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Found 31 results

  1. what game console you have ? what is you favorite of all of them ? I have - PS1 - PS2 - PS3 - 2 PSP -XBOX - 2 XBOX 360 - Gamecube - Super nintendo - WII - Gamboy - Gamboy Color - Gamboy advance - Gamboy PS advance - Nintendo DS - Nintendo 3DS - 1 Gaming PC m favorite is the playstations for Christmas I will have - wii u - xbox one - PS4
  2. Alright, I did a little digging and it appears no one has done this. Alright so it's exactly what it sounds like, what was your first console. I'm going to include the next generation for obvious reasons. In all honesty, my first console was the Wii, sad I know since I'm 19. My parents never let us have consoles until one day they decided to get a Wii, a few months after it was released. After that, we, my brother and I, bought a PS2, taking baby steps, sold that after a while and then finally purchased a Xbox 360. He went to college, I paid him off on the 360, so now it is all mine. He owns a PS3 now.
  3. RK5 Debug Console For RPG Maker VX Ace "I was tired of testing stuff in the Editor - Now I can do that on move" Version: 1.2.1 I've noticed, that some members use RPG Maker VX Ace to make games. That's why I'd like to share this script, that I wrote ages ago. Perhaps it will be useful for somepony. def draw_introduction This script adds an in-game console, that can be brought in any scene to perform a script call, that can be typed during gameplay. There are many, many, many possibilities of using that console, starting from simply changing variables to even performing advanced codes to affect objects or even create them. Besides freely typed strings, the console contains build-in commands, for quicker debugging like teleporting player to specific maps and coordinates or hooking objects like windows to move or resize them and print their parameters into a txt file to allow developers configure them in the script properly. end def features-=> Type script calls to affect things in your game! Example: $game_party.members.each do |m|; m.hp = 1; = 1; end Typing the above in the console will set HP and MP to 1 for all party members. -=> Use build-in commands! Think of cheats or commands in Minecraft lel (spawn items/gold, noclip, teleport and stuff like this)-=> Hook objects like windows to adjust their position, size or opacity and print the results into a txt file!-=> Change variables, actor/enemy stats and many, many more-=> Check values maintained by variables etc.-=> Everything is up to you! Planned Features:-=> More commands - because why not? end def draw_instructions► SCRIPT DIFFICULTY: ★★☆☆☆ - ★★★★☆ from build-in commands - to advanced usage ► REQUIRED SCRIPTS! [■] CP Keyboard Input script by Neon Black └►[author] http://forums.rpgmak...626-neon-black/ └►[script] ► USAGE:-=> Place script(s) below ▼ Materials; above ▼ Main Process-=> Plug & Play-=> Press '~' (tilde) to bring up the console or exit from it.-=> Type /help in console to view available commands and such.end def draw_currenty_available_commands end def create_screenshots # Screenshots #Some gifs showing this script in action:@> Testing stuff on fresh project @> 'HOOK' Command! @> Testing commands ~ Uses version under development@> Toying with menu ~ Uses version under developmentend def terms_of_use-=> You ARE allowed to use this script in non-commercial projects.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to use this script in commercial projects. Contact me first.-=> You ARE allowed to edit this script to your needs.-=> You ARE NOT allowed to repost or post modified versions of this script without my permission.-=> You ARE DEFINITELY NOT allowed to claim this script as your own. Just to be clear. ^,^-=> Crediting me, Rikifive would be heavily appreciated.-=> You ARE obligated to read and follow the terms of use of CP Keyboard Input script created by Neon Black as well While I won't kill anybody for breaking these terms of use, it still would be a violation of personal rights, that shouldn't happen.By using this script you accept these terms of use.Not reading them DOES NOT exempt you from liability.end def put_download_link download_link_pastebin = RK5 Debug Console v.1.2.1 required_script = CP Keyboard Input script v1.0a by Neon Black #CHANGELOG end Certificates: Egghead stuff confirmed. This script was tested by Eric. He didn't complain.
  4. I've played MANY addicting games in my life. Lots of them are mobile. I have never gotten addicted to a console game though. The most addicting game I've ever played is one the PC. That game is none other than... Played it for 18 hours straight... not very healthy. XD If Minecraft were a girl I would kiss it... on the lips. So I am obviously beyond the point of addiction. More like obsessed. What do you find as the most addicting game?
