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Found 21 results

  1. Two things, and I would LOVE it if you guys could help me out! 1. How does pen pressure work? My tablet is plugged into my laptop and everything, but pen pressure isn't working, and it's starting to really frustrate me... And 2. I bought a license for Paint Tool SAI but it still says '5 trial day' in the right corner, is it suppose to do that...?
  2. twiia


    Why... do people keep changing their freaking display name??? Its confusing and annoying. I mean, when they COMPLETELY CHANGE THEIR NAME. Seriously though. What the buck [no offense anypony, but really.]
  3. I really dont know much about this, I just discovered this link in a video I saw in youtube this morning. But I'm actually really concerned about this. Would bronies be affected? (I'm guesing yes but still) I really would like to know what you guys think about this.. Are you as scared as I am? >.< Link:
  4. Okay so I just finished watching slice of life, thinking it was the first episode of season 5, then I realized it wasn't so I watched the episode with the cutie mark all being the same or whatever, and then I watched the Tree Hugger episode, and now I have no clue what episodes are left and what episodes I should be watching, can anyone please tell me the names of the ones I missed? to recap I've seen, Slice of Life, The Tree Hugger episode, and both parts of the episode I like to call Cutie Marxism.
  5. Okay so I just finished watching slice of life, thinking it was the first episode of season 5, then I realized it wasn't so I watched the episode with the cutie mark all being the same or whatever, and then I watched the Tree Hugger episode, and now I have no clue what episodes are left and what episodes I should be watching, can anyone please tell me the names of the ones I missed? to recap I've seen, Slice of Life, The Tree Hugger episode, and both parts of the episode I like to call Cutie Marxism.
  6. what do i do what do i do DX *stressting out* i DON'T KNOW WHAT TO POST O MY GOSH *anxiety starting*
  7. Tech Reel

    Why Now?

