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Found 34 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm Cast Executive Director of a My Little Pony inspired creation called Equestrian Tales, we originally started doing panels and posting about this in mid 2015, then realized to stay alive we needed to play it safe and go into stealth mode we have finally gotten to the point where are comfortable coming back into the light, and finally start to share what we have been working on, first to the place where it all started, the mlp forums. We wanted to finally give an update to the progress, and where exactly we are in the production. But first just a little about the story and what we are trying to do. Equestrian Tales story takes place over 1000 years in the past of the current FiM series, pulling together elements from generation 1 and a number of our own lore building to build a bridge between the shows, and making them into one my little pony universe. We will be following the journey of a small band of friends who set out into the world to record, and retell the stories of their adventures together, helping to inspire hope in the pre-equestrian world. We have several wonderful people helping push this show through, including Rick Farmileo animator of several characters during Disney's golden age of animated movies, including Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Oliver and Company, Rescuers Down under, Little Mermaid and several others, Rick was also the animator of Tulio in Road to El Dorado by Dream works. Along with Rick we have secured elements of Don Bluth animation, who created works such as The Land Before Time, Secret of Nimh, American Tale, and Anastasia. These guys are leading our animation of the generation 1 and historical elements of the pilot. We also have the help of Minty Root, Brutal Weather, Ruffu, imdrunkontea and Konsumo among others helping to push the art side of this forward. On the music side we have Marcato music, corvus, and Slender Duck (Duo Cartoonist lead composer) to start things. We are currently looking for voice talent for a few of our new characters as we push forward with production, if you are interested please leave a message here, or fill free to email me at- We are not casting cannon characters at this time, very few will appear in the pilot, and will be used with permission. I have included just a sample of the work that's being done right now, from some concept artworks, to music samples and we will be releasing more as we can, exclusively right here and with out spoiling to much. We will also be relaunching our youtube page, will be linked here once she is ready to go again. Also some external links if you wanted to see what we had posted before- Equestria Daily New Animatic not yet released to public- Tallest Tale Part 1 - One of our talented animators of Equestrian Tales, we will be able to announce a few more soon-
  2. I had an odd idea after watching a video of somebody playing some ROM game called Card Sagas Wars where Etna was a playable character. What if she were in Smash Bros. as a sort of Disgaea rep? This is the rabbit hole my ideas led to (of course it isn't a complete look at how they would function, doesn't mention end lag, frames are just ideas, etc.): ETNA (Disgaea) WEIGHT- 97 (for reference, that's the same as Luigi's) SPEED- Average (Both Ground and air) Movement?- Double jump, no other movement options Neutral- Etna performs a quick, long range spear jab [frame 3]. (2% handle, 5% edge) F-Tilt- Slower version of her Neutral, more knockback [frame 5]. (3% handle, 7% edge) Up-Tilt- Etna thrusts her spear upwards, skewering her opponent [longer hit-stun, frame 7]. (7% handle, 5% edge). Dash- Etna thrusts her spear low to the ground, knocking enemies up a fixed distance. [frame 10]. (10%) F-Smash- Impaler- Etna skewers hit opponents and throws them forward with her spear [longer hit-stun, comes out frame 14, charges up to frame 18]. (Uncharged- 13% handle 9% edge, Charged- 19% handle 13% edge). Up-Smash- Etna throws a prinny slave upward, where they perform a whirl attack with their daggers before dropping down where Etna catches them (and say “DUDE!”) [can be thrown as early as frame 10, as late as frame 15] (Uncharged- 7 hits each dealing 1% on hits 1-6, 5% on hit 6, Charged- “” 1.5% “”, 7%“”). Down Smash- Asteroid Drop- Etna throws herself upward, impaling her spear into an asteroid that explodes upon impact with the stage. [Starts up as early as frame 10 (hits on frame 20), as late as frame 18 (hits on frame 28)]. (Uncharged- 10% sour spot (handle) 20% sweet spot (explosion), Charged- 14% sour spot (handle) 28% sweet spot (explosion)). Neutral Air- Etna spins her spear clockwise around herself (similar to Palutena’s Neutral Air, slower, comes out on frame 7). (1.5% on hits 1-3, 4.5% on hit 4, reduced knockback). Forward Air- Etna twists her spear like a screw and propels herself forward (similar to Meta Knight’s Side Special, except less distance and less hits, comes out frame 18, increased hit stun). (Deals 1.5% on hits 1-4 edge, 5% on hit 5 edge, 2% on hits 1-4 handle, and 7% on hit 5 handle). Back Air- Etna performs a counter-clockwise somersault with her spear, hitting enemies behind her. This attack spikes. (Comes out frame 16) (Deals 10% handle and 20% edge damage, has increased knockback). Down Air- Plunges spear downward (Almost identical to Link’s, except no bounces, comes out on frame 15 (hitbox lasts until frame 20), deals only 12% on handle and 20% on edge). Neutral Special- Prinny Toss- Etna throws a prinny forward on frame 18, that speeds up with distance (speed stagnates at 30 units), dealing massive damage [Prinny screams “DUDE!” upon throwing”]. (Deals 24% damage on collision, 18% damage to characters, self (9%), in blast radius). Side Special- Beauty Beam- Etna fires a heart-shaped beam forward on frame 13, dealing tics of light damage on hit to enemies in a line front of her. (Total of 26 hits each dealing .6% damage). Down Special- Beauty Bounce- Etna