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Found 6 results

  1. If anyone remembers back in the early 2000's, Acclaim released a pro wrestling video game series called Legends of Wrestling. As the name suggests, it featured a number of wrestlers from the past competing against each other. It's safe to say that they weren't perfect. They had some glitches and such but the whole concept was just fantastic. They made 3 games: Legends of Wrestling I, Legends of Wrestling II, and Showdown: Legends of Wrestling. However Acclaim folded just after Showdown was released. Since then, no other gaming company has acquired the rights to the Legends of Wrestling series. So I figured that I would show you a few Word documents that I typed up of stuff I would include in a fourth Legends of Wrestling video game if it were a reality. They include Game Modes, Roster, Arenas, Features and Notes and Disclaimers. I used Word documents because typing it all here would take way too much effort on my part They were done in the Stencil typeface just to let you know. This is only a fantasy, I don't know if they will make one or not. LOWNewFeatures.docx LOWModes.docx LOWRoster.docx LOWArenas.docx LOWNotes.docx Those are just my ideas of what I would use if they ever made a Legends of Wrestling IV. If you have any ideas, don't be afraid to share them.
  2. Author's Note: This was initially uploaded in early 2015, but decided to take it down to revise it. It's done and finally back up. More will be added when I come up with them. Did you ever get any ideas in your head and want to post them? That's what's going on from me lately. Over the past few days, I posted a couple of blogs analyzing specific aspects of FIM. Quite a few here have already seen them, but for those who haven't, here they are, and I'm going to describe why I wrote them. Flash Sentry: A Critique of His Character Flash has been very divisive in this fandom. Many like them, but plenty more absolutely dislike him. I'm among those on the heavily dislike side, and I now consider him my least-favorite character outside of the stereotypical bully dragons from Dragon Quest. However, far too many people on the negative haven't really posted such a thorough negative essay of why he sucks as a character. Even I'm at fault with that. This is a response to get down to the nitty gritty. I actually had an idea of slamming the "Flash stole you waifu" strawman before offering some suggestions to mend him, but I felt it would undercut the entire analysis. Instead, I left it out, and I think it's for the better. Let my analysis breaking down why he's so disliked kill the inane "joke" for me. Discord's Morality in The Return of Harmony Discord remains to be the greatest villain in Friendship Is Magic because his three-dimensionality and wit help him feel and act even more evil than the others. But his more unique character origin is he abides by specific morals despite being evil and never strays away from them. Those morals are introduced in one line of dialogue and affect not only his character, but entire arc. "The Cutie Map" Analysis After the season five premiere aired, there were so many details and themes to discuss about it. You had Starlight Glimmer's propaganda and three-dimensional characterization, authentic representations of real-life cults, the inspiration of "In Our Town" (plus the notorious meter), and the name of name for the village. This analysis combines as a first impression. "Slice of Life" Analysis Friendship Is Magic aired its 100th episode, Slice of Life. Rather than the Mane Six, the background characters are predominantly focused. Even with the fanservice, this semi-polished story is not as shallow as perceived. It's a "thank you" letter with plenty of strengths. Tanks for the Follies Tanks for the Memories is a pretty divisive episode. A lot of bronies love it for the emotional connection and ability to weave in the concept of grief without using death. Others really despise it for the lack of stakes and justification of Dash's actions. This analysis slams TftM. Princess Murphy, Meet Prince Brokenwriting! Princess Spike is my most hated and worst episode in season five. This explains all that went wrong with it. Two Little Things: A Small "Crusaders of the Lost Mark" Analysis CotM is season five's best episode. But it wouldn't be great without two crucial points. Both of them look small quantitatively, but really bring the episode together and increase its quality. Starlight's Redemption Is Better and More Satisfying Than Sunset's My boldest proclamation in the entire show. Starlight's redemption is Sunset's, but done way better and in a much more satisfying, fulfilling