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Found 13 results

  1. A concept art for a hallway of E.C.S.S Harmony in Dead Aboard, fanfiction story written by Writer Rhyme.
  2. Richville Richville is home to 5,897 Equestrians. It is also home to small minorities the biggest is the zebras while the others are horses (Dead Equestria, Dead Zone: Richville), bat ponies, and a few changelings and griffons. Location: The town is located north of Foal mountains, 34 percent of the town was built on a hillside. Notable Events: Rainbow Flower Outbreak/Equestrian Pandemic: It is the first town to succumb to the outbreak and most of population are killed except for the 493 survivors. Notable Residents: Blue Wings, Crystal Wishes, Sword Slasher, White Wheat, Mayor Blossomheart, Sunnyshine, Iron Wary, Farmer Grape seeds, and Fruity Vine. Other Notable Characters (NOT residents): Golden Trade, and Sparkle Guide. Trivia: the town was isolated from all of Equestria until Sombra's invasion. Blue Wings is a Wonderbolt cadet. The town has it's own celebration: The festivals of the harvests The town is surrounded by several farms. The first concept art is based on the design of the town of Ponyville. Note: I will add more farms.
  3. Remember when I said, that the "Art of the Dress" event with @Rarity and all the amazing dresses members have drawn filled me with inspiration? I mentioned a puzzle game (click my reply above for more information) and I kept thinking about it. Soooo... I couldn't resist! I've drawn a concept art showing how more or less it could look like. Disclaimer: Carousel Boutique background, all the gems, elements of harmony, spool of rainbow thread and the Rainbow's dress sketch weren't made by me. I've made hourglass, menu scroll, cursor and the rest. Now the general idea is, that Rarity would be sewing a different dress for each level. The first levels would take place in Ponyville, where Rarity would make the dresses for the Gala, nothing fancy. There would be some cutscenes and some other basic stuff. With progress, she'd be moving to different places, where dresses would follow different styles. Levels 2-X would take place in Manehattan. Levels 3-X would take place in the Crystal Empire. Levels 4-X would take place in Canterlot. Busy and demanding ponies - fits great for more difficult levels, that require more work in less amount of time. Rarity's Boutique would be such a great location. (and perhaps more...) Now talking about some inspiration from that thread and event altogether--- I'd like to mention something, that gave me that one more sparkle. I haven't seen many -- actually I don't really recall seeing any dresses inspired by the Crystal Empire. I have to say, that @bornAgainEquestrian's dress is absolutely great. As for the game itself - there would be some bonuses, that would impact the field by destroying things here and there; there would be upgrades to these to give that feeling of progress/improvement. Also, this time I'd totally go for Full HD resolution as the default one! As much as I love pixel art, I think this one would perform better with high-resolution smooth art. If I'd knew about that event sooner, perhaps (with a huuuge question mark) I'd attempt to create that game, or at least come up with a demo for that event, like it was with Twilight's day. The huuuuuge question mark is because I suspect that game would take way longer to program, so I'd probably need a lot of time. These events made me think of a possible idea of making a game/minigame for each pony from the mane six and I happen to have some more ideas already, but I won't reveal these yet! The Bookhorse Minigame Art of the Dress Puzzle Game ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? ???????????????? ??????????? - not sure yet - ----------- Oh I wish I wouldn't have to be bothered by my job - There are so many exciting things to do! Either way, that's all for now; Thank you for visiting!
  4. ATTENTION MLP FORUMS!!!!! New concept art for the upcoming movie has been discovered! I found it on Derpibooru. Have a look:
  5. So. Since I've been brave enough to post a few times I've decided to make a thread n.n All the concept art I've made and with notation I've had others make for me, will be here. Feel free to ask questions I love to explain my project! For information check out Equestrian City on dA and on the main website! We've got a small comic and will eventually have fanfiction in the form of episodes as well as a wiki that's slowly being brought to life!. Stay tuned n.n First up we have Lightning Dust! Given enhanced reflexes and speed (yet not super speed) she also came away with the ability to discharge electrical powers if she can conduct them properly. Hence her metal tongue/ nightsticks. Thoughts?