throws a prinny under her on frame 12 that she then detonates with the blunt end of her spear, dealing a light amount of self-damage and knocking her far upward. Uses jumps. (Self-Damage- 5%, enemies caught in it- 15% (significantly less KB)). Final Smash- Dead End Chaos- Etna targets an opponent close in front of her, rallying five prinnies beside her for one final, beautiful attack where she launches nine spears at her opponent and then several prinnies, dealing 6% per spear hit and 14% per prinny detonated. Grab- Etna grabs characters by their legs. Grab range is short, but characters that escape the grab slip (putting them in hitstun), and they get dealt 6% damage. Up Throw- Etna squats and then throws her target upwards, hitting them with her spear on the way up. (4% damage on the initial throw, 5% damage from the spear) Forward Throw- Similar to the way throwing works in Disgaea, Etna throws the target forward. (4% damage, huge distance for percents) Back Throw- Etna turns around and then throws the target in the direction she’s now facing. (6% damage, goes decently far) Down Throw- Etna slams her target into the ground beneath her. (7% damage, decent length hit stun after colliding with the ground). ... Needless to say, there's a few things here that I'm not entirely sure about that may need to be nerfed. Her neutral B is absolutely crazy, giving her what is essentially a K. Rool blunderbuss shot but better in every possible way, having a blast radius, hitting more reliably, and it's even probably a frame or two faster. Her Back Air also has similarities to K. Rool's back air, but if you decided to merge it with the properties of Marth's sword (in her case it's a spear). Her down smash is an absolutely insane kill move, dealing almost 30% in the sweet spot when fully charged. For reference, the percent it would deal is about the same as a Falcon Punch. Oh and let's not forget that the added distance on her forward throw makes it really good as a kill throw. She also has a lot of hit stun, which will help her chain a bit more. Which is good considering she's got some moves that hit like a truck (*cough cough* Asteroid Drop *cough cough*). But she also has some downsides. Her back throw is pretty much her forward throw if it were bad, she doesn't really have any moves she can put out that quickly except her nair. She also is going to have a big problem getting back to stage at lower percents considering her down B operates better as a vertical recovery at higher percents, and every time she recovers vertically she deals a little damage to herself... Her grab range would likely be about 65-70px, which is not really much (roughly the grab range of Little Mac or Meta Knight). Her jab also kind of sucks outside of jab locking, being that you'll likely only get 4% used twice after probably 5 or 6 frames (accounting for end lag, which isn't listed here yet. Just wanted to describe what kind of moves they'd be. Frame data is kind of conjecture at this point...). I will note her F Smash is COMPLETELY different from the ability that the name is referencing from the Disgaea games, and also this post is absurdly long. But there's a lot of moves on one character in Smash, so that's to be expected?
  3. Okay so I'm making this a seperate thread because It's a different topic from my main gallery. Rules though: I'm not here to argue about this or anything so please don't try, this was a personal AU I had done because I wanted a sea monster discord and just went all out, Of course the Mane 6 merpony designs aren't exactly the same as the Movie Seapony designs, but they have similarities. I never actually did ALL the mane six, but i hope maybe I'll have the motivation to get back around to them! Also allot of this art is from earlier last year. I'll also be using this thread to post any other art related to this My Little Seapony AU. Please feel free to link me to anything you might do with this AU if you do anything! Let's get started! So I started with Discord: His default size is supposed to be MUCH BIGGER then his canon default size. I'm talking at least twice his normal size, so he is a big boi. He likes to torment sailors, and sink ships. There's a rumor that he sunk an entire city but that's just a rumor (or is it :3c) For Mane six I only really got around to doing Rainbowdash, Fluttershy, and Rarity: And then I was commissioned to do this image of Fishcord and Normal fluttershy
  4. So while reading an article on flight, I came across a link to this. It's a rather huge undertaking, but the very concept of this project for me is astonishing. It may sound like the far-fetched dreams many early inventors had around 200 years ago, but think about it: now we've got serious advancements in lightweight materials, chemical reactions, and electronics. I think with some proper legit funding and a little more practical insight, this could become a reality. What do you think? Leave your comments! MEET PROJECT FALCON 12A. Project website Full feasibility study Interactive 3D model YouTube video
  5. So, I was just roaming around the forums, and suddently Family Guy came to my mind. I immediately thought about the amount of stereotypes that show makes, especially the ones with Italians. Now, I'm not touchy or anything like that, I usually laugh when I see those clips, but I'd really like to know if we Italians are indeed seen the same way we're represented in the show. Like, do you really imagine us all as Sicilian wiseguys with greasy hair who always wear a white and dirty tank, dark-blue jeans and black boots and who always put an "a" at the end of every word? I've been working in Brighton, England for five weeks, and when I asked my colleagues if my way of speaking was like that, they told me it was! Now, I shouldn't really be taken into account, since even Italians say I'm a stereotype, but anyway, if you've ever managed to meet an Italian guy, was it really like that? P.S. They don't necessarily have to be adults, you can also take teenagers (like me, after all) into account!