    Why is everything hitting me so hard all of a sudden? Why is it that, since Valentines Day, I've been feeling depressed again? There's just no rhyme or reason for it. I'm suddenly remembering my depressing past and feeling sad about my present. Nothing specifically sad is going on for me right now. No sad events, no memory-triggering people, no anything. I'm just feeling like crap out of nowhere and I don't understand why. Then again, while nothing sad has happened recently, not much good has happened either. The extent of my day is waking up, going online, watching tv, and going to sleep, with the addition of work on some days. Maybe I'm just lonely, I don't really have many friends. And, I have just lost the last of my friends(that I talk to daily) about a month or so ago, leaving me with only one true And I haven't spoken to a friend with my actual voice in months... You know, the whole depression thing is starting to make more and more sense...
  8. Basically, I see my recent posts and content displayed here. Which is good. But then when I click on view more to see all of my content. I can't find some of these recent posts. That's not good How am I supposed to keep up with certain topics like the RPs that I'm in, when it eventually gets buried and disappears, and I'm unable to find it? These screenshots were taken at the exact same time
  9. Ok guys, for those of you who are mathematical (Like me) Can someone look at this and tell me what's wrong with this? Apparently 3=1 in this equation. Sorry if its illegible, i have bad handwriting. I know this is not possible, but this equation makes my head hurt. Can anyone prove this wrong? XD
  10. I am unable to visit from my iPad. When I try, I get sent to a page telling me I don't have permission to view the site. I cannot view my notifications, messages, profile, etc. I get the same result when using my PC. I have done nothing to receive a warning or expulsion. However, I can access the site on my mobil pe phone without issues.
  11. Okay so I've never really understood reddit, how it works, it's community or it's point of existing. But I've recently re-discovered that I used to post links to reddit a long time ago, in fact I used to be a moderator for a couple of reddits but I never actually did any modding since I've never understood the site. My question is can anyone recommend any good My Little Pony reddits and tell me what reddit is actually about?
  12. Not sure if this is the proper place to discuss this, but does anyone have a working understanding of bit coin and could explain it to me possibly? My understanding is exceptionally limited and basic.
  13. I have a question that I have been confused about for quite some time. I did a bit of reasearch, and either I'm stupid or this hasn't been questioned yet. I have noticed that not every post I make tends to be an active post, my question is Why is this and what exactly is an 'Active Post' ? Thanks.
  14. I feel like I have strong feelings about ponies in socks, but I am not sure what said feelings are. Like, literally, no idea. It is weird. And for some reason, ponies in socks are popular. At least while searching for images for this blog, I didn't run into any major clop. SO that's good.
  15. So quite awhile ago I decided to go to BronyCon for the second time, and my friend wanted to join me. Since I had no way to book a room (I'm 17) and his parents were going to Baltimore in the same week, I thought "sure, why not?" We got rooms booked and purchased passes, but I'm a little uneasy. My friend has absolutely no idea about anything related to MLP FIM and he doesn't want to learn anything about it. He's the kind of friend who "accepts" me as a brony but still judges me for it, particularly on the merchandise I wear. When I spoke to him about being absolutely sure about tagging along, he said "Maybe I'll learn something new." I doubt he's willing to, and he's not exactly the smartest apple of the bunch when it comes to respecting fandoms. Don't get me wrong I'm capable of handling the situation of him following me, but my fear is that he'll have absolutely nothing to do. What am I going to do with a lad who refuses to learn anything about FIM who is going to a convention that has everything to do with it? I can't just drag him around the convention and watch him be awkwardly silent the entire time. Any thoughts?
  16. Hello, I was just curious why the pony-art related forums have seperate sections for fan-art, music, fan-fictions, etc. But the non-pony art doesn't as it is all packed in together with no different sections. Is this because certain subjects of those sub-forums are not as active as some? It isn't like a major issue, but i find it odd on why you can click on the sub-forum titles such as "Cosplay" or "Visual art" and it comes up with a page with no threads on them. I am not sure why they are there if there is nothing in them, unlike the other sub-forum sections such as the ones in Octavia's hall. Their sub forums directory has the relevent content in them. It isn't a major issue, but it is something I jsut noticed and I am curious about why it is like that. thanks for reading my question.
  17. Well I was scrolling through various forums until I found one particular thread that was posted yesterday, with no comments and barely any views. This user who invested hours of work and devotion into this music they had made, had not one brohoof or comment on the thread he posted the day before. It makes me a little sad to find when people work hard on projects and try to share it with their friends and fellow bronies on this website, only to get no attention whatsoever. All I'm saying is that that user must have been feeling pretty low at that point. To invest hours into something that they enjoy and to ask for a little feedback and support on it, to find absolutely none. It makes me sad whenever this happens and it wasn't a one time deal. Things like that happen all the time. I'm not trying to tell you to go find a bunch of unattended threads and spam comments or brohooves, I'm just saying to appreciate the time and effort that the artist invested into the piece. I for example, even when I don't necessarily love the art, I give it a brohoof anyway just because that user invested their own time and effort into creating that for the fandom.
  18. So here is my latest attempt at vector art. Derpy in deep ponderment. I've gotten alot better at doing this quicker. only took a couple of hours to finish. What do you guys think? again I'd like comments from anypony but if there is an experinced vector artist out there I'd like to ask for advice I'm really only just learning how all this works. less than a week ago i couldn't even use illustrator so there is alot i don't know. For more art look below /
  19. I've seen so many things connecting TF2 and MLP. What exactly is the connection between the two things?
  20. As you all probably know, there is a very well funded Brony Documentary on Kickstarter that has had substantial success with its funding (Over $ 200,000 has been put into the project last time I checked). Despite all the success it has been having, we all know there will be critics toward projects that ask for donations from the public. [media=][/media] (The brony documentary part starts at around 3:35 in the video) I have listened to the points he tries to state, but for the most part I am uncertain about his description of Bronies in general. I mean sure, we don't need to have a documentary to express our appreciation toward the show, but why is people donating money to support this project seem like such a bad thing to him? It also doesn't help that he never really says anything positive about Bronies in the video even though he does believe we have the right to express our opinion. I dunno, he seems knowledgeable on certain points, but I still think he is missing something in his argument.
  21. Just wondering. And then some people have sparkly cupcakes like Spike got on his birthday- how do I get one of those? Oh wait! Now I have a cupcake! What is this?!