post edit: I prepared this as though I were going to present it to a friend, which I intend on doing. Keep in mind that I didn’t want to have to go through and tailor this to someone who wasn’t familiar with MLP. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Here’s an idea: let’s compare two of my favorite characters from two of my favorite series. Today’s matchup: Agent Carolina vs. Rainbow Dash! And yes, that was a reference :3 I’ve been a Halo fan over half my life, so naturally I’d gravitate toward the kickstarter project of what would one day become Rooster Teeth: Red vs. Blue. Starting off as a 12-cent budget “machinima” filmed through the Halo videogames, it’s gained a massive audience and quite literally made Rooster Teeth. As the team’s experience and ambitions grew, they began experimenting with more complex storylines and characters, darker underlying tones, and one of my favorite aspects that og fans seem to despise. Fight animations! There was one key character formally introduced in the ninth season of the show, referred to as Agent Carolina. Carolina, being one of the most skilled agents of military Project Freelancer, is synonymous with the aforementioned fight sequences, which helps to establish her as one of my favorite characters. But looks won’t get me to buy into something; no, my real reason to place Agent Carolina as Number One on my character leaderboard is for her uncanny resemblance to another character I love. Unfortunately, we have a bit of explaining to endure to understand this topic. Now we get to where any normal (i.e. close-minded) person will close this tab and delete their history. In the final stages of my pre-teen years, I tried to distance myself from all things I considered “childish”. Ironically, that habit was what indirectly prompted me to start watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Before you lift that .45 to your head, let me provide some background. My Little Pony, as a franchise, has existed since 1981, or 1983 depending on your view of things. Every iteration of the TV show, which served as marketing for toys, has been what the internet would call “cringy”, and rightfully so. The audience Hasbro was attempting to please was entirely made up of little girls, so quality wasn’t necessarily...necessary. When Lauren Faust, wife of fellow cartoon legend Craig McCracken, took up the mantle of pony-producer, she made it her quest to stomp on, burn, and soil all over every expectation and stereotype associated with this “little girl’s show”. And thus, Friendship is Magic was born. Airing on October the tenth, 2010, it quickly grew a huge OLDER audience. “MLP” was so good, it now has its own fandom, designated the “bronies” (bro-ponies), and arguably started the stream of quality “kid’s” shows rising in popularity over the recent years. I apologize for forcing you to read that, but it’s relevant, alright? Just hang in there. Not far into the show, I found connections between our dear friend Agent Carolina and a pony character, Rainbow Dash. Arrogant, flashy, and without a doubt the fastest flyer in all of Equestria, she’s oftentimes every new brony’s favorite pony. Mostly for my own benefit, but also because I’d like to share what I’ve found with my fellow RvB/MLP fans, I’ve compiled a list of every similarity I could possibly think of between Carolina and Dashie. In no specified order, I present to you the list: Both are female. They have a similar primary color (Carolina, cyan; Dash, light-blue). Both can reach abnormally fast speeds for their respective species (Carolina achieves this through equipment; Dash does naturally). Red is a significant color in their hair. Their hair is styled similarly. They both are intensely loyal to their friends, going as far as to risk their own lives for them. Both characters share an unmistakable genetic trait with their fathers (Carolina and Leonard Church both have bright green eyes; Rainbow Dash and her father Bow Hothoof have rainbow-colored manes). They both start their series as intensely competitive and arrogant, and both get better as time goes on. They both enjoy messing with their friends every once in awhile (For Dash, nothing needs to be said; Carolina never exposes a mischievous side until she joins a band in order to purposefully torture her bandmates with bad singing. She also ensures no one calls her out on it cause everyone is terrified of her still). Both practice some form of martial arts (it’s implied that Rainbow Dash practices the pony equivalent to karate. Since it is not explicitly stated to be incorrect, and because it just sounds awesome, I’m considering it canon). Both have an intense rivalry with another female character with a southern accent (Agent Carolina, Agent Texas; Rainbow Dash, Applejack. The latter pair are, however, very good friends). They’ve both had history of parent problems (Dash’s parents tried so hard to support her, even in public, that she couldn’t stand them; Carolina’s issues are much worse though. She competed with her mother for her father’s approval, and eventually she hunted him down with the sole intent of killing him for the atrocities he had made her unknowingly commit. Speaking of committing, Carolina, instead of executing her plan, in other words executing her father, she gave him her pistol so he could commit suicide before law enforcement found him. Pretty dark). Another pre-post edit: I actually had a little ending card here that asked to point out any flaws in this post, but I already know I’ll be hard to get a hold of through here. Sorry about that, but I hope you can enjoy this for what it’s worth. Love ya! ~Spritz
  6. I've had this funny little idea for quite sometime. Suppose two of the most famous rogues galleries in the history of fiction were to cross paths. I'm talking about the Disney Villains and the Batman Villains. I thought "What would happen if by some coincidence, the various Disney Villains were to be committed to Arkham Asylum. Imagine the sort of interactions that those such as Hades, Jafar, Scar, Meleficant, Ursula, etc. would have with the likes of the Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Riddler, etc. Which Disney Villians are crazy enough to be committed to Arkham? How would the interactions play out? Which Rogues gallery is better? How well do the Disney Villains compare to the Batman Villains?