  6. My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship* Introduction Good day, MLP community! We are happy to show our fan game called My Little Pony: Adventure Of Friendship. This is a puzzle-platform game and it is just demo-concept at this state. Game Twilight and Pinkie just comming to Ponyville when they found that town is empty! What could it be related? Solve the mystery and find how to get back all ponies to the Ponyville! Warning! In that version the game is just a demo and the plot is not fully revealed! Screenshots: About development [outdated]{This is a game, which is developing on Unity. As I said, this is a demo-concept game and it isnt a completed version. Just for now we are working as the small group of 2 persons. In future,we will add other three ponies, a lot of new interesting levels, uprade our sound collection and graphics. But we are searching for help! If you're interested in that project, you can help in development by any way! This game especially needs artists,animators, sound engineers, image editors.} Thanks a lot for all who tested this game! But I must admit, as HereComesTom said, there already exist some other games with the same idea, so we find reasonable to stop our development, and try something else. But don’t be sad, I suppose you could see my other creations in the future. Download a game To download a game you just need to click the link below(For Windows) Thank you for your attention.
  7. So in faust's show bible faust not so subtly hinted at something else as dash's Destiny besides joining the wonderbolts, possibly as a secondary thing, possibly as a replacement instead as her destiny. What do you think she meant by "or perhaps fate has something more in store for her" in regards to her Wonderbolt dream?
  8. I do a thing that I call "Gumdrop Characters". I take characters Oc's/cannon and turn them into gumdrop candy! I know its not the most creative but I enjoy drawing them so yeah. I might do all the main six if people would like to see them.
  9. wonder if this is actually OK or not probably not but eeeeeeehhhh
  10. I think the hair should be cleaner, but hey, I just threw this together in 5 minutes. Maybe if I cleaned some rough edges, redid the main figure, and it might be good? IDK. EDIT: Yeah, this is terrible. I hate it now.
  11. There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and me hating Equestria Girls. It's no secret in this forum that I have a burning hatred for EQG. I wrote a review for EQG1 and RR, each negative. Whether I'll write one for Friendship Games or not will be determined. At the same time, dating back nearly eighteen months ago, I had an idea of writing a fanfic that completely reconstructs Equestria Girls from the ground up. My goal here is to reduce the three certainties down to two again: take a tired, loathsome, stereotypical, obnoxious concept for a spinoff that I hated from the start and evolve it into something I like while keeping it in character of Friendship Is Magic. Over a year ago, I planned an idea for EQG1, which never got off the ground. You can see part of it here. Another that I partially wrote was never published because I didn't like the direction and got too lazy to finish it. On Skype, a great friend and I about EQG's screwed-up timeline. As a result, I decided to revisit it, try to flesh it out again, and spend more time and effort into it. Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games will definitely be on the tab, and quite possibly The Holiday Special. All ideas will be posted in this thread as well as my main blog. Already, I posted twelve blogs expanding this concept. They can all be found here. For convenience's sake, here is a link of every blog so you can see the progress. Compared to Part 1, a lot of stuff has changed, so please read them all before delivering feedback. The first six parts are just laying out the concept and coming up with as many ideas as possible. Some of them to be expanded upon more, some to be discarded. Parts 7 onward are laying out and expanding the chapter summaries as well as OC summaries. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7. This begins laying out the concept even more. This includes the title, fanfic summary, idea for the cover art, early OC summaries, and so on. Chapter summaries begin here (four of them — one prologue, three main chapters) and become expanded. Prose-centric dialogue begins here. Part 8. Two chapter summaries. Expanding story here with more description in scenes and dialogue. Part 9. Two chapter summaries. Expanding here even more. Part 10. Two more chapter summaries. Elongating the chapters. Part 11. One long chapter summary. There's script format, but I also dabbled with a complete prose-filled scene, refining the last scene in Part 4. Part 12. No chapter summaries this time. Early OC summaries are rearranged and refined. Will be updated when necessary. Part 13. Only one chapter summary. Most of the dialogue in script format. Part 14. Two chapter summaries. A mix of script and prose. The list here will be updated, and I'll be releasing parts as I go along. Once the concept is refined, I'll begin to write the chapters in full-fledged prose. If you have any ideas to help refine the concept even more, including ideas for the Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games rewrites, let me know in a comment. This is a concept I'm really passionate about and want to get it done and done well.
