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Found 107 results

  1. Tell everyone about your computer (or computers, if you use more than one)! What model is it and what OS does it run? Myself, I work from two laptops: an HP Pavilion dv6-3170ca for school, and an HP EliteBook 8740w for home (mostly) - both run Windows 7 x64. Here's the smaller one: Specs: Intel i5 2.2 GHz Dual Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 2.8 GHz w/ TurboBoost) integrated graphics 4 GB DDR3 RAM 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 15" glossy screen (1366x768x24) fingerprint reader Blu-ray drive (read-only) And the larger: Specs: Intel i7 1.7 GHz Quad Core w/ Hyper-Threading (up to 3.06 GHz w/ TurboBoost) NVIDIA Quadro 5000M GPU w/ 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM 8 GB DDR3 RAM (high speed - 1333 MHz!) 500 GB 7200 RPM hard drive 17" 1.07 billion-colour matte screen (1920x1200x30) fingerprint reader backlit, spillproof keyboard Both are beautiful computers and serve me really well. I use the dv6 for school because it wasn't a very expensive computer and has great battery life, and the EliteBook is my awesome gaming/do-it-all machine.
  2. So I was answering to another thread when I had an idea. Well, here it is. What are you doing when you are not on the computer? Any hobby? I am actually playing guitar and reading books, mostly. I am also listening to music all day long, and sometimes watching mlp episodes on my iPod, the only purpose of this device lol. And on rare occasions I draw some stuff. So what about you?
  3. Yes I do and it keep saying warning your computer is under attack please call whatever phone number they said. Also things keep popping up on my computer saying you are banned from doing anything on this computer, and it wouldn't let me exit the screen or do anything on the computer. One time my sister was playing on the computer and the whole screen just went blue. What do you have to say about this?
  4. My personal favorites at the moment are and OMGPOP. How about you? What are your favorite websites besides the forums?
  5. Just curious and in the market to try a new game out myself! does anyone here bother to play any video games online, or any mmorpgs :)?
  6. Lately, my HP laptop has been crashing on every single application I use, whether it’s a game with tons of assets or a small program such as the Folders. Sometimes it even crashes before I can do anything and it turns parts of the screen black. I believe this started once I check marked everything on the Disk Cleanup. Well, thats at least when it got worse. I only did that cause I experienced crashes after playing a game I downloaded in a zip folder (it’s deleted now, BTW). I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t want to do anything that involves temporarily deleting data since that didn’t work out the last time. Does anyone know how to fix this? TL:DR; Computer keeps crashing on everything, plz help
  7. I recently downloaded Virtualbox and tried setting up a PonyOS virtual machine. However, when I get past the operating system's loading screen, the screen turns black. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  8. WARNING: VERY Long Blog Post - Remember to pause and rest your eyes Last November, I built my first custom PC, a simple budget-friendly rig with an Intel i3-6100, 8 GB of RAM, and a GTX 1050 Ti. Overall, it suited my purposes and did quite well. But, recently, the poor thing started to have problems, the biggest of which being just overall system instability. Shortly before the upgrade, it had gotten to the point where my system was crashing at least three times per day. After investigating, I determined that it was multiple things causing the frequent crashing. The biggest two were a dying motherboard and CPU. You see, when I built my system, I wasn't as tidy and careful with it as I should've been, it took a few tumbles... Anywho, back to this topic of this post, upgrading my PC. Recently, I had the opportunity to take $1250 USD and upgrade my PC. So, after much consideration with my friends in the PC building community, I settled on this parts list: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Cooler: AMD Wraith Spire OEM Cooler I switched to Ryzen because it came highly-recommended by my friends, and it was cheaper than buying an Intel i7 and compatible motherboard. RAM: 16 GB DDR4-2400 Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM I just had to buy one stick, I salvaged the other one from my old PC GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Mini PSU: EVGA 600W Semi-Modular Power Supply - 80+ Bronze certification This also came highly-recommended and has really good reviews. Storage: Primary: 480 GB SanDisk SATA III SSD Mass: 1 TB Seagate HDD This was also salvaged from my old PC because it has all of my games and programs on it Motherboard: MSI B350M Gaming Pro MicroATX Motherboard Chassis: Corsair Carbide Series 88R MicroATX Chassis with side-panel window Now that the parts list is settled, let's discuss what actually happened and what went wrong. The night before the originally-expected delivery date, FedEx pulled up with a small package from Amazon for me. The package