way. A lot of longtime users here know how deep I really get into my reviews. They're not quickies like MrEnter (with some exceptions), Voice of Reason, Josh Scorcher, etc. I'm extremely meticulous with my work and not afraid to narrow onto small points, good or bad, to get my point across. My reviews for the IDW Holiday Special and Rainbow Rocks demonstrate how my review style has evolved. On the upside, it gives you an insight over the product's possible quality. Downside, overall reviews offer little focus on specific content. They combine all points into one blob. Because my points aren't presented chronologically, they're spliced. Disorganized. This is one reason why I stuck with Wind Chaser's method to provide a subhead and then explain the strengths or flaws within them, sometimes carrying them later. It makes my reviews more presentable than my famous list format and allows me to focus more deeply into a subject. But it's not enough. Rather than focusing on multiple points to present an overall conclusion of quality, I focus on one or two subjects at a time in the Analysis Series. Take what I want to explain and really go in-depth. In both of my EQG reviews, my negative comments about Flash are very small. To present a more focused essay title and topic allowed me to really get into why Flash wasn't a good character. I wouldn't have been able to do that if my topic was so loose. My analysis of Discord's morale is exactly the same. It's less than half the size of my FS analysis, but I still presented a really focused subject. Instead of writing only a couple of pages of Discord's overall character, I got down perhaps five to eight pages of one important subtext of him. Now, the Analysis Series isn't an end to reviews. Instead, the Analysis Series allows me the ability to focus better on specific subjects and get down to the point. Think of the Analysis Series as a semi-evolution to my reviews. Another part of the inspiration, albeit tiny, came from the rash of insightful topics I posted in Show Discussion in the past. Unfortunate implications in various episodes. The evolution of the morals from simple and absolute in seasons one and two to the grayer and mature in S4. Simple or grand: how would you like the S5 finale? They gave me a little idea over what to deliver. So what ideas do I have in my back pocket? Well, I always have a few. Celestia: Unfortunate Tyranny Princess Celestia is a divisive character. Plenty love her for being a kind and caring ruler over Equestria while simultaneously teaching Twilight the lessons of friendship. Plenty dislike her over how her poor decision-making makes her untrustworthy. I used to really like her, but her poor execution is too loud to ignore. Her poor execution dates back to early season one. Tyrantlestia doesn't still exist in the fandom for no reason; several examples will detail her terrible decision-making and the following implications. Toiling Rage Sweetie Belle caused some controversy by acting really enraged over how her play was overshadowed by Rarity's amazing dresses. There are times in this show where a character can really make a terrible, cruel mistake. Even when the character is in the wrong, you can understand it. Sweetie's actions were wrong, but understandable. I plan to break down the long buildup and why it never made Sweetie Belle out of character or unlikeable. The One Scene Some of you have already seen it. Some posters, including myself, have been critiquing the three finales post-RoH lately. One of them is how too often they tend to focus on the One Scene. Instead of focusing on natural progression, many concentrate on one very boisterous scene. Instead of a filling salad, viewers eat crappy fast food from the factory instead. What I plan for this is to take to specific finales — ACW, Twilight's Kingdom — and what makes the One Scene ineffective. Fun visually, yet quickly dated. Plus, there will be suggestions to improve the finales while keeping the One Scene. Rarity Takes Manehattan's Moral The main moral of Rarity Takes Manehattan is how even though someone took advantage of her generous spirit, she shouldn't give it up. It's a very great moral, but it's arguably a surface moral. What I have in mind is how the secondary, yet most important, moral is to not let someone's vindictiveness stop you from changing your best personality quality. Rarity's biggest personality quality is being generous to a fault, but all of us have specific ones. My goal for this analysis is how this moral can apply to everyone beyond the generosity. The Broken Elements For the first three seasons, the Elements of Harmony were used as a blunt weapon to control and defeat