  12. Something I made in my spare time. Let me know what you think. Probably bad things. Seems to be a running trend of mine. If you want to view this outside of MLP Fourms, go here:!4884&authkey=!AE6gF0Ne0lYNXEE&ithint=file%2cdocx I know it's not Google Docs, but shut up. Also, if anyone wants to make a cover pic for this (for some reason), hit me up. NOTE: This is an alternate-universe fic where RL-tech exists. I tend to do that. Also, if you're a fan of Twilight Sparkle, stop reading NOW. This also includes the word "crap" in it. *gasp* Trip a concept-fic by lonk Wind is annoying. It is probably the sole factor of mane-in-your-face syndrome. I had symptoms of mane-in-your-face syndrome a lot last summer while driving down empty stretches of road with Twilight Sparkle. But that wasn't the worst thing. It was the unicorn-turned-alicorn herself. She kept needlessly explaining every nook and cranny of every single place we crossed. I imagine her going, "Hey, it's the famous Appleloosa Rock! You know, it was placed here in 1846 to commemorate the rock slide the same year that injured 5 ponies? Can you imagine getting hit with a giant rock? I'm gonna list every single bone that could break and why it's a terrible thing to have happen to you! Yay! Summer is just an excuse for you to give yourself more homework!" I swear, if there becomes such a thing as the Appleloosa Rock, I am never going there ever again. Just in case she's there "studying" it and she decides to give me a lecture about it. But why did I put up with her all this time? Why didn't I just ditch her off the side of the road so she can hitchhike her way back home? I have a couple reasons why not: She's royalty for Celestia's sake. She'd be hitchhiking for the rest of her life. She'd never forget it. The next time I would meet her, she'd give me a 48-hour lecture on why that is wrong and also forcefully sign me up on "friendship lessons". Does this sound like I hate her? Yes. Do I? Ehhh... Yes... But if she wasn't with me on my little road trip, I would have been kaput. I wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for her. She saved my life. ---------- I was in Appleloosa. Climbing the mountains. Going on a little sight-seeing tour. No guide, though. They didn't have guides back then. Or regulations. So I was climbing the mountains with Twilight Sparkle, the queen of useless information (and also, I heard, putting that useless information into sappy fiction. Oh sweet Celestia, help me now.) We were a little ways up the biggest mountain. It has taken us 5 minutes to get this far. It would take us about an hour to climb up the rest of it. She was the biggest egg-head ever. Every pebble had a past, every grain of sand a rich history. When a small bit of rock fell down the cliff-side, she jumped. Eventually, even to me it seemed like this small-rock-falls-down-cliff-beside-us shenanigan was becoming too numerous. Didn't really bother me though. I wanted to get to the peak already. Twilight, though, had other plans. "I don't think going further is a good idea," she said. "Why? It's just rocks," I replied. "But too many." "What's that supposed to mean?" She flailed her hooves at me, flustered. "Landslide! Huge boulders instead of small pebbles! We die! Do you not want that?" "No! But it's not going to happen now!" "It's going to take an hour to get up there [she points at the peak]! An hour is a long time!" "So?" "1946. Two ponies killed. Rock slide. No warning that it was going to happen. No fluster of pebbles down the cliff-side, nothing. Just, PLOP. Boulders. Mashed ponies." Oh sweet Celestia, I have had enough. "That's in 1946! This is 2016! It's not going to happen now!" I start walking forward. She cuts me off. "1985. Same thing. This time, seven killed. A tour group! No warning!" She's mad at me now. "WHY ARE THEY ALLOWING US TO BE UP HERE THEN?!" I yell as I push past her. "IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN, OR THEY WOULDN'T LET US BE HERE!" She again stops my progress. "IT'S GOING TO BE AN HOUR BEFORE WE GET UP THERE! IT COULD HAPPEN ANY MOMENT! STOP NOW." I push her almost off the cliff and sprint forward. "I'M DONE WITH YOU TWILIGHT!" I'm suddenly picked up by two hooves and dragged off the mountain. "DARN IT TWILIGHT! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?" "TO KEEP YOU SAFE!" "SAFE FROM WHAT? NOTHING? YOUR OWN FEAR? ARE YOU SAVING YOURSELF TOO?" "WE WERE GOING TO DIE HERE!" "THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF IT! STOP BEING SUCH A HUGE COWARD!" "STOP BEING SO ARROGANT!" We're approaching the parking lot of the tourist's office. I can see my car from here. It looks like she's heading towards it. "LET ME GO!" "NO! YOU'LL BREAK YOUR NECK!" "THEN WHY ARE YOU HOLDING ME LIKE THIS THEN? HAVE YOU EVER DONE THIS? YOU'RE NOT TRAINED IN THIS!" "I'M ROYALTY, FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE! I HAVE TO PROTECT YOU!" "AGAIN, FROM WHAT? YOURSELF?" "SHUT. UP." She drops me on the car. I crash on the roof. I feel pain all along my back. I can manage it, but I can definitely sue her for that. I drop down onto the ground and get in the car. I quickly lock the car. She's banging on the passenger window. "LET ME IN," she's yelling through the door. "NO! STOP THIS..." I wave my hooves spastically, trying to think of an answer. "...NONSENSE!" I couldn't think of anything else. Her horn glows, and so does the lock. It goes up. She opens the door. I try to push her out, but she has already shut the door. "THAT'S BREAKING AND ENTERING!" I shout at her. "SO? I NEED A RIDE!" "OH, WHATEVER." I turn the car on and floor it out of the parking lot. ---------- I open the door to my hotel room. Thank Celestia that I was able to get my own separate room. It's 10:46 now. We left the mountains at 10:38. We stopped at a motel to cool our heads. I plop down on the bed and turn on the TV. It's turned onto the news. Why not, I think to myself. I lay down and watch the news sideways. "Sadly, there has been a tragedy at the