  7. So, anyone see a few similarities between FIM and Bionicle? From what I can tell, Twilight and friends are like the Toa, Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings are Roodaka and the Visorak, Celestia is Mata Nui, and Nightmare Moon and King Sombra are Makuta.
  8. Hi bronies and pegasisters, Here's something fun to do. Open up this video (link) and listen carefully to what's being said in it. While you listen, observe the image below. Then rewatch the video, without looking at the image. What pairings between the two can you form?
  9. I don't know how many bronies who watch Fairy Tail noticed this, but they (both the show in question and MLP) both seem to have the same general concept. Let me explain a bit: 1. Both shows emphasis on friendship in particular, although both portrayed in different manners, and in different settings, there is no doubt that it is the key theme. 2. Whenever a character does something for a friend, around a friend's needs, or anything involving a friend, they get rewarded in the end (either by beating the big bad boss, or just getting a smile). 3. Friendship = Power. Is there anything else I missed, or misrepresented?
  10. Desc from DA: I uploaded the other pic to this site, Derpibooru, and MLP Forums, and added up all the #1’s and #2’s… #2 won, by a lot unsurprisingly. But, I was honestly still on the fence about this whole thing, so this happened. Everybody wins?:iconpinkiepieshrugplz: Anyway, this is the style I’ll be going with for now, yay:3 P.S. I know it’s barely any different but:p And no, her head isn’t turned slightly towards the audience, even though it may seem that way.
  11. Might change my "simple" styl a bit more, to match the change I gave my other one. P.S. I’ve already settled on 1, but if enough people like 2, I’ll switch to it (it’s easier for me anyway:p).
  12. Hi everypony, I'm new, and I just got on this site to say, I like FIM. To me, I feel as thought the show is somewhat like SpongeBob SquarePants. But that's just my opinion. What are you're thoughts on the show and SpongeBob?
  13. If you are uncertain whether some share a characteristic or not, go ahead and list it. We don't know much about a lot of these characters. Is there any that at least most of them have in common except the fact that they have three of the same cutie mark? Applejack Rarity Fluttershy Caramel Bon Bon Cheerilee Mrs Cup Cake Filthy Rich Mr Carrot Cake Fancy Pants Cookie Crumbles Hondo Flanks
  14. Both have red hair (Catrina's is more orange, but I would say red if it was on a person, so... yeah...) Both use others to get what they want Both started out good Both turned evil for power Both turned evil before the events of the episode they took place Both used slavery Both were reformed in the end Both have an object as the source of power Both experienced physical transformation when they used said source. Both attempt murder Sunset Shimmer and Catrina are very similar. So what do you think?
  15. For those of you who are attending College what do you prefer better? College or High School? I would by far have to say that College is so much better than High School. You get to actually choose your schedule and everything. There has been much less drama in College for me than when I remember back of my years in High School. So what is it for you all? Did you like High School better or College?
