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Found 17 results

  1. I've started a YouTube channel a few months ago on game and pony reviews, and I've been growing and promoting my channel slowly, but surely. I wanted to ask you if I could set up a forum thread where I can post my YouTube content. I understand that doing that might be considered spam, but I wanted to ask you before I did it. Just to be safe
  2. For some reason, this topic in the fan-fiction section of Octavia's hall is not showing up in the "my content" section of my profile. Even after it received some views and replies, it still didn't appear. Link to topic:
  3. Hi Everypony I and I'm assuming Otherponies are looking for free and or affordable programs/apps for making art content related to MLP or anything in general. if you know of any app or program that a newbie can use to start their Ponyart please comment below, you would be helping me and Anypony interested in creating their own masterpieces. also any YouTube content related to learning about said apps or programs would be going the extra mile and now for random some Emojis
  4. Not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to me that the recent trend in critically acclaimed shows is to take an established movie genre or theme and make a dark and lurid arc-driven series out of it. Following that trend, here are my predictions for the next ten years of television. Game of Thrones (in space - possibly based off C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy) Game of Thrones (steampunk edition) Game of Thrones (cyberpunk edition) Game of Thrones (Napoleonic edition) Discworld - The Series Doctor Who: Doctors 15 through 20 - (with a female and/or African Doctor) American series attempt at J-Horror (The Ring, The Grudge, etc.) Star Wars (bounty hunter based series) Alien - The Series
  5. ~~~First off, trying to search for anything on this site is painful and horrid. I could go to the General Discussion and search for 'military', looking for a topic called 'Do you think the military is misunderstood?' and not find it. Supposedly, we have tags to make searching easier, but if that is the case, why are there threads not tagged with 'military' showing up in my search list? Why, when I switch it to title, would it not focus on if that word was in the title? And if my topic is not tagged with 'military', why is it the only topic on the entire site that's not showing up in my search list, like the others? Also, still on the topic of searching, why on earth would one page go from 2015 - 2012, then start back on 2015 on the next page!? Why would it not simply get all of the 2015 topics out of the way, then 2014 and so on? ~~~The topic participation box. I HATE this box. I never use it, mainly because those old threads I posted in a while ago (and don't touch anymore) that are still active keep showing up for me. I'd rather have a 'followed topic' box there, instead. The only option you guys have for getting rid of it does away with the larger box that is actually helpful. ~~~Content. I never dig into my content unless I HAVE to find a topic (which I never do) because, hoooooo boy, is that a mess. I have hundreds of posts missing from my content because it doesn't seem to update anymore. Using the categories 'last update time/title' and so on don't do jack except mix it up even further. Choosing 'only posts' confuses me greatly, since it shows me a last updated topic that I posted in back in like, 2015. I'm not a donator and there's a good reason for that. On the surface, this site works, but when anyone needs to utilize any of the available tools that it offers, the site goes straight down the drain faster than you can say 'That's not good.'
  6. Here's one for y'all! Paste the contents of your clipboard! (Just hold Ctrl+V for those who don't know) Here's mine at the moment: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo apt-get auto-remove What can I say? I use the terminal a lot!
  7. It worked yesterday. Why wouldn't it work now? The homepage shows a "Topics I've participated in" tab. Clicking "Show More" should show you all of the topics you participated in. It doesn't show anything now. HELP!