Appleloosa Mountains. A lesbian couple [Not sure why they were eager to say that, I commented to myself.] was killed in a landslide at Tumble Mountain, the biggest one, and a hot tourist attraction. Investigators say there was no signs that a landslide would have taken place, but eyewitnesses state that they clearly saw a large boulder knock them over the cliff." The doorknob was wiggling frantically. I didn't answer. "COME ON, LONK!" "NO! YOU'RE NOT COMING IN TO TELL ME HOW WRONG I WAS AND HOW YOU SAVED MY LIFE AND ALL OF THAT BULLCRAP!" I push my body against the door. "STOP IT!" "NO!" "STOP WITH THIS FOOLISHNESS!" "YOU'RE THE ONE BEING FOOLISH!" "IT'S MORE THAN THAT!" "THEN YOU ADMIT THAT YOU WERE GOING TO RAT ME OUT!" The door forcibly opened. I was thrown across the room, luckily onto my bed. "That was the second time you did that," I griped. I didn't want to deal with her anymore." "It doesn't matter. You got what you wanted." She tosses a slip of paper on the table. A letter. Princess Twilight Sparkle: You have been convicted of kidnapping and the breaking and entering of a civilian's vehicle. You are still in the trial period of being enrolled in the government, so these crimes, even if they were committed for the greater good of the nation, will still result reduced punishment. Because of your status, your proposed sentence by the judge is five years in prison. You can skip the trial by legally admitting you are guilty of the crime. By filling out the attached forum, you will be charged with your proposed sentence. You can also face a public trial of your crimes with the victim of your kidnapping and the owner of the vehicle, Lonk Chase (or his hired attourney) as the prosecuter. Your sentence may be increased or reduced if you face a trial. Because of your connection to him, the Forgiveness Clause cannot apply. Thank you. -Appleloosa Police Department "The police came. They also told me to give you this." She handed me another letter. This time, it's sealed. I opened it and looked through it twice. Mr. Lonk Chase: Princess Twilight Sparkle has been convicted of kidnapping you and breaking and entering your vehicle. Because of your personal connection to her, you can fill out a Form of Post-Factum Consent to possibly reduce her sentence. This form states that the crimes committed were for your protection or authorized by you. If Princess Twilight Sparkle agrees to hold a public trial, you can be a witness for her and state evidence that you allowed her to commit the crimes against you or that the crimes were made to protect you from harm. The judge will become the prosecuter. The jury will still determine the sentence, and it is not guranteed that her sentence will be reduced. The minimum sentence offered is three months. Thank you. -Appleloosa Police Department "This seems fishy," is my only comment. "I didn't even know a 'Forgiveness Clause' was a thing." I showed her the note. "Three months? That's better than five years!" I glared at her. She sulked a little bit. "I'm sorry. I was really worried." "You think?" Silence. More silence. "Do you forgive me?" she asks me. "No." Silence. She's starting to tear up. "But," I add, "I don't think you should be in the slammer for five years." Sil-Never mind, she hugs me. "thank you," she whispers in my ear. Tears hit my shoulder. Oh sweet Celestia, this is turning into a ship-fic, isn't it? Nope. She stops hugging me, grabs her note, and waves goodbye as she leaves. She shuts my door. She even locks it again with magic after she closes the door. That, I can forgive.
  13. Here is the playlist of my music videos that are currently up on YouTube right now that shows what this concept is (as it's easier for me to show you all than for me to explain it myself). I hope you like it.
  14. Never mind the copy-pasted Fluttershy and impossible statues, just getting ideas down. P.S. I suck at environments
  15. A concept for a comic I'll probably be starting. I wish it could be a game, with cool sprites and voice acting 'n things... But oh well, guess it's gonna be a comic instead
  16. Mobley

    Server Concept

    I know that PArc Minecraft is only in early days and I'm not seriously suggesting this as a mode for implementation any time soon, but I just wanted to run the idea past people here for feedback to the idea Currently, PArc Minecraft has a creative server, an SMP server and an Equestria (i.e. roleplay) server. Discounting the creative server, this leaves us with: Equestria server - Great for roleplay, but static in terms of player construction. SMP server - Some amazing building and good roleplay, but it's not governed by any overall unifying factors. What I have in mind is a server which exists in the middle ground between these two. It would possibly have the following attributes: A unifying lore, not necessarily a direct port of Equestria (we have a server for that already) but that wouldn't stop it being MLP:FiM related. SMP aspects: enemies, hunger, no flying (unless race specific) etc. Players can buy plots/build property in the 'countryside' or purchase housing in player-built (but heavily designed) cities that serve as the hubs of the server: Everyone is entitled to start off with a basic 'shack' in a city. Built housing has to conform to area aesthetics (e.g. a 'Norse' themed village would not have a sandstone tower in it.) Mining/resource gathering highly regulated. Profession-based plugins. A respawning community mine/lumber area. Non-instance, required RP: All RP has lasting consequences. (Optional) If it was an MLP-related lore, all characters would be OCs for fairness. That's the basics of it. I don't know of any examples of over servers which still operate something like this at present, though these ideas are largely based off a server called 'Mel-Lenxia' which shut down years ago but was one of the best RP experiences I ever had. So what do you guys think? I think it would be a lot of work, maybe too much, but practicalities aside, what do you think of the core idea?