had the motherboard and RAM in it. At first, I was not pleased when I saw that FedEx was going to be handling a portion of my order because they've always had a hard time finding my address. So, imagine my surprise when I saw the FedEx truck pull up into my parking lot. They must've thought that I lived in the building next door because they drove right past us. My brother-in-law and I literally had to sprint after the FedEx truck in order to flag it down so I could get my package. In the end, I got my package and had to wait an addition day for the rest of my parts to arrive via UPS because everything got delayed due to a recent snowstorm. The next day was busy for us. The week before, we were all doing our Christmas shopping online and, consequentially, all of our stuff started showing up. So we had UPS trucks coming, FedEx vans literally coming one after the other and our P.O. box was overflowing with packages for all of us sent by every store from Walmart to Famous Footwear and the WWE Super Store. That afternoon, I was pacing back and forth waiting for a UPS truck that had the rest of my parts to show up, I was starting to worry since both Amazon and UPS' online tracker said that my package was preparing for delivery. I was worried that they lost my package, over $1000 worth of PC parts. So, as you could probably imagine, I was ecstatic when UPS arrived and the driver said that he had two packages for me. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. The first package, the big one that weighed in at a whopping 9kg (20 lbs), had the rest of my parts. The second package, a smaller one, had the PC toolkit that I needed and a Rick and Morty t-shirt. After getting the box opened, I got right to work taking inventory to make sure I had everything, and I did! Actually Upgrading: The first thing I did was rather simple, I took my new SSD, connected it to my old PC, downloaded the free version of Macrium Reflect, and cloned my old SSD's data to the new one. This saved me a lot of time (and frustration) because I'd have to do a fresh install of Windows 10 and download all of the updates if I couldn't clone my old SSD. After that was done, I got to work dismantling my old PC so I could salvage the RAM, 1 TB hard drive, and DVD optical drive from it. This didn't take too long, but the wiring was a real pain, especially when it came to removing the RAM because I had cables all over the place inside that old PC. Once I had all of the parts I needed, I set my old PC to the side and got to work assembling my new one. The first thing I did was prepare the motherboard. I took the motherboard out of its box and included anti-static bag, sat it down gently on my table, and got to work installing the CPU, RAM, and CPU cooler (this is where the first problem started). After the motherboard was ready, I started preparing the new chassis. I installed the power supply and routed its cables, mounted the SSD and hard drive into the chassis' included hard drive cage, and mounted the optical drive after popping off the face plate covering the optical drive bay. After the chassis was ready, I began the slow process of installing and wiring up the motherboard. The biggest pain was dealing with those annoying little front-panel I/O cables, but I got them wired up (not properly though, this is the second problem). After that, I wired up all of the power connectors and SATA data cables for the SSD, hard drive, and optical drive. Once the motherboard was mounted and wired up, I got to hold my new GTX 1080 graphics card in my hands for the first time. It felt great, the card was heavy and had a sturdy all-metal back plate. Feeling like this was a truly magical moment, I slowly popped out the required PCI-e covers from the back of the chassis and slowly installed the graphics card into the slot on the motherboard, after hearing that click from the socket latching onto the card, I slowly pulled back and endured what I could only describe as a religious experience. I felt the ascension from being an entry-level PC gamer to being a part of the Glorious PC Master Race. After that life-changer, I connected the PCI-e power cables from the power supply to the graphics card and got to work on cable management. The task of cable management is not to be taken lightly and I grossly underestimated the difficulty of it. I never realized there were so many potential combinations for cable management, but one bag of zip ties later and the deed was done and my PC looked great (to me at least ) After closing up the chassis and admiring my work for a few minutes, the most crucial moment in any PC build was upon me, the dreaded first boot, the period of time where you'll figure out if your parts work or if a battle between you and the retailer for a replacement or refund lies in the very near future. I was sweating bullets as I connected the required cables to the PC and pushed the button... A few seconds pass, and nothing happens. Oh no... I tried again, still nothing, then I pressed the reset button by accident and it turned on . Yep, I wired the power and reset buttons incorrectly, but at least the system powered on. Then I had to wait for it to cycle and run the Power On Self-Test (POST) and, boy