  5. The premise is simple: someone posts a videogame screenshot, and you try to guess it. After the game is guessed you can then post a screenshot of your game in return. Retro and obscure games are allowed. Hints are also allowed. As much fun as it is to stump your opponent it's also fun to move onto the next game to guess so it's relative. I'll start with a shot I think is fair but not too easy. Guess this game:
  6. As for me, I play on PC and PS4 What about you?
  7. Looking in my basement I found that my family still has an Atari 2600, which I used to play as a kid (and I'm 15 xD) before we got some more current consoles. And to my surprise, one game called Adventure is actually really fun. We also have a Sega Genesis, but the controllers barely work and the only good game we have is Sonic 2. Does anyone else have some old consoles, or have they played on any?
  8. Do you guys know Colecovision, the competitor of the Atari 2600? The company is back with a new console using game cartridges instead of discs.
  9. Which gaming consoles are your faves and least faves? For me I have to say that the 3ds was a huge deal for me, when they had booths touring at different places to test it out I was blown away with the 3d, even though these days people think nothing of it, back then, playing street fighter on it was amazing! The snes is another one for me, as is the gamecube, both of them have games that are some of my faves from my childhood. Mario kart, Wind waker, hell, even weird ones that were probably awful like this weird Tasmanian devil game I had on the snes. As for the worst, and I hate to say this... The N64. It's impossible to use the controller, I still have no idea how Im supposed to hold it despite a friend of mine having no problem at all and ridiculing me for it, I never saw the appeal in most of the games, like golden eye, Banjo Kazooie and Ocarina of time (Still a zelda game I hate) What are yours? Also, it's just opinions guys. Normally I wouldn't add that, but I feel like I have to protect myself a little from not liking the N64
  10. I am probably the only guy here, who actually cares about the Wii U Virtual Console, but i write it down anyway. When Nintendo introduced the Virtual Console almost 9 years ago, i freaking loved the idea. It was one of my reasons to buy a Wii back then and i am buying games from there, through the Wii U, especially since now GBA and DS games are also on it. However, i think Nintendo should cut the prices on the NES, SNES and N64 games. They still have the same price tag as they had 9 years ago and since that time, i think the games have lost a bit off worth. Not in the fun factor, i still love these games. But they are quite old (Super Mario Bros. Turned 30 for christ sake.) I would suggest that the NES, SNES and N64 games should atleast be 1 Euro (Dollar) cheaper and the GBA and DS games should remain as they are. What do you think?
  11. HEEEEElloooo everyone, Its my, Bure, Your go to all around gamer. Im (technically) New on this forum, but old on many, many others. But that is beside the point. I am here to talk Destiny people, destiny. the console game that many just cannot stop playing, me included. I am mainly starting this thread to well, to see if I am the only one on this forum who is really into the game. I love it, almost as much as I love MC, MLP, and fire. So, if any of you like destiny and think you could handle me in the crucible. Or if you are a new player looking for someone to help you through the tougher parts of the game, and are on ps3. Or if you are looking for a clan, or someone to talk the game with please, do says so. I am lonely here, and want fellow Guardians to chat it up with. this is omega243, Guardian extraordinaire ending this post. And keep on playing.
  12. So, are there any old school gamers on this forum? Man, I see everybody has this XBox 360 jazz, the Wii, Playstation 5, Kinect, whatever. And I'm sitting over here with the newest system I own being a PS2. XD So, who else likes kicking it old school, and what's the best system? I hope I covered all the most popular ones in the poll.
  13. Upcoming games hype thread, discussion/trailers for any games you're hyped for [Preferably those that are coming out this year] Magicka 2 Hotline miami 2 :Wrong number Wolfenstein: The old blood
  14. Here's how it goes: You use the Google Chrome/Firefox/IE console by pressing F12 or by selecting the text and right clicking "Inspect element." Then, change the things that the person said above you, their profile name, or whatever around them. Don't forget to screen capture it. For example: Have fun!