  16. For example(s): I actually prefer Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to, well... Pokemon. I don't wanna catch 'em all. I wanna inexplicably turn into one and then scour a randomly-generated dungeon floor. While I'm quite fond of Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII, I probably appreciate FF: Crystal Chronicles more than the main series as a whole. And, as much as I enjoy Super Ghouls n' Ghosts (never mind Ghosts n' Goblins lol), I'm more a fan of Firebrand and the Gargoyle's Quest and Demon's Crest titles. I know there are plenty of people out there who prefer Donkey Kong Country to Donkey Kong. It's... Not me in this one case; Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong '94 are near and dear to me.
  17. Hello everyone . I recently viewed a thread that compared MLP to FNAF . It was quite interesting . Today I will be comparing the fandoms and characters of MLP and SP The fandoms are very similar a lot of times . Ranging from the fan tics , fan art , the huge size of it , the huge amount of pairings and other characters being drawn in that style . Now for the characters . First and foremost lets start with book house .some people compare Twilight to Stan because those two are considered the main stars . But I believe Kyle . They share a love of education as well as a extremely short temper and progressive view of life . It should also be noted that both Kyke are the odd ones out of their group and come from somewhat richer familes . So if Stan dosn't corrosond with Twi who does he match with ? Well I'd say AJ is your best bet here why ? 3 reasons . They are the most physically active of the group . Not only that but these two are the most down to earth , rational and apathetic of their groups . They lead simple lives and just want to be normal and survive a day around their crazy , psycho friends . Next comes Kenny . Many people associate Ken with Flutteeshy due to his hood . However it should be noted that through his hood this pervert has a lot to say . His vulgarity , dying and chaotic origins remind me of a certain party pony's randomness . Like Kenny Pinkie has the most info on things unknown to the others . Due to her randomness it is possible that Pinkie could have the power to return to life . Pinkie growing up on a rock farm also reminds me of the por living conditions of Kenny's family . Now comes RD's countepart . It's none other than Cartman . These two are the " assholes and braggarts " of their groups . They are egotistical , selfish , lazy , unintelligent and somewhat greedy yet they are still protagonists that have friendships with the other main cast . They are considered the mascots of their shows despite not being the main characters . It should also be noted that Cartma's best friends are Kenny and Butters Dash's best friends are Pinkie and Fluttershy . These two win the prize of being the protagonist villians among the main groups . Next comes Fluuteshy and Butters these two are kind heated ones . They are kind , helpful , respectful and innocent . They have such a aura of innocence around them you wonder why they even hang out with the rest of their pack . They are also manipulated quite a bit . Don't worry fatass and smug horse usually get their just deserts . Butters and Flutters even share color and nabe similarities . Now your most likely all wondering what about Rarity ? Well I see her as the counterpart of Wendy . They are clearly the most famine of the major characters . Not only that but they have a mix of generosity and selfishness . I'm also a rarjack fan so the Stan x Wendy romance reminds me of Rarity and Applejack ( sorry Appledash fans) . There are many other characters I could compare such as Ike and Spike or Zecora and Cheif but I don't have the time . So what do you think of this comparison ? I look forward to your thoughts . Megachangeling out !
  18. I would add in "Who would they be" to the end of that, but that's literally too long of a title. Now, we've got our many reviewers of episodes not only on YouTube, but on these forums. If the reviewers on the forums were someone in the analysis community, which one could they be most easily compared too? If I were to compare myself to one of them, either Mr. Enter or VoiceofReason. I have similar opinions to them on episodes and I could probably pull off their styles. So you compare yourself to a reviewer or compare another reviewer on this site to one.
  19. I've made my OC's companion Drawn Signal the mare version of my first OC Drawing Sign. Drawn is a timelord but Drawing is half timelord. Can you compare them. They're actually have the same DNA Drawn Doesn't own a Tardis, Drawing owns The Tardis in the background.