  6. HEEEEY-- So I'm currently getting started on my animatics for Hamilton and here are my character reference sheets. They are rough but this is how the frames are going to be drawn in the videos as well. Keep an eye out for it being released on YouTube as soon as I can manage. Previews and shorts will be coming and all that. What do you think of my cast, fellow Hamilton fans?? Alexander Hamilton: Twilight Sparkle Angelica Schuyler: Maud Pie Eliza Schuyler: Pinkie Pie Aaron Burr: Applejack Maria Reynolds: Rarity I know these characters aren't all of them, but these are the ones I'm mainly going to be doing the animatics about. Your opinions?
  7. If Lauren Faust's original visual concepts for the Mane Six gone through unchanged, we just might have had this right now (click the pictures for full-size views)... I really like these old, G1-inspired designs, but the current ones look a lot better in the Technicolor universe they've created for the show. Here's some more history for ya!
  8. I am working on a personal project which is a head-canon to on going fanfiction by SPIDIvonMARDER - "Crystal Siege" The project contain Equestrian Fighter Divisions concepts on post war machines like F-14 Tomcat, F-20 Tigershark, F-15 Eagle and F-111. For now I am working on NAVY divisions for F-14 multi role fighters and already have 2 accomplished which are strongly based on straight MLP canon characters and motives and on the Crystal Siege story. More jets will come soon. Enjoy
  9. So hi there I'm looking for a few artists to help with a original comic series. Currently we are at the stage of concept art, when thing get into full swing we are looking at least 5-6 people in total to help out with the different stages. If you'd like to help here is how you can get in touch. Email: Skype: Ryan Miles Thanks for your time.
  10. Hello my Name is Biscuit And welcome to the Pegasi Animation Studio's. We are here as a team to work on animation productions. and we need your help with ideas and make projects big not as for you but a whole team. i will explain the project on a privet message but if you want to help please privet message me or message me on Skype by darcybelle3 then you will get a name could Biscuit and what will pop up is a rainbow dash robot head. so if you want to be part of a team please help that would be writers,animators,artist voice actors/ actress and editors and of course the musicians so please help and leave a message on the forum thanks for your cooperation. : D
  11. So me and two other friends are working on a 3D tanks game and I took on the role of game artist. This is a side view of one of the concept tanks that I drew.
  12. Concept for the Fallout: Equestria mod.
  13. TL:DR Want to draw some stuff for a pony project? Send an application to the email address below. No clop or gore allowed. Good luck! ____________________________________________________________________________________ Hi There. I'm the lead concept/character concept artist on a pony animation project. Sadly, I'm not allowed to say more than that at the moment, HOWEVER we are currently looking for artists to help us along! We are happy to look at all applications. We are mostly looking for vector artists, background artists, and concept artists, but like I said, we are more than happy to look over ALL applications. In an email to me, please send a portfolio or links to YOUR art for us to see. As well as any informaion you may wish to share with us regarding your abilities or anything about yourself. Our team we have so far is international with members from North and South America, Europe, and Australia! As much as we would love to have everyone who applies on board, we have to set down some requirements for the application process: 1. You need to be at least 18 years old. 2. DO NOT send in clop or gore in your portfolio. These pictures are completely inappropriate to the nature of our project and we reserve the right to reject applications. 3. You must be willing to work on a team, be willing to do work if it is assigned to you (no one will ask you to do something you are not well versed in), and be able to provide results by required deadlines. 4. While not required, having Skype would be EXTREMELY handy for use in communication If you are interested in applying, please send you applications to: I will do my best to review all applications in a timely manner and get back to you soon as possible. If you are accepted, I will send you an email with instructions on where to go from there. Not an artist? No problem, one of my associates may soon be posting up a similar ad for musicians, animators, and writers. Thank You all for your time! if you have any questions feel free to PM me or leave a comment in this thread. Also, myself and other members of the group will be around the Everfree Northwest convention. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach us and ask. We will answer what we can and provide you with details if you wish to apply. We will be wearing shirts with one of these 3 logos on the front Update: Alternatively, you can also send emails to: He is the director of the project, I am just head of art stuffs