  15. Well, I wasn't originally planning something like this, but I had some thoughts that I wanted to share after watching the 2014 edition of the Video Game Awards. For one thing I am a BIG fan of the overall format of this years awards ceremony. I didn't watch last year's ceremony, but I did catch the one before that and while it was fun in a way, it was also very grating. The musical performances didn't fit, the overall humor felt forced, and the overall feeling of bombast just screamed of "WE'RE NOT THE OSCARS OR EMMYS, WE'RE COOL" too me. Maybe they were just trying WAY too hard at the time, but it didn't work for me. Of course it wasn't all bad as I like that there were reveals of games & all, but the old format I didn't care for. This format, though, was MUCH better. The flow felt much more natural, there was an overall lack of musical performances and what performances were there actually fit, the whole ceremony felt much more subtle, and it seemed there was a general air of respect in the air. And that brings me to my next point. I really loved how there was an emphasis on remembrance to what gaming was so long ago and how far the industry has come. Bringing in Koji Kondo was a master stroke, and that piece on Sierra actually brought a tear to my eye. I liked how the Indie developers were mentioned alongside their triple A counterparts, and that the guests brought into speak and/or to present awards actually felt like they cared. This time, I really felt love and passion for gaming. It doesn't have to be bombastic and in your face; a little bit of respect and subtlety can go a long way. Going back to the musical performances, I am GRATEFUL we had no sign of, and again I'm bringing back this phrase, anything that was loud, bombastic, and in your face. I'm not a fan of Imagine Dragons, but I liked their bit at the end (w. Kondo) and I liked that other group that essentially played remixed versions of classic gaming tunes. This was the first time I didn't mute the broadcast during the music. OH! And I LOVED the segments were pieces of a specific game's music was played; like the dancing violinist with the Dragon Age piece or that wonderfully soothing track from No Man's Sky. THANK YOU for this! As for the awards, there really isn't much that I can say. I kinda wished there was more emphasis on awards that weren't given much attention like Best Fighting Game or those other awards whose names I forgot (see my point?). Also, and this is a bit nitpicky, but I am not a fan of combining the sports and racing genres into one single award. I don't know, I just have issues comparing Mario Kart 8 with FIFA 15. Lastly, I was generally happy with the nominees for the Best Game Award, and on a more subjective note, I was MORE than happy with the eventual winner! Seriously though, I believe all five games (Dark Souls II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Bayonetta II) have legitimate claims for the award and I was glad to see the over-hypesd games of the year not get picked. Lastly, and this is usually a treat for me, I was EXTREMELY pleased with the game reveals. Of course we had known about many of them in the past like The Order: 1886 and Witcher III: Wild Hunt, but it was a pleasure getting to see some newer footage. I know many people talk about the Zelda footage, but I was more muted on that. The world looked beautiful & all, but there wasn't much to really excite me over. I'm hoping the world gets a little more varied before release. Also, King Quest looked FANTASTIC, and this is coming from someone who never played the older games. Honestly, most of the games shown (Bloodbourne, Witcher III, The Order, King's Quest, among others) I'm still hyped about! So yeah, those are my thought on this years Video Game Awards. Overall, I thought the show was a dramatic improvement over past editions of the ceremony, and while improvements can be made, I can say in all thoughtfulness, I am appreciative of the care and respect shown not only to the industry; but to gamers as a whole! Thank you for your time.
  16. It's about time we cross the gaming line. Which is better: PC, Console, or Handheld? Let's talk. Before starting, I would like to say, I have nothing against any of these platforms, I like them all. Let's start with the Master Race why don't we? PC Gaming is probably the most advanced platform of gaming I have ever seen and probably the most inspiring piece of gaming history there is. It has the largest library of games out there, best customization options out there, you don't have to pay for online subscriptions *Cough* XBL/PSN *Cough* and also doubles as a Gaming rig, and a work computer! Overall, PC definitely deserves the title "Master Race". Now to Consoles. Consoles are probably defined gaming in its entirety, starting with Magnavox and the Atari 2600. Without consoles, video games, probably wouldn't exist. The current generation of consoles have their perks and cons as such, mostly due to Console Exclusives (Last of Us, Halo, Mario, etc.). Consoles are surely made to be enjoyed by everyone who wants to jump in and play a game. Consoles do run up there with the PC, but fall a little short due to some restraints on its capabilities. Handhelds I won't spend too much time on. They're small, easy to carry, have a large selection of games, and can be played anywhere. I enjoy all three platforms, but PC is just my personal favorite. This was just a little something that was created from an argument a friend and I had, so it's for fun. Favorite Console/Platform?