  17. First Post Asking for some critique, what do you like/not like about this piece Any improvements or things that you think I could do next time? And what do you think of the style (be honest) too horsey?
  18. Hey forum, so one of the first OCs I attempted to make was a unicorn named Royal Script. At the time I wasn't happy with how I drew characters, and never really picked her up after that. So tonight I noticed her old reference sheet on my DA list and decided to give her a redesign. So now she is a deer XD I originally thought to keep her colors but then ended up changing her hair around. It just seemed like there were too many dull pastels and her designs was sort of flat? I was surprised when I added in teal/green hair out of curiosity and ended up with something I liked better. So what do you guys think? I don't generally ask for many opinions about OCs but keep getting stuck in the same color palette loop. There is one section of colors I like and everything ends up being warm naturals or dull pastels, haha. It is getting annoying .-. These were some of the other test colors, and the grey is one that I actually like. However, it feels too stern for her overall character. She is a linguist/translator and travels Equestria in search of the new and exciting.
  19. generl crap there. i hate mobile this is an ask a pony of twisted shadow, an oc who needs a cutie mark, as i am bad at this.either way, ask nearly anything, and we will try to answer about it. he is not a blank flank, i am just a fail at this
  20. This is just a quick concept i came up a long time ago, it's a way of representing characters and OCs. A 400x700 p. Canvas with the background colored as the main colour of the pony you want to do, in the top left the colours of the mane, and in the lower right the colours of the cutie mark and the border colours. Some examples
  21. Alright so the title to this says it all. I feel like have many good concepts in my head for a story, and I have been told from friend and family that those concepts sounds like a good idea for a story. However when I try to turn those same ideas into real stories, I don't really come out with anything that worth wild. I might come up with some scenes, but where they are going to come in is just vague like the beginning, the middle, and the end. I really want to make these concepts more than just concepts, and any help would appreciated.
  22. Today, I needed to get some groceries from the store. As I was about to leave the house, my dog Bobo (a toy Australian Shepard, the cutest little thing on four legs) started bouncing up and down and wagging his tail, indicating to me that he'd really like to go on this car trip with me. I happily obliged, and we took off for the store. As I'm driving, I glance over and see him curl up in a little ball on the passenger seat and go to sleep. It's at this moment, that I think to myself: Does he know that I'm driving this car? Does it occur to him in his tiny little mind that the human being next to him is actually controlling the vehicle? Or does he think it's just moving by itself? This question has been nagging at the back of my mind for the entire day, and I'd like to get some answers/opinions from you guys. Do you think dogs register in their brains that humans are controlling cars? When they look outside, and see a car hurtling down the street, do they think to themselves, "A human is driving that.", or do they just not even think about it?