oh-boy, you should've seen me when it booted and loaded Windows. I was actually, literally, jumping for joy. An hour and a half of work and it all paid off. I had it, the PC of my dreams. I spent the next three hours installing all of the drivers and getting stuff up and running properly. The Problems: As with almost every beginner PC builder's second build, there's usually one or two things wrong, and I was certainly no exception. The first problem, as mentioned above, had to do with the CPU cooler. You see, I'm used to installing Intel's stock cooler, it just clicks into place with little force needed. But AMD's Wraith Spire cooler required a lot of force for me to install properly, I was actually worried that I was going to break the CPU or damage the motherboard while I was wrenching down on this cooler and, oh man, it put up quite a fight. While I was installing the cooler, it would let go of the threads on another screw holding it to the included back plate, so I'd have to go and fix that, then another one would break, and I'd have to fix that. At the end of it, I thought that I had the cooler mounted properly, so I decided to play some games for benchmarking purposes. Halfway through benchmarking a game, I get a notice about the CPU overheating, so I downloaded AMD's "Ryzen Master" software and looked at the CPU's temperatures. It was idling at 70 degrees Celsius, uh-oh... So I had to power down the PC, unplug it, power cycle it so there'd be no residual voltage left on the board, and began round two with that damn cooler. This time though, I came prepared, I held the PC down by pressing my chest onto the case while I wrenched down on the screws with all the strength I could muster. Again, I worried that I was killing my CPU or motherboard, but I eventually got all four holding screws properly threaded and tightened. That was a pain, but with the task done, I reconnected everything and powered on the PC, and sighed in relief as it booted into Windows with no issue. Then, after logging in, I opened up Ryzen Master again and saw that the temperature was now idling at 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, the range AMD said to expect in the manual that came with my CPU. The second issue has to do with the power and reset buttons being inverted. Turns out I just connected the cables to the wrong jumpers. I haven't switched them yet though, mainly because it's not important. Leaving them "as is" won't damage anything since they both have the same required connections and voltage. I may fix it at some point, or I may not.
  9. I originally posted this on the discussion area of the derpibooru forums, but I don't see myself getting replies anytime soon. Welp, it’s slowly coming time for me to consider a new computer build. My current computer is an awesome, strong freaking dinosaur of a build with an old i7-920, 6gigs of ram, a 1kw PSU, 5870 gpu (downgraded cause my 7970 went kaput), and a nice little 1TB HD. As said, it’s slowly coming time for me to consider a new build since my computer is showing its age and need an upgrade, due to all parts being from 2009. At this point, I’m so out of the PC parts game I feel like I don’t know what to do or where to go for info. I’ve researched new stuff, looked up specs, etc…, and, again, I just feel like I’m on info overload. I’d like to nail a 5930k, but they are going out fast, and, though the 8700k seems nice, the reviews about thermal issues ticks me off to no end, not to mention the limiting of the PCI-e lanes and memory channels. In terms of what I’d like to do with the system, I’d like to game @ 1080p (minimum), but I want to go beyond and into the 2k and 4k gaming stuff. Also, down the road, I’d like to use it for potential AI deep learning since I’m trying to get back into computer program, along with streaming/video making for gaming. In terms of a budget, I’ve saved up and can shell out around $3k, but can push it to $3.5k if need be, but that would have to include taxes, S&H, etc…. Here's what I'm thinking right now for a setup: Think about a 5930k or go with the 6800kchipset using this for a Motherboard. Going with the Thermaltake 900 series case (also tempted to build my own case into a new desk I'm wanting to build) I'm gonna go with 4 sticks of 8gig ram for 32gb ram total and a 1kw PSU. GPU wise, I'm torn since the Vegas look nice, on paper, but I'm tempted to go with a 1080ti Hybrid Nvidia card like this one here from EVGA. Anyways, up for suggestions and ideas for any parts. Right now I’m thinking a 5930k or go into the 6800k chipset with
  10. Long story short, someone offered to help me build a pc. I'm not a high end gamer, honestly haven't played for a few months, but when I did it was things like League of Legends and a brief stint of WoW. I'd like to be able to play something like Morrowind on at least medium settings, I by no means need top of the line action. I'll mostly be doing simple drawings, managing a few photos, streaming my favorite shows, and casually playing a few games. My budget will be under $500; this is what we came up with. Anyone see any issues? Suggestions? Thanks in advance for anything! Also, thanks to those who sent me pms already regarding this