evil. When evil disrupted harmony, harmony fought back. In Equestria Girls, Twilight's Element of Magic was accidentally transported to Pedestria. What permanently damaged the reputation of the EoH occurred during the battle outside Canterlot High. This is an analysis of the climax and the implications surrounding the Elements changing Sunset's character. Scootalove in Scootaloo's House Flight to the Finish incorporated many powerful scenes, all having to do with Scootaloo's gradual realization over her inability to fly. Throughout the series, Scootaloo expressed her want to emulate Dash for physically and emotionally. A Dash Lite. The most powerful of them all occurs as she cleans up her room, realizing her dreams were crushed. This is an analysis of the scene itself. Its planning stages are how Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle saw Scoots' inability to fly, Scoots' history of admiring Dash and wanting to be her, breaking down the scene itself, and then the growth of Dash's relationship with Scootaloo. The Exposition Express One of FIM's biggest sins in season four was revived from season one: the inability to set up a conflict without having to dump everything to its audience. It isn't just once, either. Plenty of episodes tell you the conflict before it starts. One common dumping ground is while riding inside the train from Over a Barrel and later The Friendship Express. Exposition can be handy when done right, but this will be a critique of why mandatory exposition hurts the story. Also, instead of using TFE as strictly filler to tell the audience, three examples will be used — A Canterlot Wedding, Rainbow Falls, FIM #25-6 — of how we can fix this filler into scenes that are more active, useful, and showing. If there's exposition, it will be ancillary, and I'll be using some examples of how exposition was used correctly. Pinkie Pride's Theme Season four is chock-full of some really mature themes, including ones that should've occurred a long time ago. Pinkie Pride has one of the most mature themes in not just FIM, but all of family television. What if there's someone who can not only the same talents as you, but are actually better and more renown than you? Friendship Is Magic breaks down the cutie mark into what their individual talents are, but carry some unfortunate implications over how one pony can carry that talent and not anyone else. Pinkie Pride calls out that commentary, and it partially affects the conflict. Fluttershy, the Indentured Servant Trade Ya's most controversial scene occurred near the end where Rainbow Dash trades Fluttershy for the one-of-a-kind Daring Do book. Plenty of bronies accused both Dash and the DD fan of treating Fluttershy as a slave. Is it accurate? Not quite. But they're on the right track, and it doesn't make the rash decision any more justifiable. In fact, this is one of the five worst scenes in season four. Currently, my plans are to incorporate some history of indentured servitude (which means making it more of a scholarly analysis) and then tie in why this scene is so disgusting with its history and Equestrian lore. Wheat Grass & Flax Seed Rarity's Micro is the third-best out of the ten in the series. Two key reasons why it's one of the creams of the crop is easily Rarity's relationship with two hippies: Wheat Grass and Flax Seed. These very likeable characters play off very well with Rarity's desire for the high life and her eventual decision to improve their wellness center. Wheat Grass and Flax Seed will be analyzed (from their personalities to their clothing and cutie marks), along with headcanon tandems with the rest of the Mane Six. Slaying the Dragon Lore Dragon Quest is easily described in two words: sexist, xenophobic. Even if you discount the sexist first half of Act 1, the two labels never dissipate. If it's possible, they stay persistent and accentuate thanks to the dragons. These dragons are everything any brony should be horrified by: stereotypical male bullies. The lead red dragon in particular is the stereotypical alpha male bully. This episode killed the lore of the dragons, and the purpose of this analysis's purpose is to break down the horrific implications the stereotypes have on not just the show, but the base demographics, too. What implications? The perception that all teen males behave like these dragons: stupid, careless, stereotypical, treating femininity as vile, and a complete disregard for human life. The blatant xenophobic message of how ponies are godsends compared to dragons even though their horrid attitude was partially responsible for Spike for choosing to migrate in the first place. What makes this moral itself so broken.