  23. I have enough tips to make a start, thank you all for that, but now I need some honest feedback on the concept art I've been drawing, scroll down to my later posts to see them, thanks very much! Hello ponies! The Brony community has been such a huge help to me in the past I'm now making it my first port of call for all matters artistic So I've been re-reading Scott Pilgrim and it's really inspiring to see such simplistic art carry such a potent story and it gives me hope in my own abilities. I'd like to try my hand at a mini semi-autobiographical comic and was hoping somepony here would be more experienced than I and could share some tips. In a nutshell it's going to be a short story about myself, a coffee shop, a cute girl and my habit of drawing ponies in public. So what I wanna know is: What program/s should I use? What's a good resolution or ratio? Any tips on panel layout or rules of thumb I can follow? Any books you can recommend? Anything else I should be asking but am too much of a noob to think of? Also, if anyone would like to collaborate with me on this I'd be delighted to work together with another artist to make something fantastic. I shall be working on some concept art for the characters and will post them here for all to see/critique. Much love to you all x
  24. An episode re-imagine of mine: The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well The "Mare-Do-Well"/superhero idea would be scrapped entirely in favor of another approach. Also, expand the moral into not just being humble in what you do, but also to not let fame get into your head. Scootaloo decide to take some time off Cutie Mark Crusading and create the Rainbow Dash Fanclub. Scootaloo would begin throwing around mail throughout Ponyville. Dash flies on by, greeting Scootaloo and asking what's up. Scootaloo hands her the invitation and zooms away. The Mane Six discuss this new club with interest. Twilight asks her what she thinks about it, and Dash is confident and happy, although she's reminded about the Young Fliers Competition. "Yeah. But not Ponyville," Dash replies. Pinkie asks her if it's fine for everyone to come, who says, "Yes." They meet up at the Cutie Mark Crusaders clubhouse where Dash was greeted by a barrage of young fans. Dash is given interviews about her adventures and achievements. Spike writes the report in a detective costume. Her friends are pleased and hopeful her talents at home will finally get a little more respect. Next day, Dash and friends jog around Ponyville, and Dash can't stop thinking about the fanclub and attention. They're pleased, but also advise Dash to be a little careful. Dash reassures them when hordes of adult pony reporters show up and pull her aside, and Dash says she'll catch up with Rarity later. They ask her about her acrobatic abilities, and she explains and talks about them semi-vainly. They ask to see it, and Dash shows off her wild cloud-clearing, looping, and fast flying abilities. All but a Sonic Rainboom. The citizens watch with delight, and Dash asks if that was what they were looking for. Everyone cheers wildly, and Dash is very giddy. Dash takes a little break to meet with Rarity, who finished developing some kind of superhero costume, and was continuing to self-talk about her abilities and awesomeness. Rarity, however, is still busy. Dash hovers above, getting her attention, and asks if she could try it. Rarity thinks about saying no, but Dash puppy-pleads, and Rarity gives her the okay. Dash comes out with the costume, looking cool and elegant. But… "The mask is dumb and ugly!" Rarity is offended by it, but before she answers, a knock on the door, and ponies show up with cameras and the fanclub in tow. They see Dash in the costume and race to her. Dash brags about not just her abilities, but how interesting she looked in the costume. All without crediting Rarity. Fillies come over and ask Dash for her autograph, which she accepts and takes pictures with them. The interviews end, and Dash puts the costume (and mask) back and flies away till she sees Scootaloo, who was looking impressed. Then she decided to ask a question: Can Dash do a Rainboom tomorrow morning at 8 AM? Dash said, "No problem!" Dash flies to the Library, where Twilight, Rarity, and Applejack were there. They talked to her and scolded her for what she did in the Carousel Boutique, taking credit for the costume and bragging about her abilities. Dash questions why she shouldn't. She's proud of her talent, and she tells them they should be proud that she's finally being viewed as someone other than a lazy, hardworking pegasus who controls the weather, too. They acknowledge that and tells her she should be proud, but warn her to be careful of how she acts upon it. Dash said she's always careful, but Rarity quickly reminded her of what she said about the mask and then actions after and before. Dash reassures that she'll be fine, but nonetheless apologizes to Rarity for going off like that. But before Rarity answers, Dash interrupts and says she has to prepare the Rainboom. She returns home to greet a happy Tank. She hands him some plants and fruit to chew. As she sits on her bed, her mind races. Did her actions go too far? Did she exploit her pride in such a manner that how her words and complacency with the paparazzi really did go into her head and hurt her friends? Sure, she apologized, but did she mean it? Tank consoles her with a nuzzle, and Dash gazes up at the ceiling. It's near 8 AM. On the ground, the ponies wait beside a makeshift runway for Dash to fly above and land. The Mane Six are there, too, and talk about the events. They wonder what Dash was thinking. Twilight witnessed Dash prepare for the dive. Applejack and Rarity ponder about the conversation aloud to each other. Spike and Fluttershy are sure she'll be all right. Dash lightly bounces off a light cloud, which floats high up in the sky. She sees the crowd below and is growing more and more giddy. She felt better after a good night's sleep, but still thinks about Rarity's conversation, although not so extensively. Deciding she is ready, she teeters at the edge and dives off the cloud, approaches the ground at high speed like a swimmer plunging off the diving board. The barrier separating sound and the Rainboom becomes visible about 30% of the way down, and she looks ahead with joy and confidence. Suddenly, she glances around and sees her friends and the RD FC looking up, the club feeling excited, her friends worried. The words ring in her mind loudly. On one hand, showing the Sonic Rainboom demonstrates her abilities to everypony, and she can finally be seen as a really talented pegasus permanently. On the other hand, does she want to do it for the ponies in Ponyville, Scootaloo, and her friends…or herself? Finally, she decides, "No." She slows down her descent and lands softly on the ground. Cameras and paparazzi catch up to her, but she walks by. She looks at the Mane Six and tells them that she thought about the conversation, and she regrets her actions. She not