  20. For those who don't know, Karl Pilkington is a tv personality that is defined as an idiot and was a part of a show on HBO\Channel 4. The show was called The Ricky Gervais show. It started off as a radio show, then pod casts, then an animated show. ↓ Here's a video of Karl now. My problem with the show is how Ricky Gervais has pointless conversations with him about anything. Just to show how 'dumb' Karl is. Fact is, yes, he has had some misconceptions about alot of things but that I feel doesn't entail him to be labeled as an idiot. I empathize with the guy. I made a lot of mistakes as he did, mostly saying the wrong wording. I can't find Karl or Ricky to be funny. I just see Ricky Gervais as a bully (I'm not labeling him as a bully, but I just don't see Karl and Ricky being friends). Ricky does a lot of bully-ish verbal abuse to Karl). Karl says alot of smart things, they're just worded funny. Am I wrong for thinking this? Am I just a stick in the mud that can't laugh at something so ingeniously funny as an uneducated man being picked on? Am I just as stupid as Karl Pilkington? Also I'm not sure if this goes in the debate pit, general discussion or media...
  21. Which Generation do you prefer? *cough* Generation 4 *cough*
  22. My female character: Calm and quiet Modern, yet bound to her traditional culture Very defensive of her native culture Interested at new things Traumatized by abuse at a young age Ironically does not do certain things that are important in her culture A good fighter Destructive when provoked Sometimes brave, sometimes afraid Very good in music, story-writing, and poetry. And dancing. Is obsessed with a certain constellation, that she prays to it like as if it a god Dislikes clichés Irreligious, but sometimes prays to her ancestral gods Is she closer to Arwen or Éowyn?
  23. I think one of the good things (of MANY) in this finale was Discord's relationship with Tirek. They are both villains from two totally different eras of thinking and it shows. Tirek evokes a very satanic image; the horns, cloven hooves, red skin, corrupting good, imprisoned in Hell etc. This was typical of the time he was made. Look at his counterparts Mum-Ra or Skeletor. At the time, the big fear was what was classically related to death and the infernal or demonic. Discord, inspired by Q, is more geared toward the existential horror that came with the new millennial resurgence of Lovecraftian themes and ideas. His hodgepodge appearance, inexplicable powers, and the unsettling atmosphere he creates all evoke something similar to Nyarlathotep. Further hammering the contrast home is how they are introduced and what they do to their victims. Tirek is introduced in a dark alleyway, obscured by shadow, and his true nature, cloaked. His first line is whispered insidiously, claiming a pony's magic and cutie-mark (perhaps symbolic of their soul?) as his own. Discord is introduced by casually altering the dimensions of his environment, his antics almost playful. His speeches though, reveal dark and twisted truths to his audience, the break or make them question their very purpose of existence. When the two team up, it's almost like a mythological crossover version of the Joker and Red Skull team up.
  24. There are some people on the Internet that I had found that lamented the quality of modern entertainment, and praised MLP:FiM for being an "exception", using whatever "exceptional" qualities it has to argue that it is the better show, if not "the best of all". I have three questions for this topic: 1. Can you list to me as many bad and loathsome qualities as possible, that are found in modern entertainment, from videogames to television shows? 2. What are those "exceptional qualities" that MLP:FiM has that makes it better than most TV shows (according to those bronies and other critics)? 3. What entertainment genres, that are considered "worthless" to people like us/you, that need to be disposed of? (Yes, we all hate cliches)
  25. Rarity: We like to look presentable. We are creative. We are artists We are dramatic. We are generous. We are sympathetic. We hate getting dirty. We love the color purple. We have the same color eyes down to the shade. Our parents are middle class when we want to be higher class. We are both perfectionists. Applejack: We both love apples. We both are hard working. We both are the middle child of three. We both are honest. We both had big appetites when young. (My appetite decreased.) We both love to bake. Twilight Sparkle: We both got worried if we were late. We both have a big brother who is gone. We both worry a lot. We both don't seem to fit in anywhere. We both did not want to make friends until we learned how important it was. We both are intelligent. We both are awkward. Pinkie Pie: We both have two sides. We both love sweets. We both want others to be happy. We both love to sing. (Even though I can't sing) We both talk loud. Fluttershy: We are both shy. We both love animals. We both love preforming. (I don't have stage fright though.) Rainbow Dash: We both hate to lose. We both are drop outs. (Yes, Rainbow Dash dropped out of flight school.)