  3. There's a ton of material for S5 Finale fanfics, but here's some concepts I thought might be the most popular. Give me your thoughts. Sombra: A backstory-centered story starting in the present. It details how the present got this way and some struggles the main characters faced in the past. It sometimes goes back to the present and maybe has a side-plot in the present, but it is mostly focused on the backstory. A war-front romantic. Two soldiers (usually female lesbians) are drafted into the war and find each other put in the same platoon. They are distant at first, but the treacherous events they experienced together draws them closer. A home-front romantic. Two ponies working in the factories back home find that they are closer together. But, with war looming over them and mandatory drafting being able to pluck them away at any second, they try their hardest to stay out of the war, even by breaking law, just to be together. A stupid war Romeo and Juliet with both parties on the same side. There might be more I'll add in the future. Which one do you think is the best to start out with? Thanks,
  4. Well this has been really bugging me for a while now, and I just need to let theses out. You see my brain has been over flowing with a whole bunch of concepts, and truth be told I don't know which ones are any good. Who knows maybe one of them catches your eyes, and you would like to help turn into a thing, hopefully. Alright to kick things off I have Modern Fantasy (working title), which is set place in world where modern tech meets magic ie dragons elfs, orcs, wizards, etcetera, ecetera. The story follows a group of childhood friends who all have one common dream, to become adventurers when they grow up. So each of them studies up through their entire life to finally accomplish their life long goal, and stay in touch by means of magic and what not. So our group finally get their life long goal of becoming adventurers, but it's not what it is cracked up to be. They get little to no respect for their job as adventurers (keep in mind part of their job is stop their whole from getting blown up or something), have to share a cramped semi-decent apartment, low paid, and other real world problems. The story would follow them just that dealing with real world problems in their world. Next up is The the Guardians which takes in the distance future, and follows our hero (who I haven't thought of name for so let's call him Jim for now) who is found of programming different free-running courses and playing them. Jim's dream is joining the interstellar group of peace keeps with sweet super robotic suits and weapons, which takes on the form most fitting of it's user. They only take a few people from each planet to join them and them put though a test to decide who is worthy enough. So when Jim's world is picked as one of those planets, he doesn't waste anytime sighing up to take the test. However he just barely passes it, since free-running and programming can only take you so far. The whole rest of the series follows Jim going though training, meeting new friends, and going on all kinds of adventures. Alright let's end this here because three is nice number to stop at, and if I wrote more of my concepts down then this would be more of a wall of text than it already is. So here it is the finally concept that I will write down for now, Escape to Reality. This takes place in a world where all TV-shows take place in same universe, and each one of all has one show on it. Which is in are our TVs, all of these planets have a "black outs" in the sky when the credits rolls. Where everybody is supposed to go inside, In order to prevent them from finding out they are fake. Now meet our hero (which again I can't think up a name so let's call him Bob) how was different from everybody else because he just doesn't think the logic in his cartoon world is right, and non of it makes any sense to him. By having thoughts made him a outcast, and even landed him in the nut house a few times. Bob even tried to kill himself a couple of times each one failing because he tries doing it in the way we do in the real world, and you know real life logic being different from cartoon logic. However he stills holds his job as a button pusher (no literally that is all he does), and a apartment. Now day he decides to avoid the warning telling him to go inside, and watches the credits seeing that he is being played by somebody. Which Bob then comes to the conclusion that he is fake, and that the only way to become real is by going into a reality show. The rest of thing follows Bob and his quest to escape to reality. Wow that last one was a lot longer then I expected, oops. Well what do you think of them, and are they any good? I hope can get some really good feed back on these, and maybe share some more of my concepts because those my friends were only the tip of the ice burg. One another note is that I am sorry if the grammar on this isn't very well, you see I wasn't expecting this to so long and it's late at the time of me posting this. So yeah sorry about that.