just embarrassed herself, but her friends, too. She let her newfound fame get into her head, and she wanted more of it. She felt relieved by the attention, but all that did was cause tension in her close friendship. She apologizes to Rarity again, and this time meaning it, who forgives her back. Then she looks at the dejected fanclub, walks to them, and apologizes to them. She should've said no, but she did so to fuel her own ego, not for Scootaloo, and apologizes to Scootaloo for not admitting it and deceiving her. The fanclub and Mane Six forgive her. For the fanclub, they not only forgive her, but are proud of her for admitting it. Scootaloo feels guilty, but Dash tells her not to. She has very good intentions and wants her to continue running the club. With everyone around her, Dash requests Spike to take a letter. In it, she describes her joy for having ponies admiring her for who she is and what she can really do. While she appreciates the effort, little did she know that the newfound fame eventually got into her head. She wasn't just showing her talents. She was showing them off in a way that caused tension between her and the others. The next time she's going to show off her talents, she's going to do it with grace and humility and not at the cost of her friendship. At the same time, she also begins to understand that, when there's fame, you have to keep your ego under control and not let it change who you are nor her relationship with those she loves the most. Does this mean she should shun fame and the media for good nor should she stop feeling proud of her abilities, strengths, and achievements? No. She embraces it and is proud of what she has done, but also realizes to watch what she does and says more and how not to let the attention and accomplishments cloud her judgment and get into her head. Spike sends the letter and is in the mood for a little snack. She invites the fanclub and friends to join, but asks the paparazzi for a little time alone. They oblige and let them on their merry way. The purpose for this is as followed: It eliminates usage of the Idiot Ball that did nothing but push the official episode and make Rainbow Dash look worse. One of TMMDW's biggest weaknesses in objective quality is how the foreshadowing is shoved in, only to artificially prolong it. Dash may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she's capable of thinking and performing more than basic math. The real RD would've identified the Mysterious Mare-Do-Well as more than one character the second the Mane Six spilled those clues in front of her, as they were right there to see. It eliminates the double message of her friends being passive-aggressive assholes who wanted to teach her a lesson in humility, but performed it hypocritically by bragging in her face (spilling the MDW identity in front of her) and inadvertently shaming Dash. If Dash was a child, what her friends did would be borderline criminal. The contrived part of the episode (the dam, constant life-saving) is cut. Keep the worldbuilding in character of Ponyville. Dash would hear and listen to their words, which were discussed privately. If Dash was truly in character, she would think about those words and then question whether they were right or not. She has an ego and may be headstrong, but she won't inwardly shoo criticism right away. Criticism eats her because of her pride, especially if it's sharp and honest. Despite her ego, she would also show her loyalty. The beginning would have her conflict between her loyalty with her friends and loyalty with her ego and fame. Show her loyalty as not just a strength, but also a flaw. She keeps her inflamed ego and jerkiness, but balances with consequences of tension and realization of how poor her behavior becomes. It gives Dash an opportunity to prove her talent to Ponyville in a way that isn't exclusive to her helping with the weather, nor confined in smaller chunks. Dash shows off the Sonic Rainboom in Cloudesdale in a desperate attempt to rescue Rarity and the Wonderbolts, which is a completely different environment compared to those who live in Ponyville. It spreads her worth in her other home. An extra message/moral is given to the audience, bending, yet not breaking, the repetitive friendship report pattern up to that point. Her lesson wouldn't be just to be humble in your talents, but also learn not to let fame infiltrate and blow up your ego. In an interview another MLP Forums user gave me earlier this year, I explained how fame can be really bad for the mind if not careful. Quote It allows three things to continue: the Rainbow Dash Fanclub to prosper, the paparazzi to flourish, and the relationship with Scootaloo to develop. (For the latter, I would think of weaving it in some way to foreshadow it into Sleepless in Ponyville.) For the former, there'll finally be an origin to the Rainbow Dash Fanclub. IIRC, that was never explained in the official episode. Instead of being told and suddenly realizing she's in over her head, the realization is woven in. She'll be confronted about her ego, ponder about it, and show the character development via her own actions, thoughts, realizations, and decisions. She was told to be humble, but the episode never showed it at any point, because the script never gave her ample time to act upon it. Show, don't tell. The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well is confined to a cameo, and no more. It's an idea for Dash's ego to boost instead of tearing it down idiotically. The episode's resolved by her failing to do the Sonic Rainboom. Many of the episodes (and official movies outside FIM) tend to have an achievement/accomplishment and then wrapped up nicely. Here, unlike Sonic Rainboom, she won't do the Rainboom because she realizes the damage she caused, eating her up in the process, and realizes how bad an idea this would be. The failed assignment confronts her head on and subconsciously gives her that opportunity to either really show off or prove to her friends how loyal and trustworthy her conscience really is. You don't need to succeed an achievement to wrap up an episode well. More would be necessary to fix the pace and fit it in the twenty-minute frame. At this point, it'll take way too long to explain it in detail. How long? Longer than Double Rainboom, roughly thirty-five minutes. Extra details are needed to be chopped off and new material must replace it so the idea can flow in a twenty-minute frame. But the concept is there, one where, personally, it would tell a much better story of Dash getting an ego, being scolded for letting fame and ego get into her head, and eventually realize the dangers of fame and reward for humility. Plus, she realizes that being proud and confident in what she does doesn't have to interfere with her true self and relationship with her friends and fans. ——— Source: Rewriting Episodes Your Way
  25. I went to that pony creator on the Hub site, and design this fellow here, and I think I may write an OC around this design. Any ideas would be welcome.