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Found 4 results

  1. If you want to see my CURRENT tier list, here's a link to the current Sun and Moon version. I will only update it through Guru, unless it won't work, then I will do it through here and post my updated list here.
  2. The link: There are two people in the team right now, me and Rusty_Gears. I chose to be Pyro for some reason and Rusty hasn't decided yet. We need all classes except pyro and maybe medic (he says he's a medic main). Again, the link: You need a password to join. Add me on Steam (Lonk Chase), and msg me on the forums saying who you are. You can probably figure out why you need to add me. Thanks!
  3. "Man is a gaming animal. He must always be trying to get the better in something or other." -Charles Lamb Read more at HIRING A UGC IRON TEAM! REQUIREMENTS: At least 900 Hours on tf2 At least 30 Hours on the class to play Basic knowledge of map rollouts (Soldier/Demo/Sniper) Must land at least 1.5% of airshots (snipers, headshots count as 2 kills) Microphone THINGS YOU DON'T NEED: P2P status! Hats! Items! Competition Experience To pay! Contacts on my channel! League: UGC Iron Highlander NA Time Zone: PST You don't need a good computer! I use a macbook from 2008! Phone: +1(209)6142980
  4. I believe the search bar was used correctly by me this time. Hopefully. Seeing as the Pokemon thread is dead, and also because competitive battling is so detailed, complex, and somewhat separated from the games/game announcements, this separate thread is for the purpose of sharing teams, finding battles, and sharing strategies. That is, if anyone else is as into it as I am