  8. Hi, Since yesterday I can't search on the forums or view members' content anymore, am I the only one?
  9. There are some people on the Internet that I had found that lamented the quality of modern entertainment, and praised MLP:FiM for being an "exception", using whatever "exceptional" qualities it has to argue that it is the better show, if not "the best of all". I have three questions for this topic: 1. Can you list to me as many bad and loathsome qualities as possible, that are found in modern entertainment, from videogames to television shows? 2. What are those "exceptional qualities" that MLP:FiM has that makes it better than most TV shows (according to those bronies and other critics)? 3. What entertainment genres, that are considered "worthless" to people like us/you, that need to be disposed of? (Yes, we all hate cliches)
  10. Hello my Fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! As you may (or probably don't) know, I'm a member of a now starting out Youtube Venture called Connected Geek. Unfortunately, and I respect him completely in his decision, my friend partner does not want MLP content on our new channel. This got me thinking, what if I got 3-4 members of this wonderful, beautiful community and started making our own hub for MLP videos, and support and help each other in making them? Here's the kicker, 50% of any profits this venture makes will be donated to the Bronies For Good charity. They are doing great work and I love and respect them so much. The other 50% can be divided between the 4-5 of us. I would like this to be a side project to Connected Geek and associated with it. It will act as a producer and any podcasting or live action stuff can be done through them. I look forward to responses, and much love to you all! - Connor "The Euphonium Brony" Bentley
  11. Lately i've been wanting to post some MLP content, but i'm not shure where I should start. I've mostly been thinking about making youtube videos. Things like analyzing equestria's lore/ science, headcannon, episode thoughts, ect. But i'm not shure what to start with, i'll have to write scripts, so should I take a shot at FIMfiction first? Or should I just dive right in? Maybe sit back and contimplate a bit more? I just don't know how/ where I should start
  12. I was looking for a RP to play on and a lot of them had zombies, vampires, etc. I think it would be a good idea to and a tag to show if it has mature content or not.
  13. Hello and welcome to the mind of a Zygen! What is a Zygen you ask? Well frankly I don't know xD. But its my user name so roll with it ok? I just felt like making a blog, because i've been here almost a year, and have yet to do so, and i figured, why not? So yeah here I am. This blog will just be, whatever the heck i feel like putting in it frankly, if I end up doing something I feel warrants its own blog or something then i'll probaly make another for it, but if i just feel its general enough and doesn't warrant its own blog, then i guess i'll post it here. I have no actual ideas at the moment, but i figured maybe they'll come to me after making this, who knows. Anyways, um, enjoy your stay, in my mind, well actually get out! I don't want you people in my mind constantly! Only momentarily . Uh, bye .
  14. Normally the sort of stuff I love to listen to is songs that feel like they have depth and meaning. As if the Music artist is trying to illustrate some of their emotions and imagination in a few (or more) minutes of audio. So I thought I may dedicate a thread to that to see what songs you guys love. Here's a few from my phone:
  15. I thought we could bring up and discuss any inconsistencies we find in the show. I don't mean this in a way that's knocking the show, and pointing out flaws, but rather, I'm interested in these kinds of things. Secrets, goofs, glitches, all that stuff. And I thought other ponies might be, too. If you find talk like this too picky, though, you're under no obligation to reply. I look forward to things you all have noticed A few that I noticed recently: Scootaloo can't fly yet, and yet, Pound Cake (Mr. and Mrs. Cake's son) can. I realize that two foals may be developmentally different, as children are. However, this seemed like a huge age gap. We don't know Scootaloo's age, but I think it's safe to presume that compared to humans, she's elementary-school-aged, putting her at 7-12 years old. Pound Cake, on the other hand, we first see flying all over the place as young as a month old. That means that their age difference is new born to, at least, 7 years old, which are leaps and bounds away from each other, developmentally speaking. We might not know how pegasi grow, but it would seem logical, for any species, that the older ones have more ability than the younger ones. In the episode "Call of the Cutie" (S01E12,) Apple Bloom is one of the only foals in her class not to have a cutie mark. Toward the end of the episode, she meets Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo for the first time. However, we see in later episodes (such as Hearts and Hooves Day (S02E17) and Ponyville Confidential (S02E23)) that all three go to the same school. I suppose it could be argued that Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo went to different schools before then, but all three seem to live in Ponyville and knew Diamond Tiara before her party. Ponyville is kind of a small town, and doesn't seem to have more than one school, and as a native Ponyvillian, it would seem unlikely that they didn't live in Ponyville before meeting Apple Bloom. Also, it seems very unclear where Sweetie Belle lives. The only time it seems explicitly implied is in the episode "Sisterhooves Social" (S02E05,) where Rarity is made to take care of Sweetie Belle by her parents, implying that she isn't Sweetie Belle's primary guardian/care-taker. However, we see implications that she may live with Rarity, as seen in "Ponyville Confidential" (S02E23) where Sweetie Belle leaves her saddlebag on the floor at Rarity's boutique, and also is seen spending time in a room that seems to be hers, or at least, designated for her use.
  16. I think we need an official MLP Forums Youtube Channel where we can add fan made content made by MLP Forum users. All fan made projects made by forum users could be uploaded to the official Youtube Channel. This could encourage more fan made projects, invite people to the MLP Forums (if we link in description or whatever), and influence others to make more projects on the forum.