  5. I've been meaning to post some blogs, and today I took a walk and I did some thinking. Usually I think about writing and the future but my thoughts wandered towards the religious side of things. Reason being is because I actually got into an after-class debate with my Algebra teacher. I was debating Evolution Vs Creation. We lingered on that debate for a good thirty minutes after-school. Once it had been concluded there was no bad-blood between us, he's a really great person and a great teacher. I think I came out on the good side of things generally capable to detest his claims on various things. This is an example of when a creationist can peacefully debate with someone such as myself. This doesn't commonly happen around where I live, militant-creationists are abroad. I will not consider myself the modern atheist definition I get unwilling branded with, I simply reject deities and the supernatural. In particular Pagan and Christian supernatural non-sense. Back to the subject, as I was taking my walk thinking of religious matters I thought upon atheism. Is it destructive, does the goods outweigh the bad? Atheism in the past was a somewhat good thing in politics in recent history (1800's). Reason being was as-long as they kept to 'freedom of religion' they wouldn't have any religious bias towards one form of religion. Now when it came to Communism vs Democracy, this is when the Atheist community got there label of being the bad-guys. It usually comes down to the person to determine if they are smart or not. I have seen that the Atheist community particularly around where I live are more open to knowledge. They have more critical-thinking skills, and generally can hold more intelligent topics. However, Atheism does cause some very heated arguments. Typically when the atheist says he hates god, to him god is some imaginary friend and not a real thing. Why hate an imaginary friend? Then it goes into the realm of ridiculousness with various claims from both sides. Each side treats each-other as-if they already know what each-others real beliefs are. Both sides are very close-minded when it comes to opinions on one-another. Many Theists think atheists believe all science. I do not one-hundred percent believe evolution nor do I believe in the "Big Bang." I can only accept them as logical explanations, evolution makes more sense to me than The Big Bang. In the end it's just science, science is changing which is nice and the reason why I take none of it as fact unless it is without a doubt proven. Many atheists believe Theists believe all there religious stuff. No generally all Theists believe in a loving and caring god that is not going to kill your family. Yes the concept of hell is bad, but more and more theists are becoming more intelligent in there beliefs. Religion changes just as science does, in one-hundred years the science we believe might be considered dumb and primitive. My dad who is a Christian believes earlier Christians were very dumb. He also does not refute scientific claims and believes most of them. In-conclusion, Atheism is just about as bad and at-times just about as stupid as Theism. We cling onto faulty proof just as Theists do. However, this is why humans are such awesome creatures. We can independently think and break off of the herd every once and a while to defend what we think, which is always nice. So I encourage both sides of the spectrum to not think so lowly of one-another like I use too. If anyone wishes to suggest a topic PM me, or if you wish to discuss this topic you may also PM me. - MxT
  6. In lieu of my Poniverse Logo Review, I'm laying out my concepts for the Pony.FM logo. In keeping the theme of Poniverse, Josefin Sans Light is retained with the entire wordmark lowercase, but having being a boring wordmark, it needs more musical personality. Something well-associated with music and musical compositions may be included. My idea is to incorporate common anatomy from musical notes into the typography, a list that you can find here. A common example here is stylizing the "n" to make it looked like a horseshoe and then drop in the note head at the bottom of the stems. With the exception of the tracing of the "o" above, the logo examples will be in all black to focus on the composition first. The rest of the examples are located in the "spoiler" boxes below: - What you see above are concepts for the Pony.FM logo. All of them are in lowercase and Josefin Sans Light to remain consistent with the Poniverse corporate identity and to tell people passively that Pony.FM is a community within the supercommunity. For most of my time, I played with "n," the dot in between the "y" and "f," and the space between the "f" and "m." I started with the simple "" wordmark and then began to play with the trademark infusion. Because the y, f, and m make very unique negative spacing when the letters are closed, I played of making typographic ligatures. There are various examples in many OpenType typeface files like Caslon, Garamond, and Myriad Pro. For the "n," it provides a very unique opportunity to convert the octave into a letter, which in turn can become the logo's trademark for cross-media icons and avatars. My personal favorite is the horseshoe Octave because it gives the wordmark a trademarkable identity, something the traditional octave won't do. Some of the "n" octaves have circular or oval heads. But before I decided to submit it for public viewing, I got the idea of using the dot between the "y" and "f" into a musical head. So I combined the bottom of the "f" and dot to make the ".f" its makeshift note. I didn't make the "n" and "f" notes simultaneously because it would be overkill. When you put the same message over and over again, it tells everyone you're trying too hard. (I still haven't abandoned ligaturing two or three letters quite yet.) Submit your thoughts below and provide extra ideas to develop the logo.