  17. Out of these three console systems, which is your favorite to use and which is your least favorite? Also, favorite/least favorite games for said consoles? (Please no flame wars and/or swearing, or I will delete your comment.)
  18. Okay so I just bought Fallout 3 Goty off Steam I used to have it on Xbox 360 about 5 years ago. My question is what mods should I get for the pc version and why? My Pc specs are as follows: CPU: AMD Turion II P520 Dual-Core Processor 2.30 GHZ Graphic Card: Radeon 5440 HD RAM: 4GB OS: Win 7 Home premium Bear these specs in mind because I want the game to run at a smooth 60 fps so although I want custom or improved graphics I don't want any mods that will decrease frame rate below 60. Thanks in advance!
  19. I have seen that plenty of newly released games for PS4 and XB1 run at 30FPS. This made me wonder about how console gamers feel about graphics vs framerate. So what do you think? Should 30FPS continue to be an accepted framerate, should developers shift focus to having games run at 60FPS with the possibility of graphics not improving or even getting worse? Or should there be a balance and have games run at 45FPS? What do you think?
  20. Does anyone know how to change your emblem on Battlefield for CONSOLE. I know it's possible cause a good number of other people have custom ones and not the default country flag. I know it involves Origin and that's about it.
  21. Well, the Holidays are approaching fast, and I thought it couldn't be a better time to start a blog like this. Judging by the title, this is probably exactly what you think it is, a video game review blog. Let me start off by saying that I'm not one of those people who are biased towards a certain franchise. Whether it's good or bad, I always give the game the time and playthrough it deserves before giving final verdicts (Though, there are some games I can tell are bad by just looking at them. *Cough* Ride to Hell *Cough*) In an effort to prevent myself from running out of games to talk about, I'll just go through one video game- related thing a week, whether it be a single game, a series, or a system. I love gaming with a burning passion, and I've been gaming since I was small, but I do have other things going on in my life. There may be times where I'll miss a week, so to make up for it, I'll post a make-up review sometime in the following week. One franchise I'll be making lots of entries on are Sonic the Hedgehog games. I am a die-hard Sonic fanboy, so if you're biased towards the Blue Blur in any way, turn back now. This is likely not the review blog for you. That's pretty much the only warning I have. I'll start posting reviews every weekend starting next week. Hope you enjoy my writings
  22. Okay ponies what would you say is the best and or worst RPG character name (tabletop/videogame). For me i'd have a character class, skills, attributes and all actions performed within the game would be for lolz. Hence the character name would be 'Sir Lolzalot'.
  23. It looks like Steam will be entering the world of consoles (or something like it) in the near future with the new and mysterious "Steam Machines". Do you think it'll just be a generic console? I certainly don't. I think the Steambox is going to be a completely new type of console, though due to the lack of information this far I cannot speculate accurately. It's also noteworthy that while Nintendo has been circling the drain in the console market and Sony/Microsoft seem to be creating rather generic devices I certainly think that there's a gap there that Valve could definitely fill. I think the Steam Machine could be the future of console gaming. I also think it will be a blend of the PC and the console, which will attract crowds from all around. Also, Steam is making a new operating system. Presumably, this will be primarily for the purpose of their new console line.
  24. I got a question, I've been playing Video games since 4 years old. I played a lot of Playstation and Xbox Games. Now when I try Facebook games since 2009. I like it. But now I am worried. I still play REAL console games but I stopped myself to play FB games because gamers said "Facebook games does not make you a gamer" OR "Facebook games suck! Real gamers don't play them" I mean.... geez I wanted to play too but I feel that it will stop me from being a real gamer. But I miss my progress on my FB games. Will I still be a real gamer even if I play FB games? I wanted to play them again
  25. I recently got a Dazzle capture card to record my console footage with, but the footage didn't come out exactly how I wanted it to. I'm also having trouble in the microphone department, too. Does anypony know of any console recording equipment and microphones that are of quality and affordable?