  11. Here is mine. Of course, I use my laptop for schoolwork too,.
  12. Low on ram? Have a lot of ram but could always use more? Well, over at downloadmoreram they are offering up to 4GB FOR FREE! That's right, a $200 value for FREE! You don't even have to worry about shipping as it is downloaded straight to your computer! Go quickly before it ends! I already got my free 4gb and my computer is so fast now
  13. Have seen a post your desktop, so why not post the physical one! I'll start Got a new pc now, this pic was taken before i became a brony.... So no mlp stuff D: Edit: Guess ill post specs 2x ASUS 2GB GTX 580 4TB non raid setup 100GB SSD Boot 32GB Corsair Domminator DDR3 1100W PSU i7 2600k 3.0ghz Unknown Corsair Self contained water cooling
  14. I hope this is the best place to put this. For almost a year (I forget when), my computer stopped connecting to the wifi at my house. Everything I have tried doesn't work though, but I can use Ethernet and found out that I can use wifi ,but only if I am close to the router, but the wifi still isn't reliable. Furthermore, I usually use it on a room on the other sode of the house, where it gets absolutely no connection. Other devices work in that room though, so it is the laptop itself. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, using the troubleshooter, deleting and entering the connection again, updating the driver, and many other things. I fear that the adapter itself is broken, and it would need to be replaced. I just hope that's not it. Edit: Problem solved.
  15. By golly, it's another story about computers! Gee whiz, I feel like I did an intro like this before. . . huh. Ah well, this story is a bit more entertaining and jammed packed with suspense! (Nah, probably not.) Oh, and if you didn't understand the second half of that title, here's a translation, "In Real Life Oh My Gosh Wut The Fack Laugh Out Loud". Damn, am I the only one who remembers what "Lol" stands for? Now I really feel old. . . Anyway, on to the REAL intro! Inspired by historical events and characters. This work of fiction was designed, developed, and produced by a multicultural team of various religious faiths and beliefs. Visit help and tips Quoting a famous intro / speech? Very original, RePub. Well, what do you expect? We're running out of ideas and. . . you know what? And that, my friends, is what we call, "a bigger budget". Yeah, we're turning out like El Smosh. Pretty soon these blog entries are going to be translated into Dovahkiin (Elder Scrolls: Skyrim). But I digress, you're here for the story, not the random hilarity. (Unless you are here for that in which I really need to rework my formula.) Well, as many of you probably didn't know. Over the weekend, Bethesda had a big sale for their Fallout series, and being the classical fanatic I am, I decided to buy the entire Classic Collection for a grand total of 10 bucks. Not bad, eh? If you can recall, and I'm pretty sure I've mentioned at least twice a post, I still don't have a computer. What's taking so long? I'm broke, mkay? The only computer I have, if you can recall (again), is the "Brick" which does, in fact, have the capabilities of running Fallout Classic. Now I just had to acquire internet connection. . . Now, the time was about three in the morning, very convenient when you had to download a good 2 GBs of Fallout goodness (1, 2, and Tactics). Please, that wasn't going to get in my way! So what did I do? I geared up and did a montage by grabbing a hat, hoodie, long black pants, socks, a face mask, and a backpack stuffed with, the Brick, a LAN Cable, charger, and my cell-phone. Why I did it is still beyond me, but in the end, I was glad I packed dark. Y'know, I've been playing a lot of video games lately. I'm not ashamed of it, but after a good. . . 200 hours? It really gets in your head. Oh, and I mastered the "crouch-walking". So, I think that'll explain a bit more. Anyway, here I am, dressed head to toe in the silliest get-up while crouch-walking throughout my house as if I'm avoiding alarms. Eventually, after 20 minutes, I crawled myself up a different flight of stairs to where our internet router is kept and I plugged in my laptop. The booting alone took long enough, not to mention Steam's part in all of it. The entire process took forever and I was growing restless. Back and forth, I paced around the room, sweating and regretting my entire life, when all of a sudden, I start hearing footsteps. Now, I thought it was just my computer fan for a while, so I ignored it and continued my contemplation. At least, until I heard the wooden stairs grumble under the feet of my trampling mother. At that point, I was wrapping myself around the Brick, begging for it to complete the download; me mum was right outside the door, peeking in. I didn't move a muscle and, thankfully, she didn't dare turn on the lights. After what seemed like hours, she left the room and returned to her bedroom, leaving me in a heaping pile of sweaty rags. Fallout Classic is a great game! Would recommend. -RealityPublishing
  16. kanwe yest


    What do you have copied? Press CTRL+V in the message box. If it's something you don't want to share copied to your clipboard, probably shouldn't post it. Anyways, you guys start.
  17. Hey! Have you checked out our series premiere? I'm writing blog posts everyday for the next month, so be on the look out! So how many of you own a Chromebook? Yeah? Nah? Okay. For those who are thinking of getting one, don't. For those who have them, I pity you and share your pain. And for the people who don't know what a Chromebook is, "A Chromebook is a watered down version of your Nokia 2002 Mobile set to run glorified Extensions only approved by the Google Store. No, it cannot run Android apps or any form of program built for your phone." Got it? Good. Well, I was unfortunate to overestimate the power of the Chromebook. When I heard you could mount a copy of Linux onto the Chromebook's main OS, Chromium, I jumped on it. I quickly downloaded a copy of "Chroot", a "root" or something that connects to something else. Yeah, I don't know Linux (and frankly, I don't want to [yet]). Anyway, the reason I wanted run Linux on my crappy Acer Chromebook was because I've heard that Steam is a big supporter on the Penguin platform and having been deprived of all PC games for over a month, I was at the point of modding my Aqua Blue 3DS to run EA's Battlefront. The installation took about 30 minutes. I had to wipe my hard drive, but 2 gigs of homemade vectors is hardly a loss. Afterward, I had to activate the chroot by going through the Shell. A couple lines of meaningless code later, and I was surfing on the most primitive interface I'd ever seen. Y'see, I made the mistake of installing a copy of "XFCE" which makes WinME look like Win7. Everything was just overall dull and bland. Simple Grays and Navy Blues; not very pretty. I know I probably could've changed it up, but I was too worried about overheating my Chromebook due to the OS mounting. About 15 minutes into my deep exploration, my Craptop suddenly stops and goes black. Now, my model of Chromebook, the Acer 17-inch White doesn't have a fan for the sake of size-reduction. That means my lap is on fire by the time I was even thinking of installing Steam. Not to mention the 2GBs of RAM and Intel i3 that came with the system. (Both of which are not upgradable; I couldn't even identify the 15GB HDD). So, with fuming defeat, I turn the laptop back on and try my hand again, this time making it to the point that I've successfully installed Steam. Steam was pretty much the same interface we've all come to know. The only problem is that it couldn't recognize those Unicode Characters that we all love spamming today. It was really depressing seeing familiar faces accompanied with a series of "ࡢ"s. I installed Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth without a problem. Only a few people know this, but I'm a huge BOI player. I've gotten a rough 70 percent completion, but I'm still going strong. What I can't handle, however, is when my computer crashes mid-playthrough. I know BOI is set to save every room entered, but come on, Chromebook! I think the funnier things about Linux on Chromebook, is that the hotter the Mobo got, the glitchier the game became. I started seeing weird physics placeholders in the Dank Caves. Lag became a big issue, too. I would've excused it if it were the original, "Wrath of the Lamb", but this was Afterbirth, so all that should've been fixed. I had a good time with Linux on Chromebook, but it wasn't my cup of tea, especially when the screen continued to black out every hour or so. Simply not acceptable for gaming. Ah well, more pony tomorrow. -RealityPublishing
  18. If you could get anything in the world, what would it be? Eh, don't answer that; it's not relevant to this story at all. Seriously, why did I put that in there? Meh. So! With the new episode critics simmering down, I now give you a story about trial, error, death, and redemption! The story is called... "BY GOLLY I NEED A NEW COMPUTER" No, that's not the name, but it did happen around the death of my long-lasting laptop. Now, I was starting to get alarms from Microsoft everywhere I went, complaining that "it was time to upgrade". Was I interested in Windows 10? Yeah, just a little bit. Did I want to risk my potato quality copy of Adobe Photoshop CS1? No, and that was the catch. Yes, I would've stuck it out with Windows 10, but I really needed my copy of CS1. It was my bread and butter, y'know? Anyway, I set my laptop down by the internet router and waited... pretty much the whole day. It took forever, and what did I get? NOPE. You need to enter your serial key! Whoops. Having ownership to a program that's older than myself comes at a big toll; I had no idea where the box was. I scrambled around for a bit, but after a while, I got really desperate. Y'see, I was getting ready to go on a month-long trip to the states during that time, and my flight was leaving that morning. The time then? Just about 3AM. I was in full panic mode. I needed to make teaser images, and book covers, and... everything was on the line! I started digging around piratebay and all those other crumby websites just for a crack. I mean, I bought the program, shouldn't I have the right to get a crack? Having been unsuccessful in my treasure hunt, I went back to my CD bin looking for the disk, hoping the box would be nearby. 4AM. Crap, gotta go fast! 5AM. Okay, this is ridiculous; I might as well give up! 5:30AM. Hey, is that CS3? Yep, at those last, suffering, 30 minutes, I managed to pull a copy of CS3 from the very depths of Compact Disk Hell. I installed it onto my beloved laptop, and... it died. Literally that night, my computer sputtered out and died! What is this crap? I ended up installing the copy onto my WinXP Writer's Brick PC. It's a piece of crap, but as mentioned in one of the various threads of this network, it's still better than a console. -RealityPublishing
  19. Now this one has been going on for quite a while... A few weeks ago, my computer, companion for 9 years, finally gave in and decided to flip me off and go to the afterlife of broken appliances. Now, just what exactly went wrong with him is beyond me. I booted it, slapped it around a couple times until not only it was broken, but I felt broken. The laptop was my life for the past half year and I'd grown so attached to it, I proposed that I even bury it under the backyard tree. Of course, no one would hear of it. Instead, I grew this sneaking suspicion that what ever was going on with it, it had to do with the internals. So, being the idiot I know and love today, I took each piece apart and laid it bare on a black table where it sits today, gnawing away through plastic tubes and install disks. After I lay the motherboard on the table, I reassembled it to look as though it were back in its rightful casing. Of course, wire and whatever were scattered all over the place, but I took no matter. I was determined to fix my broken love and mend my shattered heart using... luck. Sheer cold luck. Nothing more than that. I booted it again and again, but still... nothing would become of this naked beast lying on my hard-wood badly painted black table. Finally, I got it to run, ONCE. Only once did it work and it was only long enough for me to pull out a few written pieces I had done over the last few months. Still, it was not enough; it would never be enough. I booted it again and again until, at last, they asked me for a Windows Installation disk. I was horrified, scrambling around until I realized that my beloved laptop had Windows 7 pre-installed. I was over. Finally, (tonight, in fact), I was pulling through some old drawers of mine when I found, lo and behold, my very own copy of Windows 7 Home Premium. It was like striking gold and the only thing I could say was: "I just want my clop." -RealityPublishing
  20. Since I bought my LG G2 last year, I discovered the potential of USB On-The-Go technology(The Ability to hook up a USB device to my smartphone like a USB Flash Drive). I bought a USB-to-MicroUSB adapter so I can hook up whatever to my Smartphone. I tried hooking up an External USB Hard Drive to my computer and it works like a charm(To truly read from the Hard Drive, you'll need ES File Explorer) However, I wanna go beyond that. I'm thinking about picking up a USB-OTG Hub(Maybe one with Slimport since, if I want to view my phone on a big screen without Google Chromecast, I have to use Slimport over MHL). Has anyone ever experimented with something like this on their phones?
  21. Does some of you remember this game? What really surprised me was the silence around the game after the launch. No big Youtuber made a Let's play of it, almost no news, it's like the game went into oblivion. But I should've expected that since Microsoft's decision to limit it to Windows 8.1 and Windows Store exclusivity didn't help.
  22. So I was forced to now use Windows 10 which nearly crashed my pc when it uploaded yesterday and I've heard a lot of other windows and other PC users they hate how its laid out and some seem like to it, so what you think? Do you like Windows 10 or do you want to go back to Windows 8? Personally I've come to hate it in the last 24 hours given we a user I was not given a choice in the matter when it comes to the programs to my lab-top I brought with my own money or what I choose to put into.
  23. A friend gave me the idea of trapping a certain kind of fanfic author in a story of their own, and this is what I ended up writing (it never exceeds a "teen" rating, I assure you): Grim by Siegfried Danzinger -Part One- Perry was an MLP fanfic author. He liked nothing more than plucking beloved characters from his favorite series and depositing them in absurdly violent and incongruously horrific situations. Authoring a fundamentally original work was simply out of the question; he wouldn't derive anywhere near the emotional satisfaction from mutilating characters of his own creation. Perry was working on a new piece. Perhaps something involving the CMC; he wasn't yet decided on the victims. "The filly wandered into the forest," he typed. He stopped to consider. "The filly wandered into the dark forest." Hideous things seldom happened in broad daylight. The filly wandered into the dark forest. The twenty-something pony enthusiast coaxed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with one pale finger and leaned back in his chair with an audible squeak. "What happens now?" He said aloud. "Atmosphere. Have to establish atmosphere." The filly wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. A branch scraped noisily against the window of the writer's room, and a draft swept over the man as his right ring finger completed the sentence. Perry abandoned his comfortable chair with a muttered curse word and headed towards the window. Closed. "Great. Something's wrong with the heat again," he told himself. Shakily, she held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light- The lights dimmed; flickered. Perry spun around in his chair and swore at no one in particular. "There isn't even a storm," observed the author. As if responding to his complaint, the lights were suddenly restored. "Fine." Perry returned his attention to the computer screen; it had apparently turned off. His forefinger searched for the power button. "Ow!" The exploring finger went quickly into his mouth. "The hell?" Perry withdrew the plump digit and examined it. Blood. Not much. But any blood was more than he would have expected. "Why am I-" The computer screen blinked on: The man wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. Shakily, he held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light onto a patch of peeling, rotted bark. From nearby there came a sound. Afraid but curious, he leaned in closer. It was then that the lantern's light died. The lights went out in Perry's room; though the computer screen remained lit. A scratching. A terrible scratching; it sounded as though it were in his skull. A wooden, tortured groan that emanated from just in front of him. "What... I don't understand." Perry was confused. "I'm not typing this!" He'd lost control. In his eagerness to move away from the screen, Perry leaned back too far and toppled over in his chair. He floundered on the floor for a few moments; his fingers dragging against the cold- "Dirt? Ground?" Perry got to his knees and closed his fingers over a handful of damp earth. Scratching, scratching. Moaning. Creaking. "Let me wake up now," the man pleaded as he absent-mindedly smeared dirt onto his lens with trembling fingers. "I'm asleep." Another sound. A louder and all the more disconcerting sound. Like thick roots being torn out of the ground with a shrieking, wordless rage. He struggled to his feet, "I'm dreaming." He wasn't dreaming. "I'll wake up any moment now." Perry wouldn't wake from this nightmare. Something vaguely resembling a tentacle lashed out at him from the dark; wrapping tight around his leg with a whip-like snap. His limb was pulled out from under him, and the back of his head was slammed to the ground with such force that the once-black world was suddenly swimming with blinking white spots. A heavy branch crashed down right beside him; its fetid bark scraping against the sweaty, exposed flesh of his face. Perry yelped and clapped a dirty hand over the wound. Something like a gnarled hand - but much larger and covered in hard, leafy barbs - closed around Perry's skull. Scratching, scratching. Perry screamed. Tried to scream. Moaning, shrieking. Who was shrieking? Who was- Perry awoke on the floor of his room. He was dazed. Trembling. Cold sweat clung to his skin. He had apparently lost control of his bladder. "Why am I..." He slowly picked himself up and turned towards the computer screen. It was on. The author stumbled over his chair in the dark; landing hard on his forearms against the unforgiving surface of his computer desk. Maybe, it read, we can do this again sometime. Perry. Perry. PerryPerry. PerryperryPerryPERRYperry.
  24. Hey guys, I recently found an optical module from an old DVD-R drive that I recently taken apart. Go check it out!
  25. Hey guys! I need help creating a ponysona based on my own personality. I love computers (and building them) and am very studied on computers. I also love Nintendo, especially Mario and Star Fox (the Arwing is amazing!). I love Linux and Windows, as well as math and science. Now, my favorite colors are red (MY NUMBER 1 PICK), cyan, and a hint of mint green (Linux Mint FTW!). I would like some help with a name for my OC, as well as seeing potential visual designs. If you want to try and design a cutie mark, be my guest! Thanks in advance! -Mario3D13